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IP AddressIPAM
Spreadsheets Have Failed You

Proteus IP Address Management (IPAM) Platform

As networks have grown, so has the complexity of managing IP

infrastructure. There has been an explosion in the number of IP networks
and connected devices, and networks that may have had a few hundred
IP addresses a decade ago, can now run into the thousands, as more
and more devices (VoIP phones, RFID devices, PDAs, etc.) connect to the
network. Spreadsheets dont cut it.

BlueCat Networks Proteus IPAM Platform provides organizations with

the platform they need to manage their growing IP infrastructure. With
the ability to track and allocate IP addresses and networks, as well as the
tools to accurately model IP data, Proteus allows organizations to move
away from spreadsheets and homegrown systems to a complete IPAM
solution. Proteus provides organizations with the integration they need
to ensure accurate data and global visibility, while leveraging existing
systems to turn once disparate systems into IPAM-enabled assets.

Traditional IP Address Management tools, such as spreadsheets or

homegrown tools, can no longer keep up with this massive growth, and
cannot integrate with other IT management structures, data repositories
and automation processes.

Proteus provides a complete solution for managing and maintaining a

distributed heterogeneous network environment. It has the ability to
manage DNS and DHCP services for Microsoft Windows, in addition to
managing BlueCats Adonis DNS/DHCP physical and virtual appliances.

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Introducing IPAM Intelligence

For most organizations, the ability to track and allocate IP addresses is not enough. In order to deal with
the rate of IP and network expansion, an innovative approach to IP Address Management is needed.
BlueCats Proteus IPAM platform goes beyond simple IP tracking to deliver true IPAM Intelligence, allowing
administrators to centrally manage their increasingly complex IP infrastructure with sophisticated tools
and enterprise level functionality.
Proteus innovative design delivers enhanced management, control, visibility, continuity and integration
to the enterprise for IP Address Management, DNS and DHCP services.


Proteus provides administrators with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use management platform that reduces
the time and effort administrators spend configuring and managing their growing IP infrastructure.
Proteus IPAM tools allow administrators to model out their existing IP networks and allocated IP
addresses, as well as find and allocate new IP addresses and networks. Coupled with IP Reconciliation,
which automates IP address discovery and reclamation, Proteus provides the tools needed to simplify
and automate IP Address Management.


Proteus centralizes control of network services and resources, with delegated access, which provides
multiple-administrators the ability to modify DNS, DHCP and IP information. With support for dozens
of administrators and granular control, Proteus allows access control to be designated for any aspect
of DNS, DHCP or IPAM. With built in error checking, Data Validation, Data Restoration and Workflow,
Proteus provides the ability to delegate administration with the confidence that errors can be detected
before they are deployed.


Proteus provides organizations with a complete real-time view of their DNS, DHCP and IP infrastructure.
Administrators can view IP addresses and related information on any device managed by Proteus.
Comprehensive audit trails track all DNS, DHCP and IPAM changes, providing a detailed history of all
events and changes with on-demand reports. Combined with built-in monitoring for DNS and DHCP
service usage, Proteus ensures administrators are up-to-date and aware of their DNS, DHCP and IPAM


Given the critical nature of DNS, DHCP and IP services, organizations cannot tolerate a system outage.
In order to safeguard against potential service outages, BlueCat provides extensive failover, high
availability and disaster recovery features. With the ability to cluster multiple DNS/DHCP appliances
together, Proteus protects against a single system failure to provide organizations a robust DNS, DHCP
and IPAM solution that shields against costly network down time or service disruption.


As networks continue to grow, organizations are challenged by how to integrate their infrastructure.
Proteus allows customers to leverage their existing network investments and provide IPAM across their
current infrastructure without needing to replace their existing infrastructure. Proteus integrates with
Microsoft Windows DNS and DHCP to command and control Windows environments, in addition to
BlueCats own Adonis DNS/DHCP physical or virtual appliances.

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BlueCats Proteus IPAM appliance provides

organizations with a complete IPAM solution.
Combining BlueCats own secure operating
application, where all software, patches and
updates are handled by BlueCat Networks.
Proteus removes the need for administrators
to install and maintain additional software or
operating systems, saving administrative time
and effort. In addition to this, all Proteus physical
appliances provide hardware redundancy with
hot-swappable hard drives and power supplies,
as well as redundant components. Proteus also
provides optional IPMI support for out-of-band
management, allowing administrators to access
the system remotely in case of a network or
power failure.


BlueCats Proteus IPAM virtual appliances are

based on BlueCats award-winning physical
operating system, along with enterprise-level
DNS, DHCP and IPAM provides customers with
a virtual appliance that can be easily deployed
and maintained. Virtualization allows companies
to lower operational costs by consolidating
services, whether in the datacenter or at the
branch office, reducing hardware footprint and
lowering energy consumption. Organizations
will now be able to rapidly provision DNS and
DHCP for capacity handling, as well as relocate
services from one server to another for enhanced
disaster recovery support all without having to
install any additional physical systems.

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