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First Year B.A./B.Sc. Examination, November 2011

(Common Paper)
Time : 3 Hours
Instructions : 1)

Max. Marks : 75
Question paper is divided into three groups.
Each group is of 25 marks.
Figure to the right in bracket indicate marks.
Assume suitable data if necessary.

Answer any three questions (Question No. 1 is compulsory).

1. Discuss the emergence of clash between trading interests and Puritanism in America
in the seventeenth century.
2. Comment on the appropriateness of the title of Toni Morrisons novel
The Bluest Eye.
3. Attempt a comparative reading of A Colean Well Lighted Place and The Bear.
4. Discuss The Scarlet Letter as a historical romance.
5. Death and immorality are two major themes in Emily Dickinson. Discuss this in
the light of her poems you have read in the block.
Answer any three questions (Question No. 6 is compulsory).
6. Walt Whitmans poem Song of Myself reflects his youthful exuberance and
hope. Discuss.
7. Comment on the theme of Wallace Stevens Poem The Emperor of Ice-Cream.
8. The prose of Henry James represents a reaction against the Naturalistic
tendencies in literature. Discuss.




9. Explain the circumstances under which the Puritans migrated from Europe to
10. What is the role of the river in Huckleberry Finn ?
11. Fill in the blanks (Each question carry 2 marks).
i) Puritanism was an ideology that sprang as an offshoot from _________ as a
protest within century.
ii) The _________ believed that divine guidance was not to be found in any
outward church or even in the Bible.
iii) An intellectual and cultural movement in Europe and America began in the
beginning of the _________
iv) _________ was the exemplary representative of the American Enlighten and
he represented the essence of it as in rationality.
v) It was the emergence of Jonathan Edwards at Northampton, Massachusetts, in
1734 and 35 that seemed to many to be the real beginning of the _________
12. Multiple Choice Questions (Each question carry 2 marks).
i) _________ influenced the people immensely with his logical and rational thinking in
the political and social life.
a) John Lockes

b) Jonathan Edward

c) Hibbins

d) Mark Twain

ii) The Scarlett Letter was written in _________

a) 1850

b) 1750

c) 1860

d) 1760




iii) _________ regarded themselves as Gods chosen people and it was their mission
to set up their Utopia in the new continent full of wilderness and savage native
a) Puritans

b) Americans

c) English

d) None of these

iv) Hawthorne stayed in a place called_________ in New England.

a) Wales

b) Concord

c) Yorkshire

d) Iceland

v) _________ stands for heart and atones for her sin and transforms into an able nun
serving humanity.
a) Heaster

b) Chester

c) Racter

d) Master

13. True or False (Each question carry 1 mark).

i) Mistress Hibbins was a witch lady and allegedly was an emissary of the God.
ii) The narrative in the Scarlet Letter contains not only incidents and conversations
but also symbols and lines as well.
iii) The Innocent Abroad was the first book that carried Mark Twains name and
fame across the United States and also the Atlantic.
iv) Tom Sawyer has presented the novel as a picaresque form which is social
and satirical.
v) There are two modes of representations first is the narrative way and the other
is the dramatic way.