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The Characters Gilgamesh and Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh

"Aruru molded out of clay in the image and 'of the essence of Anu', the sky god, and of Ninurta the war
god named Enkidu" ( "His whole body was shaggy with hair, he was
furnished with tresses like a woman, his locks of hair grew like grain. Enkidu was the bull-man (a human
with horns, tail, and rear hooves of a bull). In the Akkadian Gilgamesh Epic, Enkidu is said to have lived
with gazelles and jostled other wild beasts at the watering place, until civilized by Aruru's harlot. After
being with the harlot for six days and seven nights Enkidu wanted to return to the wild beast, but they fled
from him. "You have become wise Enkidu, you have become like a god" (
"Enkidu is gradually introduced to civilization by living for a time with a group of shepherds, who teach him
how to tend flocks, how to eat, how to speak properly, and how to wear clothes. Enkidu then enters the
city of Uruk during a great celebration. Gilgamesh, as the king, claims the right to be the first with every
new bride on the day of her wedding; as Enkidu enters the city, Gilgamesh is about to claim that right.
Infuriated at this abuse, Enkidu stands in front of the door of the marital chamber and blocks Gilgamesh's
way. They fight furiously until Gilgamesh wins the upper hand; Enkidu concedes Gilgamesh's superiority
and the two embrace and become devoted friends" (
"Enkidu was the companion of Gilgamesh, and a wild or natural man"
( "Because Gilgamesh was too energetic for the people of Uruk, the
gods decide to create a partner for him. Later he was considered a patron or god of animals"
"Gilgamesh proposes a great adventure: they are to journey to the great Cedar Forest in southern Iran
and cut down all the cedar trees" ( "To do this, they will need to kill the
Guardian of the Cedar Forest, the great demon, Humbaba the Terrible. Enkidu was extremely terrified
they were headed to the dark forest to hunt Humbaba" (
"Unlike Gilgamesh, Enkidu had seen this brutal monster before, he warned Gilgamesh, "Oh my lord you
do not know this monster and that is the reason you are not afraid. His teeth are dragon fangs, his
countence is like a lion, his charge is like a flood, and with a look he crushes alike the trees of the forest
and the reeds of the swamp.
Enkidu was ready go back home, but something in Gilgamesh's eyes kept him there. During the battle
Gilgamesh lost his courage and Enkidu thought all was lost when all of a sudden a burst of energy rose
up in him. He helped the lord regain his strength and together they put the final blow to the monsters
heart" (Enkidu's Journey To Death (T) (LinguaMoo) on GOOGLE (
"Enkidu is vengefully killed by the goddess Ishtar when Gilgamesh rejects her advances. Gilgamesh

seeks eternal life because of Enkidu's death" (

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