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Target audience
My target audience will be males and females aged 15-20 I will do this
because people that are 15-20 years of age will not have that much
money and rely on their parents to pay for clothes and items for them. So
they will want clothes with the designer look without the designer price
Campaign message
Buy designer clothes without the designer price tag. The reason this is the
slogan so people that do not have that much of a disposable income but
they want to look good and want the clothes cheaper than high street
cloth shops.
Launch date
My launch date will be the 30th of august the reason I have done this is
because its the end of the month when people will get their money for
that month and its the end of the season so they will need more clothes
for winter they will want to buy warmer clothes to wrap up and keep
Schedule of advertisement

19th august: Advert 1 this advert will be placed on billboards for 3 weeks
2nd august: Advert two will be magazines and newspapers and it will be up
for 3 weeks
16th august: advert three will be on bus stops this advert will be up for
three weeks
Location of advertisement

The location for Advert one will be on a billboard in major towns and cities
in the UK.

The second ad will be magazine ad that is in Mens health, Kerrang, Top

gear, OK and Heat. The reason I am putting it in all these different type of
magazines is because it will then create a wider range of potential
customers because there is different target audiences for each magazine.

The third ad will be on the side of a bus stops the reason for this is as
people will be getting the bus to work, college and school.

Legal issues
Copyright-copyright is if I take some work that is already someone else or
if I directly copy by taking a picture of there that is not taken by me this is
classed as breaking the copyright law. I will make sure I do not do this in
my campaign by making sure none of my ads are breaking this law and
make sure all my work is original.
Discrimination- you cannot say anything negative against or about
Religion, Ethnicity, Age or gender. So you cannot say males are the best or
other things that may discriminate other types of people. This law will be
met by making sure in any of my campaigns are not offending anyone. If I
would have of extended my campaign even longer they will have been
multi ethical.
Obscenity law- this refers to someone highly offending someone, this is
illegal you cannot swear on live radio or it will break the obscenity law. I
will not break this law by making sure that none of my ads are showing
anything that is offensive like nudity, violence, discriminating and also
Ethical issues
Representational issues- you have to represent someone in a fair light and
you cannot insult them that would offend them in any way. I will do this by
making sure I represent someone in a fair light in my advertisements I am
not able to say somebody is terrible at something they have to represent
fairly. The person I had in my advert was a white male but if I was to do
more photo-shoots I would include females and people of different
Intellectual property law- It has to be your own work and made by yourself
you cant make the same song as someone else and call it yours it has to
be made by you. If I published the same picture as somebody else it would
break this law this is why everything I create has to be my own and

Code of practise
Misleading advertising
Marketing communications must not materially mislead or be likely to do

Obvious exaggerations (puffery) and claims that the average consumer
who sees the marketing communication is unlikely to take literally are

allowed provided they do not materially mislead. I need to make sure

people know its all second hand and it wont be brand new clothing.
Marketing communications must not mislead the consumer by omitting
material information. They must not mislead by hiding material
information or presenting it in an unclear, unintelligible, ambiguous or
untimely manner. I will make sure nothing is hidden like a blemish or a
spot and the clothing is not photoshopped in any way.

Individuals should be protected from unwarranted infringements of
6.1 - Marketers must not unfairly portray or refer to anyone in an adverse
or offensive way unless that person has given the marketer written
permission to allow it. Marketers are urged to obtain written permission
referring to or portraying a member of the public or his or her
identifiable possessions; the use of a crowd scene or a general public
location may be acceptable without permission
referring to a person with a public profile; references that accurately
reflect the contents of a book, an article or a film might be acceptable
without permission
implying any personal approval of the advertised product; marketers
should recognise that those who do not want to be associated with the
product could have a legal claim.
Prior permission might not be needed if the marketing communication
contains nothing that is inconsistent with the position or views of the
featured person.
This will affect my campaign because when I advertise somebody of refer
to anybody I cant refer to them in a adverse offensive or in any way
harmful way