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Heemstede, 18th February 2013

Quotation no. 121114-02

Re: poultry processing installation 1000 till 2000 bph

With reference to the plan to establish a poultry processing plant with a capacity of 2000 birds per
hour, we herewith have pleasure to submit our quotation for the following items:
Design parameters


Average live weight:

Bleeding time:
Scalding time:

Scalding temperature:


1300 birds per hour (soft scald)

1600 birds per hour (medium scald)
2000 birds per hour (hard scald)
1.6 kg
6 inch
up to 3 minutes
3 minutes (soft scald)
2 minutes (medium scald)
2 minutes (hard scald)
50 - 52C (soft scald)
54 - 56C (medium scald)
58 - 62C (hard scald)
water chilling

The killing, defeathering and evisceration line is floor mounted with a self-standing frame stainless
steel frame. The quoted equipment and materials are used and reconditioned and supplied in good
working order. All items quoted with an asterix* are supplied new. If required we can provide a
skilled engineer to supervise the installation and commissioning of the equipment at an additional

Quotation 121114-02 2000 bph


02/03 Killing, defeathering and evisceration department

1 Stork overhead conveyor line, T-track, 6 inch pitch, 65m long, consisting of:
- galvanized hardened steel chain and trolleys
- stainless steel sigma track overhead conveyor sections
- 429 stainless steel combined defeathering and evisceration
shackles with drop rod and connection chain
- 6 corner wheels, 90/180 degrees
- 1 drive unit 2.2 KW (variable speed) including speed regulator
- 1 line tensioner
- floor-mounted stainless steel construction for supporting the
overhead conveyor line
1 Bleeding trough consisting concrete covered with tiles for an effective
bleeding length of 5000 mm, to be constructed locally
1 Meyn stainless steel single pass scalder, 550 mm wide, with an effective
scalding length of 10000 mm, including:
- steam canopy and side panels
- stainless steel radiators for indirect heating by hot water
- air blower, 3 kW
- temperature control unit
- water level control
1 Meyn plucking machine, type JM-40. The machine is made of stainless steel
and other corrosion resistant materials and includes:
adjustable galvanized frame
2 opposed plucking cabinets each with 2 rows plucking discs.
10 plucking discs per row with 12 plucking fingers per disc in
total 480 plucking fingers
Belt driven
- 4 motors, 2.2 kW each
1 Straight head puller*, type double, made of stainless steel
1 Double sided evisceration trough* made out of stainless steel including:
4 water stations including knife holders, 5000 mm long
and 1000 mm wide.

1 Set of working tools consisting of*:

5 kill knives
5 opening knives
4 evisceration forks
1 sharpening steel
5 gizzard scissors
5 stainless steel gloves, 5 fingers

Quotation 121114-02 2000 bph


Local supply

1 Manual vent cutting pistols* knife 30 mm, capacity 1000 bph

operated with vacuum and compressed air (excluding
compressor and vacuum)
weight balancer

1 Lung suction gun* pipe 25 mm, capacity 2000 bph

operated with vacuum (excluding vacuum)
weight balancer

1 Manual hock scissors* capacity 1000 bph each:

- operated with compressed air (excluding compressor)
weight balancer

1 Stork straight automatic in-line hock unloader with a capacity of 4000 birds
per hour, made of stainless steel

1 Automatic chain and shackle washer* with two rotating brushes, 900 mm

Quotation 121114-02 2000 bph



Chilling department*

1 Screw chiller for pre-washing and pre-chilling the birds:

Made out of stainless steel
Dimensions : 1.6 m diameter x 6 m long
Blower 1.75kW
Control panel
Note: the water chiller and/or flake ice installation are excluded
Price: 25.400-, (optional)
1 Excess water separator, for separating excess water from the wet-chilled
birds, made out of stainless steel, for wet-chilled birds:

Price: 8.400-, (optional)


Additional equipment and materials

1 Electrical control panel to control the drive unit, plucker, air blower and
temperature control unit
1 Water boiler on gas*(oil fired) with a capacity of 60000 kgcal/hour to heat
up water of 27C to 80C for supply to the stainless steel radiators of the
scalding tank complete with control panel and water pump. Heating up
time: 3 hour
1 Air compressor with a capacity of 4kW
1 Vacuum installation consisting of a 7.5 kW vacuum pump, a 710 ltr buffer
tank and a 1500 ltr collection tank for lungs and blood
Price: 9.600-, (optional)
Total price above-mentioned equipment

Quotation 121114-02 2000 bph



Local supply

Local supply

Terms of delivery and payment


CFR Manilla, Philippines

Delivery time:

8 weeks after receipt of order confirmation and down payment

Payment terms:


the quoted used and reconditioned equipment is in stock unless sold


prices are valid for 60 days after date of this quotation.


40% down payment with order

60% to be paid after inspection of the equipment at the factory in
Hillegom and before loading of the equipment in the container

All civil works, building and secondary overhead steel construction

Hot water boiler for scalding tank
All refrigeration equipment for pre-chilling, area cooling, blast
freezing and chilled and cold storage of poultry meat
Chilled water aggregate
All electrical works and control panels other than those included in
the scope of supply
Water and electricity supply
All piping and cabling required for supply of water, electricity, steam
vacuum, compressed air and water to the quoted equipment
All labor required during installation and commissioning of the
equipment like electricians, plumbers, pipe fitters and unskilled
Bleeding trough constructed out of concrete covered with tiles

Supervision of installation and commissioning

We can provide supervision of installation and commissioning at a weekly cost of 4.100,- excluding
boarding/lodging, local taxes and travelling costs. We recommend one of our specialists to visit the
site along with your representative to ascertain how the equipment can best be laid out in your
purpose built factory.

Picture 1: Stork 2000 bph line

Quotation 121114-02 2000 bph

Picture 2: Stork 2000 bph line