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STL Bulletin December 2012

Judicial developments
Ayyash et al. case

in the

This case relates to the attack of 14

February 2005 in Beirut.

New Appeals Judge appointed:

The United Nations Secretary General
appointed Judge
Hrdlikov to
the Appeals Chamber of the Special Tribunal
for Lebanon (STL).

Trial Preparation:
On 19 December, the Pre-Trial Judge
extended the Prosecutions deadline to
complete the disclosure of 368 exhibits
planned to be used in trial until 15 January
The Prosecution later also requested on 21
December that the Pre-Trial Judge allow it
to add 28 individuals to the list of witnesses,
as well as a number of additional exhibits to
its evidence list.
On 15 November, the Prosecution filed its
Pre-Trial Brief, the list of witnesses it intends
to call at trial, and the list of exhibits it
intends to offer into evidence.
According to the Brief, the Prosecution
intends to call 557 witnesses and there are
13,170 exhibits on the exhibit list. The total
time estimated for presentation of the
Prosecution's case is 457.5 hours.
The Pre-Trial Brief and associated
documents were all filed on a confidential
basis. A public redacted version is available
on the STL website.

Judge Hrdlikov, from the Czech Republic,

will replace as of mid-January Judge Kjell
Erik Bjrnberg, who is retiring.
Judge Hrdlikov holds a PhD from the law
faculty of Charles University in Prague and
specializes in Islamic Shari'a, with a focus on
human rights and Islamic finance in
international and Islamic law.
Important dates:
9 January 2013 Defence counsel to file their
pre-trial briefs.
15 January Deadline for Prosecution to
complete disclosure of 368 exhibits
25 March 2013 - The tentative date for the
start of trial.

Since 2008, Judge Hrdlikov also acts as a

legal expert of the Council of Europe in
matters related to human rights, money
laundering and the financing of terrorism.
She is further specialized in the
development of the rule of law in postrevolution societies.
The STLs Appeals Chamber has two
Lebanese judges and three international
judges. The Chamber's Presiding Judge is Sir

Dokter van der Stamstraat 1 2265 BC Leidschendam The Netherlands

PO Box 115 2260 AC Leidschendam The Netherlands
For more information please contact the Press Office: +31 (0)70 800 3560 +31 (0)70 800 3828




Victims participation:
The legal representative of the victims
participating in proceedings filed a list of
witnesses and exhibits that the victims
would like to call during trial. The list
includes 57 witnesses and 369 exhibits.

the trial to present their views and

Victims can become involved in the STL once
the investigation phase is over and the
indictments have been confirmed. The STL
statute aims to balance the rights of victims
to participate in proceedings with the rights
the accused and
the Prosecutors strategy.

Victims who have suffered harm in attacks

under the STL mandate may participate in
Please refer to, to access all filings in
relation to the Ayyash et al. case.

Events and visits

Video Q&As with Tribunal officials
The STL has continued to release a series of video questions and answers addressing
relevant issues about the Tribunal. Judge Ralph Riachy, the Tribunals Vice President,
addressed the questions of whether the STL applies Lebanese law and the significance of
Lebanese judges in the Tribunal.
All videos are available on the STL YouTube channel in Arabic, English and French.
Judicial recess
The Tribunal is in judicial recess from the period between 24 December 2012 and 4 January
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