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Our Mission
The mission of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago is to lead the fight against
HIV/AIDS and improve the lives of people affected by the epidemic.
Founded in 1985 by community activists and physicians, the AIDS
Foundation of Chicago is a local and national leader in the fight against
HIV/AIDS. We collaborate with community organizations to develop and
improve HIV/AIDS services; fund and coordinate prevention, care, and
advocacy projects; and champion effective, compassionate HIV/AIDS policy.

Get in touch

AIDS Foundation of Chicago

200 W Jackson Blvd.
Suite 2100
Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: 312-922-2322
Fax: 312-922-2916

AFC Board and Junior Board

Junior Board
Jennifer Cheng, President

Board of Directors
J. Ben Stringfellow, Chair
Craig Andree
Deborah Ashen
Ericka C. Baran
Anthony Bruck
Kimberly du Buclet
Martin Cournane
Gary Cunningham
Edward W. Diffin, III
Anne Feder
Paula Friedman
Terri Friel
Neha Gandhi
Larry Giddings
Jeffrey Green
Abbas Hyderi, M.D.
Lori Kaufman

2 | AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Nicole Kazee, Ph.D.

Thomas Kehoe
Anna Laubach
Brian Lighty
Condon McGlothlen
Robert Neubert
Exavier Pope, Esq.
Dr. Hilda Richards
DeJuran Richardson, Ph. D.
Ernie Rodriguez
Bradley A. Serot
Joseph Stokes, Ph.D.
Rev. Charles Straight
Sally J. Stresnak
Chad Thompson

Chelsea Ducharme
Lucas Fleisher
Jacob Fyda
Samuel Hoehnle
Ashley Loomis
Percy Major
Kevin Moore
Nico Rodriguez
Joey Scheiber
Paul Staisiunas
D. Vincent Thomas, Jr.
Jasmine Tucker
Shawn Tumanov
Chase Vedrode
Amanda Wilkins

Letter from the Board Chair

and President/CEO
Looking back on the brave and difficult history of the HIV epidemic both in Illinois and around the world
it is remarkable that we have come so far. In the thirty years since the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC)
was established, the movement and our organization have changed dramatically.
2014 marked another year of dramatic change for the worldwide mission of ending new HIV infections and
serving people whose daily lives are impacted by HIV and AIDS, and AFC was at the forefront of that change.
With our allies and champions in Springfield and Washington, and with the support and expertise of our
vibrant partner organizations, we are creating a world in which peoples lives arent dictated by a virus.

Yet we are still so far from the time when new HIV infections are rare.
We know HIV continues to have a disproportionate impact on all gay men, and particularly young gay
and bisexual men of color, transgender women, women of color and people experiencing poverty
or homelessness. We know that awareness of HIV and preventive tools like pre-exposure
prophylaxis (PrEP) is low among these and other communities. We know that HIV apathy
is a growing force that needs to be stopped.
And with that knowledge comes the power to write the final chapter of our thirty-year
struggle with HIV. This report highlights the ways AFC has charted its course along the Road
to Health, our three-year strategic plan, to help those who are most vulnerable to HIV gain
access to testing, treatment, housing and prevention.
Thank you for standing with us, propelling the momentum forward and doing your
part to seize upon this profound time in the history of the HIV/AIDS movement.

John Peller

J. Ben Stringfellow
Board chair


Multifaceted housing program serves
the needs of key populations
A house is more than a home it is a foundation upon which to build healthy,
stable lives. AFC works with its vibrant network of partner agencies to provide
safe and affordable housing for low-income people with HIV and other chronic
illnesses so they have a better opportunity to flourish.


Average decrease in reported

health discomfort after six months in
supportive housing: 64%.

In 2014, AFCs combined six supportive housing and housing stabilization

programs offered 1,132 people in Illinois a home. Its two Substance Abuse and
Mental Health Services Administration programs ended in 2014 after serving a
total of 367 people in Illinois. Looking ahead to 2015, AFC will partner with Vida/
SIDA to provide needed housing to youth experiencing homelessness and living
with HIV.



In 2014, six supportive housing and housing stabilization programs provided

1,132 people in Illinois a home.
4 | AIDS Foundation of Chicago


People served by one-time or emergency

assistance to remain housed: 582.

A lot of people who are

HIV-positive want to be in
the program I am in
it promotes well-being,
happiness and love.
When Scott Christian was connected with the Samaritan Housing
Program four years ago, he was presented with an opportunity:
to stop sleeping on trains, to start getting his HIV under control,
and to pursue life goals he never thought possible. Every day
presents challenges, but thanks to this vital housing program,
Christian has taken classes at a community college, walks with
his dog and teaches tennis lessons to youth through the Chicago
Park District. Taking the question of where Christian will sleep
every night out of the equation and connecting him to care that
keeps his HIV undetectable means Christian can thrive, rather
than just survive.


It doesnt matter who you are or

where your district is HIV affects
everybody. And thats why its so
important to fund HIV services.
Strong relationships between AFC and allies in the Illinois state legislature are the backbone for
maintaining funding for the essential services AFC provides to thousands of people across the
state. Two of those proponents, Representatives Thaddeus Jones (right) and Rita Mayfield (left),
have a passion for the HIV/AIDS movement, and their records prove it. Working closely with AFCs
Policy team, led by Ramon Gardenhire (center), Jones and Mayfield led the fight to secure an
additional $1 million in funding for HIV/AIDS services in the 2015 state budget. Their HIV work
doesnt stop in Springfield, though Jones leads the
Jones Foundation, which supports the HIV community
in the southern suburbs of Chicago, and Mayfield works
closely with Lake County Stands Against Stigma, which
works to educate her district about HIV.

6 | AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Securing legislative support and
a nationwide network of advocates
for the HIV/AIDS community
Through partnerships with the HIV/AIDS community, local service providers
and statewide and national partners, AFCs Advocacy team works to achieve
legislative and policy support for the estimated 43,500 people living with
HIV and AIDS in Illinois.



Secured $1 million increase in HIV/AIDS

funding and helped secure a $2.6 million
increase for supportive housing in 2015
Illinois budget.

The work doesnt stop at the state level, however AFC leads nationwide and
worldwide campaigns to promote new HIV prevention technologies, reduce HIV
stigma and criminalization, expand access to female condoms, educate the HIV
and housing communities about the Affordable Care Act and more.
In 2014, advocacy efforts took members of the AFC staff to Cape Town, South
Africa, to collaborate on prevention efforts and to UN offices in Geneva to
report on inequities in the HIV epidemic. Locally, AFC staff conducted a
statewide listening tour with partner organizations to solicit input on its
policy priorities and amplified the demand for female condoms at its
Global Female Condom Day rally.


to Springfield

Led 170 advocates from across Illinois

in two lobbying and advocacy sessions in
Springfield, resulting in conversations with
over 100 state legislators.
2014 Annual Report | 7


387 trained

Awareness and testing can end new

HIV infections
AFC leads a comprehensive campaign to test thousands of individuals each year for
HIV, link HIV-positive individuals to care, provide state-of-the-art HIV prevention tools
to those who need it most and advocate for statewide and international support for
groundbreaking, new prevention methods.


unity organ


AFC increased awareness of new preventive measures, such as pre-exposure

prophylaxis (PrEP), a once-a-day pill that prevents HIV transmission by upwards
of 90%, through workshops, a strong online and social media presence and key
partnerships across Chicago.

Provided trainings on PrEP to 387 health care

providers in Chicago and downstate Illinois.


AFC doesnt just build innovative programs that screen key populations for HIV,
such as the MSM Testing Initiative, which tested 2,997 people in 2014. AFC goes one
step further by providing resources to help other organizations repeat successful
strategies, like the Bridge Project Toolkit, which outlines a strategy for offering HIV
tests in conjunction with state-run services.

96 postive

72 linked to care so far

Partnered with 36 community organizations
on 105 HIV testing outreach activities through

Tested 5,022 people, 96 of whom were identified as HIV-positive, and linked 72 to care to date.
8 | AIDS Foundation of Chicago


AFC brings together some

of the brightest minds and
committed people to do the
work we do collectively.
Maurice Chapman has a wealth of experience in the HIV/AIDS sector in
Chicago but as a member of AFCs Service Providers Council (SPC),
a consortium of 34 key prevention, housing and case management
organizations across the Chicago metropolitan area, his experience
is magnified through the guidance he gets from his fellow council
members. Chapman currently leads the South Suburban HIV/
AIDS Regional Clinics (SSHARC), and the experiences he has
serving that communitys unique HIV needs are influenced by
and changing the direction of his SPC members. For example,
SSHARCs focus on providing HIV services at non-traditional
locations to reduce the impact of HIV stigma is a lesson that can be shared
with other HIV organizations on the council.

2014 Annual Report | 9

The counselor was

knowledgeable and patient.
I am delighted with my new,
lower health care premium!
The opportunities provided to millions of Americans through the Affordable
Care Act also come with a few challenges. For instance, how do you enroll
in one of the many new insurance plans on the marketplace? AFC, in
coordination with AIDS Legal Council of Chicago and Howard Brown Health
Center, sends In-Person Counselors to key community spaces around
Chicago to enroll people like Karen R. Mazique, who owns and manages
Mazique Design Services. Thanks to the support she received from an
In-Person Counselor, Mazique found a health insurance plan that fit her
needs and her budget.

10 | AIDS Foundation of Chicago


81% undetectable


A spectrum of needs served, including
health insurance enrollment
AFCs case management system connects clients to the services they need. This program,
in partnerships with community organizations across Illinois, identifies medical and social
service needs and facilitates referrals to meet those needs; assists clients in applying for
benefits, including housing, transportation, food and nutrition services; and facilitates
access to emergency homelessness prevention funds in times of crisis.
One measure of success for AFCs case management program is the viral suppression of its
clients. In 2014, 81% of AFCs case management clients in Cook and the collar counties were
undetectable, meaning their HIV count was extremely low, allowing them to better manage
their health. An undetectable viral load also decreases the risk of transmitting HIV by 96%.

81% of AFCs Case Management clients

achieved viral suppression.

Recent dramatic changes in health care and health insurance prompted AFC to offer
enrollment assistance for people living with and vulnerable to HIV. The successful In-Person
Counselor program, along with new medical benefits coordinators, helped 3,422 people
enroll in Medicaid or Illinois health insurance marketplace plans in 2014.
Peer Navigation




Corrections Case Management

Supportive Housing


Ryan White Part B


Ryan White Part A

5,362 clients received case management services in 2014.


3,422 people received assistance enrolling in

Medicare and marketplace plans in 2014.
2014 Annual Report | 11

Strengthening Illinois network
of HIV/AIDS organizations
Ending the HIV epidemic and serving the estimated 43,500
people living with HIV in Illinois cannot be accomplished by
one organization alone. AFC supports the efforts of esteemed
community-based organizations in Chicago and across Illinois to
prevent new HIV infections and serve people living with the disease.
In 2014, AFC distributed $16.3 million to over 50 organizations
through more than 65 grants and contracts.

12 | AIDS Foundation of Chicago

New wheels take HIV tests

across Chicago

How can AFC support the Night Ministry, an organization known for
its network of vehicles that bring health care, support and services
to street corners across Chicago? By adding a new van to their
fleet. Through AFCs 29th round of Challenge Grants, this housing
and health care organization was awarded a grant to cover part
of the cost of a van for its new HIV Van program. A combined
total of $220,000 was awarded through Challenge Grants to 18
organizations in December 2014.

Dont play games with

your HIV status
The Salud y Orgullo Mexicano (Mexican health and pride) project works to
connect Mexican men to services at Erie Family Health Centers Lending Hands for
Life program in Humboldt Park, which offers a range of services from HIV testing
and medical care to emotional support. In collaboration with AFC, the organization
produced a vibrant, lotera-style marketing campaign to encourage Mexican men
living in Chicago to know their HIV and STI status.

2014 Annual Report | 13

Thank you to our 2014 partners





AIDS Run and Walk CommunityDirect Partners

Access Community Health Network

Agape Missions
AIDS Legal Council of Chicago
AIDS United
AIDS Institute
Alexian Brothers Housing and Health Alliance
American Foundation for AIDS Research
Anixter Center CALOR
Ann & Robert Lurie Childrens Memorial Hospital
Asian Human Services
Austin Health Center
Beacon Therapeutic Diagnostic and Treatment
Brothers Health Collective
Canticle Ministries
Catholic Charities of Chicago
Catholic Charities of Lake County
Center for Budget and Policy Priorites
Center for Health and Gender Equity
Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation at
Harvard Law School
Center for HIV Law and Policy
Center on Halsted
Chicago Department of Public Health
Chicago House and Social Service Agency
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago Recovery Alliance
Chicago Womens AIDS Project
Childrens Place Association
Christian Community Health Center
COC Netherlands
Counter Narrative Project
Deborahs Place
Drug Policy Alliance
Erie Family Health Center
Everthrive Illinois
Families and Childrens AIDS Network
Fifth Street Renaissance

Fred Says
Greater Full Gospel Pentecostal Church
Haymarket Center
Healthcare Alternative Systems Inc.
HealthHIV/National Coalition on LGBT Health
Heartland Health Outreach Inc.
Heartland Health Outreach, Vital Bridges Center
Heartland Human Care Services
Housing Opportunities for Women Inc.
Howard Brown Health Center
HIV Medicine Association
Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health
Illinois Department of Public Health
Illinois Public Health Institution
Inspiration Corporation
Interfaith House
JH Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County
JWCH Institute
Lake County Health Dept & Community Health
Legal Assistance Foundation of Metro Chicago
Making a Daily Effort
Men and Women in Prison Ministries
Mercy Housing Lakefront
Michael Reese Research and Educational
Microbicide Trials Network
Midwest AIDS Training + Education Center
Mount Sinai Hospital
National AIDS Housing Coalition
National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS
National Coalition of STD Directors
National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable
National Womens Health Network
National Working Positive Coalition
New Age Services
New York City Department of Mental Health and
The Night Ministry
North Side Housing and Supportive Services
Open Door Clinic

Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative
Peer Health Exchange
Planned Parenthood
Population Council


Positive Justice Project

Positive Womens Network USA
Primo Center
Project Inform
Project VIDA
Provident Hospital of Cook County
Puerto Rican Cultural Center Vida/SIDA
RAND Europe
Regional CARE Association
Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Sarahs Circle
Season of Concern
Sero Project
Sex Workers Outreach Project
Sex Workers Project, at Urban Justice Center
Sister Love
South Side Help Center
South Suburban HIV/AIDS Regional Clinics
Southern AIDS Coalition
Southern AIDS Strategy Initiative
Test Positive Aware Network
Transgender Law Center
Treatment Action Group
Universal Access to Female Condoms Joint
University of Chicago
University of Illinois
Urban Coalition for HIV/AIDS Prevention Services
U.S. Human Rights Network
Women with a Vision
Youth Outlook

Service Providers Council,

Executive Committee
AIDS Legal Council of Chicago
Alexian Brothers Housing & Health Alliance
Anixter Center - CALOR
Asian Human Service
Austin Health Center CBC Initiative
Catholic Charities of Lake County
Chicago Black Gay Mens Caucus
Chicago Center for AIDS Research
Chicago Department of Public Health
Chicago House & Social Service Agency
Chicago Womens AIDS Project
Christian Community Health Center
Connect to Protect Stroger Hospital and Cook County
Haymarket Center
Heartland Health Outreach, Vital Bridges Center
Howard Brown Health Center
Illinois Alliance for Sound AIDS Policy
Illinois Public Health Association
Legal Assistance Foundation of Metro Chicago (LAF)
Michael Reese Research and Educational Foundation
Midwest AIDS Training + Education Center (MATEC)
Mt. Sinai Health Systems
New Age Services
Open Door Clinic
Pediatric AIDS Chicago Prevention Initiative
Puerto Rican Cultural Center - VIDA/SIDA
Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center
South Side Help Center
South Suburban HIV/AIDS Regional Clinics (SSHARC)
Task Force Prevention Services
Test Positive Aware Network
University of Chicago
University of Illinois Medical Center

Its hard to find

a safe environment,
an accepting environment,
an understanding environment.
And T2 was exactly that.
Nancy Khurana has crossed a lot of metaphorical finish lines in her
life but with TEAM TO END AIDS (T2), she was trained to cross a very
real finish line at the Chicago Half Marathon in September. T2 wasnt
just a training program for Khurana, though. It was also an opportunity
to be a part of a community that embraces people living with HIV a
community that has been hard for her to find since being diagnosed as
HIV-postive in December 2013. With support from her coaches, fellow
athletes and a very special running partner, Khurana felt equipped
to raise money for AFC, perform on race day better than shed ever
imagined and be among people who embrace those living with HIV.

2014 Annual Report | 15

AFC is forever grateful for each and every supporter who made a donation.
Without them, the HIV/AIDS movement would lose the momentum gained over
the last three decades. 2013 and 2014 Giving Circle listings reflect annual gifts
made between Jan. 1, 2013 and Dec. 31, 2014.
Anthony Bruck
James Embrescia
The Friedman Family
Lori and Steve Kaufman
Paul Ketz
Lew and Laurie Leibowitz
Charles P. McLimans and Dr. Richard Merrion
Dr. Gerard F. Notario
PRESIDENTS CIRCLE ($5,000 to $9,999)
Joanne P. and Joseph Armenio
Deborah S. Ashen and Cara Meiselman
Edward W. Diffin III
Toby T. Eveland
Charles R. Gardner and Patti Eylar
John F. Gordon IV and Bill Salvato
Eva M. Janzen Powell and Smith T. Powell IV
Laurence M. Leive and Manuel Pererias
Harrison McEldowney
Condon McGlothlen
Dr. Charles R. Middleton and John S. Geary
Frank Morreale and Carolyn Neuman
John J. Peller and David R. Jablonowski
Michael and Paula Perlstein
William Pry
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sharfstein
Rich M. Stoddart
J. Ben Stringfellow
Howard A. Zaltzman
LEADERSHIP CIRCLE ($2,500 to $4,999)
Jill L. Allread and Pamela Freese
Craig C. Andree and Frank Quinn
Paul W. Besch, Jr.
David Brown
James M. Cartwright
Jennifer Clark
Martin Cournane
Pamela L. Crutchfield
Michel P. Desjardins and Pierre Desy
Steven K. England and Robert L. Mink
Anne Feder
Gregory F. Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fogel
Frances F. Gecker
Adam Geyer
Rick Gomez
16 | AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Martin J. Gorbien, M.D.

Jeffrey J. Green
Dr. Dane Hassani
Mr. and Mrs. Ashfaq Hussain
Nick Jankowski
Andrew Kanfer and Kevin Janes
Leslie J. Kenyon
Vincent Kueffner
Anna C. Laubach
Michael A. Leppen
Kevin C. McGirr
Brian Murphy
Robert H. Neubert and Barry Brunetti
Tom OReilly
Glen Pietrandoni
Edward J. Potocek
Dr. Thomas A. Rebori
Curtis Reed Jr. and Tora Rangert
Ernie Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. Morton I. Rosen
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Ross
Dave Samber and Darrell R. Windle
Judy A. Saslow
Joseph Scheper
G. Scott Shatzer
Dr. Dusan Stefoski and Craig Savage
LOYALTY CIRCLE ($1,000 to $2,499)
Anonymous (3)
Mark Ahern
Victoria C. Alfafara and Angela Uribe
Sandra J. Allen and S. James Perlow
Michael J. Anderson
Stacey G. Anewishki
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Anzaldi
Michelle Apodaca
Nathan J. Aslinger
Griselda Ayala
Anna Baluyot
Ericka Baran
Lynn Barr
Mary J. Basler and Doug Basler
Sandra Bass
Daniel S. Berger, M. D.
Michael Black and Anthony Guerrero
Adam M. Bogucki
Brian Bongner
Jeffrey M. and Heather Boulanger
Catherine M. Bresler
Kelly Brunick

Frederic V. Buhrke and Jeff Sherman

Cory Calvin
Dennis Centorbi
Frank A. Cesario
William R. Chambers II
Chris A. Coleman and Matthew A. Turner
Foy Nelson Conway
Chris Cooper
Professor Daniel T. Coyne
Susan D. Craft
Jeffrey J. Crump
Andrew Davidson
Jeffrey P. DeJong and Ruth A. McBeth
Anthony DiFiore
Matthew Dixon
Paul S. Djuricich
Sabrina Downard
Ruth Durchslag
Dr. Rebecca Eary
Thomas J. Feie
Frances McCaughan and Nessan Fitzmaurice
Craig R. Foley
Gail Ford
Brian D. Foy
Martin Freeman
Dr. Terri Friel
Ron L. Fritz
John Hennelly and Neha Gandhi
Charles H. Garrido, Jr.
David Gassman
Jay Gassman
Gary Gephart
Matthew Gibbs
Larry Giddings
Stella H. Green
Teddy Greene
Jeffrey S. Gutierrez
James Hagearty III
John F. Hamilton
Richard Hammell
Marguerite De Lany Hark
Jacquelyn C. Haynes and Robert E. Smyer
Dr. Lisa M. Henry-Reid and Samuel Reid
Rusty Hernandez-Sanfilippo
Gregory L. Hillhouse
Anne Holden
Christopher Horton
Abbas Hyderi, M.D.
Anthony Iannessa
Kenneth Jarvis
Luis Jimenez
Daniel Johnson
Gary I. Kaufman
Tyrus L. Kaufman
Nicole Kazee, Ph.D.
Tom G. Kehoe
James P. Kelly
Jennifer Kimmel
Dr. Kathryn R. King
Megan Kirkpatrick
William L. Klatt and James M. McHugh
Phyllis Kotin
Lawrence Kuhn
JoAnn Kunkel
Marcia E. Lazar and Alan O. Amos

Jody Lewis
Jim Liakos
Mark and Joni Light
Brian C. Lighty and Andrew Bigelow
Leonardo Linian
Krista Linn
George Lopez and Michael A. Phillips
Gabrielle J. Loring
Michael Lovell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lyman
Carlene Mahanna
Stephanie Pace Marshall, Ph. D. and Robert D.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Martin
George McCabe
Christian McGrath
Bill Melamed and Jamey Lundblad
Gary F. Metzner and Scott Johnson
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Steve Monaghan
Richard Morey and Gene E. Morey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Moser
Dr. Arthur H. and Amanda Moswin
David Ernesto Munar
Vincent R. Narea
Brandon Neese and David T. Wick
Jordan and Jean Nerenberg
Scot T. OHara and Dale W. Boyer
Karl F. Otto Jr.
Dr. Lawrence Ouellet
Susan M. Patchin
Armando Pedroso
Jorge D. Perez
James C. Perry and Robert J. Horton
Kevin Jack and Jim Pickett
Jeanie Pollack
William Pritt
Linda A. Pryce
Keri L. Rainsberger
Armando Ramirez
Kevin Ray
Barbara Reeder
Andre Rehkopf and Kevin M. Ciacco-Rehkopf
Michael Reimer
Ahvia Reynolds
Dr. Hilda Richards
Jeff F. Richardson
Laura Ricketts
Melanie Rivera
Mary Lu and Kenneth Roffe
Shelley Rogers
Billy Rosen
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Marilyn A. Rothschild
Mrs. Susan B. Rubnitz and Dr. Myron Rubnitz
Hadley Rue
Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Rusnak, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Sack
Bettylu and Paul Saltzman
Meredith Schmitt
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Timothy C. Sherck
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Brooke Skinner

Mark Smithe and William Forrest

Elizabeth L. Snyder
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Frank Sonntag
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Mr. and Mrs. Laurence S. Spector
Angela D. Spencer
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Paul D. Waas
Pamala J. Walsh
Tomoko Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Weisberg
Aaron J. Weiss
Matthew E. Wilcoxen
Clifton Wilkow
Terri A. Williams and Tim Drexler
Casey Wooley
Kasha Zbin
ADVOCATES CIRCLE ($500 to $999)
Anonymous (19)
Douglas P. Abraham
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Xochitl Acebedo
Bosede Agbaje-Williams
Benn Angon
Kathleen Armstrong
Patrick Ashley
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Thomas R. Butler
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James V. LoBianco and Anthony D. DAmato

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Todd OGorman
Dr. Donald M. Korn
Ken OKeefe
Brett Kreisman
Tim OKeefe
Rosemary Krimbel
Dr. Carol A. Olson and Dr. Larry W. Hancock
Mary Kunz
Daniel Olsson
Omar LaBlanc
Greg Orbin
Marvin L. Lader
Eric L. Lamkins
Bond T. Lammey
Chris L. Laughery
James Laur
Winfred D. Lawrence Jr.
Douglas A. Lee
Steve Lempera
Neal Lenhoff and Matt Kunkel
Colm F. Leon
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Levi
Nancy R. Levi
Andrew Levin
Kevin Lewis
Matt P. Leyes
More than 300 donors and guests joined AFC for its
James Lin
Joseph Linkous
fiery cocktail gala, Ignite, in May.
Ingrid Liu
Patrick Livingston
2014 Annual Report | 17

300 donors

Andrew Palmen and Jane L. Palmen

Hetal Patel
Amy Pearman
James D. Petzing
Michael A. Phillips
Geraldine K. Piorkowski, Ph.D.
James Pippen
Justin Pittman
Jordan Portillo
Kim Portillo
Marcia Preston
Ari Pribadi
Geoffrey Price
E. R. Primm
Frank Quinn
Jennifer Quinn Broda
William Ramsey
Phillip E. Raskin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Richards
DeJuran Richardson, Ph. D.
Derrick J. Robles
Norma Rolfsen
Carol Ronen
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rosskam
Robert A. Roth
Stephen Roy and Lloyd L. Kohler
Dr. Paul Rubinstein
Peter Ruger
Adnan Rukieh
Marilyn Rutledge
Anthony J. Ruzicka Jr.
Patrick Ryan
Alisha Salley
Tim J. Sanker
Kelly Saulsberry
Joyce Saxon
William Scanlan III
Wilson Scanlan
Chris Schmidt
John Schmidt
David Schoon and Lonny Glover
Rick Schuch
Thomas J. Schultz and Ann Schultz
Quenten Schumacher II and Steven Geiermann
Dr. Yvonne Shade-Zeldow and Peter B. Zeldow
R. Brett Shaw
Brittany Shepherd
Dr. and Mrs. Renslow D. Sherer Jr.
Richard H. Shoemaker
Kristine Shontz


More than 1,100 attendees raised $134,000

(net) at World of Chocolate in December.
18 | AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Rose L. Shure
Veronica Siegel
Ruth and Michael Sklar
Chad Slaughter
Reverend Stan J. Sloan
Chester Slonina
Mark Smaglinski
Troy Smith
Daryl K. Sneed
Tom Snider
Rebecca Spann
Dara J. Sparella
Edward C. Steele
Daniel Stelter
Christina Stevens
Joseph P. Stokes, Ph.D.
Aaron M. Strati
Joseph R. Sullivan
William Supan
Stephen L. Swanberg
Shila S. Tantra and Aspy A. Tantra
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Terdich
Sidney A. Thomas
Terri Thomas
Chad J. Thompson
Lee Tkachuk
Cynthia J. Tucker
Richard B. Turner
Modesto Tico T. Valle and Robert Smith
Ernest Vasseur
Ben Veach Jr.
Brenda Vivas
Natalie A. Ward
Mark Wattley
Richard G. Weinberg and Diane Weinberg
Karrie Weinhardt
Karl B. Wenzel
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. White
Allen Whitt
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Wightman
Robert Wiley
Kevin S. Williams
Greg Wilson
Gregory M. Wilson
Charles Wintersteen
Arnold Wolff
Anthony Woodson
David E. Woolwine
WPride & Allies - Walgreens Co.
Dana Wright
Carlye Wycykal
Donnie Young
Steven Young
Richard Zepeda
ALLIES CIRCLE ($250 to $499)
Anonymous (36)
Robert Abernathy
Anna Ables
David T. Adams
Dr. James G. Adams
Dr. Ken Adams
Thomas Adamson
Michael Albert
Duke Alden

Elizabeth Allen
Robert E. Alletto
Jose L. Alvarez
David Ammann
Courtney Anderson
Geoffrey A. Anderson
Michael Anderson
Lorilyn Andor
Mark Andrews
Michael Andrews
Andrea Antoniou
Chukwuma U. Anyaoku
L. Anthony Aranda
Monica Arias
Stephanie Armstrong
Spencer Arnold
Michael and Julie Baccash
John Bagnuolo
Christine, John, and Luke Bakalar
Levell R. Baker
Spencer Baker
Kari Barrett
Nicholas Barrett
Christopher Barrett Politan
Michael Barry
Patricia Bass
Sandra Bast
Michael A. Bates
Scott E. Baum
David Baumgartner
Jonathan Becks
David K. Beecken
Christopher Begy
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Bellagamba
Anthony Bellon
Arjan Bendien
Todd Berger
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Bergland
Mark Bernstein
Kathy Bieganski
Helen Bildires
Robert U. Bill and Ann O. Bill
Jordan Bisceglia
Shawn Blakeley
Dr. John Blandford
Christopher Blish
Adele Blom
Christiane Bock
Caitlin Body
Vladimir Bolin
Nancy J. Bolliger
Victor Bone Allende
Robert Borms
Selma Bouhl
Steve Bouwman
Timothy Boyd
Kent E. Bracken and Daniel Diem
Lora Branch
David Brandt
Alberto M. Bravo
Johnathon and Rhonda Briggs
Linda Brigman
Marc Broccoli
Timothy Brodeur
Bruce M. Broerman

Craig Brookwell
Sue Broverman
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Brown
Jodie Brown
John Brown
Scott Y. Brown
Thomas Brusstar
William F. Buchman
Jeffrey Buczynski
Tanzil Bukhari
Michael P. Burke
Maggy Burnes
Staci Bush
Amy Bushur
Melissa D. Butler
Sun R. Butuyan
Brent Caburnay
Michael G. Cainkar
Elizabeth Calderon
Frank and Amy Callea
Michelle Cannon
Elmer Carbajal
Charles P. Carey
Christopher Carli
Bradley F. Carlson
Leroy T. Carlson Jr.
Sean Carmichael
James L. Carter and James Schmettzer
Jim Carton
Justin D. Carvajal
Jennifer Casia
Thomas J. Catania
Brad Chapin
Sacha Chen
Kenneth Cho
Anita C. Y. Chow
Martin Christian
Mary Kay Christophersen
Robert T. Cichocki and John Schussler
Karyn Citti
Kevin Clancy
Dina Clark
Michael Cleary
Bryan Clemente
Greg Cline
Dennis D. Cole
Nicholas A. Cole and Diane M. Pyle
Robert Cole
Marge Collens
Valerie Colletti
Shirley Z. Collins
Todd Connor
Michael Consalvo
David Contois
Julia Contreras
Brent Cooper
Phillip J. Cooper
Christopher Corbett
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Corbett
Michael E. Corbin
Dana L. Corman
Louis K. Corso
Mark Cosenza
Troy Costlow
Alfredo Cotto

Craig E. Courter and Janet M. Courter

Matthew Coy
Dr. Bruce Critelli IV
Michael Crosby
John Cullen
Brian J. Cunningham
Gregory Dado
Andrea L. Dakin
Lauren Daluga Lopez
Anthony D. DAmato and James V. LoBianco
Emy Darville
Anne E. Daubney
Christopher P. Daugherty
Chanell Davis
Todd B. Davis and Atanacio Garcia
Philip E. Dawkins
Thomas De Froy
Christine De Lizer
Joe DeCock
James Deeds
Joe Della Monica
Ambrose Delpino Jr.
Jeffrey Dembski
Gordon R. Denboer
Chandra M. Dennis
Louise M. Dennis
Bertha DePriest
Richard Desecki
Duane DesParte
Joseph Di Giacomo
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dibblee
Lance Dibblee
Katherine DiClaudio
Charles DiMaggio
Stephan Dimos
Lawrence T. Dinaso
Meaghan Divane
Ken Dix
James Dolenc
Drew Donatelle
Robert Dorfman
Jim Doust
Chad G. Downie
Beth Drinan
Ryan Dufour
Richard S. Dumbrique Sr.
Deanna Dunagan
Marvin R. Dunbar
Mark A. DuPont
Richard Dupree
Hathai A. Eamrungroj
Jose J. Enejosa
Marc Engel
Brittney Epley
Hugh J. Epping
Lucy J. Erikson
G. A. Espinosa
Colin Falco
Stephen L. Farmer
Don Felton
Diana Ferguson
Michael Ferro
Jan Fields
Steve J. Figg
Evelyn Figueroa

Bridget Fine
Dr. Michael J. Fischer
Cheryl Fisher
Daniel P. Fitzgerald
Pink Flamingo
Bruce Fleisher and Laurie Regenbogen
Brian V. Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Florence
Maria T. Flores
John Folliard
Sean Foradori
M Forbes
Timothy Fortes
Paula Foster
Charles Foulkes
Wendy Fox
Dr. Lee Francis
Martha R. Francis
Kathy Franklin
Marcia K. Franklin
Miss Amy Frazer
Neal K. French, M. D.
Susan Fried
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Friedman
Alexandra Frunzar
Kyle Fuglestad
Glenwood Fundraiser
Elana Fundraising Party
Maiya K. Furgason
Mark F. Furlong
Bryan Gailey
Christopher F. Gallivan
Amanda M. Garcia
Corliss Garner
Richard J. Geddes
Dr. William Gerardi
Ann Gerber
Jason Gershman
Lori E. Gersten
Tommye Giacchino
Mark GIbbs
Joseph W. Giganti and Daryl J. Giganti
Kenneth J. Gilberg
Ami A. Gilkes
Patricia F. Gilmartin
Michelle Gittler
Daniel Glapa, Pharm.D.
Christopher M. Gliege
Gerard A. Gliege
Michael W. Goettsch
Matt W. Goines
Brenda J. Golden
Dr. Gail Golden
Joy S. Goldman
Kurt Goodfriend
Jeanette Gordon
Rahul Goswami
Beverly Grabow
Ted Grady
Annette M. Grant
A.J. Graveline
Christopher Gray
Courtney S. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Greening
Catherine Gregory

Eugene Gribelsky
Martin Grochala and Fred Reuland
Spencer J. Gunkel
Chris Gutchewsky
Jeremiah S. Haas
Drew Halbur
Philip A. Hannema
Kevin R. Hansen
Christopher Harnack
Joette D. Harrington
Brenda J. Harris
Representative Gregory S. Harris
Jonathan Harris
Richard D. Harris
Miss Alicia Hart
Barry Hart
Wayne Harth
Jeff T. Hartley
Shannon Hartzler
Stacy Hatch
Lee Hatcher
S. M. Haught and R. L. Stoner
Harriet S. Hausman
Kevin Hauswirth
Susan Hauswirth
Michael E. Heider
Jordan Heinz
Karl Heitman
Richard Helldobler
James Henderson
Timothy Henney
Leslie Henry
Hector Hernandez
Dr. Arielle Herndobler
Barbara S. Herst
Nancy R. Hessler
Marlena Hetlet
Rachelle Hickey
Jeremy Hilborn
Bill Hineline
Bridget Hoare
Heather Hodge
Tony Hollenback
James Holmes
Donald S. Honchell and Susan K. Horn
Maria J. Hondros
Catherine A. Hopfner
Richard M. Horwood
Dr. Sybil Hosek
Kevin Hough
John Howard
Angela M. Hubbell
Michael Huesing
Judy V. E. Huizinga
Patricia Hunt
Curt Hupe
Ted Huth
James A. Huttenhower
Chuck Hyde
Tiffany Irving
Daniel Ishac
Daniel Izquierdo
Katy M. Jablonowski
Kevin Jackson
Elana R. Jacobs

Runners and walkers

$450,000 raised
141 teams raised almost $450,000 (gross) for 31 HIV
organizations through AIDS Run & Walk Chicago
in September.
Thomas M. James
Jaime Jamieson
Bette Jane Crigger
Joan S. Jenkins
Andrea Johnson
Chris Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Maggie Johnson
Ray Johnson
Arthur L. Johnston and Pepe Pena
Patrick Johnston
Brooks Jones
Tom Juffernbruch
Bern D. Kachinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Kahn
Kathleen G. Kallan
Karen J. Kalliel
Mary Jo Kanady
Barry Kaplan and Sherry Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kaplan
Deborah Kapp
Jason Karel
William F. Karnoscak
Robert Kazel
Scott Keator
Greg Keehn
Mary T Keehn
Marianne Keele
Michael Keele
Amy T. Kehoe
Mary L. Kennedy
John Kerney
Kevin Killerman
Marie C. King
Polly Kintzel
Kerry L. Kipfstuhl
Beatrice Kitchen
Dr. Thomas E. Klarquist
Carrie Klein
Julie Koch
Anne Kodama
Raymond J. Koenig III
Paul Koethe
Nancy Kohn
Betty Kritikos
Justin Kruse
James Kulekowskis, Jr.
2014 Annual Report | 19

Matthew Kurtzman
Sarah Kwasigroch
William D. Lachman
Belinda Lai
Michelle Laiss
Amy Landecker
Catherine R. Landers
Reverend Frances Landfear
Aimee Lang
Bill Langley
John A. Langley
Desmond Lathan
Frederick Latsko
Jeffrey Lauterer
Aaron L. Lawlor
Anthony Lawson
Gordon Leav
Dr. Raymond Lechner
Sebastian Leda
Todd Leedy
Kevin Lefurge and Ira Katzman
Jorge M. Leon
Stacey Leopper
Jason Lesner
Charles O. Lewis
Dr. Ciuinal Lewis
Sean Lewis
Michael Libby
Mark Liberson
Dr. Robert Lloyd
Renee Logan
Leander Londres
Kathy A. Long
Leonardo Lorenzo
Avery Loschen
Joe Lotus
Kelli Low
Christopher D. Lueking
Bill Lump
Derrek G. Lyons
Todd W. Macgillivray
Joe F. Machado
Lynn M. Mackenzie
Raymond T. Madden
Amy Maggio
Elma Maksic
Cori A. Malone and Michael Marin
Vanessa Malone
Thomas Manning
Stephanie Mantis
Anita Mark
Jonathon Marquez
David Marsey
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marsh
Denise M. Marthakis
Kevin Martin
Beulah Mathew
John C. Matz
Jerry Mauricio
Brian May
Phillip R. and Ann L. May
Dr. Philip E. McAndrew
Robert R. Mcbride
Renetta E. Mccann
Stephen Mccarthy
20 | AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Lisa Mccord
Thomas F. McDevitt, Jr.
Sean McGill
Suzanne McGivney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. McGowan
Nancy McGowan
Eric McKeeby
Kevin R. McKelvie
Milena McLaughlin
James P. McNamara
Jim Mcnamara
Dr. Swarup Mehta
April M. Meijer
Helen Melchior
Reed F. Melton
Anthony S. Mendiola
Gina Metelica
Stephen M. Metro
Daniel Meza
Jay Michael
Luisnieves Michaelrusso
Julian Mickelson
Susan Middleton
Lauren Milani
Christopher Miller
Clark Miller
Michael L. Miller
Scott C. Miller
Lauren Mimms
Christine Mitchell
Shawna Mitchell
Tommy B. Mitchell
Robert Modest
Frederick Moore
Elyse Moretti
Dr. Frank C. Morgan
David Morris
Kino Mostany
Zachary Mottl
Eric Mullendore
Jeanette Murphy
Dorothy Murphy Swallow
Karen Muzzall
Alan Naragon
Angelo J. Nardella
Mark Natanek
James J. Nawrocki
Patricia B. Newell
Thomas Newlin
Agatha Newman
Benji Newman
Dr. Kevin Nguyen
Craig Nichols
Hope G. Nightingale
Ansel G. Nisbeth and Dorothy W. Nisbeth
John D. Nordwall Jr.
Tom OBrien
Christian F. Ochsner
Timothy OKeefe
Christine Olmstead
Lydia Ontiveros
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Oppenheimer
Constance OReilly
Greg Orr
Damion D. Ortega

Karen L. Osborne
Dr. Go Oshima
Cathal OSullivan
Darci Outlaw
Luke A. Palese
David B. Panchisin
Christina Pantaleo
Michael Paonessa
Dr. Paras Parekh
Robert J. Park and Keith B. Halverson
David Parker
John Parker
Liam Parker
Kristie Paskvan
Kal Patel
Jason Patera
Dr. Gail Patrick
Jason Peer
Ian Pelham
Adam Pellegrini
Dr. Lenin Pellegrino
Suzanne M. Peller
Mark W. Penn
Dr. Hugo Perales
Marilyn Perno
Carol Petersen
Jeffrey R. Peterson
Spyros J. Petros and Jerry Sanfilippo
William G. Petty Jr.
Stephen E. Phelps and Allen Reed
Mary E. Philipps
Aliki Picologlou
Denise N. Pike
John Pintozzi
Alex Pirogovsky
Ronnie Plasters
Adisak Pochanayon
Dr. Nicolette Polite
Benjamin B. Polk
Mark Polyakov
Scott Popp and Paul Grieshaber
Jeffrey H. Port
Kristina Portillo
Cheryl A. Potts
Christy Prassas
Renee Prescan
Elizabeth Press
Diana F. Price
Owen Priest
David F. Prindable
Jerry H. Proffit
Keith Pulford
John Puranasopar
Patti A. Purcell
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Anspach
Armando Ramirez
Amit Rana
Salvador Rangel
Suellen Ravanas
Sally A. Regenbogen
Erica P. Regunberg
Karen Reitan
Bindoo Rizzo
John J. Roche
Eloy Rodriguez II

8 companies

100 dancers


Dance for Life entertained nearly 2,100

audience members with over 100 dancers from
8 dance companies in support of AFC
and The Dancers Fund.
Susie P. Rodriguez
David M. Roesler
Marianne Rogers
Jill and Ron Rohde
Elisa Roman
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Rorich
Robert Rosales
Dr. Ralphi Rosario
Cyndee Rose
Rachel Rose
Todd B. Rosin
Bernadette A. Ross and Joseph M. Hernandez
Renee Roux
Scott Rowland
Christopher Royal
Robert Rupp
Mr. and Mrs. William Ruppert
William H. Russell
Richard L. Ruzicka Jr.
Faye Ryan
Sara Sager
Avis L. Sampson
Jaime Santana
Dr. Robert J. Saqueton
Suzanne Savage
Denise Scarpelli
Verne Scazzero
Linda Scharnhorst
Dr. Conor Schaye
Rebecca Schewe
Niccole J. Schiemann
Dan Schiff
Sarah Schmidt
Leon Schnayer
Greg Schneider
Jonathan Schulenberg
David S. Schulz
Brian Schutz
Michael G. Scobey
William Scullin
Tom Segal
Evangeline Semark
Dr. Daniel Sentero
Robert A. Sheehan
John Sherwood
Rick Sherwood and Dan Maloney
Paul L. Shoun

Ashley Shovlin
Patrick Simoniello
Susan Singer
Dr. Ross Slotten
Dolores Smagatz
Elizabeth Smallbone
Suzanne T. Smart
Debbie Smith
Derrick Smith
Kevin C. Smith
Michael Smith
Brian Solem
Kathy ODonnell and Dr. Ellen Somberg
Barbara Sosnowski
Kelly Southard
Katherine A. Southworth
Christopher Speer
Margaret Sperl
Vincent Spurgeon
Nathan Stalter
Robert Stearns
Susan Stein
Amanda Stella
Drew Stern
David Stewart
Laura Lee Stewart
Lynn Stormon
Patrick D. Strieck
Tiffany M. Strietelmeier
Michael Stroming
Maureen Sullivan
Howard S. Suskin
Alan R. Swanson and Janet E. Rassenfoss
Matthew Switzer
John Syburg
Timothy J. Tamer
Deb Tamondong
Dr. Laurent Tao
Charley M. Taylor
Margaret C. Telfer, M.D.
Jeff Teschke
Melissa Thodos-Johnston
Trooper Jamie L. Thome
Jarret J. Thompson
Michael Thompson
Peter Thornton
Dr. Joshua Titus
Dr. Christopher M. Tomaszkiewicz
Ann Tomlin
Anne Tomlin
Laurie Toth
Molly and Hale Towns
Molly Towns
Lisa Trajkovich
Dac Tran
David Trant
Jon Trapp
Therese A. Trauner
Dr. and Michael Treister
Sean T. Turner
Jos Turrubiartez
Kirk Twiss
Terrill D. Tyler
Margaret R. Unger
Manuel F. Utset

Alicia Valdez-Sandoval
Muriel L. Vandenoever
Barbara F. Vender
Dr. Pamela T. Vergara-Rodriguez
Patrick J. Vezino
Daniel Villar
Sam Vlahos
Karl Vogel
Margaret Von Glahn
Edward Wagner and Jonathan Zeng
Tasha Wahl
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Waldron
Alexandra Wallace
Blake Wallace
Grace Wallace
Michael Walsh
Lee and Surrey Walton
Lemont Watson
Dr. Tabitha Watts
Roger A. Wedig
Melissa Weeks
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Weiler
Elliot S. Weisenberg, M.D.
Krista Wennerstrom
Terry L. Wethington
Laurie A. Wettstead
Dr. Patti Wetzel
Greg Weyer
Henry Wezeman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter White
Paul Whitson
Jared Wile
Bradley D. Wilks
Ryan A. Wille
Katherine E. Willhoite
Aaron D. Williams
Robert R. Williams
Joel Winbigler
Jay Wolfson
Kenneth M. Woodman
Dr. Ryan Wubben
Cathy Yanda
Thomas Yates
Eric Yee
Matthew Yoder
Masumi Yoneyama
Suzanne York
Donald Young
Shannon Young
Jennifer Younker
Roberta Zabel
Denise Zavala
Christopher F. Zerbst
James Zimmer
Ann L. Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Zubek
Nickolas J. Zubek
Zachary Zulkowsky
Dante Cervantes
Lisa Daubney
Travis DeRamcy
Matt Goines

Bill Hineline
Curt Hupe
John Paul Jewell
Caesar Lastimosa
Michael Lawrence
Andrew Levin
Dominique Lewis
Lydia Ontiveros
Marie Marasovich
Amanda Moswin
Jim Ritter
Matthew Ryder
Tim Sanker
Joseph Scheper
Brooke Skinner
Anne Statton
Emily Thies
Nick Abbamonte
Ryan Barrett
Erica Bertrand
Dan Bigg
Arick Buckles
Karen Brown
Keishawnda Brown
James Burns
Daniel Dela Cerda
Mike Checuga
Ricardo Cifuentes
Diane Claussen
Jeffrey Cobb
Hugh Cole
Linda Coon
Martin Cournane
Ison Dampier
Christofer Decker
Jaime Dircksen
Shelly Ebbert
Dustin Erikstrup
Evelyn Figueroa
Ron Fritz
Shannon Galvin
Ken Gilberg
David Granger
Maya Green
Gregory Gross
Sue Hauswirth
Michael Herman
Ed Jeske and John Hern
Brant Hewelt
Deborah Hinde
Khoa Ho
Sherie Huber
Nora Hughes
David Jablonowski
Daniel Johnson
Peter Johnson
Neil Jones
Susan Jun
Serette King
Sandra Klein
Korrey Kooistra
Bennett Lawson
Joseph Like
Morgan Lougee
Raymond Manasia

Caitlyn Manfredi
Andrew Martin
Michael Martin
Eric McKeeby
Milena McLaughlin
Michael McMillen
Marcelle McVay
Mark Mikula
Kate Miller
Scott Miller
Kevin Mork
Alyson Moser
Arthur Moswin
Kino Mostany
Mary Ann Ornelas
Chad Ozz
Christopher Pazdernik
Mark Pence
Judith Perloff
James Pomeroy
Cheryl Potts
Eva Janzen Powell
Allison Precht
Bridget Purdome
Armando Ramirez
Cree Rankin
Rondi Reed
James Rohrbacher
Norma Rolfsen
Ilana Rosen
Doug Ryan
John Ryan
Avi Rudnick
Barbara Sereda
Bradley Setter
Leslie Shook
Kenneth Simpson
Armando Smith
Anne Statton
John Stafiej
Greg Thomas
Tijana Timatyos
Andrea Tipton
Karen Trimuel

208 participants

$325,000 raised
Participants ran, swam and biked proud to
raise more than $325,000 (gross) for AFC
2014 Annual Report | 21

Donald Trumbull
Lung-Chieh (Ronald) Tuan-Mu
Richard Turner
Gustavo Varela
Julio Veaz
Mark Ward
Steven Young
Susan Zeigler
SUPPORTERS ($1,000+)
Aetna Better Health of Illinois
AIDS United
Alphawood Foundation Chicago
Auditorium Theatre
Bank of America Foundation
Barry Callebaut, LLC
Bell Litho, Inc.
Blommer Chocolate Company
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
BMO Financial Group/BMO Harris Bank
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, Inc.
The Chicago Community Trust
Chicago Magazine
Cigna HealthSpring
Comer Family Foundation
The Conant Family Foundation
Embassy Suites
The Field Foundation of Illinois
First Light Group
Fitness Formula Clubs
Fleet Feet Chicago
Food for Thought
Franklin Philanthropic Foundation
Gilead Foundation
Gilead Sciences
Harmony, A WellCare Company
Herbert and Jacqueline Lippitz Charitable Foundation
Hilton Chicago
HMS Media
IlliniCare Health
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Janssen Therapeutics
Jewell Events
John Gress Photography
Kehoe Designs
Kipper Family Foundation
Levi Strauss Foundation
Life Time Athletic Events
Lloyd A. Fry Foundation
Loraine Kaufman Foundation
22 | AIDS Foundation of Chicago


Macys/ Bloomingdales
McDonalds Corporation
McMaster-Carr Supply Company
Merck & Co.
Michael Reese Health Trust
Michigan Avenue Magazine
Northern Trust Charitable Trust
OraSure Technologies
Paterno Group
The Perlstein Foundation
Pfizer, Inc.
Pierce Family Charitable Foundation
Polk Bros. Foundation
Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation
Public Communications, Inc.
Ravenswood Health Care Foundation
Reichert Foundation
Renaissance Blackstone Chicago Hotel
Rivers Casino
Robert R. McCormick Foundation
See Chicago Dance
Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Telligen Community Initiative
Terlato Wines
UBS Financial Services
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
U.S. Concepts LLC
ViiV Healthcare
Richard B. Albright
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson
Lorilyn Andor
Richard P. Barker
Duane E. Barnes
John Becvar
Thomas M. Betlej
Bruce M. Broerman
Scott Y. Brown
William F. Buchman
Peter J. Butler
James L. Carter and James Schmettzer
Debbie M. Cohen
Denise K. Copening
Michael E. Corbin
Martin Cournane
Kurt E. Dahl and Jeff F. Clark
Bertha DePriest
Edward W. Diffin III and Jeff Savage-Diffin

Elaine L. Disch
Matthew Dixon
Jim Doust
Mark A. DuPont
Steve J. Figg
Brian V. Fletcher
Terri Gendel
Michael W. Goettsch
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Greening
Kevin R. Hansen
James A. Harbaugh
Jacquelyn C. Haynes and Robert E. Smyer
Michael E. Heider
David R. Jablonowski and John Peller
Annie E. Johnson
Robert C. Johnson
William F. Karnoscak
Regina Kaufmann
Dr. Nicole Kazee
Dr. and Arthur Kohrman
Lesley C. Kordecki
Pamela S. Lannert
Arthur E. Leckner
Kevin Lewis
Ashley Loomis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Lopeman
Adrian Lopez
Corinne M. Lyon
Margaret A. Matyaszek
Guy M. Maurer
Sarah C. Maza
Condon McGlothlen
Kevin R. McKelvie
Charles P. McLimans and Dr. Richard Merrion
Richard A. Miles
Stuart W. Miller
Helen T. Moag
Gerald Morrow
Craig A. Nadborne
Rita Nessman
Robert H. Neubert and Barry Brunetti
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nichols, Jr.
Karen Petersen
James D. Petzing
E. R. Primm
Erica P. Regunberg
Dr. Hilda Richards
Stephen Roy and Lloyd L. Kohler
Deborah J. Sandroff
John H. Shindler
Bette H. Sikes
Kenneth Smith
Mary M. Styles
Nancy T. Trimble
Muriel L. Vandenoever
J. Richard West

Katherine E. Willhoite
Matthew P. Wukitsch
A&U Magazine
BOI magazine
Chicago Magazine
Gay Chic Magazine
GC Magazine
GRAB Magazine
Michigan Avenue magazine
Positively Aware magazine
See Chicago Dance
Windy City Media Group
Toby T. Eveland
Mary Flinn*
Ron L. Fritz
Janet Goldberg*
Roberta Hartnett
Lori Kaufman
Paul Ketz
Robert H. Neubert
James and Corrine Nieburger*
John J. Peller
Robert E. Schnuckel
Joel S. Siegel*
Joseph P. Stokes
* Deceased

The Sable Sherer

Legacy Society
offers AFCs most
passionate supporters
the chance to make a
donation through their
estate plans.


AFC is committed to transparency and informing the community, donors and
funders about how we operate. To review AFCs full audited financial statements
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77% Public sources

23% Private sources


5% Private grants

4% General


Programs and Policy

General and administrative
Grants and awards: private
Grants and awards: public





Fund for the Future (Board-restricted)
Cash flow for subcontracting agencies

63% Public grants



4% General

24% Programs and policy

Private Sources
Fee for service/other
Direct mail (net)
Special events (net)
Total private sources
Public Sources
Chicago Dept. of Public Health
IL Dept. of Public Health (Federal)
IL Dept. of Public Health (State)
IL Dept. of Human Services
U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development
U.S. Substance Abuse & Mental Services Administration
Total public sources


July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014

2014 Annual Report | 23

What I considered bad

turned out to be good
and gave me direction.

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Chicago IL 60606