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PhD, English (Creative Writing), University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH (in progress)
MFA, Creative Writing Fiction, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA (2011)
BA, Creative Writing and Literary & Culture Studies, Carnegie Mellon University (1987)
Studies in representational drawing and painting, The Art Students League of New
York, The Water Street Atelier, and The Florence Academy of Art (1998-2003)

City University of Hong Kong MFA Program in Creative Writing, Hong Kong
August 2014-present
Associate Mentor (completed in the distance-mode)
EN6309 & EN6310 Directed Reading & Critical Writing I & II
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA
September 2011-August 2013
Natural Sciences 397A: Junior Year Writing in the Sciences (3/4 load; 2012-2013;
renewable lectureship)
English 112: College Writing (3/3 load, 2011-2012)
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA
September 2007-May 2010
Teaching Associate
As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, I was the sole instructor for College Writing,
Experimental Writing (The Creative Potential of Constraint), and Creative Writing, 2
courses per year.
Abraham House, New York, New York
May 2005-August 2007
Taught reading, writing, and drawing to children and young adults whose parents were
Additionally, from September 1989 to June 1991, I served as an English as a Foreign
Language Instructor in Prague and Greece. Taught advanced high school English
Language Learners in Aigio, Greece and beginning English language learners at an
elementary school in Prague. In Prague, also taught childrens parents to encourage
effective learning.




The Vision & Art Project

Co-Author and Director
With support from the American Macular Degeneration Foundation (based in
Northampton, MA), I am profiling several artists with macular degeneration. Working

Curriculum Vitae | A. Phillips | page 2

across multiple platforms, this project involves gathering archival materials (including
interviews), writing a book, producing short films, and maintaining a website/blog with a
different artist featured each month on the rotating home page. More information can be
found at our website:
Clockroot Books, Northampton, Massachusetts
September 2009-June 2010
Publishing Assistant
Reviewed submissions for this publisher of fiction-in-translation, prepared publicity,
inquired into foreign rights, conducted author and translator interviews, contributed book
reviews to the Clockroot blog.
New York Academy of Medicine, New York, New York
August 2005 April 2007
Development & Communications Associate
Wrote, edited, and proofread event stories, press releases, newsletter, annual report, and
other publications for the Office of Development and Communications. Maintained
Professional Writer (Freelance)
Wrote brochures, biographies, newspaper and magazine articles, website copy, and
training materials for a variety of organizations, including the The Florence Academy of
Art (Florence, Italy), and The Ayers Group (New York City).
Seattle Weekly, Seattle, WA
Editorial Assistant
Assisted Arts and Leisure Editor of this weekly publication. Wrote profiles of artists and
events, a weekly Discoveries column, and book reviews. Contributed articles to
supplements focused on education, health, and community events. Fact-checked, edited,

Marina Tsvetaevas Letter to the Amazon (translated from French), Ugly Duckling
Presse, forthcoming chapbook, 2016
Marina Tsvetaevas Letter to the Amazon (translated from French), The Kenyon
Review, Fall 2013
Cleaving, New York Stories, Winter 2006
Wednesday, The Kings English, Summer 2004
Creative Nonfiction
Dark Energy, elimae, January 2010 (highlighted in The Rumpus:
Mortal Saints and Immortal Callings: Vocation in the Lives of the Saints (book of
creative nonfiction). Paraclete Press, Fall 2006.
Mortal Saints and Immortal Callings, Ruminator Review, Spring 2003

Curriculum Vitae | A. Phillips | page 3

To New York I Returned, South Dakota Review, Fall 2002
Seeing People Cry in Public, South Dakota Review, Fall 2002
Patterns, Pittsburgh Magazine, December 1987
Eavesdropping at Burger King, In Pittsburgh, August 11, 1987
Book Reviews:
Griefs Dark Universe: The Art of Fado in A Brief History of Yes and Bough Down
(Kenyon Review Online, spring 2014:
The Mehlis Report (The Quarterly Conversation, Spring 2014)
Clash of Images: Portrait of a Child Reader in an Age of Shifting Texts, The Quarterly
Conversation, Winter 2010:
Book suppressed, translation belated: Marie Vieux-Chauvets Love, Anger, Madness,
2 and 2, Clockroot Books, July 16, 2010:
Mapping the Distance: Alicia Hokansons Award-Winning Book, The Arts, April 1989
Writing on Art
Seeing along the Periphery, Getting at the Essence: An Interview with Lennart
Anderson, Painting Perceptions (, November 14, 2013
The Woodner Collection: Discovery and Problem-Solving by Masters, American Artist
Drawing, Summer 2006
Insights into the Artistic Process of the Hudson River School, American Artist
Drawing, Spring 2006
Drypoint: The Challenging and Rewarding Art of Drawing with a Needle on a Metal
Plate, American Artist Drawing, Winter 2006
The Body as a Unified Organism: The Teachings of Ted Seth Jacobs, American Artist
Drawing, Spring 2005
Studio Escalier: A Vision of Contemporary-Classical Instruction, American Artist
Drawing, Winter 2005
Classical Approaches to the Teaching of Drawing, American Artist Drawing, Fall 2003
Uncontested Truths: Solving Problems through the Classical Tradition, International
Artist, October/November 2003
Photograph & Story In The Press, Three Rivers Poetry Journal (republished in
Carnegie Mellon Anthology of Poetry, 1993)
The Summer My Mother Fell In Love, Three Rivers Poetry Journal (republished in
Carnegie Mellon Anthology of Poetry, 1993)
Nineteen, The Written Arts, September 1989
Traveling to Somerset, Ohio with My Mother, The Written Arts, September 1989




Joan Jakobson Scholar, the Wesleyan Writers Conference (2013)

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts 2010 Deans Thesis Fellowship (University of
Massachusetts Amherst, 2010-11)

Curriculum Vitae | A. Phillips | page 4

The AWP Intro Writing Awards Fiction Nomination (University of Massachusetts Amherst,
The Delaney Fellowship in Fiction (University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2010)
The Academy of American Poets Prize (University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2010,
honorable mention)
Bread Loaf Writers Conference (Summer 2006)
Merit Scholarship, Vermont College of Fine Arts (2006)
Pushcart Prize Nominee (2005)
StorySouths Million Writers Award Notable Story of 2004
Phillips Exeters William Bennett Fellowship Finalist (1992)
The Seattle Arts Commission Individual Artist Grant in Poetry (1990)
Adamson Awards in Fiction, Poetry &Creative Nonfiction (Carnegie Mellon University,

UMass Amherst Distinguished Teaching Award Nominee, Fall 2011.
UMass Amherst Residential First-Year Experience Student Choice Award, Fall 2010.

Cincinnati Review, Reader, January 2015-present
University of Massachusetts Press, Juniper Prize for Fiction, 2009-2010 & 2010-2011
Academic Years
Screened manuscripts from among hundreds of submissions (both years I served on
the reading committee, my manuscript choice was awarded the final prize)
Philadelphia Stories Editorial Board Member
Served as a reader/screener of manuscripts for this Philadelphia-based literary
magazine, May 2004-October 2006
University Committee Work
University of Massachusetts Amherst Writing Program, January 2008-May 2011
From September 2009 to May 2011, I served on the Diversity Committee. Attended biweekly meetings to discuss issues of diversity and inclusion in the college writing
classroom; developed and delivered training seminars to College Writing Teaching
Associates; and posted lesson plans meant to focus classroom efforts on teaching with
inclusiveness in mind.
From January 2008-May 2009, I also served on the Textbook Committee. Participated in
selecting essays for a new textbook for the universitys College Writing Program. At
the same time, in consultation with others, I read and selected student essays for
Student Writing Anthology, a yearly compilation of exemplary student writing used as
a text in the first year writing program.