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Umbanda is Peace and Love, a world full of Light

Umbanda does not charge

Umbanda does not kill animals

Umbanda does not work with blood

Umbanda practices Good

Umbanda respects and accepts all religions

Umbanda does not discriminate race or sexual option


Umbanda can be seen in two different forms:

The first one as a philosophical current that leads to a line of spiritualized thought, which would not be properly a religion, but a way of being and facing life, working like a foundation to life and spirituality.

This understanding oriented by the Caboclo das 7 Encruzilhadas (Mestizo of 7 Crossroads) is only possible because Umbanda is a ritual able to be syncretised, in other words, mixed with any religious practice, therefore, is possible to say that Umbanda is the mother or the creator of all the spiritualized religions of the world.

Although in this plan, it has existed for less than 100 years, in the spiritual plan it was already drawn and interconnected to all the other religious practices of this planet.

In a second understanding Umbanda can be seen in fact like a pure religion, since it has its rites and own religious rituals.

This characteristic of Umbanda is due to the fact it’s a shamanic spiritual religion, in other words, it is a religion that interconnects the strength of the nature to the elements guardians of the universe, as well as, establish an association between the physical world of the third dimension (Earth) and the spiritual world and it adheres in a sphere of the only energy, both worlds, even if only for some time.


Umbanda appeared in this plan in 1908, when the 17 year old Zélio Fernandino of Moraes after having presented a series of physical problems as a paralysis and of having his personality "taken" or altered by others was taken to a Kardecist centre to try to solve this problem, since the traditional treatments had no effect up to that time.

When the mediums of that table began the Kardecist session, "mysteriously" they incorporate spirits that were identified like mestizoes or blacks-old men (ex-slaves) and they all were orientated by the chief of the table to withdraw, since they were considered late spirits.

However, the spirit that incorporated in that young person identified himself as Caboclo das 7 Encruzilhadas and said he was there to establish a religion, which was free of prejudices and of judgements, a religion which had as a mission only love and charity, without any type of discrimination.

The Caboclo das 7 Encruzilhadas dictated the principal directives of Umbanda, including the name, which comes from the Sanskrit, Aum: God, creator; Bandhã: near, to the side; from there Umbanda, which means close to God.

Umbanda is basically a religion where the mediums work with their corporate mentors or spiritual guides, which are designed to provide spiritual help to those who seek them, to the extent and in proportion to the karma of each.

One need not be Umbandista, or medium to attend the sessions of Umbanda.

And contrary to what many think is not necessary to be a medium to begin within the religion, which occurs simply through a baptism by a spiritual guide, embedded in its medium.

After this ritual, just have faith and sensitivity to perceive the truth and spirituality that only Umbandistas are able to transmit.


Umbanda being of a psychic / spiritual character uses in their rites essentially the incorporation and mixes characteristics as African, Indian and Oriental.

Umbanda is segmented into 7 spiritual lines, they are:

· Line of Ogum;

· Line Oxossi, represented by Caboclos;

· Line of Souls, which is composed of the Old-Black, Baianos, and Omulu and Obaluaê;

· Line of Xangô;

· Line of Water, which includes the Nanã, Yemanjá, Oxum , Oxumarê, Yansã and the sailors;

· Line of Children (Ibeji);

· Line of the East, which includes healing people of Ghent (the masters) and the gypsies;

All lines are interconnected and all of them are controlled by I hope and controlled by Exus and doves Ponto.

The chief spirits of the lines of Umbanda, the Orishas, kept their names in African language, in order to maintain links between the continents, in other words, nothing was mixed in Umbanda, the spiritual guides come with their original names and keep the strength of old traditional rituals on Earth.

Umbanda came with the purpose of uniting the old and new, people and their differences, moreover, Umbanda, although emerged in Brazil belongs to the world, to adapt the names of entities which have existed for thousands of years, to Portuguese, would be like stealing the Umbanda from Umbanda.


Three features give identity to Umbanda, they are:

1) Umbanda is a religion that should be practiced using white clothing;

2) Umbanda does not sacrifice animals;

3) In Umbanda, guides are identified by their crossing point, which is confirmed by another spiritual entity, so no matter how they look or talk.

It is important to know that the crossing point is unique to each entity, there can be similar ones but the way to draw is different.

The crossing point is the identification of the entity and its mission, i.e. The point may be different if this same guide returns in another medium, in another embodiment, which does not mean that it can not draw their previous point to establish their identity, but this is often an unnecessary procedure.

These three features, plus the ability to adapt to any practice which characterizes Umbanda, makes it the most tailored religion to spiritualize all the others in the world. In addition, it can be practiced as Umbanda anywhere in the world, just by knowing how to perform the basic rituals and understand guides that are present, without fear or discrimination.



Our history begins at the old black’s SENZALA, name given by my beloved old black FATHER JOSEPH OF GUINEA. Our senzala was located at the bottom of MY HOUSE, it was 50 m2, we stayed there until the completion of our development, making buris, amacis, etc. There has been an incredible growth in our house, we were being sought by people with the most diverse problems, and mainly

by mediums who felt lost in their journeys. One day, I being a spiritual mother, my brother Nelson (actual Father Guarym of Oxumare) received the Caboclo das Sete Encruzilhadas, the same that came in Mr. Zelio de Morais, and humbly crying he asked us to us to take the WHITE UMBANDA to a good end, because many changed, modified and mix it. We made an agreement, committing to practice and teach its grounds until the end of our journey in this plan without changing the purity and simplicity of our Umbanda. From this day on, our house was called CASA BRANCA DE UMBANDA CABOCLO SETE ENCRUZILHADAS . FATHER JOSE of GUINEA explained that we had been freed, the slavery was over and the White Umbanda was born, and from it would come many more Umbanda White houses.

And so we moved to a bigger house, which soon filled with mediums and consultants. We moved over and over again, ever for larger spaces, until we set ourselves in Cabra Figa, Cascais, Andorinha Street, my brother Nelson was made father still in the small senzala, then spiritual father, having received from the entities the name FATHER OF GUARYM OXUMARE.

Fulfilling the will of the beloved Caboclo das 7 Encruzilhadas, it was revealed we would need to departure, along with some children to another point of Europe, England, and there we would found the UMBANDA WHITE HOUSE OGUM BEIRA MAR , the spiritual father would be FATHER OF GUARYM OXUMARE .

Then were raised two daughters, who are the pillars of the house of Pai Guarym in London, and I'm currently in London helping FATHER GUARYM DE OXUMARE with the opening of this house and developing spiritual work. Our house in Portugal is guarded by four points of force, and with the help of all children and my follow-up, is taking their mission forward.