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Sustainability expert/BIOGRAPHY/Kazy Iqbal

Kazy Mohammad Iqbal Hossain- Environmental Sustainability Expert

Kazy Mohammad Iqbal Hossain, delivering keynote speech in Conference on

Resource Efficiency at Marriot Hotel, Karachi

Kazy Mohammad Iqbal Hossain, born on 5th January, 1982, is a vibrant professional working to create
awareness on sustainable environmental management in the textile and footwear supply chain. He is
more than 10 years in this sector and developed a number of professionals on profitable management
of chemicals, water, energy and wastewater in the manufacturing industries. He is a Water Resources
Management expert having dual post-graduation in Water Resources Development and
Environmental Science from leading public universities of Bangladesh. He has trained on Energy
Management in Industries, Profitable Environmental Management, Eco Management Audit Scheme
(EMAS), and Environmental Management System. He is a certified ISO 14001:2004 Lead Auditor which
is approved by Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA, UK).
He started his carrier in local Environmental Service Providing industries where he served more than
50 factories to prepare necessary technical documents like Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),
Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) reports for
getting Environmental Clearance Certificate from Department of Environment (DoE), Bangladesh. He
is also well conversant with design of industrial effluent treatment plant and successfully designed
and implemented 15 nos. small to medium scale effluent treatment plants for textile industries in
Bangladesh. In this stage of his professional life, he trained more than 30 factories on the
implementation of retailers/ buyers code of conduct in manufacturing industries. He was engaged
approximately 5.5 years in environmental service industries.
In August, 2009 he has joined in German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) as an Environmental
Advisor in a program named Promotion of Social and Environmental Standard in the Industry (PSES).
In this he worked very closely with the textile industries, local technical service providing industries,
business association like BGMEA, BKMEA, BTMA, etc. on their capacity building. He successfully
applied Eco Management Audit Scheme (EMAS) tools in 10 factories in Bangladesh; most of those
factories used that tool in preparation for Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation

Sustainability expert/BIOGRAPHY/Kazy Iqbal

and to get certificate for ISO 14001:2004 implementation. He has developed 4 separate group of
technical service providing teams on Chemical Management, Energy Efficiency, EMS and Effluent
Treatment Plant. In his carrier with GIZ, he initiated the development of a comphrensive guideline for
textile sludge disposal for Bangladesh. He started this work with the surveying of 150 textile factories
in and around Dhaka and collect the sludge sample from 25 representing factories which was then
tested in Germany to know the detail chemical characteristics of the sludge. The same exercise was
done 3 times to know see the variation and confirm the chemical content. He has also developed a
concept to re-process of textile sludge in cement clinker burning and started a pilot program with
Lafarge Surma Cement factory in Sylhet, Bangladesh. He left German Development Cooperation on
November, 2012.
On 19th November, 2012, Kazy Mohammad Iqbal Hossain joined C&A Sourcing International LimitedThe Liaison office of the one of the biggest European fashion retailers having more than 2000 stores in
22 countries of Europe and also more than 300 stores outside Europe.
He has joined C&A as Senior Environmental Chemist responsible for implementation of Environmental
Sustainability Program in C&A supply base located at Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Srilanka. Right
now he is leading program on Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC), Bangladesh Water PaCT
(Partnership for Cleaner Textile) program with International Finance Corporation, Water Footprint
Assessment and Improvement program with Water Footprint Network (WFN). He is also working to
build C&A internal and external capacity of sustainable procurement and production and provided
regular training to factories and C&A sourcing peoples on various environmental sustainability issues.
He represents C&A Sourcing International Ltd. in most of the public event on Environmental
Sustainability happen in Asian Sub-Continent. He is the steering committee member of Bangladesh
Water PaCT Program and also member of Technical Advisory Committee, ZDHC Stakeholder
Engagement Committee, etc. He is continuing this position till date.
Kazy Mohammad Iqbal Hossain visited India, Pakistan, Nepal, Srilanka, Malaysia, Belgium, German
and Netherland. In personal life he is married and the father of a son and a daughter.

Contact Information
Kazy Mohammad Iqbal Hossain
Phone: +88-01745768902
Skype: kazy.iqbal.mondbd

Professional profile updated on April, 2015