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Guidelines : Rejecting

Rejecting Bids
Guidelines and Alternate Phrases

Begin on a positive note by showing appreciation for the time, money, or effort spent in submitting the bid.

Thank you for your prompt reply to our RFP on the corporate headquarters furniture purchases.

We appreciate the time you devoted to studying our specific organization and determining how we could
work together on this project.

Thank you for the well-thought-out proposal on management development courses. We appreciate the
comprehensive approach you took.

Thank you for your proposal to reprocess gravity data on the Macintosh property.

We have received your price quotes for furnishing our Park City offices; thank you for your prompt response.

We appreciate your efforts in supplying us with the pricing information on the binders for our training
programs for the coming year.

Thank you for such a detailed proposal; I know it represents much thought and analysis of our situation at

Present your rejection in the form of an acceptancestate what bid you have selected or what other decision
you have made.

Aramco has decided to award the Fitton Drilling Project #24442HT to Wharton Energy.

After reviewing all the excellent proposals we received, we have selected Aerogrunn, Inc., out of California,
for the work.

Mention your criteria for choosing the winning bid. If you have an ongoing relationship with other bidders and
think you owe them a specific explanation, you may mention why their bid package was not selected.
Bidders will be more inclined to put forth another superior effort if they know they can learn from their
experience and increase their chances for acceptance in the future. Rejections without reasons discourage
later responses or, at the least, minimize the effort.

After careful evaluation, we have chosen Universal Incorporated to complete the work because of their
outstanding record with similar projects in our community.

We have finally narrowed our choice to Brighton, Inc., for the consulting project. Their approach seemed to
be exactly on target with our management philosophy throughout the company.

After much deliberation on the many responses to our request for proposal, we best liked the
comprehensive approach outlined by Black and Stein Associates and have awarded the contract to them.

Although we agreed with your problem analysis, we had difficulty understanding how your approach would
work with our people and operations being so scattered throughout the nation.

While your approach was comprehensive, we have concluded your company cannot immediately provide
the adequate heavy equipment necessary to do the job most economically.

We feel a project such as ours requires at least ten people on site at all times, and we have another vendor
that can supply the necessary personnel without fear of any emergency delays.

As we explained in our RFP, our primary criterion was cost, and we did have two other vendors who
submitted lower bids for the work.

We have chosen a consultant who has more than 20 years experience in just the kind of merger-acquisition
plans we have in mind.

Take care to keep the relationship intact; on later projects, the currently rejected bidder may be your only

Thank you for taking the time to quote these prices for us.

We will keep your name on our bidders list for other similar projects.

We hope you will give us another opportunity to work with you on a later project.

We assume youll be interested in other such projects and will keep your firm in mind.

We appreciate your prompt and thorough response.

Well be in touch again about other work.

Thank you for the fine job youve done on other such projects for us.

Im sorry we could not get together on the price for this work, but maybe the next time well be closer.

We appreciate your attention to the work and our short deadlines for the evaluation and decision.

Shall we keep you on the bidders list for later projects?

Thank you for providing this pricing information. We hope to be able to purchase some of your other
equipment when the need arises.

We are aware of the excellent reputation your company has, and we hope to do business with you on
another project.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your proposal; we are keeping your information on file so
we can contact you again on future work assignments.