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he Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an

environment conducive to the development of India, partnering industry,
Government, and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes.

CII is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed

organization, playing a proactive role in Indias development process. Founded in
1895, Indias premier business association has over 7400 members, from the private
as well as public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs, and an indirect membership
of over 100,000 enterprises from around 250 national and regional sectoral industry
CII charts change by working closely with Government on policy issues, interfacing
with thought leaders, and enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and business
opportunities for industry through a range of specialized services and strategic
global linkages. It also provides a platform for consensus-building and networking
on key issues.
Extending its agenda beyond business, CII assists industry to identify and execute
corporate citizenship programmes. Partnerships with civil society organizations carry
forward corporate initiatives for integrated and inclusive development across diverse
domains including affirmative action, healthcare, education, livelihood, diversity
management, skill development, empowerment of women, and water, to name a few.
The CII theme of Accelerating Growth, Creating Employment for 2014-15 aims
to strengthen a growth process that meets the aspirations of todays India. During
the year, CII will specially focus on economic growth, education, skill development,
manufacturing, investments, ease of doing business, export competitiveness, legal
and regulatory architecture, labour law reforms and entrepreneurship as growth
With 64 offices, including 9 Centres of Excellence, in India, and 7 overseas offices
in Australia, China, Egypt, France, Singapore, UK, and USA, as well as institutional
partnerships with 300 counterpart organizations in 106 countries, CII serves as a
reference point for Indian industry and the international business community.

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Accelerating Growth
Creating Employment

Presidents Review

Looking Back

ndias GDP growth for 2014-15 is estimated at a robust 7.4 per cent,
after two years of subdued pace. During this period, the interplay of
global and local, macro and micro economic factors, political pulls
and pressures, presented several challenges for the Indian economy.
The General Elections of 2014 generated hope and optimism amongst
industry and the Indian public, as a majority Government was elected for
the first time in three decades.
CII shares the current Governments vision of a developed India and our
2014-15 theme of Accelerating Growth, Creating Employment was in
alignment with this. We laid special emphasis on 10 key enablers that
we believe are critical to development - Education; Skill Development;
Economic Growth; Manufacturing Sector Growth; Investments; Ease
of Doing Business; Export Competitiveness; Legal and Regulatory
Architecture; Labour Law Reforms and Entrepreneurship. We intensified
interaction with the new ministers on all these areas.
Recognizing that Indias demographic dividend could be leveraged
with better education and skilling, CII pushed for better Teacher
Enhancement Programmes and greater use of Technology for School
Education. In Higher Education, CII focused on promoting industryacademia linkages. A special platform; the University-Industry Congress

2 |

R EW 2014-15
2 4-15

was created this year, and the first Congress was held under the aegis
of Knowledgexpo. This is an umbrella brand created by CII for all
knowledge-related activities.
The establishment of a new Ministry of Skill Development and
Entrepreneurship re-emphasizes the Governments focus on skilling India.
CII has been actively working with the Ministry to create a conducive
ecosystem for skill development through policy advocacy, research
studies, PPP models and CIIs own on-ground training initiatives.
To boost economic growth and promote the Manufacturing sector,
the Government launched the ambitious Make in India programme
and CII contributed as a key partner through various initiatives. We
prepared an Agenda on Manufacturing Reforms, published reports on
Ease of Doing Business and offered several recommendations to State
Governments. CII has suggested comprehensive reforms such as single
window clearance systems, online submission of forms, revising the Land
Acquisition and Rehabilitation Bill, as well as submitted several proposals
for facilitating economic growth.
During the year CII intensified its efforts to bring about policy reforms
in Labour Laws and the Regulatory Architecture. This will help in
creating a business friendly environment that would increase efficiency,
attract investment and generate jobs. In addition, CII undertook
several initiatives in conjunction with the Governments other flagship
programmes such as Swachh Bharat, Digital India and Clean Energy.
It has been a very busy year for all of us, and accomplishing so much in
so many areas would not have been possible without the sincere and
dedicated efforts of each and every CII Member. I deeply appreciate the
contribution of all the Council and Committee Chairpersons, and also
our Regional Chairpersons. I would especially like to thank Sumit and
Naushad for their leadership and contribution. I would like to sincerely
thank Mr. Chandrajit Banerjee and his team, for the excellent work done
during the year. I wish them well in their efforts of taking CII to greater
heights, and continue contributing to nation building.

Ajay S Shriram
President, CII


| 3

President Designates Report

Looking Ahead

n many ways 2014 has been a turning point: the year saw a change in the
political and socio-economic landscape of India and the way the world
perceived India.

While several of the challenges that the country faceddeclining

investments, slow growth, lack of employment opportunities, policy-related
issues and weak business sentimentremained, India showed promise and
potential, and could well become a key player in the new economic order.
With the launch of the Make in India initiative, a range of steps have
been taken to invite investments, facilitate the business climate, invite
FDI, and boost innovation. CII complemented the Governments efforts
through several initiatives, particularly on Ease of Doing Business. We also
made recommendations for the two Budgets during the year with special
emphasis on clarity, stability and predictability of taxation. Opening of FDI
limits in defence manufacturing offers a chance for greater private sector
participation in defence production, and CII welcomes the new policies in
this regard. The Insurance Bill, aimed at raising the FDI limit in insurance, has
been another significant positive development.
A key CII campaign launched during the year was the ZED movement for
promoting Zero Defect, Zero Effect, a call by Prime Minister Modi to industry
to enhance competitiveness with zero negative effect on the environment.
This is a comprehensive advisory, training and learning programme to be

4 |

R EW 2014-15
2 4-15

carried out by most of CII Centres of Excellence, and we are confident it

would contribute meaningfully to the national manufacturing endeavour.
CII has always believed that active private sector participation in Agriculture
could change the growth trajectory of this sector. During the year, we
advocated the creation of investment opportunities for the private sector
through a range of policy reforms in areas like agri marketing, food grain
management, fertilizer subsidy etc.
Indias infrastructure has suffered due to delays in projects and hurdles in
land acquisition, among others. CII took up urgent issues of infrastructure
financing, efficient regulation, development of an institutional framework for
Public-Private Partnership projects and a Dispute Resolution Mechanism that
would help this sector play an enabling role in accelerating economic growth.
Energy security is critically important to attract investment and this also
requires attention to mining and resource allocation. CII presented
suggestions to the Ministry of Coal to ensure a level playing field for the
private sector and advocated reforms in mining laws. The Coal Mines Special
Provisions Bill, passed recently by the Parliament, is indeed a welcome move.
India, as we know, is blessed with abundant mineral reserves. We are
the worlds third largest exporter of iron ore, but even then, we have
barely scratched the surface of our true potential. The Mines & Minerals
Development and Regulation (MMDR) Bill a matter of sincere lobbying by
CII over the yeas is a very promising development.
The salience of the MSME sectors has grown as it is recognized as a critical
generator of employment as well as entrepreneurship. The CII MSME Council
has been advocating for a change in the definition of the MSME framework,
adequate access to finance and amendment to the MSME Development
Act for revival and exit of firms. Other areas CII took up included public
procurement from MSME and technology acquisition. We also released a
report titled The New Wave Indian MSME: An Action Agenda for Growth
which was well received.
This year too, these and other equally important issues will remain high on the
CII agenda and I look forward to pursuing these in my new role and with my
new team members as CII continues its efforts to create a vibrant India.

Sumit Mazumder
President Designate, CII


| 5

Vice Presidents Comments

Reaching Out

ver the decades CII has proactively worked to bring about

positive changes in Indias socio-economic landscape as
it works closely with its diverse stakeholders industry,
Government and civil society.
Policy advocacy continues to be one of the most important pillars of
CIIs work, and CII continually interacts with Industry through its various
Councils and Committees to deliberate upon issues and evolve policy
recommendations. In 2014-15 too, as the new Government took over in
May 2014, CII presented Issues and Recommendations across sectors
for the Governments consideration. We also stepped up partnership
with State Governments on issues as diverse as land acquisition, Goods
and Services Tax, Manufacturing Policy, and others.
CII continued to connect with its diverse stakeholders through its
events which serve as excellent platforms for discussions that shape the
business environment. The Knowledgexpo, IETF, and The Partnership
Summit as well as other events draw Industrys best to interact with
the Government and share concerns and issues with the aim of finding
solutions. Our online business resource portal,, serves as a
valuable reservoir of information for industry and facilitates business and
networking. I would urge Members to actively use this portal for your

6 |

R EW 2014-15
2 4-15

Our Centres of Excellence continue to lead industry by way of consultancy,

advisory and training programmes, enabling them to meet the challenges
posed by a rapidly globalizing economy. Our efforts to enhance
competitiveness in areas such as manufacturing, sustainability, logistics,
green business, and leadership are bringing world-class standards to
industry to enable them to enhance their competitiveness with minimal
negative impact on the environment. We are now working on devising
standards for an Indian quality system.
On CSR, the CII Foundation continues to strengthen industrys engagement
with the community through on-ground projects across the country. We
pledged to work intensely on sanitation and cleanliness, particularly in
schools, and launched Mission SoS Sanitation of Schools. On gender
empowerment, CII has emerged as an industry leader and we remain active
in facilitating security and safety for women. CII also continued to work on
mainstreaming the specially-abled through a dedicated job portal and job
fairs. I am especially happy that during the floods in Jammu & Kashmir, CII
and the CII Foundation could quickly activate the Disaster Management
programme to provide relief and follow this up with rehabilitation projects.
CII publications have, over the years, become a platform to connect and
share views. Economy Matters offers deep insights and perspectives on
the state of the Indian economy, while Policy Watch highlights issues and
showcases CIIs policy advocacy to bring about policy changes. A plethora
of reports and studies have been released through the year to disseminate
We strengthened our engagement with our Members through various
platforms, offering them a range of services that would make their
association with CII more valuable. Throughout the year, Membership
Meets, Road Shows and direct contact meetings took place which helped
us better understand the issues Members face.
CIIs sustained industry-specific efforts have helped Indian industry to stay
competitive and I look forward to the coming year where we will continue
our efforts to create an India that is economically and socially strong.

Dr. Naushad Forbes

Vice President, CII


| 7




Competitive Solutions
and Nurturing


with Society


International and
Business Development

8 |





CII in the



| 9

10 |


Policy Advocacy

| 11


In 2014-15 CII focused on Economic Revival and made a fervent pitch for initiating
structural reforms which would turn the early stirrings of economic revival, currently
underway, into a firm recovery story.

From L to R: Rajiv Memani, Chairman, CII National Committee on Taxation and Chairman - India Region, Ernst & Young LLP;
Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII; Shaktikanta Das, Revenue Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of India;
R Seshasayee, Past President, CII and Executive Vice Chairman, Hinduja Group and Kaushal Srivastava, Chairman CBEC,
Ministry of Finance, Government of India releasing the publication on Enabling Make in India through effective tax reforms
at the 2nd Global Tax Summit in New Delhi

Policy Advocacy
In pursuance of its policy advocacy efforts, CII
continuously engaged with the Government
to articulate suggestions to boost demand
and bring the economy back on the path of
sustained growth. For addressing structural
bottlenecks, CII brought out a nine point
agenda titled Agenda for Economic Revival,
containing a mix of administrative and policy
Further, CII continuously interacted with
policy makers, both at the Central
and State Government levels, for addressing
regulatory bottlenecks which would assist
in reviving the investment climate and
expediting implementation of stalled
projects. In this context, CII organised a
Round Table Meeting with the Finance and
Economic Affairs Secretary, Government of
India wherein discussions veered around the
evolving investment climate, infrastructure
financing and the role played by financial
markets, among others.

12 |

VIEW 2014-15

Continuing its focus on reviving investments,

which in turn would unleash the latent growth
potential of the economy, CII worked extensively
on estimating the investment requirements of
the economy in the medium term. A detailed
study titled Investment Requirements in India:
2014/15 to 2018/19 estimating the investment
requirements of the economy for the next five
years, was also undertaken. According to the
study for achieving an average annual growth of
7% over the next 5 years, an investment of Rs. 280
lakh crore (USD 4.7 trillion) will be needed, which
is nearly double the value invested in the last 5
years. The study also charted out a roadmap for
investment and identified possible sources of
funding so as to help in aligning our policies to
meet the target in a time-bound manner.
Among the other policy advocacy measures,
CII provided valuable inputs and reactions to
the media on pertinent issues such as industrial
growth, inflation, monetary policies, Ease of
Doing Business etc. Pre-Budget and Post-Budget
Memorandum covering policy, direct and indirect

taxation and tax administration issues based on

Members suggestions were also submitted. Many
of CIIs recommendations have found a place in
Government policies.

The Economy Matters, CII's flagship publication,
besides tracking economic developments on
domestic and global fronts, also provides detailed
analysis on important policy issues. A number of
new topics, for example, analysis of investment
trends, viewpoints of sectoral experts etc., were
added during the year.
CII's Business Outlook Survey is a widely read
and quoted survey pertaining to current and
future economic conditions prevailing in the
country. Owing to a sizeable membership base a
large number of responses are gathered, which in
turn help in obtaining near accurate survey results.

During the year, the CII Taxation framework
focused on facilitating the creation of a conducive
tax environment for the industry by making
suggestions to the Government on bringing
in a fair, transparent and business friendly tax
regime. MNEs use a wide range of cross border
tax planning techniques that result in little or no
tax liability such results are referred to as Base
Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS), which is in
the offing and the Rules are just months away.
Amongst the various BEPS related initiatives of

CII was a Conference on Base Erosion and Profit

Shifting Impact on Indian Tax Landscape, to
familiarise industry with the changes in the tax
legislation. Officials from OECD and British High
Commission interacted with over 200 delegates
who attended the conference. A thought
leadership publication was unveiled at the event.
The conference echoed the growing voices of
MNCs and Indian corporates alike for a stable,
certain and less litigious tax environment to ensure
that investors in the Indian economy are well
positioned to plan their investments and estimate
tax outcomes in a reasonable and consistent
manner, which would facilitate understanding the
evolving tax landscape around the world
and in India.
Continuing its efforts to help industry voice its
concerns to the Government, CII organised the
Global Tax Summit in New Delhi. It provided a
forum for policy makers from the Government and
industry as well as tax experts to deliberate on issues
of importance in taxation. A thought leadership
publication was also released at the event.
With a view to represent the industrys views on
important aspects of GST, CII has constituted
a Core Group on GST, with a focus on issues of
immediate relevance as well as those pertaining to
the Constitutional amendment. The Core Group
deliberated on possible solutions to fundamental
design issues. CII had regular interactions with
officials dealing with GST related issues.

From L to R: Sudhir Kapadia, Partner & National Tax Leader, Ernst & Young, India; Archie Parnell, Vice Chairman, BIAC Tax
Committee & Managing Director, Goldman Sachs; Akhilesh Ranjan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Finance; Neeru Ahuja, Chairperson,
CII Sub Group on BEPS & Partner, Deloitte Haskins & Sells; Vikkas Mohan, Senior Director, CII; John Staples, Senior Policy Adviser,
Corporate Tax Strategy, HM Treasury, UK at the Conference on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)- Impact on Indian Tax
Landscape in New Delhi


| 13


CII is currently working towards making
India a preferred investment destination
by emphasizing reforms to ease the policy
landscape for doing business in India both from
the domestic as well as the foreign perspective.
Concerned with Indias unenviable rankings
in World Banks Ease of Doing Business,
CII surveyed the prevailing business
regulatory environment, focusing on few
key parameters of Doing Business such
as starting a business, land acquisition etc.
The objective was to underscore the areas
that need attention; highlight effective and
efficient processes prevalent in some states
that could be emulated by others; and
advocate for adoption of more efficient and
effective practices. The report throws light
on areas of business regulation where some
states have converged towards efficient
systems and those where progress remains
to be made.
CII also embarked on an in-depth study
to develop a limited number of key, highimpact recommendations that influence the
life-cycle of a business such as technology
enablement across the Government,
facilitating land acquisition process,
streamlining investment approvals etc. with
the objective of re-asserting Indias position
as an attractive investment destination.
The suggested Action Plan included steps
required to be taken, drivers and timelines. The
proposed action plan has been segregated
as Immediate (90 - 180 days), Short Term (6-12
months) and Mid-Long Term (12-18 months).
To make significant progress in improving ease
of doing business in India, CII also worked
closely with the Government and regulatory
authorities for enhancing Indias investment
attractiveness through simplification of
procedures. CII prepared a detailed report

14 |

VIEW 2014-15

on Improving Investment Attractiveness:

Simplifying Procedures which analyses various
parameters of World Banks Doing Business
report and accordingly makes suggestions to
ramp up Indias ranking to 50th position over the
next 2-3 years.
MoU with National University of Singapore
(NUS) for Masterplan on Ease of Doing
Business in India: Vision 2020
CII signed an MoU with the National
University of Singapore (NUS) to cooperate
in preparing a Masterplan on Ease of Doing
Business in India: Vision 2020, with the
objective to collaborate in conducting joint
research and capacity building on issues
related to Ease of Doing Business in India
and across States.
For achieving the objective, both NUS and
CII will conduct state level research across
the parameters determining the Ease of
Doing Business including (i) Starting a
Business (ii) Dealing with Construction
Permits (iii) Getting Electricity (iv) Land
Acquisition and Registration of Property
(v) Getting Credit (vi) Protecting Minority
Investors (vii) Paying Taxes (viii) Trading
Across Borders (ix) Enforcing Contracts
(x) Resolving Insolvency (xi) Labour Market
Regulations with particular emphasis on
attractiveness to investors and business

Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII and Dr Tan

Khee Giap, Co-Director, Asia Competitiveness Institute,
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University
of Singapore after signing the MoU


CII continued with policy advocacy on corporate laws during 2014-15 with the agenda
replete with backing industry views on the Companies Act, 2013 and Rules framed
thereunder; SEBI Regulations and the Competition Law among others.

From L to R: Adi Godrej, Past President, CII and Chairman, Godrej Group; Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of State (Independent
Charge) for Commerce and Industry and the then Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs; Chandrajit Banerjee,
Director General, CII at the CII Closed-door Round Table on The Companies Act, 2013 in Mumbai

The Companies Act, 2013
Aiming at easing implementation of the
Companies Act, 2013 CII continued sustained
advocacy efforts to ensure that the new regulatory
framework is pro-industry. Detailed inputs on
the Act and Rules were submitted covering
unresolved issues, supplementary issues being
faced, and provisions that needed to be settled by
way of Amendments to the Act.

With a view to provide a consolidated platform
for Regulator-Industry interaction on the issues,
CII organised a closed-door Round Table
on The Companies Act, 2013 on 31 October
2014 at Mumbai. With senior CII leadership in
participation, Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman
[then also holding charge as Minister of State for
Finance and Corporate Affairs] presided over the
Round Table. Deliberations at the Round Table
were extremely useful giving industry an insight
into how the Government plans to take forward
the implementation of the Act while keeping
compliance lucidity in mind.

Public Sector Enterprises

Over the year, the CII Council on Public
Sector Enterprises worked closely with key
stakeholders in the public sector space
to successfully influence policy direction
in key areas. The Council organised a
workshop with the Department of Public
Enterprises (DPE) which led to the creation
of a forum of Company Secretaries to
deliberate on the Companies Act, 2013.
The recommendations of this forum were
submitted to the Government.
The Council engaged with the
Department of Public Enterprises on the
Guidelines on CSR and for modification
or deletion of circulars that are obsolete.
A number of Maharatna, Navaratna
and Miniratna PSEs interacted with
SMEs during the Vendor Development
programme for CPSEs.
A Workshop on the Companies Act,
2013 was held with DPE and all Company
Secretaries of CPSEs on 29th April 2014.

Various CII delegations interacted with Shri Arun

Jaitley, Union Minister for Finance, Corporate


| 15

From L to R: Dr Bhaskar Chatterjee, Director General & CEO of Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs and Dr Naushad Forbes,
Vice President, CII and Director, Forbes Marshall Private Limited while signing the MoU for improving awareness and providing a
platform to educate India Inc on the Competition Compliance issues at the Conference on Boosting Competition Compliance
Tackling Challenges in Mumbai. Ashok Chawla, Chairperson, Competition Commission of India; Zia Mody, Managing Partner of
AZB & Partners and Vikkas Mohan, Senior Director, CII look on

Affairs, Information and Broadcasting and other

senior officials of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
The CII National Committee on Regulatory Affairs
also deliberated on these issues.
Some of the concerns addressed in response to
CII advocacy during the year include clarification
on status of private company being subsidiary of
foreign company; clarity on related party vis-vis directors of public companies; pecuniary
transactions or relationships for determining
the status of a director with reference to his
independence; payment of remuneration to an
independent director of the holding company
by a subsidiary; saving provisions in respect of
the existing equity shares with differential rights;
exemption to NBFCs from creating Debenture
Redemption Reserve in case of privately placed
debentures; transition period for undertaking
deposit insurance etc.
Acceding to industry submissions, some of the
issues with respect to related party transactions;
confidentiality in business, loans, fraud etc are
slated to be settled with notification of the
Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2014. While the
Bill has been passed in Lok Sabha, it awaits
passage in the Upper House of Parliament. Draft
notifications have also been initiated by MCA for
exempting private companies from some of the
more stringent requirements under the Act.

16 |

VIEW 2014-15

Some of the issues currently being taken up by

CII with MCA include onerous requirements for
private companies and closely-held unlisted
public companies; related party transactions; CSR;
amounts treated as deposits; loans to employees;
criminalisation of offences; certification of internal
financial controls instead of internal control over
financial reporting; consolidation of accounts; cost
accounting and audit and alignment with SEBI
regulations, etc amongst others. These provisions,
CII has asserted, require reconsideration either
due to their extended reach or complexity in
drafting the regulation or practical difficultly in
Investors perspective on Corporate
Governance - Implications from the Companies
Act, 2013 and Clause 49
CII organised a seminar titled Investors
perspective on Corporate Governance Implications from the Companies Act, 2013 and
Clause 49 in association with International Finance
Corporation (IFC) and Indian Institute of Corporate
Affairs (IICA). Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India
Private Limited were Knowledge Partners to the
seminar. With the Indian corporate governance
framework undergoing a sea-change with the
notification of the new Companies Act, 2013 and
revised Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement, the
one day seminar focused on:

Corporate Governance Investor Expectations

Related Party Transactions Expert Take
Measuring Board Efficiency
Advanced Internal Financial Controls
Risk Management - Striking a
Delicate Balance

Mr Ashok Chawla, Chairperson of Competition

Commission of India appreciated CIIs efforts
towards creating awareness on Competition
Compliance. CII signed a MoU with IICA to
provide guidance and broad framework of
Competition Compliance to the corporates in

Engagement with SEBI

During the year, CII engaged with SEBI and
submitted vital inputs on the subjects of corporate
governance; ESOP and insider trading.

Competition Law
On Competition Law, CII organised a
conference titled Boosting Competition
Compliance Tackling Challenges in Mumbai.

During the year, CII stressed the need for

providing incentives to companies for instituting
competition compliance programmes within the
Indian competition law framework. Issues related
to merger regulations; unjustified quantum of
penalties imposed; dawn raids; pending cases
before CCI were also discussed by the CII
National Committee on Regulatory Affairs.


From L to R: Sai Venkateshwaran, Member, CII National

Committee on Financial Reporting and Partner & Head,
Accounting Advisory Services, KPMG; Ian Mackintosh, Vice
Chairman, International Accounting Standards Board (IASB);
Ajai Das Mehrotra, the then Joint Secretary, Ministry of
Corporate Affairs, GoI at an interaction on IFRS in New Delhi

Rostow Ravanan, ED & Chief Financial Officer, MindTree Ltd;

Colm OHiggins, Group CFO, SITA at an interactive session in

CFO Forum
CII CFO Forum (Forum), a high-level discussion
group of the Chief Financial Officers of
prominent Indian and MNC companies, focused
on the recent developments in the regulatory
environment and sharing of experiences by CFOs.
With this focus, CII organised a closed door CFO
Interactive Session with Mr. Colm OHiggins,
Group Chief Financial officer of SITA in Mumbai
where challenges of managing a worldwide
operation were discussed. The interaction on IFRS

From L to R: Kiran Karnik, Chairman, CII National Committee

on Telecom & Broadband and Director, Central Board,
Reserve Bank of India; Sutanu Sinha, Chief Executive, The
Institute of Company Secretaries of India; P R Ramesh,
Chairman, Deloitte India; Dipankar Chatterji, Chairman, CII
National Committee on Financial Reporting at a conference
in New Delhi


| 17

in New Delhi, addressed by Mr Ian Mackintosh,

Vice Chairman, IASB and Mr. Ajai Das Mehrotra,
the then Joint Secretary, Ministry of Corporate
Affairs, Government of India, provided a unique
opportunity to interact with IASB & MCA officials
on IFRS and its implementation issues. In addition
the Forum has provided necessary inputs on
Companies Act 2013 & Rules, which formed part
of CII representation on the Act.

converged with IFRS and its implementing


Financial Reporting

CII made various representations and organised

meetings with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
on Accounting issues in Companies Act 2013 &

Considering the sea-changes in Indias Financial

Reporting regime the Committee is focused
on Indian Accounting Standards (IndAS) being

The Conference on Corporate Disclosures Financial Reporting and Auditing Reforms, held
in New Delhi deliberated upon accounting and
auditing aspects of the new Companies Act and
converged IFRS and how to make compliance

National Foundation for

Corporate Governance
NFCG was set up in Oct 2003 by the Ministry
of Corporate Affairs (MCA), in partnership
with CII, the Institute of Company Secretaries
of India (ICSI) and the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of India (ICAI) to foster a culture
of good Corporate Governance both at the
individual corporations level and for the
economy as a whole. In 2010, the Institute of
Cost Accountants of India and National Stock
Exchange (NSE), and in 2013, Indian Institute of
Corporate Affairs (IICA) were included as NFCG

supported over 18 international/national level

seminars/conferences, orientation programmes
organised by Accredited Institutions and other
Partner Institutions.
Further, to strengthen the research forte
of NFCG, this year, seven research studies
instituted under the aegis of NFCG, were
completed by the Accredited Institutions and
Partner Institutions.

NFCG works closely with Partner Institutions and

Accredited Institutions in providing a platform
for quality discussions and debates amongst
academicians, policy makers, professionals and
corporate leaders through research, conferences,
orientation programmes, meetings and seminars
in Corporate Governance.
In 2014, NFCG supported 8 events organised
by CII in the areas of Corporate Governance,
CSR and Sustainability. In addition, NFCG also

18 |

VIEW 2014-15

Naved Masood, the then Secretary, Ministry of Corporate

Affairs, Government of India; Chandrajit Banerjee, Director
General, CII and Managing Trustee, NFCG; M J Joseph,
the then Additional Secretary, Ministry of Corporate Affairs,
GoI at an interactive session in New Delhi


With a new Government taking office, CII reaffirmed and strengthened its footprint in
its work in the area of governance and business ethics.

From L to R: Dr. Jitendra Singh, MoS Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions; Patrick Moulette, Head Anti Corruption
Division, OECD; Sanjay Kothari, Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions;
Deep Kapuria, Chairman, CII Northern Region Committee on Governance and Chairman, Hi-Tech Gears Ltd; Sushanta Sen,
Principal Adviser, CII at a Seminar on Fighting Bribery in Business Transactions in New Delhi

Good Governance requires equal effort of all
stakeholders - Government needs to develop
transparent policies and simple procedures.
Industry is required to do business ethically and
the common man needs to support both by
becoming a responsible citizen.
CII is playing its part to minimize corruption
by enabling the membership to build a culture
of integrity. During the year, CII prepared
recommendations on how to curb corruption
which will be shared with members.

Sumit Mazumder, President Designate, CII, and Chairman,

CII Committee on Integrity & Transparency in Governance
addressing a seminar in New Delhi

CII gave inputs on various proposed legislations

on anti corruption as also on policies. CII has also
undertaken following activities in this area:
A Seminar on Fighting Bribery in Business
Transactions in New Delhi jointly with OECD
and World Economic Forum
Alongwith Alliance for Integrity, organised a
programme on The Business Case to Counter
Corruption in India and also carried out a
survey to get members feedback on corruption
and steps to minimize it
World Economic Forum and CII organised
brainstorming sessions on advancing the

transparency and anti-corruption agenda in

New Delhi
A note on simplification of forms (in Export/
Import and Customs) was prepared and sent to
the concerned Committee for further action
Working with US and Indian Educational
Institutes to develop a Curriculum on Business
With the development of curriculum on ethics
and values for school children, a beginning has
been made. This will be strengthened next year
The Committee interacted with various
Government Ministries/Agencies dealing with
anti - corruption and International Agencies
and also represented Indian industry at various
International Anti Corruption Forums.


| 19

Public Policy work of CII acts as an interface to
facilitate interaction of its Members with policy
makers in the Government and Ministries at the
international, national, state and regional level. Its
initiatives are aimed at creating opportunities for
Members of Parliament, legislators in the States and
other political leaders across all political parties to
understand the economy and industry better through
direct interactions, whilst building broad consensus
on social, national and international issues.

To present the industry perspective on important
issues, CII was invited to depose to various
Parliamentary Standing Committees on key Bills
such as
Mines & Labour Safety Act
Forward Contracts (Regulation) Amendment
Bill 2010
National Identification Authority of India Bill
Lok Pal Bill 2011

Interactions held in 2014-15

20 |

VIEW 2014-15

Land Acquisition Bill 2010

Companies Act Amendment Bill 2011
Mines and Minerals Development and
Regulation (MMDR) Bill 2011
Indecent Representation of Women
(Prohibition) Amendment Bill, 2012
The Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2012
Securities Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2013
Parliamentary Standing Committee on
Payment Settlement Bill (Finance Committee),
Parliamentary Standing Committee on Industry,

In the run up to the 2014 general elections, CII
held interactions with various political parties
to present suggested Election Manifestoes,
with a focus on education, employment,
entrepreneurship, governance, and economic
strategies aimed at building an inclusively
developed nation.

With the formation of new government, CII held

one to one meeting with MPs of various political
parties to address political and industry issues.
CII Public Policy Council coordinated the State
MPs meeting in New Delhi wherein presentations
were made to highlight issues of various states to
the parliamentarians. During the year, interactions
with MPs from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala,
Haryana, Telangana, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and
Maharashtra were organised.
Several quantitative studies conducted on
Member of Parliament Local Area Development
Scheme (MPLADS) have focused on issues such
as percentage utilization of the fund etc. The
CII Public Policy Council and CII Foundation
commissioned a first of its kind qualitative study
focusing on successful models implemented
under MPLADS to capture the best practices
for emulation by the political leadership in their
respective areas.
The joint visit of CII Sasakawa Peace Foundation
(SPF) mission of Parliamentarians to Japan in
October 2014 focused on the theme Energy.

Led by Mr. Tarun Vijay, senior BJP Member of

Rajya Sabha, the delegation included leaders of
the Congress party, Trinamool Congress, JDU
and Apna Dal. Newer fields of cooperation such
as technology transfer, particularly in energy,
learnings from Japans wide experiences etc are
expected to emerge in the future. Over the past
8 years, 47 MPs have visited Japan under the CIISPF mission.
CII in association with Young Indians (Yi) and
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAF) organised
various Indo- German Interactive Sessions
on Policy and Business in New Delhi.
The participation from Indian and German
Parliamentarians strengthened cooperation,
shared democratic values and paved the way for
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Defense and
Aviation sectors as potential areas of cooperation
between India and Germany. The interactions
included the CII Conference with members
from the German Bundestag, Interaction with
German Parliamentarians on 28th October 2014,
Indo-German Interactive Session on Policy and
Business, Meeting with German and Indian
Parliamentarians, among others.

Interactions held in 2014-15


| 21

22 |


Competitive Solutions and

Nurturing Competitiveness


CII Institute of Logistics

Competitiveness Development Services

CII Institute of Quality


CII-ITC Centre of Excellence

for Sustainable Development

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

CII-AVANTHA Centre for

Competitiveness for SMEs


Intellectual Property Rights

CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Excellence

Public Private Partnership

Technology Centres

CII Sohrabji Godrej

Green Business Centre

Skill Development


CII-Suresh Neotia Centre of
Excellence for Leadership
CIITriveni Water Institute
CII Jubilant Bhartia Food and
Agriculture Centre of Excellence

Knowledge Management and

Business Transformation
Human Resource Development
Industrial Relations


| 23


CII Institute of Logistics
The CII Institute of Logistics aims to become an international Centre of Excellence in
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) and enable Indian industry to become
a global benchmark for best practices in Logistics and SCM.
More than 300 executives were trained in the
Total Cost Management Tool

From L to R: Chandrashekhar Pitre, Senior Director, DHL;
Anshuman Singh, Member - CII Institute of Logistics Advisory
Council and MD & CEO, Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd;
Yuichi Oi, Head, Toyota Tsusho Corporation; Sathish Agnihotri,
Cabinet Secretary, GoI; R Dinesh, Chairman, CII Institute of
Logistics Advisory Council and JMD, TVS & Sons; Jaideep
Ghosh, Partner & National Head, KPMG; Juzar Mustan,
Member - CII Institute of Logistics Advisory Council and
Country Manager, Toll Group India; K V Mahidhar, Head, CII
Institute of Logistics at the Logistics Summit 2014 in Chennai

Enhance functional skill through training and
Conduct educational programmes in areas
such as logistics and supply chain
Create a professional competency assessment
framework (SCM PRO & SCM EXE)
Focus on Warehouse Operational Excellence
Assessment and Certification (WAREX)
Provide advisory services by selective
involvement and consultation
Undertake Total Cost Management (TCM)
initiatives for manufacturing and services

Over 1500 professionals were trained through
open training programmes and in-house
company programmes
200 Supply Chain practitioners were certified in
SCM PRO/SCM EXE competency assessment

24 |

VIEW 2014-15

More than 500 participants enrolled in the

Logistics and SCM education programmes
Revised and upgraded training material for
Logistics and SCM courses was released
College students benefitted from the
preparatory short term certificate programmes
in Logistics and SCM
MoUs were signed with Gitam University,
AMET University, Sambhram Academy of
Management Studies, West Ford School of
Management and Avalon Business School for
offering courses and certification

WAREX and Improvement Projects

14 organisations benefitted from the Warehouse
Excellence Certification Model and improvement
studies in Logistics and SCM.

TCM Maturity Model and Improvement

Over 20 organisations participated in the TCM
maturity model and improvement studies

Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence

Awards (SCALE Awards)
SCALE Awards were given for outstanding
achievement and are aimed at encouraging
industry to move towards becoming a global
benchmark for best practices in logistics and SCM.
The first edition of SCALE Awards received an
encouraging response from the industry.

CII Institute of Quality

The CII Institute of Quality is a community of experts and a leading authority on
quality. It aspires to provide role model products and services for the betterment of
organisations and society.

Kalraj Mishra, Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, GoI unfurling the ZED Pledge at the 22nd CII National
Quality Summit in New Delhi. From L to R: L Krishnan, Convenor, Lean & Six Sigma, CII Institute of Quality and Managing Director,
TaeguTec India Private Limited; T.C.A. Ranganathan, Former CMD, Export-Import Bank of India; Adil Zainulbhai, Chairman,
Quality Council of India; N Kumar, Chairman, CII Institute of Quality & Past President, CII and Vice Chairman, The Sanmar Group;
R Mukundan, Co-Chairman, CII Institute of Quality and Managing Director, Tata Chemicals Ltd and Greeta Varughese, Executive
Director & Head - CII Institute of Quality

Business Excellence
Transform high maturity organisations into
World Class organisations
Create sustainable capability

assessors were trained. The 13th CII-IQ Anniversary

Day together with National Business Excellence
Conclave 2014 addressed Inclusive Performance
Excellence with workshops on Innovation and
Knowledge Management.

Total Productive Maintenance

CII works in partnership with EFQM to administer
the CII-EXIM Bank Award for Business Excellence
in India. Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems
Division became the 9th winner of the prestigious
Business Excellence Award 2014. National Stock
Exchange of India and Bosch Diesel Systems
Business, Jaipur were Prize winners in the Large
Organisation Prize Category. Thirteen other
organisations were conferred Commendation
Certificates for Strong Commitment to Excel and
16 were conferred Commendation Certificates
for Significant Achievement. Over the last 20
years, more than 500 companies have received
Business Excellence Recognitions and over 500

Consulting, training and assessments to
promote TPM practices
Awareness through seminars, workshops,
trainings, conferences and competitions

The JIPM-TPM 2014 Award was conferred on 28
Indian companies, of which 23 were supported by
the TPM Club. In total 186 Indian companies have
received a total of 266 Awards, with some of them
challenging higher level Awards. This Vertical has
worked with numerous Indian and international
companies over the last 10 years including those


| 25

in South Africa, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt amongst

others. 161 Kaizens were presented in the two
Kaizen Conferences & Competitions of which 20
were declared winners. The 14th TPM National
Conference had the theme TPM as a profitable
philosophy at all times. Ten companies competed
for the Kaizen Championship Trophy. The first
National Conclave on Operational Excellence,
where the CII-Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper on
Operational Excellence for Business Growth
and Enhancing Stakeholder Value was released,
received over 115 participants from across India.

QMS & Laboratory Management

Building capacity in industry and strong
interface with Ministries and national bodies
Sensitising stakeholders to best practices
Influencing policy on standardisation,
conformity assessment and technical

CIIs National Zero Effect, Zero Defect
(ZED) Campaign, in partnership with Quality
Council of India (QCI), was launched by Shri
Kalraj Mishra, Union Minister for MSMEs
during the 22nd National Quality Summit. The
ZED Campaign is expected to usher in the
2nd Quality Revolution in India and position
India as the Worlds Manufacturing Hub. CII,
through its Centres of Excellence will provide
focused leadership, right competencies and
adequate resources for ZED. Other initiatives
include an online Certification Course in Quality
Assurance and Management, the 3rd National
Laboratory Conclave jointly conducted by NABL
and CII and counseling support to Bangladesh
Standards and Testing Institution (Government
of Bangladesh organisation) for a product
certification programme on securing accreditation
to ISO 17065:2012. A workshop on Building and
Construction Standards in cooperation with ANSI
and BIS was organised and inputs for enabling
MSMEs to meet competitive challenges were
shared during the MSME Summit. A seminar on

26 |

VIEW 2014-15

Chemical Safety, Standards and Regulations

was jointly organised with Sustainability Support
Services SSS (Europe) AB, Sweden.

Education Excellence
National awareness in education excellence;
convergence of assessments, accreditation
and institutional effectiveness
Training, consultancy, seminars, workshops
and conferences

The Education Excellence team worked with
over 2500 institutions training over 10,000
teachers in India and overseas. The Teacher
Engagement Network- Online Teacher Network
(TEN) continued to empower teachers to coach
K-12 students.
INCITE was launched to provide In-Service
Certification in Teaching Excellence for
practicing teachers.
The National Summit on Quality in Education,
inaugurated by Prof. M.V. Rajeev Gowda,
Member, Rajya Sabha, The Regional Summit
on Quality in Education, and the CII School
Excellence Conclave lent a fresh perspective to
teachers empowerment.

Lean and Six Sigma

Awareness and Training in Lean and Six
Sigma methodologies

The 8th CII National Conference and Competition
on Six Sigma and the 8th Regional level Six Sigma
competition were held during the year. CII-IIM,
Indore introduced a Certification Programme for
Lean Six Sigma Facilitators which was organised
to build capacity amongst members. A Quality
Improvement programme at RINL, Vizag was
also organised.

CII-ITC Centre of Excellence

for Sustainable Development
The CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development aims to be a global
leader in thought and action to drive transformation towards sustainable development.
It provides innovative ideas and solutions to enable business and its stakeholders in
sustainable value creation.

From L to R: Edgar Endrukaitis, Director Biodiversity Programme, GIZ India; Ravi Singh, CEO and Secretary General, WWF;
R Mukundan, Chairman, IBBI, and MD, Tata Chemicals; Nik Senapati, MD, Rio Tinto India; Santosh Shidhaye, Senior VP Corporate
Sustainability Cell, IL&FS, at the launch of India Business and Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI) in New Delhi

Environment & Forests Clearances: To facilitate
streamlining of administrative processes for
environment and forests clearances, the CII-ITC
Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development
(CESD) prepared a compendium of procedural
issues and solutions in consultation with the CII
National Committee on Environment. Based on
this submission, The Ministry of Environment,
Forests and Climate Change removed procedural
bottlenecks, providing a clear policy direction for
Ease of Doing Business in India.
High Level Committee (HLC) on review of
Environment Regulations: CESD, along with
members of the CII National Committee on
Environment interacted with the HLC chaired by

Mr TSR Subramanian, Former Cabinet Secretary,

on procedural issues faced by the industry and to
provide workable suggestions to streamline the
administrative processes.
Business and Biodiversity: On invitation by
the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate
Change (MoEFCC), CESD launched the India
Business and Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI) with the
support of German Development Cooperation
through Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Internationale
Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in May 2014. The
IBBI serves as a national platform for dialogue,
sharing and learning, ultimately leading to
mainstreaming sustainable management of
biological diversity into businesses. A delegation
of IBBI members attended the 12th Meeting of the


| 27

Power, Mahindra and Mahindra, Siemens, Maruti

Suzuki and Wipro have adopted the label.
Integrated Reporting: CESD introduced
integrated reporting to India by setting up a
business network called <IR> Lab India. The Lab
aims to build capacities of Indian companies
on integrated reporting and to represent
their concerns to the International Integrated
Reporting Council (IIRC).

From L to R: Andrew Steer, President & CEO, World
Resources Institute; Y C Deveshwar, Past President, CII &
Chairman, Advisory Council, CII-ITC Centre of Excellence
for Sustainable Development and Chairman, ITC Limited;
Prakash Javadekar, Minister of State (Independent Charge)
Environment, Forest and Climate Change, GoI and
Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII at the 9th
Sustainable & Inclusive Solutions Summit in New Delhi

CESDs flagship event 9th Sustainable & Inclusive

Solutions Summit held in New Delhi brought
together the best minds and stimulated new
ways of thinking to achieve sustainable and
inclusive solutions.

Business and Biodiversity in India: 20 Illustrations
featuring initiatives of 20 companies across
diverse sectors in biodiversity management
within their operations and through their CSR
activities was released.

Capacity Building
CESD undertakes capacity building through a
range of training and counselling services. In
2014, CESD reached out to 2000 participants
through over 75 programmes, conducted both
in India and abroad, on topics such as value
innovation, CSR rules and impact measurement,
sustainability reporting, cluster platform for
transformative solutions, among others.
Prakash Javadekar; Meenakshi Lekhi, Member of
Parliament, Lok Sabha; Y C Deveshwar and Chandrajit
Banerjee at the CII-ITC Sustainability Awards in New Delhi

Conference of the Parties (COP) to the CBD in

Republic of Korea.
Sustainable Plus: A CESD innovation, the
Sustainable Plus Label provides a brand identity
tool for companies to communicate that they
are sustainable, responsible and well-governed.
Companies such as ITC, Tata Chemicals, Tata

28 |

VIEW 2014-15

The CII-ITC Sustainability Awards recognize and
reward outstanding contributions to Sustainable
Development by corporates in the country. The
9th CII-ITC Sustainable Awards ceremony was
held in December 2014. Shri Prakash Javadekar,
Minister of State for Environment, Forests and
Climate Change and Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi,
Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha handed over
the prestigious awards to 27 winning companies
as Indias Most Sustainable.

CII-AVANTHA Centre for

Competitiveness for SMEs
The CII-Avantha Centre for Competitiveness for SMEs focuses on accelerating the
competence of SMEs through its services in Manufacturing Excellence, HR, Energy,
Corrosion and Cost Management. SMEs are assisted in improving business performance
and enhancing productivity, innovativeness, global footprint and overall competitiveness.

Madhav Lal, Secretary, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises inaugurating the Kaizen gallery at the 7th National Cluster
Summit in New Delhi

Enhancing competitiveness
Facilitating bilateral, social and economic
Enhancing reach and networking
Promoting balanced and sustainable growth
Corrosion management

Enhancing Competitiveness
Over the year, the Centre worked with SMEs
to help them improve their business indicators
and enhance productivity, innovativeness and

As a part of the countrywide awareness drive, 10

MSME QMS/QTT Awareness Programmes were
conducted by the Centre.

Trainings and Workshops

About 60 trainings were conducted in areas such
as Manufacturing Excellence, HR, Cost, Energy
and Corrosion Management benefitting about
1500 managers.
Energy and Corrosion Audits, Webinars, Seminars,
Road Shows and Summits are regular activities of
the Centre.

International Collaboration
Cluster Approach Catalyst for Growth
and Transformation
Clusters are important drivers of competitiveness
and innovation. During 2014, approximately
125 enterprises benefitted from the Cluster
programme, taking the cumulative figure of
companies impacted with strategic partners to
about 3000 SMEs.

Indo-German Manager Training Programme

(IGMTP) aims at enhancing foreign economic
potential of Indian enterprises by establishing
contacts with German enterprises. The project has
facilitated exports, imports, technology transfers,
collaborations, joint ventures etc. It has benefitted
197 managers, resulting in imports and exports
of over 4.48 and 4.85 million Euros respectively,


| 29

International delegation at the CII-AVANTHA Centre for Competitiveness for SMEs, Chandigarh

investments in India from Germany 0.42 million

Euros and expected to become 1.5 million
Euros by end of 2015.

was attended by over 600 delegates including

Government officials, overseas delegates and
industry stalwarts.

A 20 delegate mission of MSMEs visited Japan

under the Quality Management Systems /
Quality Technology Tools (QMS/QTT) initiative.
Mr. Sanjay Bisariya, Joint Development
Commissioner and Mr. Gengamuthu
Shanmuganathan, Additional Industrial Advisor,
both from the Ministry of MSME, Government
of India accompanied the Mission. They
visited quality award winning enterprises with
a view to understanding how companies in
developed countries have adopted QMS/
QTT and how they can apply these to upscale

Promote Balanced and Sustainable


Two international delegations from 20

countries visited the Centre in 2014 to learn
how entrepreneurship, competitiveness and
leadership are being developed in India.

Under the Small Industries Development Bank

of IndiaGlobal Environment Facility (SIDBI
GEF) Project, 26 energy efficiency audits were
conducted. Also, savings worth Rs 12 crore were
projected through 27 individual audits. Over
400 managers from 300 units benefited from 10
training programmes conducted during the year.

Corrosion Management
A Corrosion Management Summit and
Certification Workshop organised by CII and
the Corrosion Management Committee (CIICMC) in Coimbatore was attended by over 100
participants. The conference and Certificate
Training Programme on Surface and Coatings
held in Chennai saw participation of 350 and 250
participants respectively.

Enhancing Reach and Networking

This year the theme of the Centres annual
flagship event, National Cluster Summit, was
Scaling Up Clusters: Fostering Growth and
Employment in SMEs. The Summit, organised
with the objective to give new direction to the
cluster movement and enable networking,

30 |

VIEW 2014-15

The Committee also celebrated the Annual

Corrosion Research Day as a part of the anticorrosion drive. Nearly 720 organisations and
1700 managers have benefitted from 24 Corrosion
training programmes. Savings of around Rs 4 crore
were detailed through Corrosion Audits.

CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Excellence

The CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Excellence works towards making the Indian industry,
particularly the manufacturing sector, globally competitive by enhancing managerial
talent and expertise. The Centre conducts short and long duration Management
Development Programmes (MDPs) for middle and senior level executives.
Building competitiveness in Manufacturing
is not only essential, it is critical for India to
become a Manufacturing-centric nation. While
the countrys growth has been led by the
Services sector, there is no denying the fact that
manufacturing is important for inclusive growth
of the nation; it is manufacturing that has the
capacity and capability to provide jobs to millions
of unskilled Indians.

Management Development
Prof Leslie Rebello addressing a session on Scientific
Selection: Behavioural Event Interviews in Mumbai

The Centre was set up with the aim of enhancing
the knowledge base and skills of industry
professionals. Approximately 90 programmes
are conducted each year in subjects such a
manufacturing, finance and financial services,
Human Resources (HR), Information Technology
(IT) and marketing. To enhance the effectiveness
of the programmes, the Centre promotes
learning in small groups allowing for intensive
interaction with the faculty comprising of
industry experts and practitioners.
Aligning itself to the vision of both, the nation as
well as organisation, the vision of the CII Naoroji
Godrej Center of Excellence is to become an
International Centre of Excellence for training
and development for building a global and
competitive manufacturing culture for the
Indian industry.

In 2014, a total of 93 programmes were conducted

which were attended by 1304 managers from 415
companies. Some of the significant programmes
included the American Society of Mechanical
Engineers (ASME) Certificate courses. A
large number of other programmes covering
Manufacturing, Operations, Supply Chain, and
Project Management were also organised. Eight
advisory services assignments were delivered
in the form of in-company programmes for the
Pall India Mumbai and Bangalore - Finance for
Non Finance Executives
Minda Corporation, Pune - Managing
Contemporary Issues in Supply Chain
ITD Cementation India, Mumbai - Optimising
Inventory & Warehouse Management
and Procurement & Vendor Relationship
Force Motors, Pune - Project Execution
Larsen & Toubro, Chennai - Purchase Focused
Asian Paints, Mumbai - Service Tax


| 31

CII Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre

The CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre (GBC) is CIIs Developmental
Institute on green practices and businesses, offering world class advisory services on
conservation of natural resources. GBC is driving excellence in resource conservation,
resulting in bottom-line improvement and green corporate image in areas such as
energy management, green buildings, green companies, renewable energy and waste

From L to R: Gurmit Singh Arora, Co-Chair, IGBC Mumbai Chapter; S Raghupathy, Executive Director, CII-Godrej GBC;
ParasuRaman R, Chairman, Green Products & Services Council; Jamshyd N Godrej, Chairman, CII-Godrej GBC and CMD, Godrej
& Boyce Manufacturing Company Ltd Dr Prem C Jain, Chairman, IGBC; S Srinivas, Deputy Executive Director, CII-Godrej GBC;
Dr S. Padmanabhan, Former Programme Director SARI/E, USAID and B R Ajit, Chairman, IGBC Cochin Chapter at the Workshop
on Green Products- Market Transformation held in Mumbai

Facilitate India to become a global leader in
sustainable-built environment by 2025
Provide a holistic framework to evaluate the
industrys on its environmental performance
and define the path forward through GreenCo
Facilitate green product market transformation
through GreenPro Certification
Enable Indian industry to achieve world class
standards in energy management
Promote green technologies

Green Building Movement in India: IGBC is
spearheading the green building movement in
India with over 3,000 projects covering over
2.65 billion sq.ft. of green building footprint.
India is the second country in the world with

32 |

VIEW 2014-15

largest green building footprint, with projects

spread across the 5 climatic zones. IGBC
aspires to facilitate 10 billion sq.ft. of green
building footprint by the year 2022. IGBC
Green Building Rating rates the Green-ness
of commercial buildings, landscapes, homes,
factories, Mass Rapid Transit system, schools,
SEZs, townships and existing buildings.
IGBC Rating System has been developed
based on the holistic approach of Panchabhutas
and is a perfect blend of ancient architectural
practices and modern technological innovations.
Launch of IGBC Chapters: IGBC has launched 17
local chapters to take the Green Building concept
to the State and Regional levels.
Green Building Congress, 2014: Three MoUs
were signed at the Green Building Congress 2014,

with the objective of promoting Green Building

Concepts. MOUs were signed with:
Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and
Air-conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE)
Energy Efficiency Services Limited
European Solar Shading Organisation
IGBC also launched a portal to enable speedy
certification of projects and make the process
GIFT City in Gujarat to be developed as
a Model Green city: IGBC and Gujarat
International Finance Tec-City Company
Limited (GIFTCL) inked a Memorandum of
Co-Operation (MoC) to showcase GIFT City
as a Model Green City for the upcoming Smart
Cities in India.
GreenCo Rating System: The first of its kind
in the world, GreenCo Rating provides a
holistic framework to evaluate industries on
their environmental performance. It provides
a roadmap to improve and drive excellence
in ecological sustainability. It helps drive
excellence in resource conservation, bottom-line
improvement, green corporate image and goes
beyond compliance.

From L to R: Mona Khandhar, Secretary (Housing) Urban

Development and Urban Housing Department, Government
of Gujarat; Sameer Sinha, Chairman, IGBC Ahmedabad
Chapter and Director, Savvy Infrastructure Ltd; Shankarbhai
Lagdhirbhai Chaudhari, Minister of State, Health and Family
Welfare, Transport, Urban Housing, Government of Gujarat;
Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister, Government of Gujarat and
M.Venkaiah Naidu, Minister of Housing and Urban Poverty
Alleviation, Government of India at the Release of Model
Building Byelaws for Sustainable Development of Built
Environment in Cities at the 12th Municipalilka Conference
2014 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Dr Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary to Government of Telangana

addressing the CII Energy Efficiency Summit 2014 in
Hyderabad. From L to R: S Raghupathy, Executive Director,
CII-Godrej GBC; Dr Naushad Forbes, Vice President, CII and
Director, Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd; D V Manohar, Past Chairman,
CII and Chairman, Shri Shakti Group and Kiran Ananth, Senior
Counsellor, CII-Godrej GBC

Today 35 companies are GreenCo rated and over

110 companies are working on the system. Nine
companies have reported a recurring saving of
Rs 140 million per annum.
GreenCo Forums: These forums are a platform
to share, learn and implement green practices
and push forth GreenCo movement at city/
state level. They focus on promoting green
technologies, green services and green
investments, organising industrial missions,
and developing partnership with industry
associations. GreenCo Forums have been
launched in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore
and Kolkata.
Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI)
Programme: Launched at the Waste

Launch of IGBC Green Mass Rapid Transit System Rating

System at 12th edition of IGBC Green Building Congress 2014
in Hyderabad

Recipients of GreenCo Rated companies seen with Mr Suresh

Prabhu, Chairperson, Council of Energy, Environment and
Water, India at GreenCo Summit 2014 in Chennai


| 33

Management Summit 2014, SRI aims at building

capacity for sustainable recycling in developing
countries. In India, SRI aims to develop
local lifecycle inventory data and promotes
sustainable recycling of plastics.
GreenPro Certification: The objective of this
initiative is to facilitate green product market
transformation. Based on a holistic framework,
it assesses the Green-ness of a product
and highlights the way forward to achieve
excellence in environmental performance.
GreenPro encourages product manufacturers
to implement green measures in product
design, raw materials, manufacturing processes,
product performance, recycling/disposal, etc
Energy Management: To date GBC has
conducted 1,450 Energy Audits resulting in
annual recurring savings of Rs. 2,736 million.
Indian Heat to Power Alliance: CII, in
partnership with USAID-India launched Indian
Heat to Power Alliance, aiming to improve
the operating efficiency of Indian thermal
power plants. This alliance will work with
stakeholders to develop a service providers
network and Model Thermal Plants. It will also
undertake collaborative research and solutions
development and share information.
World Class Energy Efficiency Initiatives:
GBC is working closely with stakeholders in
promoting a world class energy efficiency
initiative in cement, pulp and paper, power
and sugar sectors. This initiative facilitates the
continuous improvement of the Indian
industrys performance to reach world class

Facilitate Promotion of Green

Green Power Market Development Group
(GPMDG): GPMDG is CIIs initiative on large
scale renewable energy market creation in
partnership with World Resources Institute
(WRI) and supported by Shakti Sustainable

34 |

VIEW 2014-15

Energy Foundation (SSEF). This initiative

targets facilitation of 1,000 MW of Green Power
Procurement by 2020 of which 110 MW was
achieved by February 2015.
Smart Power for Environmentally Sound
Economic Development (SPEED): GBC, with
support from the Rockefeller Foundation, USA
and in partnership with other organisations is
implementing a Rural Energy Access programme
titled Smart Power for Environmentally Sound
Economic Development (SPEED). This project aims
to provide clean fuels and green energy to rural
areas using cell phone towers as anchor loads. Over
12 pilot projects are under implementation and
about 20 projects are in the pipeline in Bihar and UP.

Events and Conferences

CII Godrej GBC organised various conferences
and summits on Green Buildings, Energy Efficiency
and Waste Management. It also recognized
companies for Excellence in Energy Management.
The objective is to encourage companies to go the
GBC way. Key events included:
Power Plant Summit
Green Sugar Summit
Waste Management Summit
Conference on Green Interiors
Conference on existing buildings
Green Landscape Summit

To encourage and inspire stakeholders to go
the green way, a dossier showcasing 101 green
building projects facilitated and certified by IGBC
was compiled as a Coffee Table Book.
IGBC launched the following Rating Systems:
IGBC Green New Buildings Rating System
IGBC Green Schools Rating System
IGBC Green Mass Rapid Transit System
Three publications were released under the World
Class Energy Efficiency Initiative; Best Practice
Manual Sugar industry; Energy Benchmarking
for Cement Industry and Best Practices Manual
-Pulp & Paper industry: Vol: VII

CII-Suresh Neotia Centre of

Excellence for Leadership
The CII-Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership facilitates development
of leadership attributes, skills and appropriate business processes in industry and
institutions, which would be the principal drivers for India to emerge as a global
business hub.

Sumit Mazumder, President Designate, CII and Chairman &

Managing Director, TIL Limited addressing the 6th National
Conference on Leadership in Kolkata

The centre focuses on providing cross-sectoral
leadership through education, training and

Enhancing Leadership Through People
A key objective of the Centre has been leadership
development at all levels in companies. In 2014-15
the focus areas were:
Developing transformational leadership and
nurturing change management by creating
vision and strategy roadmaps for change and
facilitating communication and implementation
of change strategies in organisations.
Analyzing psychological and emotional
mapping of employees that provide
organisations with information to maximize

From L to R: Virendra Sinha, Chairman & MD, Balmer Lawrie &

Co. Ltd., Sumit Mazumder; Harshavardhan Neotia, Chairman,
CII-Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership and
Chairman, Ambuja Neotia and T. V. Narendran, MD, Tata Steel
Ltd at the 5th National Seminar on Leadership & Organisational
Change in Kolkata

performance of employees, eliminate expensive

mistakes, wasted resources and time.
Despite the difficult economic outlook, helping
companies create a strong foundation of
people vis-a-vis talent, cost and performance

Strategic and Financial Management

CII-SNCEL helped corporates to assess short and
medium term business and financing scenarios
and draw up roadmaps for their respective
companies by:
Helping them to understand the current
economic scenario and likely policy
environment in the short term.
Appreciating the prospects for growth and
business development as well as leadership
challenges involved in an era of recession.
Appreciating technology related imperatives


| 35

and how to manage, or assess new business

opportunities in recessionary market

Developing Business Processes for

Achieving Efficiency and Enhancing
Market Leadership
The Centre provided knowledge and handholding to industry to implement tools and
techniques to achieve excellence in process
quality. Some of these initiatives included:
Implementation of quality management
Shop floor practices to acquire knowledge for
productivity improvement including 5S, TPM
and Cluster Development
Production planning and scheduling in
alignment with market demand fluctuations
Introduction of Lean Manufacturing, Six
Sigma and Value Stream Mapping
Process capability improvement programme
to provide insights, practice and experience
of process analysis and improvement
Inventory and supply chain optimization by
understanding methodologies and practices
to improve inventory processes, customer
service, reduce inventory investment and
increase productivity
Vendor selection, evaluation and
development programme to build
competencies in distinguishing between
strategic, tactical and operational
procurement. Develop a checklist to
appraise, evaluate and rate potential
suppliers, categorise vendors, distinguish
between traditional and partnership supplier
relationships and understand benefits of
vendor development, especially in the SME
sector through the lean manufacturing cluster
Project management techniques to balance
cost and schedule.

Promotional Events
While the core focus remains assisting industry

36 |

VIEW 2014-15

Alok Mookherjea, Chairman, Advisory Committee, CII Suresh

Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership and Chairman,
Flakt India Ltd. distributing the Kaizen Awards at the Kaizen
Competition 2014

Haider Aziz Safwi, Minister for Correctional Administration,

Government of West Bengal, Rituparna Sengupta, Actress
and Sanjay Buddhia, Chairman, CII National Committee on
Export & Export Competitiveness and Managing Director,
Patton International Ltd. at the inauguration of Travel East
2014 in Kolkata

and sharpening its abilities towards achieving

excellence, the Centre also conducted
promotional events. CII-SNCEL organised
TRAVEL EAST 2014 aimed at promoting travel
and tourism.
Wheelz 2014 was organised to encourage
interest in the auto and two-wheeler industry.

CII Triveni Water Institute

CII Triveni Water Institute works towards transforming water conservation and
management in India by changing the mindset and behaviour of diverse stakeholders
resulting in more effective and sustainable water management practices at the
grassroots level.

From L to R: Dhruv Sawhney, Chairman, CII Triveni Water Institute & Past President, CII and CMD, Triveni Engineering Industries
Ltd; Dr A B Pandya, Chairman, Central Water Commission, Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga
Rejuvenation; Salil Singhal, Past Chairman - CII Northern Region & CMD, P I Industries Limited; Dr Nitin Pandit, MD, World
Resources Institute, India; Dr Raghu Babu, Senior Technical Advisor & Programme Coordinator, GIZ; M. Satyanarayana, Advisor,
National Water Mission, Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India;
Dr Manju Raina, Director (Scientific), Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Government of India, at the Launch of the
Training kit for Wastewater Operators at the 2nd International Conference on Improving Water Use Efficiency in the Urban Sector to
Address Climate Change in New Delhi.

Enabling Indias Progress Towards
Achieving Water Security by 2022
CII Triveni Water Institute (CII-TWI) aims to create
a difference by focusing on improving water use
efficiency, water risk assessment, strategising
and mainstreaming water related CSR initiatives,
awareness generation, training and implementing
scalable solutions and strategies for effective
water and wastewater management.

Skill and capacity development in water and
wastewater management.
Basin or watershed evaluation using CII-TWIs
Watershed Evaluation Tool and Water Risk
Assessment Tool
Interfacing with municipality and industry, for
achieving water security

From L to R: Dr Dieter Mutz, Director, Indo German

Environment Partnership(IGEP); Dr Manju Raina; Nikhil
Sawhney, Member, Advisory Board, CII TWI and Director
Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd; Dr Kapil K Narula,
Executive Director and CEO, CII TWI and Gian C Narang,
Past Chairman, CII Haryana State Council at the National
Conference on Common Effluent Treatment Plants in India in
New Delhi

Water audits across industry, municipality,

buildings etc
Benchmarking and preparing baselines for
improving water use efficiency


| 37

National and international conferences on

improving water use efficiency

Comprehensive Water Audits for Water
Use Efficiency
CII-TWIs water audits across sectors helped
achieve a water saving potential of about 60
billion liters as against 40 billion liters during 2013.
This is equivalent to supplying drinking water
to the entire rural population of India for a day.
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was
signed with the Steel Authority of India Limited
(SAIL) for improving water use efficiency and water
competitiveness in the iron & steel industry. A
water audit of one of SAILs integrated iron and
steel plants revealed that water savings upto
50-60% of current water use was achievable by
adoption of low-medium cost strategies. The Steel
plant could potentially save upto Rs. 4-5 lakh/day.

Training Courses for Operators of

Wastewater Treatment Plants
In 2014 CII-TWI partnered with GIZ India, and
DWA, Germany (German Association for Water,
Wastewater and Waste), to develop certified
training courses for operators and supervisors
of wastewater treatment plants in India. Training
material and methods deploying advanced tools
were developed.

Pilot training programme for wastewater operators

India on wastewater. A comprehensive reference

document, first of its kind in India on technical and
financially viable solutions for effective design and
functioning of CETPs has been prepared

Water Risk Assessment Tool

CII-TWI partnered with the World Business
Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD),
World Resources Institute (WRI) and 10 Indian
industries, in developing an online water
information platform that allows measurement
and mapping of water risks in India. India Water
Tool (IWT 2.0) is a user-friendly Tool for India-wide
coverage, based on datasets and models that
pass a transparent review process.

Mr Dhruv M Sawhney, Chairman, CII-TWI,

launched the first certificate training programme
at CII-TWIs flagship event, 2nd International
Conference on Improving Water Use Efficiency
in the Urban Sector to Address Climate Change.
The Institute has since conducted two pilot
training programmes for wastewater operators.

Wastewater Management
CII-TWI continued to provide inputs on water and
wastewater management to the Government.
CII-TWI played an instrumental role in preparing
the draft National Policy on CETPs in India.
This Policy is an outcome of a study undertaken
along with GIZ on demonstrating innovative
and financially sustainable solutions for CETPs in

38 |

VIEW 2014-15

K B Biswas, Chairman, Central Ground Water Board,

Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga
Rejuvenation, Dhruv M Sawhney and the working group
members at the launch of the India Water Tool 2.0 in
New Delhi

Reference document on Common Effluent
Treatment Plants (CETPs) in India

CII Jubilant Bhartia Food and

Agriculture Centre of Excellence
The CII Jubilant Bhartia Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence works
towards improving competitiveness of Indias agriculture sector by catalysing
innovation, building capacity and enhancing productivity across the agriculture
and food value chain.
The CII National Council on Agriculture works on
policy issues that impact overall growth of the
agriculture sector and livelihood opportunities of
farmers. FACE has initiated a study on agriculture
marketing to critically evaluate current marketing
practices and their impact on farmer incomes and
consumer spending, and suggest appropriate
policy reforms. In addition to evaluating barriers
in adoption and mechanization a study on custom
hiring model in mechanisation was also initiated
to identify current challenges and obstacles faced
by stakeholders.

Capacity Building Through a
Collaborative Approach
The CII-Spices Board Collaborative Training
Centre for Spices and Botanical Ingredients,
in partnership with University of Maryland,
developed Master Trainers from supply chain
management professionals in the spices sector.
Six programmes were conducted with more than
375 participants from industry and Government
officials for further dissemination to farm level.
The IIT-CII-FACE Certified Food Professional
Course, aimed at developing world class
facilitators for SMEs, covers practical and
theoretical food science, laboratory techniques,
quality processing technology, food regulations
and manufacturing hygiene. Field visits to
Keventer, Edward Food Research and Analysis
Centre (EFRAC) and Pepsi Co-packer a Face
to Face session at IIT Kharagpur, e-learning
sessions and a one month industry internship were

Training cum Orientation Programme on Agriculture Value

Chain & Business Planning for Farmer Producer Company
(FPCs) in Patna

National Institute of Food Technology

Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM)As mandated by the Ministry of Food Processing
Industries, CII FACE conducted a Short Term
Training Programme on Food Safety in Quality.
One hundred and sixty participants were trained
by faculty from QCI-NABCB, ITC Hotels, Mother
Dairy, Haldirams, NIFTEM and GSK among others.
The 9th Food Safety and Quality Summit, with IFPRI
and MIBRT as Institutional Partners on Excellence
in Food Safety and Quality for Consumer Safety
and Competitiveness was held in New Delhi.
This year a one-day Master class on major prerequisites to Food Safety was also included.
International speakers from USFDA, Federal
Research Institute, Germany, & European Union
interacted with over 250 participants on the
way forward for the industry. The focus was on
Industry, Academia and Government collaboration,
science based approaches, research, risk analysis,
validation audits and harmonisation with Codex
Standards for increased trade.


| 39

such vendors from Mumbai Balaji Fast Food

and Roshan Ice Cream received monetary
incentives and CII Silver Rating Certificates at the
Award Ceremony. The initiative has promoted
Inclusiveness through the Food Safety Award

Rural Business Hubs

The Akshaya Patra Foundation, Vasanthapura receiving the

award for outstanding performance from K. Chandramouli,
Chairman, FSSAI

From L to R: Anuradha Prasad, Joint Secretary, Ministry

of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI); Siraj Chaudhury,
Chairman, Cargill India Ltd; J P Meena, Additional Secretary,
Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI); Sudha Pillai,
Former Member Secretary, Planning Commission of India;
Dr Rajan Sankar, India Country Manager, GAIN and Dr
Ambrish Mithal, Chairman & HoD, Division of Endocrinology
and Diabetes, Medanta, the Medicity at the launch of CII
GAIN National Edible Oil Fortification Project in New Delhi

CII National Award for Food Safety

The Food Safety Award programme has helped
CII-FACE reach out to organisations through
88 CII trained assessors from the industry,
their suppliers and co-packers from Thiruvallur
to Bidadi to Medak, Nelamangala, Pallakad,
Aurangabad, Nuh and Palanpur among others.
The CII National Award for Food Safety, 2014
saw increased participation from the SME
sector. Chairman FSSAI and the FAO India
Representative graced the function, where top 6
units in Food Processing were given the highest
awards and 30 others were recognised for Food
Safety performance.
To promote Hygiene and Food Safety in Street
Food, CII assesses Street Food Vendors. Two

40 |

VIEW 2014-15

CII FACE collaborated with the USAID to

improve agricultural productivity and output
in West Bengal and Bihar through the
establishment of Rural Business Hubs (RBH).
The Focus in 2014-15 has been on
Improving market efficiency by generating
procurement linkages within value chains.
Increasing agriculture productivity through
increased use of agri-innovation
Improving market competitiveness
to strengthen responses to market
Integrating stakeholders across the value
chain to improve productivity and market
A project in West Bengal for the Banana Value
Chain aims to introduce G-9 tissue culture
banana agro services, input provisioning and
buy back arrangement of banana through the
RBH. Over 3000 farmers have been mobilized
through this project and assured marketing
linkages provided through Keventer Agro.
The other project in Bihar is for the Vegetable
Value Chain, where RBHs with membership of
5000 farmers have been operationalized and
market linkage provided through Knids Green
Pvt Ltd.

CII GAIN National Edible Oil

Fortification Project
The CII GAIN National Edible Oil Fortification
Project launched in 2014 aims at building
consensus around fortification as a voluntary
industry led initiative and generating evidence
on merits of business led expansion of a
fortified edible oil portfolio.

Competitiveness Development Services
Competitiveness Development Services of CII continued to widen and deepen its reach
and helped enhance the competitiveness of Indian Industry. Both the VLFM family of
programmes as well as GTC 100 initiative have extended beyond the activities of the
previous years, benefitting the industry in the process.

VLFM Expands Within

To leverage the VLFM Senior Managers
Course and 1000 VSME Programme
to enhance competitiveness of Indian
To increase reach of VLFM programmes
To upgrade and scale-up the community of
visionary leaders which meets leadership
requirements of Indian Manufacturing


Professor Shoji Shiba, Chief Advisor, Champions for Societal

Manufacturing with Mr. Amitabh Kant, Secretary - Department of
Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry

The key efforts were directed towards

taking the VLFM Way to a larger base of Indian
manufacturing companies so they
could benefit from the principles and practices of
Breakthrough Management and create
a pool of visionary leaders necessary for
Industry to leapfrog to the next wave in

Senior Managers Course
8 batches of VLFM Senior Managers Course
have been conducted since 2007
59 participants from 26 companies have
enrolled this year
Close to 450 senior managers from over 125
companies have graduated from this course
For the first time, a company offering services
to the manufacturing industry is participating
For the first time a fully owned subsidiary of a
Japanese company is participating

1000 Visionary SME CEO Seminar at the Sona Skill

Development Centre, Gurgaon

7th VLFM Batch taking pledge to commit to Indian

Manufacturing at the 6th Learning Convention in Mumbai


| 41


Change Leaders


New Corporate

New Participating



Senior Managers Course











Companies Impacted










Leaders Developed











Change Leaders


New Corporate

New Participating



1000 VSME Programme









Plants Impacted







Leaders Developed







1000 Visionary SME Programme

So far, 7 batches of the VSME Programme have
been conducted
127 participants from 29 companies have
enrolled this year
Close to 560 managers from over 120
companies have undergone this programme
For the first time, VSME programme has been
launched in a sector other than auto/auto
component sectors.

Village Development, the new model will ensure

sustainable development through economic
empowerment and societal transformation
A 3-module training programme for
developing Visionary Leaders for Village
Development was conducted this year
72 participants from about 20 companies
became the first of the Village Buddhas

Accelerating Growth Through CII GTC

100 Initiative

VLFM Success Story Publication

A new publication titled 14 Success Stories:
Transforming Indian Manufacturing which
captures the key success stories from participating
companies of the Senior Managers Course and
the 1000 VSME Programme was released.

VLFM Expands Beyond Manufacturing:

Champions for Societal Manufacturing
Recognizing the need for a holistic development
of Indian villages, both economic and social, a
new Inclusive Growth Model has been developed
based on the learnings from VLFM. With this
enhancement in scope, VLFM has evolved
into a much larger Champions for Societal
Manufactuirng (CSM). Under the CSM framework
an altogether new and unique programme,
Village Buddha, has been launched this year.
Aimed at developing Visionary Leaders for

42 |

VIEW 2014-15

The CII-GTC 100 (Golden Top 100 Companies)
initiative, in its 2nd year, aims to help aspiring
entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of their
businesses (by 3X in 3 years). It aims to enhance
economic growth in manufacturing by fostering
competitiveness and entrepreneurship as growth

Subsequent to the launch last year, three flagship
projects are underway, one each on
New Business Development
Manufacturing Excellence
New Product Development
The companies working on these projects
are seeing promising results accruing to their
businesses through these projects.

Recognizing Design as a tool for business competitiveness and innovation, the CII
National Committee on Design has been working to harness design to strengthen
the economy, increase design awareness in the community, enhance creativity and
encourage business and public sector innovation.
Position paper on extending the definition of
R&D Tax Benefit to Design
Inclusion of design in technical education
Worked towards introducing design
interventions in all up-coming public
infrastructure and amending the public
procurement system adding value
to design

The Design Summit has been bringing
together countries, design agencies, educators,
professionals, design-led brands, manufacturers
and vendors on one platform. This years Summit
titled Design Trinity initiated dialogues amongst
practitioners and experts on ideas and methods
to define solutions for future organisational needs.
The Design Excellence Awards celebrate the very
best of Indian designs. In 2014, around 120 entries
were received of which 19 were recognized for
their work.

From L to R: Suresh Venkat, Independent Media Consultant;

Prof. Pradyumna Vyas, Director, National Institute of Design;
Udayant Malhoutra, Chairman, CII National Committee on
Design and Managing Director, Dynamatic Technologies
Limited; Navroze Godrej, Co-Chairman, CII National
Committee on Design and Member - Board of Directors,
Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd; Prashanth Mysore, Technical
Director, Dassault Systemes at the 14th CII NID Design Summit
in Greater Noida, National Capital Region of Delhi

The India Design Year Book captured over
200 recent projects in which the companies/
design firms have employed agile design thinking,
methodology and processes to achieve success for

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The CII Innovation and Entrepreneurship Council aims to create a robust innovation
ecosystem in India by helping Indian industry inculcate a culture of innovation and
implement structured innovation processes, as well as encourage entrepreneurs
to establish technology driven start-ups and scale up existing ventures to reach
commercial success.
The Council made recommendations to the
Government on the National Entrepreneurship
Policy and State Entrepreneurship Policy. It also
made Budget recommendations for early stage

venture and start-ups in India. These were aimed

at encouraging investments by individuals in
seed stage companies, opening up more funding
options such as Venture Debt and providing
incentives to Angel Groups.


| 43

the India Innovation Initiative i3 programme

organized during the Knowledgexpo.

International Linkages

From L to R: H K Mittal, Advisor & Head, National S & T

Entrepreneurship Development Board; S Gopalakrishnan, Past
President, CII & Chairman, CII Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Council and Former Non Executive Vice Chairman, Infosys
Ltd; R Ramaraj, Co-Chair, CII Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Council and Senior Advisor, Elevar Equity Advisors; Satyajeet
Rajan, Principal Secretary (Industries), Kerala, and MD, Kerala
State Industrial Development Corporation Ltd, and Dr Renu
Swarup, Advisor, Department of Biotechnology, and MD,
Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC),
at the CII-NSTEDB Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summit at
Greater Noida, National Capital Region of Delhi

Two key Innovation awards, one for the industry
and the other for Entrepreneurs/Innovators, were
organised during the year. Five awards were
conferred upon the best companies in different
categories and 26 were recognized under the
CII Industrial Innovation Awards. CII recognized
the top innovators of 2014 at the 6th Edition of

CII, in partnership with the National Science

& Technology Entrepreneurship Development
Board (NSTEDB), organized the 4th Innovation
and Entrepreneurship Summit. The event
facilitated dialogue on policy issues, innovation
related challenges and strengthening of the
entrepreneurial ecosystem.
CII, in partnership with Organisation for Economic
Co-operation and Development (OECD), the
World Bank Group (WBG), the United Nations
University - Maastricht Economic and Social
Research and Training Centre on Innovation
and Technology (UNU-MERIT) organised an
international conference on Inclusive Innovation,
which provided a multidimensional perspective on
the issue.

CII partnered with Cornell University, INSEAD
France and World Intellectual Property
Organization (WIPO) for the 7th edition of the
Global Innovation Index 2014.

Intellectual Property Rights

CII is focused on strengthening the Intellectual Property Ecosystem in India.

During the 2 meeting of Copyright Enforcement

Advisory Council (CEAC), CII recommended that
IPR be incorporated in the training module of
Police officials, which CEAC has agreed to take up
with the Ministry of Home Affairs.
A report titled Socio-economic Impact of
Piracy in the Publishing Sector was submitted
to Mr. Ashok Thakur, Secretary, Department of
Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource
Development (MHRD).

44 |

VIEW 2014-15

Sensitization of Indian Enforcement

Authorities on IPR
CII conducted a research study to estimate the
level of piracy in the publishing sector, initiating
a dialogue between CEAC and the Ministry of
Home Affairs on inclusion of IPR/Piracy training
every year for Police Officials and state nodal
officers designated for IPR issues regarding
copyright enforcement.
The IPR Think Tank constituted by DIPP agreed to
consider many recommendations made by CII on

From L to R: Chaitanya Prasad, Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks; Devdas Baliga, Vice President Legal,
Coca-Cola (India); Manoj Pillai, Partner, Lex Orbis IP; Lawrence T. Welch, Assistant General Patent Counsel & Director, Global
Patent Procurement Policies and Practices, Eli Lilly and Company; Ramesh Datla, Chairman, CII National Committee on
Intellectual Property and Managing Director, ELICO Limited; Pravin Anand, Managing Partner, Anand and Anand; Dr Mohan
Dewan, Principal, R.K. Dewan and Co.; Dr. Santosh Mohanty, Head Global Technology Excellence, Tata Consultancy Services
Limited at the International Conference on Intellectual Property Law & Enforcement of IPR at the knowledgexpo in Greater
Noida, National Capital Region of Delhi

the draft National IPR Policy, including setting

up of a specialised nodal agency.

CII conducted sessions on Intellectual
Property Rights (IPR) Best Practices with
the objective of sensitising enforcement
agencies to IPR related crimes. IPR
orientation sessions were conducted for
Police academies, enforcement branches
and customs officials.
To build awareness in the general public and
to sensitise the small, medium enterprises,

CII in association with Intellectual Property

Office (IPO), Government of India organised IP
interactive sessions in Bihar and Mizoram.
National IP Awards 2014 were organised in
association with IPO to recognise and award
individuals and organizations for their role in
generating intellectual capital and boosting
innovation and creativity in the country.
The 1st International Conference on
Intellectual Property Law and Enforcement of
IPR was held with the support of DIPP and IPO
where industry members shared their IPRrelated concerns.

This years objective was to partner with Industry and Government to facilitate
Indias transformation to a knowledge-driven economy by the year 2022 by aligning
investments made in knowledge creation with economic development of India.


Push for redefining and broadening industrial

R&D including technology acquisitions to get
200% weighted tax deductions and income
tax holiday for new technology products and
Facilitate a comprehensive convergence of key
elements and actors of Knowledge Economy
across the globe.

Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

(DSIR), Government of India launched a scheme
on Patent Acquisition and Collaborative Research
and Technology Development (PACE). This
scheme will facilitate technology acquisition by
industries, on an exclusive as well as non-exclusive
basis. CII, in partnership with DSIR, organised
a series of workshops identifying technologies/
patents for acquisition.


| 45

From L to R: Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Science & Technology & Earth Sciences, GoI; Anjan Das, Executive Director, CII;
Venkatesh Valluri, Chairman, CII National Committee on Technology; Dr Arabinda Mitra, Advisor & Head, International (Bilateral)
Cooperation, Department of Science & Technology, GoI; Richard Stengel, Under Secretary for Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy,
U.S. Department of State; Ajay S Shriram, President, CII and Chairman & Senior Managing Director, DCM Shriram Limited; Dr John
P. Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology
Policy, and Co-Chair of the Presidents Council of Advisors on Science and Technology; Prof K Vijay Raghavan, Secretary,
Department of Biotechnology, Department of Science & Technology (Additional Charge), GoI; Ambassador Kathleen Stephens,
Former Charg daffaires, Embassy of the United States of America; Dr Naushad Forbes, Vice President, CII & Chairman, India-U.S.
Technology Summit and Director, Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd; and Diane Farrell, Acting President, U.S. India Business Council at the
India US Technology Summit in Greater Noida, National Capital Region of Delhi

The 2-day India US Technology Summit saw

5 high-level policy dialogue sessions and 35
parallel business sessions on manufacturing,
life sciences, clean and renewable energy,
information technology, smart cities and
education. Dr John P. Holdren, Assistant to
the President for Science and Technology,
Director of the White House Office of Science
and Technology Policy, and Co-Chair of the
Presidents Council of Advisors on Science and
Technology led the official delegation from

the United States. Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union

Minister of Science & Technology & Earth
Sciences was the Chief Guest. The biggest ever
official delegation of senior U.S. Government
officials and others including CEOs of top U.S.
companies, research institutions and academic
universities participated.
U.S. companies committed to play a leading
role in supporting sustainable infrastructure
development through the smart cities.

Public Private Partnership Technology Centres

Andhra Pradesh Technology
Development & Promotion
APTDC was established under the joint
participation of Government of Andhra Pradesh,
CII and Technology Information, Forecasting
and Assessment Council (TIFAC) as a one stop
shop for technology development & promotion,
technology up-gradation and induction of new
technologies as a unique model in the country.
APTDC provides networked institutional
assistance to Industry and Institutions in Technical

46 |

VIEW 2014-15

Problem Solving, Clean Technology Promotion,

Technology Audit and Intellectual Property Rights
(IPR) services. It provides a friendly environment,
linking support and guidance from global experts
and Government in promoting industrial growth.

APTDC focuses on Intellectual Property
Protection services and counseling and advisory
services, concept to commissioning services
in Municipal Solid Waste Management and
Promotion of Modern Technologies
for Agriculture.

Technology development and promotion in the
areas of Municipal Solid Waste Management,
value added products from Bamboo, modern
technologies for agriculture etc.
Policy recommendations on Municipal Solid
Waste Management for India were released
during the IETF-IISWM and at the International
Symposium on Municipal Solid Waste
Enhancing the quality of invention, innovation
and fine tuning the institutional and policy
issues to increase the number of IPRs filed
Provide networking platform for sharing best
practices in IP management

Prathipati Pulla Rao, Minster for Agriculture, Government of

Andhra Pradesh at the inaugural session of the APTEC 2014
Conference in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

The Centre provided advisory services for
exemption from Central Excise and Customs
Duty for a Power Plant in Madhya Pradesh and
prepared detailed project reports for Municipal
Solid Waste to Power Projects being set up at
Jabalpur, Surat, Bangalore and Bhubaneswar.
The Centre also worked closely with several
Government departments, national and
international agencies working in the area of
Intellectual Property such as the World Intellectual
Property Organization (WIPO). The ASEAN-India
Virtual Institute of Intellectual Property web
portal was launched for sharing knowledge and
resources with stakeholders.
The Centre facilitated filing of 28 products for GI,
maximum by a single organisation under GI Act of
which 17 products were granted GI certificate.
APTDC has partnered with NABARD, Government.
of Andhra Pradesh, Government of Telangana,
Government of India, NAARM and others to
promote Modern Technologies for Agriculture,
Post Harvest Technologies, Food Processing and
Allied Sectors. Conferences and Expositions titled
AP-TEC 2014, FoodBiz India 2014 and DairyBiz
India 2014 were organised under this initiative. An
international Symposium on Municipal Solid Waste
Management was also organised on the lines of
the Swachch Bharat Mission.

Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, Minister for Forests and

Environment, Government of Kerala addressing the Seminar
on IPR and Biodiversity in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Centre of Excellence in
Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology (CoENT), supported by the Government of Gujarat,
provides a platform for collaborative research. It
promotes innovations, facilitates technology and
training needs of the industry through national
and international networking. It aims to offer
solutions both through consultation as well as by
demonstrating technologies based on principles
of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The R&D
programmes initiated at the CoE-NT focus on
development of nanomaterials through clean
and green route which can be translated into
commercial products.

R&D and Promotional Activities

Textile, Dyeing and Printing: Development of
platform technologies for converting dyes and
pigments into nano-formulations was undertaken.


| 47

From L to R: Dr S. P. Kosta, Director, Charusat Space

Technology Centre; Dr Tapas Kumar Chaudhuri, Head;
Dr K.C. Patel Research & Development Centre, Charusat
University; Dr B. G. Patel, Provost, Charusat University;
Ishwarbhai Bhavsar, Chairman, GEDA; Dr R N Bhattacharya,
Professor, DST SPV Hub, IIEST, Shibpur; Bhavesh Kumar
Rathod, MD, Enhanced Electronic Design Pvt Ltd;
Dr Ajay Gupta, Senior Counsellor & Head CII Centre of
Excellence in Nanotechnology at the seminar on Recent
Innovation in Solar Energy in Changa, Gujarat

Cosmetics and FMCG : A cosmetic cream of

nanocurcumin with much higher permeability has
been developed to provide better results. Scaleup and stability studies are also underway.
Pharmaceutics/Biotechnology: Working
on developing formulation of riboflavin
nanoproduct and nanoformulations of riboflavin
as a food supplement and color in food industry
for which provisional patent applications are
being filed.
Development of Novel Materials and
Coatings: Initiated collaborative activities with
academia and industry for various nanomaterials
(aluminium, silica etc.) to enhance energy
efficiency and provide dust and moisture
resistance for applications in coatings for
automobile paints etc.

Conferences and Seminars

A workshop on Enhancing drug solubility and
bioavailability using Nanotechnology helped
gain insights into various nanotechnology
approaches to enhance solubility and
bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs for
successful product development. An Industry
Interaction focused on Development &

48 |

VIEW 2014-15

Commercialization of Biotechnology based

Antibodies: Collaboration Opportunity with
CCAB, Canada disseminated information about
technology offers from Canada and explored
collaboration/partnership opportunities with
Indian industry. A seminar on Moving towards
Skin Perfection: Latest Innovations in Cosmetic
Research deliberated upon issues related
to skin ailments and their treatment, role of
nanotechnology in delivery of cosmetics, market
potential and global regulatory procedures.
The Seminar on Recent Innovations in Solar
Energy (RISE 2015) held at Charusat University,
Changa, Gujarat helped researchers gain insights
into recent solar sector innovations as well as
innovative approaches to fuel the solar sector.

Intellectual Property Facilitation

CII, with the support of Ministry of Micro
Small and Medium Enterprises (MoMSME),
Government of India has established Intellectual
Property Facilitation Centres (IPFCs) at Indore,
Mysore and Ahmedabad. The IPFCs focus
on enabling MSMEs to understand, identify,
document, protect and commercialize their IPR
for competitive advantage.

One on one interactions with Secretary,
MoMSME, Commissioner of Industries, industry
associations are aimed at facilitating an
ecosystem for comprehensive awareness and
leveraging IPR by all stakeholders.

Under the Intellectual Property Management
Services, the IPFCs have provided orientation
on IPR to over 700 companies and individual
innovators. IPFCs also facilitated the filing of
over 57 patents in India and 7 internationally. In
addition the centers also facilitated the filings
of 87 trademarks, 14 industrial designs, 27
copyrights and 2 geographical indications to
industries, individual innovators and artisans/

From L to R: R Saha, Senior Advisor, CII; Dr Ajai K Garg, Additional Director, Patent and IPR Division, R&D in IT Group,
Department of Electronics & IT, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India; A S Kiran Kumar,
Director, Space Applications Centre, Indian Space Research Organization, Government of India; D Chandrasekhar, Director,
MSME Development Institute, Government of India, Ahmedabad; K. S. Murthy, Director & Head, Gujarat Knowledge Application
& Facilitation Centre at IPTECH 2014 in Ahmedabad

IP portfolio creation and management services to

over 5 companies.

Training and Awareness

The Centres organised various training
programmes, awareness sessions, seminars and
workshops and enabled participants to learn
about IPR, its importance and leveraging it as an
intangible asset.

Global Innovation and Technology

The Global Innovation and Technology Alliance
(GITA) aims to be an effective institutional
mechanism for providing end-to-end services
and support for the emergence of an innovation
ecosystem with demand pull for industrial
innovation and technology start-ups.

Promoting bilateral industrial R&D programmes
with Israel, Canada, Finland, Spain, UK and
Republic of Korea (South Korea), assigned by
Department of Science & Technology (DST),
Government of India, to GITA
Highlighting R&D innovation aspects and
benefits through successful models of
Government and industry partnerships
Promoting Indias R&D & technological
capabilities and opportunities of cooperation
at multilateral forums

Dr Arabinda Mitra, Advisor & Head, International (Bilateral)

Cooperation, Department of Science & Technology,
Government of India at the 2nd GITA Platform, Knowledgexpo
2014 in Greater Noida, National Capital Region of Delhi

Technology Partnerships
DST-GITA, with the Korea Institute of Science and
Technology (KIST), launched the India-Republic
of Korea Joint Applied R&D Programme in 2014.
Requests for proposals in Robotics & Automation;
Cleantech (Waste Management, Clean Water
and Energy Efficiency) and Information &
Communication Technologies (ICT) including
Electronic System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM)
were invited.
DST-GITA, in cooperation with counterpart
organisations in Israel, Spain and United Kingdom
respectively, announced the next round of Request
for Proposals (RFPs) 2014, under the bilateral
industrial R&D programmes with these countries.


| 49

Jaideep Sarkar, Ambassador of India to Israel and Vani

Rao, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India to Israel,
inaugurating INDIA PAVILION at the MIXiii 2014 in
Tel Aviv, Israel

The Department of Electronics and Information

Technology (DeitY) will also provide funding
support through GITA under the above Bilateral
Industrial R&D programmes to support the
Electronics System Design & Manufacturing
(ESDM) sector.
GITA, on behalf of DST, Government of India,
jointly with the Ministry of Science & Technology
(MOST) of Taiwan, acted as a nodal agency
to implment the programme of cooperation
in science and technology between India and
Taiwan. The programme is conducted under
the MoU between the Taipei Economic and
Cultural Centre (TECC) in New Delhi and
the India -Taipei Association (ITA) in Taipei.
Applications were invited for innovative projects
in the areas of Micro/ Nano electronics, new
materials for sustainable energy and storage
devices, healthcare and earth atmosphere, digital
technologies, among others.

Conferences and Seminars

The Embassy of India in Israel, CII and GITA
jointly organised the Indian Delegation and India
Pavilion at MIXiii 2014, which focused on high
tech (including IT, Telecom & Cyber Security) and
bio-med sectors. This was the first such Indian
high-tech industry event in Israel. MIXiii 2014 was
inaugurated by Mr Shimon Peres, President of
Israel and Mr Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister
of Israel was also present.

50 |

VIEW 2014-15

To boost knowledge-intensive R&D,

manufacturing, trade and investments, GITA
and CII, in partnership with the DST organised
the 2nd Global Innovation & Technology
Alliance Platform; the biggest global
knowledge-business partnership platform at
Knowledgexpo. Global Technology leaders
from Finland, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands,
Norway, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden
and the UK participated. Over 600+ B2B
meetings were held between participating
organisations. Sessions were also organised on
Funding and Collaboration Opportunities in
various technology sectors such as advanced
manufacturing and defence technologies.
In addition, sessions focusing on multilateral
co-operations such as India-EU: Research,
Innovation and Business Cooperation
Opportunities and Enterprise Europe
Network (EEN) were also held. In India, EEN is
coordinated jointly by the European Business
and Technology Centre (EBTC), CII, GITA,
Federation of Indian Export Organisations and
Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India
(SCTI) as consortium partners.
INNO INDIGO India-EU Cluster Workshop-an
Innovation Driven Initiative for Development
and Integration of Indian & European
Research (INNO INDIGO) is a horizontal
ERA-Net between Europe and India, funded
by the European Commission (EC). It has
11 consortium partners from Europe and 3
from India namely Council for Scientific and
Industrial Research (CSIR); Department of
Biotechnology (DBT), and GITA. Additionally,
India-Spain, India-Norway and IndiaNetherlands partnership development
activities/workshops were held on the sidelines
of the event.

Gujarat Knowledge Application &

Facilitation Centre (GKAFC)
In line with the existing Public Private Partnership
(PPP) modelled institutions of CII Technology
Division, such as APTDC and TNTDPC, CII setup
Gujarat Knowledge Application and Facilitation
Centre (GKAFC), a Centre of Excellence by CII,

Government of Gujarat and Gujarat NRE

Coking Coal Ltd; a CII Member company.

GKAFC is envisaged as the prime mover of
Gujarats technological growth, enabling the
State to become an investment destination and
its MSMEs to become globally competitive.
It would also work to ensure that society is
benefited through technology interventions and
the institutes are producing excellent technical
manpower. It will be the umbrella agency
for catalyzing and facilitating application of
knowledge in a holistic manner to make Gujarat
a Knowledge driven economy.
GKAFC aims to render knowledge application
and facilitation services to the:
Industry, to develop innovation led Industry,
across business areas, with a special focus
on MSMEs and with sectoral prioritization
Technopreneurs and tech-startups, for
growth and survival
Common man, through demonstrating
technology / knowledge interventions and

GKAFC studied two emerging and highly
potential sectors to promote pilot projects in the
Sustainable Mobility through Electric
Vehicles user perspective, covering
Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar
A report on Enhancing the Application of
Geosynthetics in Infrastructure sector, which
won the appreciation of both researchers
and Government of India

From L to R: Yatindra Sharma, Past Chairman, Gujarat

State Council and MD, KHS Machinery Private Limited;
Meenaxiben Patel, Mayor, Ahmedabad Municipal
Coproration; Ambuj Sharma, Additional Secretary,
Department of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Heavy Industries
& Public Enterprises, GoI; Chetan Maini, Founder and CEO,
Mahindra REVA Electric Vehicles Private Limited; K Srinavasa
Murthy, Director & Head, Gujarat Knowledge Application &
Facilitation Centre, releasing the CII GKAFC Arya Market
Research survey report on Consumer perspective towards
e-mobility in Ahmedabad

Tamil Nadu Technology

Development & Promotion
Centre (TNTDPC)
The Tamil Nadu Technology Development &
Promotion Centre (TNTDPC), a joint initiative of
the Government of Tamil Nadu and CII, functions
as an intermediary between industry, institutes,
Government, international partners and other
potential stakeholders to meet the technological
needs of companies, especially MSMEs, whilst
developing a stronger business network.

TNTDPC aims at assisting technology and
innovation driven growth for MSMEs in Tamil Nadu.
The Centre mainly focuses on Automotive, Agri &
Food Processing, IPR & Emerging Technologies for
developing them into stronger sectors and is also
expanding its purview to other sectors.

GKAFC has been working in the areas
of Electric Vehicles, Infrastructure, Drybeneficiation of Lignite, Water Recycling,
Agriculture, Bio-energy, Paper Pallets, Sea food,
technology offers in Biotechnology etc, and
demonstrating technology solutions in water
recycling and biogas purification.

Capacity building in Food Processing and Agri
Strengthening the automotive ecosystem in
Tamil Nadu, Enhancing Green Technologies in
Automotive Sector and catalysing the need for
Mobility Technologies and Measures


| 51

Measures that require interventions at policy levels

were highlighted in the context of R&D challenges
in automotive / mobility, infrastructure and
supporting models for Green Vehicles, Specialised
Zones for Automotive Electronics and so on. The
6th Conference on Automotive R&D Trends was
also organised in Chennai.

Food & Agro Processing

From L to R: A Padmasingh Isaac, Chairman & MD, AACHI

Group of Companies; Satish Nadiger, MD & CEO, John
Deere India Pvt Ltd; S Chandramohan, Conference Chairman
- AgriCon 2014 and President & Group CFO, TAFE Limited;
Menahem Kanafi, Consul General, Consulate General of
the State of Israel, Southern India; and Subhajit Saha, Head,
TNTDPC, CII at the AgriCon 2014 Conference in Chennai

TNTDPC provides various kinds of useful technical

consultancy services to Food & Agro Processing
industry, aspiring entrepreneurs and allied
industry. The Centre assists entrepreneurs to
crystallize their food businesses project ideas into
reality. TNTDPC works with other leading institutes
in the country for facilitating technology transfers
in areas of high opportunities for domestic
markets. The Centre also organised the 3rd
AgriCon 2014, Conference on Farm Mechanization
& Post Harvest Technologies in Chennai.

Intellectual Property Rights

From L to R: Dr V Sumantran, Conference ChairmanAutomotive R&D Trends, Vice Chairman, Ashok Leyland and
Executive Vice Chairman, Hinduja Automotive Ltd; Kenichiro
Yomura, President & MD, Nissan Motors India; Friedrich
Boecking, Regional President, Bosch Ltd, India; Nagesh
Basavanhalli, President & MD, Fiat Chrysler India and G K
Moinudeen, Former Head, TNTDPC, CII at the 6th edition of
the Automotive R&D Trends in Chennai

Promotion of IPR and IP culture in Tamil Nadu

Exploring new emerging technologies such as
Assistive Technologies, Sustainable Healthcare
Solutions, etc.

TNTDPCs focus is to emerge as a nodal agency

in providing end to end IP training and services
for MSMEs and academia for the state of Tamil
Nadu. The centre aims to align with the objectives
of National IPR policy to create an innovative
and creative India. LITCON-2014, a conference
on IP Litigation was one of the key conferences
organised by the Centre.

Emerging Technologies
TNTDPC is also focusing on new emerging
technologies such as Assistive and Rehabilitation
Technologies for differently abled people,
sustainable healthcare solutions, etc. The Centre
is also working on identification of low cost
manufacturing solutions for MSMEs.

The Centre has been actively promoting niche
technologies that influence the automotive sector.
Events organised during the year were aimed at
sensitizing the industry and stakeholders to new
technologies and changes expected in the sector.

52 |

VIEW 2014-15

A first of its kind state specific report on IP

Mapping Landscape for Tamil Nadu is being
published. A detailed report for establishment of
cold chain infrastructure facilities for banana under
PPP mode in Thoothukudi region was submitted
to the Agriculture Marketing Committee,
Government of Tamil Nadu.

Skill Development
CII has been supporting the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship,
Ministry of Labour and Employment and Ministry of Rural Development to create a
conducive ecosystem for skill development through promotion and advocacy, research,
studies, PPP Models, assessments and on-ground training initiatives.

Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship at the WorldSkills India National Selections 2015, held
at IETF, New Delhi

The Skilling India initiative has been launched by
the Prime Minister as a multi-skill development
programme in a mission mode. With the vision of
job creation and entrepreneurship development
for all socio-economic classes, a Ministry of Skill
Development and Entrepreneurship, led by Shri
Rajiv Pratap Rudy, has also been established by
the Government of India. This Ministry will act as a
nodal point for all skill development initiatives by
various ministries/departments including National
Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and
National Skill Development Agency (NSDA).

CIIs recommendations helped create the
Amended Apprenticeship Bill 2014
CII made recommendations to the Ministry for
the creation of a revised Skill Policy
Recommendations were made for Skill
Development initiatives under the Financial
Budget 2015
CII played a key role in the development
of the National Employability Through
Apprenticeship Programme (NETAP), a Public
Private Partnership (PPP) of AICTE- CII NSDC

From L to R: Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII; Sunil

Arora, Secretary, Department of Skills and Entrepreneurship,
GOI; S Ramadorai, Chairman, NSDC and NSDA; Ajay S Shriram,
President, CII and Chairman & Senior Managing Director, DCM
Shriram Limited and Pramod Bhasin, Chairman, Skill Committee,
CII during the Session on Skilling India in New Delhi

- Team Lease University. Several workshops

were conducted under this scheme, which is
considered the largest Employability Scheme
covering over 5 lakh students.
CII worked with NSDA for the National Skill
Qualification Framework (NSQF) and its rollout.

Sector Skills Councils : Several Sector Skill Councils
(SSCs) have been set up- Healthcare; Tourism
and Hospitality; Logistics; Life Sciences; Beauty
and Wellness; Infrastructure Equipment; Banking,
Financial Services and Insurance (with BSE) and
Coating. In addition, SSCs are being developed
in Furniture and Fittings; Strategic Manufacturing;
People With Disabilities (PWDs); and Green Jobs.


| 53

from Faridkot, Nawasher, Purulia, Koochbehar

and Bagha and the Aditya Birla CSR Project
Kaushalya also provided Skill training to the
underprivileged youth.

From L to R: Dilip Chenoy, CEO & MD, National Skill

Development Corporation (NSDC), GoI; Patrick Suckling,
Australian High Commissioner to India; Ian Macfarlane,
Minister for Industry, Government of Australia; Adi Godrej, Past
President, CII and Chairman Godrej Group; Pramod Bhasin,
Chairman, CII National Committee on Skill Development and
Founder and Vice Chairman, Genpact and Chairman, The Skills
Academy; Supriya Banerji, Principal Advisor, CII at the Launch
of India Skills Report 2015 at the CII Global Summit in Mumbai

Public Private Partnership (PPP): CII encouraged

the creation of PPPs with members adopting and
upgrading 390 ITIs and strengthening the system
through implementation of recommendations.
Skill Hubs: Skill hubs were set up in Chhindwara,
Bhiwadi and Kendrapara in collaboration with
State Governments and the private sector to
develop skills in manufacturing and services, with
manufacturing trades being taught in Bhiwadi and
service trades in Kendrapara.

Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) employment

linked skills and placement of youth from
marginalized sections project created
demonstrable models of addressing the
institutional and social barriers faced by youth in
accessing employment opportunities. Under the
European Union Project 7720 candidates from
the vulnerable and marginalised groups from
Sirsa (Haryana) and Sitapur (UP) were trained in
vocational skills and soft skills.
Job Fairs for ITI graduates, which were attended
by over 2500 employers, led to the placement
of almost 70,000 students. Specific job fairs were
organised for Bosch & Tata Consultancy Services
which impacted close to 360 trainers trained and
48,000 students. Students from Lucknow, Gujarat,
Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura and Nagaland
participated in the various fairs.

Conferences and Events

Rural Skill Gurukuls in Association with Pan-IIT
(PARFI): The Gurukuls provided hands-on-training
at the district level. These residential education
centres offer training in welding, construction, etc.
With 100% placement assurance, the Centres have
a self-sustainable model with zero subsidy and
microfinance from NABARD.

On Ground Projects
Training of youth in collaboration with PSUs
leading to employment/self-employment
continued. The HPCL CSR Swavalamban Project
for Below Poverty Line Youth has trained 14,800
youth in 9 years across 14 states. Its 16 Centres run
17courses and have a special focus on women,
PWDs, SC and STs. The IOCL, Digboi: Multi Skill
Institute trains 400 youth per year in Masonry, MIG
welding, beauty and wellness, hospitality and
Tourism. Close to 2000 youth were trained under
various projects. The National Schedule Caste
Financial Development Corporation trained youth

54 |

VIEW 2014-15

CII supports 7 trades such as CNC Milling,

Welding and Mechatronics at the World Skills. The
Finals of WorldSkills India Selections 2015 were
conducted during the IETF where Shri Rajiv Pratap
Rudy, Minister of State for Skill Development
and Entrepreneurship was also present. A
DGE&T Industry interface was also organised
on the sidelines of IETF. The Global Summit on
Skill Development, The 3rd India Australia Skills
Conference: Skills for Better Business and The
National Convention on Skills for Rural and Urban
Poor were held during the year. Workshops
on Skilling India and those with DGE&T, IMC
Chairmen and ITI Principals provided key insights.

The 2nd edition of India Skills Report 2015, in
partnership with Wheebox-PeopleStrongLinkedIn, to capture demand and supply of skilled
workforce across 29 states with 3 lakh students
and 125 corporates was published this year.

Knowledge Management and

Business Transformation
The CII Knowledge Management and Business Transformation Committee, earlier
the CII Mission on Knowledge, focused on the evolving discipline of knowledge
management for CII members and Indian industry to enhance their competitiveness
and evaluate means to transform businesses to enable them to meet the challenges of
the new hyper-competitive world.

L to R: Dinesh Malkani, President, India and SAARC, Cisco Systems India Private Limited; Vanitha Narayanan, Managing Director,
IBM India Private Limited; Dr Ganesh Natarajan, Chairman, CII National Committee on Knowledge Management & Business
Transformation and Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Zensar Technologies Limited; B Santhanam, Immediate Past
Chairman, CII, Southern Region and President and Managing Director, Flat Glass South Asia, Malaysia & Egypt, Saint-Gobain
India Private Limited and Greeta Varughese, Executive Director, CII at the CII Knowledge Summit 2015 held in Bangalore

The Committee formed two Task Forces with
the objective of creating a community of
practitioners to focus on sharing best practices.
The Task Force on Education addresses the
growing need for developing a pool of talent
to meet the current and future Knowledge
Management (KM) requirements of businesses.
The Task Force on KM Elements is compiling a
Catalogue of Best Practices.
The National Mission on Knowledge
Management to Singapore was organised in
November 2014. The focus of the 13 member
Mission led by Mr. N S Parthasarathy, President
and COO, Mindtree Ltd., was to provide an
opportunity to CII member companies to learn
and gain insights on KM best practices adopted
by some of Singapores leading organisations
and businesses and gain insights into Singapores
successful initiatives which help in creating a
successful ecosystem and culture for harnessing
the power of knowledge information and

innovation. The mission visited some marquee

companies of Singapore like Singapore
Airlines, Singtel and Singapore Technologies
Engineering Ltd.

Collaborative Platform for Knowledge

Enhancement: CII National KM Summit
The 9th edition of the CII Knowledge Summit
2015 was built around a central theme of making
the dream of a Digital India a possibility and an
opportunity for all citizens in India to participate
in the economic and social renaissance. The
Summit drew focus to the transformational impact
that technology can have on Indias potential
for future development, especially in terms of
empowerment of each and every economic group
in the country through access to knowledge and
economic opportunities. The annual Indian MAKE
(Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) Awards,
recognizing those Indian organisations which are
leaders in transforming enterprise knowledge into
stakeholder value was received by 9 organisations
on the occasion.


| 55

Human Resource Development

CII works towards building human capability to enhance productivity and thereby boost
economic growth.

Winners of the Leadership in HR Excellence Award. From L to R: Ashank Desai, Founder and Ex-Chairman, Mastek Ltd and CoChairman CII National Committee on HR; BP Biddappa, Executive Director-HR, Hindustan Unilever Ltd; N Kumar, Past President,CII,
Chairman of the Jury and Vice Chairman, The Sanmar Group; Aanchal Grover, Team Member-HR, Hindustan Unilever Ltd;
Dr Naushad Forbes, Vice President, CII, and Director, Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd; TV Narendran, Managing Director, Tata Steel India
and South - East Asia and Chairman CII National Committee on HR; T R Choudhary, Team Leader-HR, Saint Gobain Glass India;
N Kumar; P Padmakumar, Head-HR&IR, Saint Gobain Glass India and K Balaji, Team Leader-HR, Saint Gobain Glass India

Catalyzing Firm Level Competence in
HR management

were enhancing innovation or were a bottleneck

provided interesting insights.

CII HR Excellence Award 2014

Thirty three companies ran for these awards. Saint
Gobain and Hindustan Levers were recognised
for Leadership in HR Excellence, Citibank,
Genpact and Hindustan Zinc were amongst the
10 recognised for Significant Achievement in HR
Excellence and 17 companies were recognised
for their Strong commitment to HR Excellence.

Enhancing SME Competitiveness

Through Effective HR Management

HR Excellence Assessor Training Workshops

The workshop aims to equip participants with
necessary management and assessment skills for
measuring effectiveness of excellence-focused
initiatives of an organisation. Two workshops were
conducted impacting close to 35 HR professionals.

Exposing Membership to Emerging HR

HR Conclave 2014
At the Changing Face of HR in the SMAC World
the deliberations centered around the changing
face of the HR function with increased adoption
of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC)
technologies. The debate on whether HR policies

56 |

VIEW 2014-15

The Limited HR Assessment model for SMEs

It aims to enable SMEs to imbibe appropriate HR
practices and strengthen the existing ones.

Ashank Desai; Dr Naushad Forbes; N Kumar; TV Narendran

and Indrani Kar, Deputy Director General, CII at the launch
of the HR Advisory Services for SMEs in New Delhi

HR Advisory Services for SMEs

The process includes assessing gaps, planning
customised interventions, implementation and
empowering organisations for self-sufficiency.
These CII services were launched during the HR
Excellence Award Confluence.

Industrial Relations
In 2014-15 CII focused on achieving global competitiveness and large-scale
employment generation through labour law reforms, multi-stakeholder engagement
and voluntary industrial actions. For this, it worked very closely with the Ministry of
Labour and Employment and industry.
Policy reforms for simplification and flexibility
of labour laws
Policy reforms for SME sector
Catalysing congenial employee relations
through voluntary industrial action

CII submitted a comprehensive recommendation
to the Government on amendments necessary in
some of the Acts impacting Indian factories such
as the Factories Act,Industrial Disputes Act and
the Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act.
Based on these recommendations the
Government has launched several initiatives to
simplify the acts and build flexibility.
Simplification: With the objective of simplifying
the process for the industry, Government
launched the Shram Suvidha Portal which will
allow filing of self-certified and simplified Single
Online Return in terms of the 16 labour laws. The
Ministry of Labour launched Transparent Labour
Inspection Scheme which checks for arbitrariness
in compliance mechanism.
Flexibility: The Factories Amendment Bill tabled
in Parliament proposes an amendment permitting
women to work in night shifts with adequate

safeguards. It also proposes to enhance quarterly

overtime from 50 hours to 100 hours.
The Labour Laws Amendment Act tabled in
Parliament has proposed to increase the limit
of exemption from furnishing returns and
maintaining registers to 40 from the existing
19. The amendment will make it easier for small
industries to comply with the laws.
MSME: CII has been voicing its demand for separate
laws for the MSME sector. This sector has definite
concerns and challenges in managing labour law
compliances because of ever-changing business
and employment landscapes; multiplicity and
complexity of labour laws, rules and regulations;
difficulties in determining the applicability of various
Acts; understanding provisions of law; dealing with
certain provisions of Act with no enforcement under
labour legislations and understanding the judicial
interpretation and its application.
CII has submitted detailed recommendations to
the draft bill for the SME sector titled The Small
Factories (Regulation of Employment & Condition
of Services) Bill, 2014.
Catalysing Congenial Employee Relations through
Voluntary Industrial Action: CII Western and
Northern Region have launched a pilot project to
catalyse the adoption of some common guidelines
for engagement of Contract Labour. Western
Region Pilot is focused on social security measures,
better safety and hygienic working conditions for all
workers, personal protective equipment, and other
welfare activities. They are also focusing on re-skilling
the contract labour. In the Northern Region the
pilot is focused on hygiene, safety, use of canteen
and uniform for contract workers.


| 57

58 |


Connecting with



Young Indians

Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust


| 59

Social inclusion is key to economic growth. In India where the scale and proportion of
the problem is huge and issues so diverse in nature, Government efforts alone cannot
make a difference. Industry firmly believes in inclusive growth and has taken active
measures to bring the marginalized sections of society into the economic mainstream.
CII has been leading the Affirmative Action Agenda since 2006 and works closely with
all stakeholders to take this agenda forward.

From L to R: B Thiagarajan, Chairman, Affirmative Action (AA) Sub-Committee, CII Southern Region and Executive Director &
President- AC&R Products Business, Blue Star Ltd; Ravi Kumar Narra, South India Coordinator, Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce
and Industry (DICCI); N K Ranganath, Chairman- CSR Sub Committee, CII Southern Region and Managing Director, Grundfos
Pumps India Pvt Ltd; Milind Kamble, Chairman, DICCI; Sathish Kumar, Deputy Director, MSME Development Institute, Ministry of
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, GoI at the Buyer seller meet in Chennai

CII has formulated a Voluntary Code of Conduct
on Affirmative Action. Four focus areas the
4Es have been identified for concrete steps by
Education/ Scholarships
Employability/Skill Development
Entrepreneurship/Supplier Diversity
Companies in India have actively participated in
this drive and industry engagement and footprint
on 4Es has continuously registered an upward
movement on all parameters. However, CII with
the belief that companies must accelerate and
scale up their work on Affirmative Action, is
making concerted efforts to give it a push.
Education: Over 35,000 scholarships were granted
in 2014. CII & Titan jointly conducted Career and

60 |

VIEW 2014-15

Educational Counseling for over 700 economically

and socially disadvantaged students.
Employability: Over 60,000 SC/ST beneficiaries
were trained.
Entrepreneurship: To boost Dalit vendors and
SMEs, vendor development meets / procurement
meets were organised across the country.
Employment: Tracking of member companies for
employment status of SC/ST started in 2011. Over
16,000 SC/ST candidates were given employment
in 2014.

Special Interventions by CII

Access to A major initiative of CII was
to provide Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce
and Industry (DICCI) members access to myCII.
in - the online business resource centre of CII.

This has given DICCI members access to several

digital services and resources including the
online directory of CII member companies, B2B
Zone which keeps them updated on business
opportunities, knowledge resource centre, access
to Government notifications and more.
Skill development of SC/ST beneficiaries: More
than 6000 SC/ST candidates were trained through
the following CII interventions of which over 4000
were placed as well:
4000 beneficiaries from SC/ST dominated
districts were trained in partnership with
Poorest Area Civil Society (PACS)
19 Skill Gurukuls are operational in SC/ST
dominated districts of which 3 were initiated in
Three skill development centers in partnership
with members are operational in Chhindwara
(Madhya Pradesh), Kendrapada (Odisa) and
Bhiwadi (Rajasthan)
CII- UKIREI Entrepreneurship Development
Programme: CIIUKIREI Entrepreneurship
Development Programme for marginalized SC/ST
entrepreneurs was launched in partnership with
Bournville College in Darjeeling, West Bengal.
Candidates were shortlisted in November and
training initiated in February 2015.

PPP Models
NSFDC: Skill development training was conduced
in 6 SC dominated districts in partnership
with NSFDC (Ministry of Social Justice and
Empowerment) through which 820 participants
were trained and placed in 2014.
CIIHPCL project: Around 1000 SC/ST candidates
were trained through the HPCL project.
CIIIOCL: Training centers were initated in Digboi,
Assam and Barauni, Bihar with the annual capacity
for training 500 candidates each. These centres will
place special focus on training SC/ST candidates.
Entrepreneurship development programme
through self-help group: CII Eastern Region

Titan joint career counselling sessions for SC/ST candidates

in Villupuram district in Tamil Nadu

initiated this project to train 100 SC/ST Shitalpati

artisans of Cooch Behar to promote indigenous
arts and crafts and create a linkage between the
local artisans and global market. The artisans
will be trained on product diversification,
process upgradation and market linkage. West
Bengal Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
Development & Finance Corporation is supporting
the training of artisans. CII will handhold the
beneficiaries to the level of market linkage.

Communication Initiatives
The Seminar on Affirmative Action themed
Affirmative Action in Private Sector: Making it
Happen, was organised in Jamshedpur by CII ER.
The participants were addressed by
Mr B Muthuraman, Past Chairman, CII and Former
Vice Chairman, Tata Steel Ltd.
The Affirmative Action website
(, an ongoing initiative,
enables information dissemination and provides
a platform for stakeholders to interact and guide
member companies.
A biennial publication called Endeavour carrying
best practices on Affirmative Action from CII
members is published by the four regions.
Propagation of Affirmative Action was undertaken
through regional/state level meetings and
webinars organised on regular basis.


| 61

CII Foundation was set up in 2011 to enable industry to support inclusive development
and it serves as a meaningful bridge between marginalized communities and donors,
especially corporates.
The Core areas of intervention are:
Gender equality and women empowerment
and safety
Skilling, employment and livelihoods
Environment sustainability, including water
Public health and sanitation
Disaster management
The Foundation works together with companies,
Governments, communities, and civil society
institutions to channelize their collective resources
towards social and community development. It
provides corporates and other donors a platform
to participate in and create large scale, long term
development impact.

Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation operations in Uttarakhand
The Foundation continued its rehabilitation efforts
for victims of the June 2013 Uttarakhand floods.
Rebuilding 8 primary schools: It facilitated the
re-building of 8 primary schools in district Tehri
Garhwal. The construction of Primary Schools Mulya and Sinjal were supported by DCM Shriram
and KPMG respectively.

Skill development and employment: With support

from CII Members, 88 ITI graduates and other
youth from disaster affected areas were placed
within industry. CII Foundation is also imparting
technical training and skills like computer literacy
to them. A state of the art IT Center at an ITI was
rebuilt by provision of furnishings and equipment.
Community based livelihoods Interventions:
These were undertaken mainly with the support
of Godrej & Boyce. Some of these included
plantation projects for low income farmers and a
project on plantation for environmental awareness
and creative education.
Relief and Rehabilitations of J&K Flood
September 2014s disastrous floods in J&K left
many severely impacted. CII coordinated with the
district administration to reach out to the victims.
Relief camps and Control Rooms were set up and
under the aegis of CII Foundation, relief material
for the flood survivors was sent. Rehabilitation
through health, education, disaster preparedness
and livelihoods will be launched soon.

Strengthening service delivery mechanisms
The CII Foundation, with the support of Tractors
India Ltd (TIL), works to strengthen the Integrated
Child Development Services/Anganwadi Centers
in West Bengal through a PPP model. The project
aims to provide direct support to six Anganwadi
Centres towards infrastructure creation,
acquisition of equipment and capacity building.

Women Empowerment
Uttarakhand rehabilitation-community based livelihood
intervention for women weavers in Bhanigram

62 |

VIEW 2014-15

The CII Foundation is carrying forward an annual

CII initiative to promote, acknowledge and
empower women working at grass-root level who

Flag off of J&K disaster relief material from Chandigarh

have, against all odds, excelled and contributed

significantly to the development process in India.
In 2014, the programme supported by Bajaj
Group, recognized three exemplary women.
Ms Kalpana Gagdekar in the Education category
for her work in regaining dignity and hope for her
community of denotified and nomadic tribes. In
the Health Category, Ms Lata Mane received the
Award for her catalytic efforts in bringing hope
and dignity to female sex workers by fighting
social stigma and creating awareness on HIVAIDS prevention in the slum areas. Ms Devti
Baiga received the Award in the Micro-Enterprise
category for her transformational leadership in
enabling better livelihoods for women,
particularly among the Baiga tribal community in
Madhya Pradesh. Since 2005, 33 women
have been recognized and supported through
this initiative.

Livelihoods and Employability

Enabling employment opportunities for the
specially abled
To mainstream People with Disabilities (PwDs) into
the workforce, job fairs across the country were
organised, which brought together prospective
employers and deserving candidates to enable
on-the-spot job interviews. Dialogue on issues
and importance of enabling diversity at workplace
were also held. Over 2000 PwD candidates
participated of which 847 were short-listed.

Woman Exmplar Awardees of 2014

From L to R: Kalpana Gagdekar (Education Category);
Devti Baiga (Micro-Enterprise); Lata Mane
(Health Category)

Enhancing employability for SC/ST students

To enhance employability of undergraduate/
post-graduate SC/ST students from various
trades, a programme managed by CII-Pune Zonal
Office in association with Symbiosiss English
Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis (ELTIS)
was launched. The course curriculum is designed
with inputs from both industry and academia.
A joint certificate is awarded by CII-Symbiosis
to graduating students. This year 6 batches
underwent the finishing school programme.
The major donors to CII Foundation during 2014
were Godrej Group, Bajaj Group, Alstom India,
Bharat Forge, KPMG Foundation, DCM Shriram,
Blue Star, TIL, Escorts and Sandvik Asia.


| 63


From L to R: Vijay Mahajan, Co-Chair, Industry-Civil Society Interface Committee and Founder & CEO, BASIX Social Enterprise Group;
Pradeep Bhargava, Chairman, Industry-Civil Society Interface Committee and Director, Cummins Generator Technologies; Subodh
Bhargava, Past President, CII and Chairman, Tata Communications Ltd; Jane Schukoske, CEO, IRRAD; Kiran Karnik, Chairman, Oxfam
India Ltd and Former President, National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM); Harpal Singh, Chairman,
Save The Children and Mentor & Chairman Emeritus, Fortis Healthcare Ltd; Ajay Mehta, President, Seva Mandir and Arjun Uppal, Vice
President Corporate Affairs, DCM Shriram Ltd at Dialogue on Industry - Civil Society Partnership in New Delhi

working towards redefining the relationship

between growth and conservation to move
from conservation versus growth towards
conservation with growth
Promoting inclusion at the workplace

R Seshasayee, Past President CII and Chairman, CII Task

Force on Mission SoS Sanitation of Schools and Executive
Vice Chairman, Hinduja Group; Shefali Chaturvedi CEO, CII
Foundation at the industry stakeholders meeting on Mission
Sanitation of Schools in New Delhi

The focus of CIIs Development Initiatives is to
integrate businesses with social development to
promote inclusivity. CII engages with Government,
industry and Civil Society Organisations to take its
agenda of inclusive, sustainable growth forward.
It connects Industry with Government and civil
society including NGOs to carry forward effective
programmes for social upliftment.

Promoting and facilitating industry
engagement towards strengthening national
programmes particularly the Swachh Bharat
Promoting Industry-NGO partnerships for
inclusive and sustainable development
Promoting wildlife conservation and

64 |

VIEW 2014-15

Strengthening National Programmes
Swachh Bharat initiative
In 2014 the Prime Minister announced a range of
social development programmes and plans calling
upon companies to join hands to strengthen
various initiatives announced. In response, CII
engaged with industry members to channelize
their efforts towards areas of national concern,
especially the Swachh Bharat programme.
Mission SoS (Sanitation of Schools)
CII set up a National Task Force and launched
Mission Sanitation of Schools (SoS) to work with
companies on construction and maintenance of
toilets in Government schools, in alignment with
the overall goal of the Swachh Bharat programme.
The components of Mission SoS include:
Evangelising sanitation in schools by
facilitating construction and maintenance by
member companies
Undertaking management of the initiative on
a project mode through the CII Foundation.
This includes construction of toilets,
sensitizing students, creating a mechanism of

maintenance, periodic monitoring, evaluation,

impact assessment and reporting
Collating and sharing innovative practices,
design and technology that are adaptable
to local needs, are environment friendly, cost
effective, scalable and replicable.
CII organised stakeholders meetings at the
national and regional levels and engaged with
Government officials to understand the need and
priority areas. Through a series of consultations
with sanitation experts, CII identified and mapped
different models and technologies of waste
disposal mechanism. This information was shared
with members to accelerate the programme
implemention. CII also facilitated construction of
toilets in several schools in Delhi, Bihar and Tamil
Nadu and undertook the task of tracking and
reporting private sector efforts toward the Swachh
Bharat: Swachh Vidyalaya Programme.

Promoting Industry-NGO Partnerships

CII created a platform for promoting a dialogue
and interface between industry and civil society
with the objective of facilitating flow of information
and knowledge amongst them; helping corporates
and NGOs in indentifying partners for CSR
implementation; and creating enabling platforms
for promoting industry-NGO connect.
Towards this objective, CII organised a dialogue
forum - Bridging Inclusive Development: Dialogue
on Industry Civil Society Partnership. Industry
and Civil Society leaders engaged in a dialogue
on how to build synergy and converge their
development efforts. The role of industry beyond
funding in terms of improving management
capacities, sharing of expertise, imparting training
and capacity building of NGOs was also discussed.
Joint engagement on critical issues such as land
acquisition, climate, water etc were deliberated
upon. While CII has been conducting online
sessions for NGOs, a series of capacity building
workshops are being developed especially
for them. CII also plans to develop an NGO
assessment framework to enable companies to
identify effective NGO partners.

Joint Session with the Ministry of Woman & Child

Development and the National Commission for Women
on International Womens Day in New Delhi

Promoting Wildlife Conservation

with Growth
CII joined hands with The World Bank Group to set
up the Indian Wildlife Business Council (IWBC) in
2012. Under the IWBC, CII continued its efforts this
year by bringing together diverse stakeholders on
this critical issue. These included business leaders
meets at the regional councils, roundtables and
stakeholder dialogues at state level, interactive
sessions and conferences, as well as a unique
immersion of young leaders in partnership with
the CII Young Indians (Yi). CII also shared the IWBC
approach with industry members from Bangladesh
with the objective of catalyzing similar initiatives in
South Asian countries.

Promoting Inclusion at the Workplace

CII continued its work on promoting inclusion
at the workplace with the focus on empowering
women and the specially abled.
Safety and security of women at workplace
continued to be a priority. Capacity building
sessions were held through the year to support
companies in understanding and implementing
POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act).
A series of job fairs for the specially abled was
organised across the country bringing together
prospective employers and deserving candidates
to enable on-the-spot interviews.


| 65

CII has been doing development work in several
backward districts, including those affected by
naxal violence for the last five years. CII had
carried out skill mapping in the districts to identify
their strengths and availability of local resources
to decide on which programmes should be
delivered in which district. The districts were
selected after discussions with Chief Secretaries
of the States.
Much of the work has been focused on creation
of employment/self-employment opportunities
through skills development. Other areas included
adult education and clean drinking water. Majority
of the 13 districts identified were in the Eastern
Region and two in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
The Committee encouraged trained youth to
undertake meaningful work in their native villages.

focused on creating a win-win situation for all

stakeholders. The Committee is working with
farmers, industry, Government and NGOs to help
develop models of engagement, encourage
sustainable development, undertake focused CSR
activities and enable technology development in
this area.

Handlooms and Handicraft

The Working Group on Handlooms & Handicrafts,
set up in 2014, is focused on creating a strong
brand for Handlooms and Handicrafts industry,
promoting entrepreneurship and mentorship and
helping artisans upgrade their skills and marketing
of products.

This year, in line with the Prime Ministers

thinking, members were encouraged to take
up development of villages in a holistic manner,
covering sanitation, health, education, livelihood
opportunities, etc.

Water Resource Management

A new initiative on water resource management
was launched during the year. The initiative is

Training cum skill development programme for women

farmers participating in agriculture based livelihood
improvement programme in Neemrana

Water Harvesting Structure constructed in Kasargod, Kerala under Integrated Water Resource Management Programme

66 |

VIEW 2014-15

India@75, an initiative of CII, has its genesis in the vision of late Prof CK Prahalad. It
works towards creating a developed India, collaboratively, by Indias 75th Independence
year in 2022 through economic strength, technological vitality and moral leadership.
The immediate focus areas for India@75 include
skills, education and urbanization. These were
prioritized considering time constraints vis--vis
scales to be achieved. Emphasis has been laid on
creating an eco-system for structured volunteering
by leveraging technology to initiate a mass
movement for collaborative and participative
development by engaging individuals,
communities, corporates and non-profits and to
channelize the skills, time and resources of 1.2
billion Indians.

Pro Bono Contribution
A study conducted by India@75 estimated Indias
pro bono potential at about USD 10 billion by the
year 2022. Pro bono initiative focuses on mapping
the core competence of skilled volunteers from
corporates with the needs of the non-profits
for building capacities. To incentivize corporate
volunteers, India@75s recommendation for
amortization of monetized value of volunteer time
from within the 2% mandatory Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) spend, was incorporated in
the New Companies Act in June, 2014.

From L to R: Dr Mukund Rajan, Brand Custodian and Member

- Group Executive Council, Tata Sons; Virendra Gupta,
Deputy Director General, CII; Rajan Navani, ChairmanNational Committee on India@75 and MD, Jetline Group of
Companies; Sanjeev Jain, Global Head Business Performance
Management, Cognizant and Samson David, Member of
the Board and COO, EdgeVerve (Infosys company) at the
ProBono Unplugged Conference in Mumbai

Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII with Nirmala

Sitharaman, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for
Commerce & Industry at the CSR for Shreshtha Bharat event
in New Delhi

India@75 has undertaken various innovative
initiatives in an endeavour to achieve its vision
and objectives. Some of the activities undertaken
during 2014-15 are :
The pro bono initiative, launched under the
leadership of Dr Mukund Rajan, Brand Custodian
and Chief Ethics Officer, Tata Sons, comprises

representatives of 40 corporates, non-profits and

intermediaries. The web portal conceptualized
by the Task Force and designed and developed
by Infosys, archives the pro bono global best
practices. A methodology for calculating
the aggregated value of the volunteer time
for estimating the monetized value was also
designed. India@75 organised workshops with


| 67

corporates and non Government organisations

(NGOs) to validate various models of pro bono.
A seminar on CSR for Shreshth Bharat was
organised to identify the challenges and explore
the way ahead in the implementation of CSR
activities by the corporates and Civil Society
Organisations (CSOs). Smt Nirmala Sitharaman,
Minister of State (Independent Charge) for
Commerce and Industry, appreciated the pro
bono initiative as an innovative approach,
going beyond funding and creating relationship
between corporates and non-profits.
A hackathon, organised in Bengaluru, required
participants to use mobile and cloud technology
to develop ingenious apps to promote Swachh
Bharat, Make in India, agriculture, food security
and healthcare, good governance and other
India@75 themes. Thirty five teams comprising
105 participants toiled for 2 days to come
up with working demos and also made final
presentations to the jury. India@75 organised
the annual National Volunteer Week (NVW) with
the theme Swachh Bharat.NVW is part of the
National Volunteering Grid (NVG) under the
overarching strategic civic engagement initiative
to engage individuals, communities, nonprofits and corporates to celebrate the spirit of

volunteering in India. During NVW 2015, about

150 activities were held in 35 cities across India,
approximately 5000 volunteers impacted over
150,000 people contributing to Swachh Bharat
campaign. India@75 has also been championing
the declaration of a National Volunteer Day which
is under consideration by the Government.
India@75, in collaboration with the National
Literacy Mission Authority (NLMA) of the Ministry
of Human Resource Development, Government
of India, proposes to replicate the Sarva Shiksha
Abhiyan (SSA) model for rural areas. It proposes
to modify the model to become a comprehensive
functional literacy toolkit comprising financial and
digital literacy modules.
A study has been undertaken to assess the
training capacity of the private sector to augment
the efforts of skill development in India. India@75
and National Skill Development Corporation
(NSDC) organised the Power To Empower (P2E)
skills business plan competition to encourage
entrepreneurship in skill development space.
India@75 and of Ministry of
Communications and IT, having common
objectives of collaborative and participative
development, explored areas of engagement.

Young Indians
Young Indians (Yi), an integral part of
CII,continued its efforts towards engaging the
youth in leadership and nation building and
organised close to 700 activities during 2014-15.
The 11th Yi National Summit on the theme,
Youth Leadership: Ideas to Agenda: Intent to
Action was held at New Delhi in March 2015,
with active participation from members across
the country. The Summit was addressed by Piyush
Goyal, Minister of State (Independent Charge)
for Power, Coal and New and Renewable Energy,

68 |

VIEW 2014-15

Government of India and Shri Kailash Satyarthi

amongst others.
CII, jointly with Yi ,felicitated Shri Kailash Satyarthi,
Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize & Founder,
Bachpan Bachao Andolan.
Yi also organised two youth conclaves with Young
India: Poised to Fly and Learn, Explore, Imagine
as themes during the year.
Yi also celebrated the Global Entrepreneurship

Piyush Goyal, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Power, Coal and New and Renewable Energy, Government of India,
speaking at the 11th Yi National Summit in New Delhi

Week with about 80 activities impacting close to

12000 people. At the National Volunteering Week,
Yi encouraged members to commit themselves to
causes under the broad theme of Swachch Bharat.
Through the Yuva vertical, Yi organised a
leadership camp and civic quotient workshops
and numerous activities at the chapter level. At
the international level, Yi took a mission to the
G 20 Young Entrepreneurship Alliance Summit to
Sydney, Australia in July 2014.
A global excellence mission to Japan to learn from
the best practices of companies such as Nissan,
Tokyo Stock Exchange, Aisin, Asahi Brewery and
an interaction with HE Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa,
The Ambassador of India to Japan was also
undertaken. Several interactions with visiting
delegations from around the world were held
during the year. Several national learning series

Shri Kailash Satyarthi, Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

& Founder, Bachpan Bachao Andolan, being felicitated
by CII and Yi in New Delhi

were organised on various topics with people such

as Deepa Malik, Founder, Wheeling Happiness
Foundation; Sam Cawthorn, Expert in Resilience
and Turnarounds; Sumit D Chowdhury etc.
During 2014-15, Yi launched new chapters in
Mysore, Salem, Meghalaya, Vijayawada and
Jharkhand taking the total number of chapters in
the country to 37.

Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust

CII partners the Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust
(BYST) to take forward the mission of creating
employment through entrepreneurship,
especially for the youth. The BYST engages
the Indian corporate sector for Community
Development and by providing the twin
support of money and mentorship and a whole
range of Business Development Services,

proposes to transform youth between 18 to

35 years of age from job seekers into job
This year BYST set up its operations in one
of the backward states of India, Odisha
in partnership with Tata Steel. BYST also
expanded its reach to Aurangabad and
Wardha in partnership with Bajaj Auto.


| 69

BYST Agenda
BYST furthers its agenda by creating jobs by
making Indias youth self sufficient by providing
tools, training as well as opportunities. Mentorship
and support to develop business ideas were
provided to enable and help them create
livelihood opportunities for others, thereby setting
in motion a chain reaction of development that
benefits youth and the society at large.

Access to Finance
BYST has expanded the partnership model and
reached out to Banks in the public sector as well
as various Government programmes. Today, BYST
programmes across the country are a model of
Public Private Partnerships and Corporate Social

From L to R: Usha Ananthasubramaniam, CMD, Bharatiya

Mahila Bank and Lakshmi V Venkatesan, CEO, BYST at the
BYST and BMB MoU signing in Chennai

Supporting the Disadvantaged and

Reaching the Unreached
By including religious minorities, backward and
scheduled castes, women and physically disabled,
BYST contributed to the Affirmative Action call
given by the Government. BYSTs interventions
are empowering the vulnerable and the
underprivileged youth to take up growth oriented
micro enterprises.

Lakshmi V Venkatesan, CEO, BYST addressing the gathering

at the BA-BYST YEDP MoU signing at the Bajaj Auto office
in Pune. From L to R: V Rajagopalan, President-Legal, Bajaj
FinServ; C P Tripathi, Advisor CSR, Bajaj Auto Ltd and Rahul
Bajaj Chairman, Bajaj Auto Ltd

Over 2000 young aspirants were trained through
Smart Training for Enterprise Planning (STEP).
The Youth Business International (YBI) awarded
the Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award and YBI
Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 Award to
two BYST supported youth. One runs a business
of manufacturing agricultural grade mulching film
which has significantly improved the viability of local
agriculturalists. The other awardees readymade
garments enterprise is providing direct employment
to 120 people and indirect employment to another
480 who work from their homes.
BYST hosted a workshop for Youth Business
International (UK), of which BYST is a Founding
Partner. The workshop saw participation from
Restless Development, India, Youth Business Sri

70 |

VIEW 2014-15

Lanka and War Child, Afghanistan. It was based

on the Contexts Framework, a tool developed
with an aim to better understand how challenges
faced by young entrepreneurs vary across different
Free training, mentoring, marketing and
networking support are provided to all
A study to identify entrepreneurial opportunities
in healthcare in Assam was undertaken in
partnership with Management Solutions, a
healthcare consulting company. The findings
were shared at a seminar held in Guwahati where
experts discussed the scope for entrepreneurs in
the health care sector in Assam.

Promoting and developing Sports in India with a special emphasis on the business of
Sports was CIIs focus in 2014-15.
Paper on Granting Industry Status to
Sports in India

also increase their visibility enabling them to

attract capital.

It is critical to build a dynamic sporting culture

in India. The need for the Government and
private sector to collaborate to strengthen
the sports industry cannot be undermined.
Inadequate public resources for sports and
low prominence of non-cricket sports impede
our performance in the global sporting arena.
Granting industry status would provide impetus
to growth of the sports ecosystem as it would
impact capital availability, help improve investor
confidence and build quality human capital.

CII believes that granting industry status to sports

would lend acknowledgement to the sectors
potential and also clearly define the components
comprising sports industry. This coupled with
policy initiatives and regulations would drive
greater professionalism and hence increase
investor confidence.

CIIs study on granting industry status to sports,

outlined the benefit in all the three areas.
CII has suggested that proper policy and
regulatory framework as well as RBI guidelines
be defined for Banks for funding sports which
is likely to result in an increasing number of
PSU banks and other financial institutions
participating in lending funds thereby
increasing capital availability. A regulatory
framework is the foundation for effective
risk mitigation strategies, thus opening up
possibilities of customized insurance policies
and efficient insurance terms.
A clear definition of sports industry identifying
various components and players of the sports
ecosystem, would enable framing and granting
of fiscal and other incentives encouraging
investment. Identification of various segments
of sports under the industry definition would

Industry status to sports would incentivize

professionals to take up sports as a career . A
well organised industry is able to offer higher
remuneration, attract and develop high quality
talent and drive innovation. CII expects this as an
outcome of sports being given industry status.
CII has also suggested that policies on labor
rights and protection as a safeguard for
professionals in the sports field must
be defined.
CIIs recommendations to the Government
include: streamlining Government policy around
utilization of sports infrastructure owned by
private academies, legacy planning at the design
phase of asset creation for optimal utilization of
stadia, implementation of a detailed coaching
framework as seen in advanced sporting nations
and a clear tax policy for sports goods and
equipment manufacturing sector.
To understand the global best practices for
business & investment in sports in various states
of India, CII proposes to take a sports delegation
to U.K. soon.


| 71

The CII National Committee on School Education
works in the core areas of:

Vocational Education
Teacher Educator Development
Private Public Participation
Nurturing Entrepreneurship

Strengthen teacher education system
especially in the DIETs (District Institutes for
Education & Training) and SCERTs (State
Council for Educational Research and Training)
to improve learning outcomes
Support the Prime Ministers vision of
exporting teachers and influencing generations
Leverage technology for enhanced
governance and transparency across education
departments for tracking attendance, mid- day
meals, assessments and scholarship disbursal
Need for tripartite collaboration between NPOs,
the corporate sector and the Government to
help improve infrastructure in schools
Encourages adoption of Government schools
by private players on the lines of adoption of
ITIs by private players
Popularises vocational education to ensure
a basic means to livelihood. CII is working
on a model where after class V students will
mandatorily have to select one or more skills
based on their aptitude and they will be
allowed to drop commensurate number of
subjects. Encourage frequent national and
international exchange programmes for both
students and teachers in public and private
schools for cross learning of best practices

The CII Conference on Role of NGOs in the
Implementation of RTE had speakers from the
Government, corporates, think tanks and non
profit organizations (NPOs) deliberate on the
challenges and potential to facilitate smooth

72 |

VIEW 2014-15

functioning of the NPOs towards mobilizing

national education agenda.
The CII National Conference on Education
focused on preparing children for 21st century
education, synchronizing education with global
standards and analyzing an ideal public-private
partnership model in the interest of children from
the economically weaker sections, studying the
work done vis--vis the international models.
A meeting with Smt Smriti Irani, Union Minister for
Human Resource Development, helped CII align
its goals better with the Governments vision and

CIIs initiatives in higher education focus on
promoting industry-academia linkages so that
the output of academia improves in quality and
industry benefits from a steady supply of highcaliber human resource. Therefore, CII has
created a platform called University-Industry
Congress ( to stimulate industryacademia collaborations through workshops,
global and national conferences and regional
seminars. For the first time in 2014, the UniversityIndustry Congress was held under the aegis of
Knowledgexpo, an umbrella brand created by CII,
along with several partners from the Government
and industry, to bring its knowledge-related
activities to a single platform.

Platforms for policy advocacy included:
National-level Executive Council of All India
Council for Technical Education
Regional Level Councils of All India Council for
Technical Education
Advisory Committee for Restructuring of All
India Council for Technical Education

Advisory Committee for Restructuring of

University Grants Commission
Industry-Institute Linkage Advisory Committee
of University Grants Commission
Academic Council of National Board of
Advisory Committee of Ministry of Human
Resource Development on IIITs in PPP mode
Separate Conferences of NITs, IITs and Central
Universities convened by President of India
Expert Committee Meeting of Prime Ministers
Industry-Academia Council of TIFAC
TEQIP Committees of World Bank and MHRD

From L to R: Ajikumaran, Special Secretary, Higher Education

Department, Government of Kerala; Toby Linden, Lead
Education Specialist, World Bank; Dr C R Swaminathan, CoChairman, CII National Committee on Higher Education and
K R Sekar, Education Sector Leader, Deloitte India releasing
the Annual Status of Higher Education in States and Union
Territories of India (ASHE 2014) at the 4th AICTECII Global
University-Industry Congress in Greater Noida, National
Capital Region of Delhi

The maiden edition of Knowledgexpo saw 14
Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) participating
and several other top technical institutes of the
country congregate to showcase their technical
prowess. Several interactive sessions were held
with international dignitaries like President
and Rector of Imperial College, London, Sir
KeithONions. An international workshop on
Innovation for Universal Quality Education in
partnership with the then Planning Commission
of India, Organisation for Economic Co-operation
and Development (OECD) and Centre for
Educational Research and Innovation (CERI)
brought together global innovators, policymakers
and researchers from the field of educational
innovation for the economically deprived.
The AICTE-CII Survey for Industry-Linked Technical
Institutes had over 2200 institutes from across
India participate and the Thiagarajar Group of
Institutions, Institute of Chemical Technology
(ICT) Mumbai, Bombay College of Pharmacy,
and Walchand Institute of Technology among
others were recognized for their contribution. The
International Management Institute received the
award in the management category.
The Prime Ministers Fellowship Scheme for
Doctoral Research is a Public-Private Partnership
(PPP) between Science & Engineering Research
Board (SERB), Government of India and CII. Aimed

Smriti Irani, Union Minister for Human Resource Development

giving away awards to winners of AICTE CII Survey of
Industry-Linked Technical Institutes 2014 at Knowledgexpo in
Greater Noida, National Capital Region of Delhi

at encouraging young and talented students to

take up industry-relevant research, it provides
scholarships to PhD scholars. The scheme
supports 56 PhD projects as of 2014.

The Higher Education vertical released four
reports at Knowledgexpo.
Fourth edition of AICTE-CII Survey of IndustryLinked Technical Institutes
Third edition of Annual Status of Higher
Education in States (ASHE) 2014 and Union
First edition of CII Directory of Top IndustryLinked Technical Institutes 2014
First edition of CII-AIU Report on Trends in
Internationalization of Higher Education in
India 2014.


| 73

74 |


International and
Business Development


| 75


With growing international interest in India, CII worked to connect the Indian industry
to the global industry and stepped up its engagement with counterpart international
organisations, think tanks, foreign Governments and policy making bodies to build
bridges and further the interests of Indian industry.
The CII India Business Forum
(IBF) is a group of leading Indian
companies with operations in
a particular country. It facilitates
flow of information among Indian
industry members in a country, as well as shares
concerns with key stakeholders in the country
besides building Brand India.
CII-IBF China promotes Indian businesses in China
through a collective and consensual approach
beneficial to all members. It provides a platform
for members to interact with stakeholders such
as Chinese companies and policy organisations
of China. This year, CII IBF China along with
Embassy of India, Beijing and Consulate General
of India in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong
organised various seminars on Investing in India
across China and the The 2nd India China Closed
Meeting of Multinational Corporations Leaders
along with CICPMC in Beijing to develop the

roadmap of how Indian and Chinese companies

can work together. To encourage more meaningful
exchange of views, IBF China created sectoral
working groups on IT, Pharma and Finance.
IBF Egypt held meetings with various Egyptian
Government Ministers, Chambers of Commerce
officials and businessmen from Cairo, Minia,
Alexandria, Mansoura and Suez governorates.
Sessions were also organised with local
business associations such as Egyptian Junior
Businessmens Association. IBF members were
present at the Egypt Economic Development
Conference in Sharm el Sheikh as a part of the CII
business leaders delegation.
IBF Singapore took up issues related to the
possible impact of Fair Consideration Framework
(FCF) on operations of Indian companies in
Singapore and submitted recommendations to
the Indian High Commission and the Ministry of
Manpower in Singapore. Interactive sessions were

CII-IBF-UK members in London with Chuka Umunna, MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Business; Seema Malhotra, MP and
Chair, Parliamentary Labour Party Business Interest Group; Catherine McKinnell, MP and Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the
Treasury and Virender Sharma, MP and Chair of the Indo-British APPG on India

76 |

VIEW 2014-15

organised with Dr Ajay Kumar, Joint Secretary,

Department of Electronics and Information
Technology (DeitY), Government of India and
with Mr S Iswaran, Minister in Prime Ministers
Office and Second Minister for Trade & Industry,
IBF UK organised a meeting with Labour Party
MPs and the IBF members also formulated Sector
Focused Working Groups. During the year, CII
UK and the IBF-UK members supported the
Government backed and UK Business sponsored
first ever International Festival of Business (IFB)
designed to showcase Liverpool and the North
West Region of England. Members also interacted
with Ms Priti Patel, MP, ruling Conservative Partys
Diaspora Champion as well as Baroness Verma.
To maintain engagement with major stakeholders
in the US-India commercial and trade partnership,
IBF USA held an event on Capitol Hill where the
success stories of Indian investments in the US
and US investments in India were highlighted.
Dr S Jaishankar, then Ambassador of India to the
US addressed the gathering while representatives
from companies such as Uflex, Mahindra, Tata,
Essar, Ford, Gilead and Corning shared their
investment success stories. CII-IBF USA for the
first time held a B2B interaction with U.S. industry
members of the Business Council for International
Understanding (BCIU) and discussed opportunities
for collaborations. CII-IBF in collaboration with
Embassy of India also organised a session on
the Capitol Hill with the officials of the Embassy,
Members of Congress and other stakeholders.

India and Africa have a strong economic
relationship with a continuously expanding canvas
of trade that is projected to reach US$ 90 billion
by 2017. CII has played an active role in promoting
Indian trade and investment with Africa. Today
Indian companies have a presence across
sectors such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare,
infrastructure, mining, skill development,
automobiles, agriculture, banking and financial
services, energy and telecommunications.

Interactive meeting of IBF members and Egyptian Junior

Business Association in Cairo

In 2014, CIIs engagements with Africa included

Ministerial interactions, Indian business
delegations to Africa, Doing Business in Africa
seminars across India, interactions with Regional
Economic Communities (RECs) in Africa and the
organisation of the CII-EXIM Bank Conclave on
India Africa Project Partnership.
Interactions with President of Rwanda, VicePresident of Ghana and Prime Minister of Cote
DIvoire provided insights regarding economic
policies and leadership vision of the countries.
The interactive sessions with the visiting
ministers from Uganda, Nigeria, Seychelles and
Kenya highlighted the potential for increasing
Indian investments across sectors. A recurring
takeaway from these interactions was the need
for diversification of the trade basket and the
imperative for Indian companies to move up the
value chain.
Interactions with business delegations from
Africa provided Indian companies a first-hand
experience of opportunities in Africa, as well
as the practical aspects of doing business. CII
delegations comprising representatives from
sectors such as Infrastructure, Power, Water,
Agriculture, FMCG, ICT, Agri-mechanisation,
Packaging, Energy, Irrigation and Mining visited
Ethiopia, Mali, Rwanda and Uganda in 2014.
Seminars on Doing Business in Africa were
organised in four tier II cities to acquaint local
businessmen with opportunities in the African


| 77

From L to R: Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, Vice President of the

Republic of Ghana; Samuel Panyin Yalley, High Commissioner
of Ghana to India; Dr Rashid Pelpuo, Minister of State in
charge of Public-Private Partnership, Ghana; Sanjay Kirloskar,
Deputy Chairman CII Western Region and Chairman &
Managing Director, Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) at an
interactive session organized in New Delhi

continent. CII also released the Business Guide to

Investing in Africa.
An interactive session was organised with the
heads of African RECs in New Delhi. Chaired
by Mr. Rajeev Kher, Commerce Secretary, the
session saw participation from the East African
Community (EAC), Inter Governmental Authority
on Development (IGAD), Community of SahelSaharan States (CENSAD), Common Market for
Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Southern
African Development Community (SADC) and the
Economic Community of Central African States
The 10th edition of CIIs flagship Africa event
CII-Exim Bank Conclave on India-Africa Project
Partnership was organised in New Delhi. The
conclave underlined manufacturing, infrastructure
development, agriculture and food security,

From L to R: Elizabeth Paula Napeyok, High Commissioner

of Uganda to India; Ruth Nankabirwa, Minister of State for
Fisheries, Uganda; Dr Ajedra Gabriel Aridru, Minister of State
for Investments, Uganda; Jagdish Mitra, Member, CII Africa
Committee and Senior Vice President, Tech Mahindra; E B
Rajesh, Regional Director - Africa, Gulf & Middle East, CII
and Frank Sebbowa, Executive Director, Uganda Investment
Authority in an interactive session with a Ministerial
Delegation from Uganda in New Delhi

healthcare and life sciences, energy and energy

security, mining, and SME development as priority
areas for future India-Africa engagements.

East Asia: Recognizing the growing importance
of the East Asia region on Indias economic and
foreign policy landscape, CIIs activities in the
region were stepped up through several initiatives
that included business forums, ministerial
interactions and participation in trade and
investment events.
Given the importance accorded to the India-Japan
bilateral relationship during Prime Minister Modis
visit to Japan in September 2014, CII organised
a meeting of the India-Japan Business Leaders
Forum (IJBLF) in Tokyo, coinciding with the visit.
The 20-member Indian delegation and their
Japanese counterparts focused on various areas

Members of India - Japan Business Leaders Forum (IJBLF) at the IJBLF meeting held in Tokyo

78 |

VIEW 2014-15

for cooperation, including improving business

environment, cooperation in strategic areas,
Japanese investment in Indias infrastructure and
global cooperation. A joint report submitted to
Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe
captured the essence of the discussions and also
highlighted key issues for the two Governments
to resolve and provide the required fillip to the
India-Japan economic relationship. An interactive
meeting with the Japanese Minister of State for
METI on economic, trade and investment relations
between India and Japan was also organised.
The India-Korea Seoul Forum was organised in
partnership with KOTRA to highlight the potential
for enhancing bilateral trade and investments
between the two countries. The forum, which also
included business meetings, saw participation
of over 200 representatives from leading Korean
enterprises. CIIs business delegation connected
with political leaders, senior Government
officials and industry leaders of South Korea and
set an agenda for a sustained relationship for
facilitating growth in bilateral investments, trade
and cooperation in various sectors, including
infrastructure, urban development, manufacturing,
smart cities, renewable energy, etc.

Dr Sadayuki Sakakibara, Japanese Co-Chair of IJBLF and

Baba Kalyani, Indian Co-Chair of IJBLF presenting the Joint
Report of the Forum to Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, India
and Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister, Japan in Tokyo

Ajay S Shriram, President, CII and Chairman & Senior

Managing Director, DCM Shriram Ltd; Nirmala Sitharaman,
Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Commerce
& Industry, Government of India and Tony Abbott, Prime
Minister of Australia at a business meeting in New Delhi

The Korea-India Business Partnership Forum 2014

organised with KOTRA and the Korean Financial
News Group in India was addressed by the Korean
Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy.
It highlighted the opportunity for enhanced
cooperation in communication, transportation,
advanced technology and energy sectors.

region, especially the CLMV (Cambodia, Lao-PDR,

Myanmar and Vietnam) countries. Supported
by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, CII
organised the 2nd India-CLMV Business Conclave,
in December 2014 with the objective of increasing
bilateral economic relations, and focused on the
Make in India campaign and the services sector.

CII also participated in the 5th Asian Business

Summit (ABS), Philippines, which is a group of
13 leading business chambers from 11 Asian
countries/region. The 5th ABS was hosted by
the Philippines-Japan Economic Cooperation
Committee (PHILJEC) in collaboration with
Keidanren of Japan.

Other initiatives included the India-Vietnam Trade

and Investment Forum and a business meeting
with Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister of the
Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Mr Piyush
Goyal, Minister of State for Power, Coal and
New & Renewable Energy. The Prime Minister
was accompanied by a 70-member business
delegation with representation from various
important sectors. During the forum Jet Airways
announced the launch of a flight service to
Vietnam and IL&FS Group signed a MoU.

ASEAN: A key component of Indias Act East

Policy is strengthening the Indian business
communitys engagement with the ASEAN


| 79

Interactive sessions were also organised with a

delegation from Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam,
and with a 15-member delegation of the ASEAN
Connectivity Coordinating Committee (ACCC).
CII also discussed investment opportunities in
Brunei with members of the Brunei Economic
Development Board, headed by Minister Dato
Ali Apong from the Prime Ministers office in

Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic

of Vietnam, Piyush Goyal, Minister of State for Power, Coal
and New & Renewable Energy, Government of India and Dr
Naushad Forbes, Vice President, CII and Director, Forbes
Marshall Pvt Ltd at a business session in New Delhi

From L to R: Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII;

Sunil Kant Munjal, Past President, CII and Chairman, Hero
Corporate Service Ltd and Co-Chair, India-Pakistan Joint
Business Forum; Syed Yawar Ali, Co-Chair, Pakistan-India
Joint Business Forum and Chairman, Nestle Pakistan Limited;
Sikander Mustafa Khan, Chairman, Pakistan Business Council
and Chairman, Millat Group, Pakistan at the fourth meeting
of the India-Pakistan Joint Business Forum in New Delhi

Central Asia: In 2014 CII created opportunities

for enhanced trade relations and investments
through events, business delegations and B2B
meetings, forging partnerships and establishing
links through MoU partners in the region. The
pace for the year was set with the organisation of
the India Show at Almaty in Kazakhstan in March
2014. The exhibition showcased manufacturing
and trading capacity of several Indian sectors such
as automotive, automotive components, food
and beverages, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and
industrial maintenance and tools amongst others.
An accompanying 13 member business delegation
had meetings with business counterparts in
Almaty and with the Chambers of Commerce.
As a follow up of the MoU signed with the
National Chambers of Entrepreneurs of
Kazakhstan, CII organised a business meeting for
a Kazakh delegation in New Delhi with leading
Indian companies.
CII organised an interactive session on trade and
investment potential in Uzbekistan with Mr Vikram
Doraiswami, Indias Ambassador-designate to
Uzbekistan for the Ministry of External Affairs.
Mr Doraiswami underscored the importance of
collaboration between Indian and Uzbekistan
businesses in promoting and enhancing economic
relations. The interaction provided insights
into opportunities in textiles, automobiles and
auto components, health and pharmaceuticals,
hospitality and tourism in Uzbekistan.

Ajay S Shriram greeting Tshering Tobgay, Prime Minister of

Bhutan during his visit to New Delhi. Chandraji Banerjee,
Director General, CII looks on

80 |

VIEW 2014-15

Other activities through the year included CIIs

participation in India-Iran Trade Relations, a
conference organised by the Ministry of Industry,

Mines and Trade of the Islamic Republic of

Iran; signing of MoU with the Confederation
of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkiye
(TUSKON) in Turkey; organisation of a business
delegation to the 20th Turkey World Trade Bridge
(TWTB), Istanbul; and one to Tajikistan during
the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
Business Forum, Tajikistan.
South Asia: CII has been at the forefront of
promoting trade and economic cooperation
between India and its South Asian neighbours.
During 2014-15, CII undertook several initiatives,
such as exchange of CEO/business delegations,
meetings with heads of states, ministers and
senior Government officials, and organisation
of business conferences and B2B meetings, to
strengthen the economic partnership with South
Asian countries.
Meetings with Heads of States included
interactions with the Presidents of Afghanistan
and Maldives, and the Prime Ministers of Bhutan,
Nepal and Pakistan. The common thread in
these interactions was the invitation given to
Indian businesses to invest. These helped in
enhancing business linkages and embarking on
cooperation initiatives in priority sectors such as
energy, trade, investment and connectivity in the
Mr. Abdulla Yameen Abduk Yameen, President of
Maldives, addressed CII members in New Delhi.
During the session President Gayoom invited
Indian companies to invest in sectors such as
fisheries, tourism and hospitality, transport and
energy, highlighting that Maldives was better
suited to be a service sector hub as compared to
The CII President led a CEOs Mission to Nepal
during the Nepal Economic Summit organised
by the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of
Commerce & Industry (FNCCI), The delegation
also called on Mr. Ram Baran Yadav, President of
Nepal, and Mr. Sushil Koirala, Prime Minister of

The Indian delegation at the third meeting of

the India-Pakistan Joint Business Forum (IPJBF)
and its task forces held in Lahore, Pakistan was
led by Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal, Past President, CII,
and Co-Chairman of IPJBF. The Forum identified
potential areas of cooperation, as well as outlined
specific steps to bolster bilateral trade in sectors
such as Agriculture, Automotive, Energy, and
SMEs. The setting up of two new Task Forces on
trade facilitation/ connectivity through Wagah and
Hydrocarbon (diesel, gas etc) was also mooted.
A 14 member CII business delegation met the
Minister of Industry and Commerce, Sri Lanka,
Mr Bathiudeen with the objective of promoting
bilateral trade and economic cooperation.
Hilighting an array of economic opportunities
in Sri Lanka, he invited Indian companies to do
business in Sri Lanka and invest in sectors such as
Auto Components, Infrastructure/Construction,
IT, SMEs and Service Sector. The CII business
delegation also met with various Sri Lankan
Ministers as well as the High Commissioner of
India to Sri Lanka.
Mr Ajay S.Shriram, President, CII and Chairman &
Senior Managing Director, DCM Shriram Limited
and Mr Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General,
CII, held meetings with various SAARC Heads of
States when they visited India for the swearingin ceremony of Mr Narendra Modi, the Prime
Minister of India, held in New Delhi. They briefed
the President of Afghanistan on initiatives taken
by CII to promote trade and economic relations
between India and Afghanistan. The President of
Afghanistan briefed them on the opportunities for
Indian industry in various sectors.
CII President complimented Mr Tshering Tobgay,
Prime Minister of Bhutan for employing a Gross
Happiness Index which can act as a blueprint for
other countries, including India. Prime Minister
of Bhutan listed several sectors for potential
cooperation between the two countries. In an
interactive session with the Indian industry, he
emphasized that Bhutans FDI regulations had
been made conducive to Indian investors.


| 81

transportation costs and eventually benefit

the consumer. The importance of trade in
agricultural commodities, increased land routes,
facilitation of visas and mobile roaming were
the other important factors he highlighted.



Ajay S Shriram greeting Andrew Robb AP MP, Minister for

Trade and Investment, Australia during the inaugural session
of the India Australia Business Summit in New Delhi

Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury, Speaker of

Bangladesh, highlighted the opportunities for
cooperation between India and Bangladesh in
sectors such as Education, Pharmaceuticals,
Infrastructure, IT, Manufacturing, especially
Automobile, Agriculture, Power, Ship building
and Skill development. Mr Sushil Koirala, the
Prime Minister of Nepal invited CII to encourage
investments in Agriculture, Skill development
and Tourism sectors of Nepal. Sri Lankas External
Affairs Minister highlighted the Non-Tariff Barriers
(NTBs) being faced by Sri Lankan exporters to
India such as quantity restriction in the case
of pepper and vanaspati. He also highlighted
the vast array of cooperation opportunities
existing for the two countries in sectors such
as IT, Infrastructure, SME, Education & Skill
development, Healthcare.
In an interactive session, Mr Sunil Bahadur Thapa,
Minister for Commerce & Supplies of Nepal, in New
Delhi, highlighted that the Investment Promotion
& Protection Agreement (IPPA) would boost
economic cooperation between the two countries
and invited Indian companies to invest in Nepal.
An interactive session was organised with a high
level business delegation from Pakistan led by Mr.
S. M.Muneer, Chief Executive, Trade Development
Authority of Pakistan (TDAP). He emphasized
the need to promote and facilitate trade within
the SAARC region to lower production costs,

82 |

VIEW 2014-15

The 1st India-Australia Business Summit

organised in New Delhi in association with the
Australian Trade Commission, drew participation
of over 400 Australian business delegates. The
Australian delegation, representing myriad
sectors led by Mr. Andrew Robb AO MP, Minister
for Trade and Investment highlighted the
growing willingness of Australian businesses to
tap Indias investment opportunity. The Summit
was inaugurated by Mr Dharmendra Pradhan,
Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas,
Government of India.
During his visit to India in September 2014
Mr Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia
was accompanied by Mr Andrew Robb AP
MP, Minister for Trade and Investment and a
delegation of 30 Australian CEOs. During this
visit CII organised a business meeting for the
delegation with Smt Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister
of State (Independent Charge) for Commerce
& Industry, senior Government officials and
members of Indian industry.
The ANZ team also coordinated the visit of
a CEOs delegation to Australia (Brisbane,
Melbourne, Sydney) to coincide with the visit of
Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
CII entered into a collaboration with IndiaNew Zealand Business Council (INZBC) at an
exclusive business Round Table on Economic
Opportunities & Smart Cities in India and
New Zealand during the visit of Mr Nathan Guy,
New Zealand Minister for Primary Industries.
The Round Table focused on promotion of
economic, trade and technological cooperation
and opportunities for bilateral business between
the two countries.


As Middle East and North Africa accelerated their
global engagements by reaching out to markets
across Asia, CII took a number of initiatives to
enhance engagements with the region paving
the way for new ventures built on the strong
foundation laid to help Indian businesses explore
new areas of cooperation.
The India Qatar Business forum organised by CII
was led by Mr Sultan Bin Rashid Al Khater, Under
Secretary, Ministry of Economy and Commerce,
Qatar and Mr Anil Wadhwa, Secretary (East),
Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.
A high powered Oman delegation led by Dr Ali
Bin Masoud Al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce
and Industry, Sultanate of Oman, on a visit to
India, called for creating innovative linkages
between businesses in India and Oman to take
bilateral relationship to a new level. During a
business delegation visit to Libya a MoU was
signed between the Libyan Business Council (LBC)
and CII to enable growth of trade and commerce
between India and Libya.
A high level delegation, led by Mr Ajay S
Shriram participated in the Arab Asia Business
Partnership Summit, Bahrain themed Re- inventing
Regional Markets. The event demonstrated
emerging and existing opportunities for crossborder partnerships throughtout the wider Arab
Asia Region.
Coinciding with the Global SME Summit, a
special session on opportunities for SMEs in the
Gulf, West Asia and North Africa was organised.
The session described opportunities for Indian
Industry in the region particularly in Oman, UAE,
Egypt and Tunisia.

The year 2014-15 saw a wide range of activities
and delegations to and from Europe driven by the
regional committees on Central Europe, Nordic,
and Baltic, BENELUX and the country committee
on Germany, which work towards promoting
economic relations between India and the various

Dignitaries present during the ribbon cutting ceremony of

Arab - Asia Business Summit held in Manama, Kingdom of

From L to R: Rajesh Menon, Deputy Director General, CII;

Dr Naushad Forbes, Vice President, CII and Director, Forbes
Marshall Pvt Ltd; Sumit Mazumder, President Designate, CII
and Chairman & MD, TIL Limited; Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime
Minister of the United Kingdom; Edward Davey, Secretary
of State for Energy and Climate Change of the UK; Lord
Dholakia, Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK
on India Business; Dhruv M Sawhney, Past President, CII and
Chairman & MD, Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited
and Analjit Singh, Chairman, Max India Limited in New Delhi
during Nick Cleggs visit to India

sub-regions of Europe. CII is also the secretariat

for the Indo-French CEOs Forum and the India-UK
CEOs Forum.
A series of Round Tables titled, Promoting
Economic Engagement between India and the
Central and Nordic Regions of Europe were
organised in partnership with the Ministry of
Commerce and Industry across cities in India.
The roundtables, addressed by ambassadors
and officials of Central Europe and the Nordic
Embassies, provided insights to Indian industry
on investment opportunities available in these
countries. The CII-Avalon study, Accelerating
Economic Engagement between India and Nordic
Region, and the CII-Deloitte study titled, Trade


| 83

& Investment Relations between India and Central

Europe: A Study of Opportunities were released
during the conference.
Mr Nikola Gruevski, Prime Minister of the Republic
of Macedonia, accompanied by a high-level
official delegation, addressed the landmark 20th
edition of CIIs flagship international event, The
Partnership Summit 2015 in Jaipur.

Ajay S Shriram with Michael Steiner, Ambassador of the

Federal Republic of Germany in India and Dr Frank Walter
Steinmeier, Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of
Germany in New Delhi

CII organised industry interactions with high level

delegations from UK, Germany, Spain and France.
During the visit of Mr Jaime Garcia Legaz, Spains
Minister of State for Commerce, CII, Chamber of
Spain and the Confederation of Employers and
Industries of Spain (CEOE) agreed to set up the
India Spain Consultative Group.
Sectoral business delegations from the Czech
Republic, Poland, UK, Germany and Slovenia
also visited India and participated in some of
CIIs flagship events such as Knowledgexpo, Auto
Expo, Agro Tech, etc.

From L to R: Banashri Bose Harisson, Indian Ambassador

to Sweden and Latvia; Abhimanyu Roy, Vice President,
Avalon Consulting Pvt Ltd; Anders Grundstromer, Managing
Director, Scania India; Anna Kinberg Batra, Parliamentary
Group Leader, Moderate Party, Sweden; Deepak
Premnarayen, Leader of the CII Business Delegation to
Norway and Sweden and Executive Chairman, ICS Group; Dr
Arun Maira, former Member, the then Planning Commission,
Government of India and Hakan Kingstedt, Chairman,
Swedish India Business Council releasing the CII Avalon
Report on Accelerating Economic Engagement Between
India and Nordic Region at the India Unlimited event in
Stockholm, Sweden

Javire Paulinich, Ambassador of Peru in India, addressing a

session on Business & Investment Opportunities in Emerging
Markets: Latin America and Caribbean & India in Indore

84 |

VIEW 2014-15

The annual CEOs delegation to London was led

by Mr Ajay S Shriram. CII was also the lead for the
business delegation accompanying Mr Pranab
Mukherjee, President of India, during his visit to
Norway and Finland in October 2014. In April
2014, CII also organised a business delegation to
Norway and Sweden.


India and the Latin American and Caribbean
(LAC) region have witnessed growth in trade and
commerce over the last decade. However, despite
the promising scenario, trade between India and
LAC has not grown commensurately. Economic
relations have not translated into higher trajectory
of trade and investment.
The long distances notwithstanding, there is
much scope for stepping up economic relations
between the two rapidly-emerging economies
on the foundations of large markets and
complementary economic strengths. With a
view to create greater awareness about business

opportunities in new and emerging markets of

Latin America and the Caribbean and to explore
business synergies between the India and the
LAC countries, CII organised its annual LAC
focused business seminar India-Latin America &
Caribbean: Doing Business in Emerging Markets,
at Indore and Pune.
The business session in both the cities provided
an opportunity for industry members to meet and
interact with Ambassadors, High Commissioners,
diplomats of LAC countries, and senior
Government officials of Ministry of Commerce,
Government of India. But more importantly the
platform gave the industry a good understanding
of the market opportunities in the LAC region.
Several of the LAC regions major economies have
liberalized their trade and investment environment,
implemented inflation-targeting monetary policy
and prudent fiscal policy, improving the overall
business environment. A CII business delegation
participated in the BRICS Business Forum and
Council meetings held on the sidelines of the
BRICS Summit in Brazil. At the BRICS Business
Forum, participants discussed the economic
outlook for the BRICS nations and the deepening
economic integration amongst these countries.
CII also organised a multi-sector business
delegation to Mexico and Colombia coinciding
with the India Show in Mexico at Guadalajara, in
association with the Ministry of Commerce and
Industry, Government of India.

Mr Ajay S Shriram led a high powered CEOs
delegation to US. While in Washington DC, the
CII delegation met various high level officials
from Government agencies such as USTR, US
Department of State, Department of Treasury,
Department of Defense, National Security
Council. They also interacted with members of
US Congress and business leaders from the US
India Business Council. CII organised a public
programme in partnership with the Carnegie
Endowment for international peace.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, India and Barack Obama

President United States of America at the India-US Business
Summit in New Delhi

Ajay S Shriram and Chandrajit Banerjee, Director

General, CII at an interactive meeting with Penny
Pritzker, Secretary of Commerce, US Department of
Commerce in Mumbai

CII hosted US Commerce Secretary Ms Penny

Pritzker for a luncheon session in Mumbai with
senior leaders from Indian industry just a day
ahead of the US-India Strategic Dialogue. Her
Mumbai visit and the Strategic Dialogue in New
Delhi were focused on opening new avenues to
reinvigorate and deepen economic ties between
US and India.
On the occasion of the India Today Global Round
Table and to celebrate Prime Minister Narendra
Modis visit to the United States, CII hosted
an India Reception in New York City. The India
Reception brought together key people from the
US and Indian business communities, CEOs from
India, and senior representatives from the US
Government and Capitol Hill.


| 85

Nirmala Sitharaman,
Minister of State (IC) for
Commerce and Industry,
GoI at 8th India- Russia
Forum on Trade and
Investment in New Delhi

At a closed door Round

Table with a high powered
industry group from CII,
US Trade Representative,
Ambassador Michael
Froman highlighted issues
relating to Intellectual
Property Rights protection,
local sourcing norms,
regulatory challenges
and mobility of high
skilled labor. Senior
representatives from
Indian companies across
sectors raised some major
challenges faced by
Indian companies in doing
business with the US.

A closed door
interaction of Indian
industry members with
Congresswoman Ms Tulsi
Gabbard in New Delhi
focused on enhancing collaboration with the
State of Hawaii and the challenges
and opportunities between US and India.
Another exclusive interaction was
organised by CII with Ms Tulsi Gabbard in
Mumbai under the IWN (Indian Women
Network) initiative.

Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy

Prime Minister of the
Russian Federation at
8th India- Russia Forum
on Trade and Investment
in New Delhi

CII was proud to co-host the India-US

Business Summit featuring Indias Prime
Minister Mr Narendra Modi and US President,
Mr Barack Obama in New Delhi. The two
leaders addressed a distinguished audience
from the Indian and American industries
at the summit. While Prime Minister Modi
promised an open business environment,
predictable tax regime and ongoing efforts
at removing remaining uncertainties,
President Obama raised issues of trade
barriers and IPR while recognizing the Modi
Governments efforts at easing the way
business is done in India.

86 |

VIEW 2014-15

CII and Embassy of India jointly organized

a session on Make in India: The New Age of
Manufacturing in India in Washington D.C.
featuring Mr.Amitabh Kant, Secretary, DIPP. The
event was attended by over 200 people from
across the U.S. and Indian private sectors,
Government agencies, academic institutions,
think tanks and media.

The St. Petersburg International Economic
Forum, focused on Spurring Growth while
Mitigating Risks, Managing Disruptions and
Embracing Change, Studies in Leadership:
Defining our Future. The Indian delegation at
the Global CEOs Summit discussed key issues
such as international trade, improving business
and investment climate and quality management
practices with global industry leaders. De-off
shorizing of the Russian economy and Russias
financial system development in line with the
priorities of the global economic agenda were
also discussed.
The India-Russia Trade and Investment Forum
held in New Delhi was organised in partnership
with DIPP and the Ministry of Economic
Development of Russia. Mr Dmitry Rogozin,
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation,
and Smt Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of State
(Independent Charge) for Commerce and
Industry, Government of India addressed the
Forum which focused on infrastructure and
modernization, best practices in Manufacturing
and innovations, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare,
and included dedicated B2B business meetings.
A business interaction with Russia Direct
Investment Fund was organised with the
objective of highlighting the benefits of
investment in Russia and of investing with
Russia Direct Investment Fund. Significant
opportunity in investment and trade for India
and Russia focusing on mobilizing investments
and how Indian companies could invest in joint
projects were also discussed.

Private sector partnerships with Multilateral Organisations create an ecosystem for
effectively driving and meeting the development agenda. Platforms such as G-20,
Commonwealth, multilateral financial institutions and development banks, among
others, associate with the private sector Industry at key events. During 2014-15, CII
worked closely with the Government, industry and the multilateral agencies to arrive at
an effective strategy to meet the goals of the development agenda.

(Centre) Renu Pall, Joint Secretary (ASEAN ML), MEA at the ASEM Round Table on Energy Efficiency in Green Buildings in Hyderabad

SITA Project
Given that the trade potential between India and
some African countries can only be realized with
targeted interventions, ITC, CII and EXIM Bank
are jointly designing a project Supporting Indias
Trade Preferences for Africa (SITA). The project,
to be implemented over five years until March
2020, responds to the challenges that selected
East African countries Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda,
Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania
face in increasing and diversifying exports.

The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)

Under the areas of tangible cooperation in the
ASEM countries, CII organised three Round Tables:
Energy Efficiency in Green Buildings in
Cooperation between Asia and Europe in Life
Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology
Medical Devices sector in Delhi-NCR
Session on water resource management
through efficient and innovative solutions in
ASEM in Delhi

CII, along with the Institute of Chinese Studies,
Delhi and the North Eastern Council organised a

stakeholders consultative workshop on The Role

of The Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM)
Economic Corridor in Regional Integration: A View
from the North East in Guwahati. The workshop,
supported by the Ministry of External Affairs,
aimed to elicit expert opinion of policy-makers,
state government officials, and the business and
academic communities of Indias North East.

CII is the founding member of the B20
Coalition, which brings together leading
independent business associations from G20
economies and advocates on behalf of over 6.7
million small, medium and large companies. The
B20 Coalition operates as a worldwide platform
of exchanges aiming at building consensus and
developing common positions on critical issues
for enterprises. B20 Australia focused on financing
growth, human capital, investment
and infrastructure, and trade. CII being the
secretariat for the B20 in India coordinated the
participation of the Indian industry as well as in the
working group on anti-corruption. The CII Director
General represented India at the B20 dialogue
with G20 leaders at the B20 Leaders Summit
in Brisbane.


| 87

CII works to make Indian Industry export oriented and maximise benefit from the global
value chain of distributed production.

Rajeev Kher, Commerce Secretary, Ministry of

Commerce & Industry accepting a token of
appreciation from Chandrajit Banerjee, Director
General, CII at the Standard Conclave Role of
Standards in International Trade: Challenges,
Opportunities & Issues in New Delhi

Sujata Mehta, Secretary, ER, Ministry of External Affairs addressing the

audience at the conference on Trans- Pacific Partnership Agreement in
New Delhi

Recommendations were made on:
Sanitary and phytosanitary issues
with participant countries in Regional
Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RECP)
Feedback on tariff modalities and rule of origin
issues in RCEP negotiations
Trans-Pacific partnership agreement and its
impact on India and developing nations

Agreement (TPP) and its impact on India

and other developing economies included a
discussion on the new trade and investment
principles emerging in these economies.

RCEP Negotiations
Industry consultation meetings on RCEP
negotiations were organised in association
with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to
understand the framework of the RECP agreement
and the tariff implications for Indian industry.

Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Outreach

International Conferences on Trade


To promote trade through the FTA route, CII, in

association with the Union Ministry of Commerce
and Industry organised FTA outreach meetings in
Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, New Delhi and Bangalore.

Two international conferences were organised.

Deliberations centred on key issues affecting the
growth of Indian manufacturing and limiting the
overall export competitiveness of the country.

Standards Conclave


In international trade, standards and technical

regulations are very important and in collaboration
with Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the
Standards Conclave was held in New Delhi.

Global strategy for trade engagement over the

next five years and cumulation to be negotiated
in RCEP agreement which presented industry
views for trade negotiations.
Expanding Indias share in world trade:
manufacturing revival holds key in
collaboration with the Swedish Ministry for
Foreign Affairs.

Conference on Trans-Pacific Partnership

Deliberations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

88 |

VIEW 2014-15

The CII National Committee on exports worked to make Indian exports globally
competitive in a challenging global scenario.
Enhance export competitiveness by reducing high
transaction costs and streamlining procedural
simplification. Look after interests of exporter
community by engaging with Government and
industry, on formulation of FTP (Foreign Trade
Policy) for 2014-2019.

After industry consultation, detailed suggestions
were made for the upcoming Foreign Trade
Policy (FTP) 2014-19 to the Ministry of Commerce
and Industry. Most suggestions are aimed at
enhancing trade competitiveness and fostering
overall growth of Indias foreign trade. Interactions
with senior officials of the Ministry also provided
useful insights into policy formulation.

Mala Srivastava, Member (Customs), Ministry of Finance;

Amita Sarkar, Deputy Director General, CII; Sumit
Mazumder,President Designate, CII and Chairman &
Managing Director, TIL Limited; Dr. Frank Appel, CEO,
Deutsche Post DHL; Sudhanshu Pandey, Joint Secretary,
Ministry of Commerce & Industry; Joy Bandekar, Corporate
President, Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd at a Seminar on
Transaction Costs and E-Commerce in New Delhi

CII has been actively involved with the Task Force

on Transaction Costs, which aims to reduce
transaction costs to make Indian products globally
competitive. Most of CIIs inputs have been
included in the report titled Second Task Force
on Transaction Costs in Exports released by the
Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Policy advocacy was strongly undertaken on issues
which would drive Indias export competitiveness
such as procedural rationalization, enhanced
market access, diversification of export markets,
improvement in export infrastructure, especially
transportation and ports infrastructure, provision
of refund of all indirect taxes, ensuring export
credit at competitive rates and providing
marketing support.
CII proposed that dual strategy involving
reduction in transaction costs, along with upscaling the level of e-commerce, would put

Amita Sarkar; Pallavi Kaul, Vice Chairperson, West Bengal State

Council and MD, Nicco Ventures Ltd; Dr Krishna Gupta, MD,
WBIDC (West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation);
Radhakrishnan, Chairman, ICTE Subcommittee and Director
- Advisory, Last Peak Data Pvt Ltd; Vijay Dewan, Chairman,
Tourism Subcommittee and MD, Apeejay Surrendra Park
Hotels Ltd at a Seminar on Trade in Services in New Delhi

India a notch higher in the global trade arena by

enhancing overall exports. During the seminar on
transaction costs and e-commerce held in New
Delhi, policy makers from Ministry of Finance,
Ministry of Commerce and Industry shared their
views with the industry.


| 89


CII organised and participated in mega events over the year to strengthen Brand India.
guests were addressed by Mr Jaitley on the India
that Prime Minister Modi wants to build.

Interaction with Indian Heads of


Arun Jaitley, Union Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs,

Information and Broadcasting with Ajay S Shriram President,
CII and Chairman & Senior Managing Director, DCM Shriram
Ltd and Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII in Davos

CII Events in Davos

A 125-member strong CII delegation led by Shri
Arun Jaitley, Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs
and Information and Broadcasting, attended the
World Economic Forums Annual Meeting in DavosKlosters, Switzerland in January. The high powered
delegation included Ministers, senior Government
officials and leaders of Indian industry.
CII and Indian companies organised various
events on the sidelines of the meeting, including
a breakfast session alongwith BCG. 120 select

CII organised an interactive session with the Indian

Heads of Missions from Asia and Europe at the
Annual Conference of Heads of Missions of India,
organised by Minister of External Affairs. Over 80
of them interacted with leading CEOs from Indian

ASEAN-India Students Exchange

The ASEAN-India Students Exchange Programme
was envisaged as a familiarization tool to build
greater cultural and economic understanding
between the two dynamic regions of Asia. The
programme includes historical, cultural, leadership,
academic and economic components, enabling
ASEAN students to learn more about modern India.
This year, the first batch of 89 students from
Cambodia, Lao PDR, Indonesia and Malaysia
travelled to Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Delhi and
Agra. The second batch of 129 students from
Brunei, Myanmar, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand

From L to R: Kiran Karnik, Chairman, CII National Committee on Telecom and Broadband and Former President, NASSCOM;
R Mukundan, Managing Director, Tata Chemicals; Shobana Kamineni, Executive Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise
Ltd; Dr Naushad Forbes, Vice President, CII and Director, Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd; Sumit Mazumder, President Designate, CII
and CMD, TIL Ltd; Pawan Goenka, President, Automotive & Farm Equipment, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd; Ravi Parthasarathy,
Chairman, IL&FS, at an interactive session of the Indian Heads of Missions, moderated by Chandrajit Banerjee in New Delhi

90 |

VIEW 2014-15

From L to R: Gajendra Singh Khimsar, Minister for Industries, Government of Rajasthan; Chandrajit Banerjee; Sumit Mazumder;
Vasundhara Raje Scindia, Chief Minister of Rajasthan; Suresh Prabhu, Minister for Railways and Indias G20 Sherpa; Nirmala
Sitharaman, Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Commerce and Industry, Government of India; H E Nikola Gruevski, Prime
Minister of Macedonia; Amitabh Kant, Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and
Industry, Government of India; Ajay S Shriram at the Partnership Summit 2015 in Jaipur

and Vietnam travelled to Mumbai, Hyderabad,

Delhi and Agra.
Visits to global corporates such as TCS, Wipro,
Infosys and TVS, and institutions such as IIMs and
IITs as well as the Taj Mahal and Dilli Haat were
some of the highlights. Arranged in association
with the Ministry of External Affairs, CII has
successfully hosted over 1,150 ASEAN students
under this initiative over the last seven years.

The Partnership Summit 2015

Over a 1000 delegates from 54 countries attended
the 21st edition of CIIs flagship Partnership
Summit 2015 organised in association with
Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion
(DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry and
the Government of Rajasthan in January in
Jaipur, commemorating the Confederations
120th year.
Trade and Economic Ministers of 24 countries as
well as experts from diverse fields, think-tanks and
multilateral forums deliberated on Partnerships
for Shared New Realities that will spark the next
phase of global growth and develop strong
cross-border linkages and networks to assist the
transformation of the global economy.
The Partnership Summit is a platform for dialogue
and engagement among top leaders from around

ASEAN students at the Gala dinner with Anil Wadhwa,

Secretary East, MEA, Government of India

the world towards a greater understanding of the

forces that are shaping our world, the challenges
that need global policy attention and the
responses required to effectively manage change.
Business Delegations from over 50 countries
were in attendance. Senior representatives and
heads of six multilateral organizations including
Asian Development Bank (ADB), Organization for
Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD),
United Nations International Development
Organization (UNIDO), World Intellectual Property
Organization (WIPO), African Development Bank
(AfDB) and World Trade Organization (WTO)
attended the Summit. A host of prominent
speakers from Academia and Business also
attended the Summit.


| 91

Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre

The Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC) focuses on enhancing the
economic and intellectual engagement of Overseas Indians with India
Set up as a Trust, in Public Private Partnership
with Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, OIFC
works in the following areas:
Functions as a clearing house for all
investment-related information
Provides advisory services to PIOs and NRIs
Promotes overseas Indian investments into
India and facilitates business partnerships
Assists Indian states to project investment
Establishes and maintains a Diaspora
Knowledge Network

To connect Overseas Indians with India
better, OIFC strengthened its position as
a knowledge hub and showcased over 100
articles on investment related topics, through The portal received over 4,500
registrations this year.
Diaspora Engagement Meets in Bahrain and
London expanded the reach to 500 Overseas
Indians. Enthused by the opportunities
showcased, Bahrain, UK and Netherlands
mounted NRI led business delegations to
India during Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD)
OIFC organised its 9th Market Place during
PBD and organised B2B and B2G meetings.
OIFC also collaborated with Indo European
Business Forum (IEBF), UK and Middlesex
Asian Business Association (MABA), UK
making them the newest Associate Partners.
This year, OIFC brought out 7 publications.
Two of its recent publications were released by
Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA),

92 |

VIEW 2014-15

From L to R: Dr Mohan Kumar, Indian Ambassador to

Bahrain; Sushma Swaraj, Minister of Overseas Indian
Affairs; Kamal bin Ahmed, Minister for Transportation &
Acting Chief of Economic Development Board, Kingdom
of Bahrain; Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Minister
of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Bahrain; Prem Narain,
Chairman, OIFC & Secretary, MOIA; Chandrajit Banerjee,
Director General, CII & Co-chairman, OIFC lighting the
lamp at OIFC Diaspora Engagement Meet in Bahrain

Smt Sushma Swaraj and Chief Minister of

Gujarat, Smt Anandiben Patel at PBD 2015.
As part of its new initiatives, OIFC conducted
webinars for Overseas Indians focused on the
Impact of Union Budget on NRIs and NRI
OIFC partners with industry experts to provide
quality advisory services and in 2014 it formed
new partnerships with State Bank of India and
Jones Lang LaSalle and answered over 300
queries . Also, Uttar Pradesh and Telangana
signed up as OIFC state partners, taking the
total number of state partners to 14.

Spinning Indias success, Growth on the Wheels
The overseas Indian & India, Weaving a New
Global Fabric
Opportunities for Economic Engagement for
Indian Diaspora in the United Kingdom
Opportunities for Economic Engagement for
Indian Diaspora in Bahrain
Doing Business in India - Guide for Indian

CII organises fairs, expositions and exhibitions as an important business service for
members and other stakeholders to meet industry needs and new innovations and
Maintain leadership position, build scale and
deliver value to membership
Leverage the existing brands by expanding
Expand and encourage SME participation
Build and operate shows outside India

Smart Outsource Expo & Summit 2014

The 1st Smart Outsource Expo & Summit held
in Bangalore, introduced new outsourcing
models, management approaches, tools and
technologies. It provided key insights into the
latest developments in the outsourcing industry.
More than 150 delegations from across the
country participated.

P Radhakrishnan, Union Minister of State for Heavy Industries

and Public Enterprises inaugurating the 4th edition of
Industrial Maintenance Expo at Codissia Trade Fair Complex,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

4th Industrial Maintenance Expo

The 4th Industrial Maintenance Expo 2014 (IMX
2014) held in Coimbatore focused on effective
maintenance, zero breakdown and productivity
enhancement. Union Minister of State for
Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Mr
P Radhakrishnan inaugurated the expo. The
objective of IMX 2014 was to create awareness
about modern technologies and solutions relating
to maintenance, service and repairs.

The first InnoRail India 2014 Exhibition and
Conference was organised in Lucknow in
association with Research Design & Standards
Organisation (RDSO), Ministry of Railways.
Industry interacted with technical experts from
RDSO, Indian Railways and its production units for
development of new products.

Bengaluru Space Expo 2014

Bengaluru Space Expo 2014 was organised by CII
in association with Antrix Corporation Limited,

Dr K Radhakrishnan Secretary, DOS, Chairman, Space

Commission, and Chairman, ISRO at inaugural ceremony of
Bengaluru Space Expo 2014

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and

the partner country France was represented by
the French space agency (CNES). The exhibition
focused on satellite manufacturers, research/
educational institutions, IT companies, test
measurement and automation companies, GIS
companies among others.


| 93

focused Mining Industry exhibition in India,

featuring over 290 exhibitors (101 International
Exhibitors) from 15 countries who showcased their
latest technologies and equipments to the mining

ConMac 2015

From L to R: Deepak Sood, Executive Director & Head Trade

Fairs, CII ; Dr Nik Senapati, Chairman, CII National Committee
on Mining & Managing Director, Rio Tinto; Sumit Mazumder;
Dr Anup Kumar Pujari, Secretary, Ministry of Mines, GoI, Rajive
Kaul, Past President, CII, Chairman, CII Trade Fair Council
and Chairman, NICCO Corporation; V K Arora, Chairman,
CII Mining & Construction Equipment Division, Dr Saugat
Mukherjee, Regional Director, CII Eastern Region inaugurating
International Mining and Machinery Exhibition in Kolkata

The first edition of CIIs Exhibition on Construction

Equipment and Technology, ConMac 2015 held
in Guwahati, was inaugurated by Shri Tarun
Gogoi, Chief Minister of Assam. With an objective
to aid the Governments plan on accelerated
infrastructure development for the region, the
event was organised in association with Ministry
of Development of North Eastern Region,
Government of India, North Eastern Council,
Government of India. Government of Assam was
the Host State and the Governments of Arunachal
Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland
were the partner states. The event featured 110
exhibitors, 2500+ business visitors and 20,000 sq.
mtrs of exhibition display area.

Overseas Shows
With a view to build the image of brand India
and to showcase the countries strengths across
sectors, CII regularly organises the India Shows
and also participates in global shows.

India Shows

T Armstrong Changsan, Deputy High Commissioner, High

Commission of India, South Africa, inaugurating the India
Pavilion in P&E South Africa

International Mining and Machinery

Exhibition (IMME) 2014

The 12 edition of International Mining and

Machinery Exhibition (IMME) 2014, held in
Kolkata, was supported by Ministry of Coal,
Mines and Steel, Government of India and Coal
India Limited. USA was the Partner Country and
Australia was the Focus Country at the event,
which also featured country pavilions from China,
Czech Republic, Germany, and UK. Spread
over 45,000 sq.mtrs, IMME 2014 was the largest

94 |

VIEW 2014-15

Asia World Expo, Hong Kong

26th Expo Nacional Ferretera, Gundalaraja,
Mandlay, Myanmar
Almaty, Kazakhstan

India Pavilions
16th Power & Electricity World Africa
15th WETEX April Dubai
CAM Energy / Build in PHNOM PENH,
The Big 5, Kuwait
Adipec, Abu Dhabi
Build Expo Africa, Nairobi Kenya
WAMPEX Accra Ghana
Automechanika, Shanghai
19th Food & Hotel Asia, Singapore

CII-FBN India Chapter

The CII-FBN India Chapter serves as a powerful platform for family business
leaders to work in consort to achieve both their collective and individual business
goals. The Chapter encourages members to share knowledge and experiences
with one another and jointly work towards realisation of development goals.
The Chapter organises workshops and seminars to enable members to align
themselves better with their family and business goals. They also directed attention
to areas such as philanthropy that are critical to the betterment of society.

Dr Annelie Karlsson, Lead Faculty for XVI CII FBN India Chapter Annual Convention in New Delhi

The 16th Annual Convention on Family
Business conducted by Ms Annelie Karlsson
highlighted the challenges and changing
structure of Indian family businesses. The
2nd edition of Next Gen Convention focused
on the impact of emotional, spiritual and
intellectual quotients of the Next Gen on
family businesses.
Other workshops organised by the Chapter
introduced a holistic governance model
touching upon its linkages with family, wealth
and philanthrophy. Applicability of action
learning and methodology in addressing

Dr Albert Jan Thomassen , Lad Faculty for the II Next

Generation Annual Conference in Udaipur

challenges related to enterprise and family

matters were the focus of another workshop
organised in Mumbai.


| 95

96 |







Public Health


Medical Technology






Financial Services
Information and
Communication Technology
Media and Entertainment





| 97


CIIs National Council on Agriculture brings together stakeholders to work towards
sustainability and inclusive growth in agriculture as it believes that the private sector
can play a catalytic role in creating the structural transformation needed in this sector.

From L to R: Meetu Kapur, Executive Director, CII-Jubilant Bhartia Food and Agriculture Center of Excellence; Sharad S
Nandurdikar, Managing Director, Paradeep Phosphates Ltd; S Sivakumar, Chief Executive-ABD, ITC and Chairman CII National
Council on Agriculture; Gokul Patnaik, Chairman, Global Agrisystems P Ltd and Dr Arvind Kapur, CEO, Rasi Seeds (P) Ltd at an
interactive meeting with Radha Mohan Singh, Minister of Agriculture in New Delhi

Various working groups were formed under
the council to engage with the stakeholders,
especially Government. A group of CEOs
deliberated with the Union Minister for Agriculture
on creating investment opportunities for private
sector through policy reforms in areas such as
agri marketing, food grain management, water
management, extension, fertilizer subsidy etc.

Meeting with Shri Radha Mohan Singh,

Union Minister of Agriculture
A group of CEOs apprised Shri Radha Mohan
Singh, Union Minister of Agriculture the key
concerns of industry for the agriculture sector.

Procurement Policy
CII also presented recommendations on
efficient food grain management to a High
Level Committee (HLC) constituted for Food
Corporation of India (FCI) restructuring. CIIs key
recommendations include:
On procurement policy ideally FCI/State
agencies should cease procurement once
they reach their target beyond which private
trade should be procuring.

98 |

VIEW 2014-15

On storage reforms infrastructure creation

to be distributed across the country and use
of private sector warehousing capacities
and experience in preservation and stock
management. Also FCI guarantee scheme to
be reviewed and existing private infrastructure
to be assessed and utilized effectively.
On distribution reforms review PDS pricing
policy. For financial inclusion direct cash
transfers into Jandhan Yojana which is to be
linked to aadhaar cards.
On FCI restructuring FCI restructuring should
not be looked at in isolation-MSP, Buffer stock
norms, Storage and Distribution/PDS policies
should be reviewed simultaneously.

Presentation to Expert Group on Agri

Marketing Reforms
The Ministry of Agriculture has constituted a Group
of Experts Chaired by Dr Ashok Gulati to study the
report of the Committee of state ministers in-charge
of agricultural marketing and suggest an action plan
for implementation of marketing reforms. CII shared
its recommendations on agri marketing in the first
meeting of the group in February 2015. CII has also
initiated a study to determine the Implications of

the Model Act (amended APMC Act) on agricultural

marketing in India. The objective is to understand
the role of the amended APMC Act (Model Act) in
creating market efficiency, identifying alternative
marketing channels, and creating a platform to
deliberate on key lessons.

Incentivizing Farmers and Industry in

the Oilseed Sector
CII has proposed a three pronged strategy to
increase production and productivity of oilseeds in
India. Raising farm productivity through practices
such as new technology, quality inputs and farmextension services; and linking farmers effectively
with markets. Based on CII recommendations, the
Government has increased import duty on crude
oil to 7.5% from 2.5% and on refined edible oil
to 15% from 10% which will incentivize domestic
production and manufacturing. Increasing
acreage of high oil content oilseeds is another key
requirement that can be met through increased
cultivation of mustard in Punjab and palm in
coastal areas.

Special focus on Promoting Export of

Value Added Products
CII organised a brainstorming session on
Promoting Export of Value Added Products from
India in association with the Agricultural and
Processed Food Products Export Development
Authority (APEDA), in March 2015, with three main
objectives - to identify strategies that are needed
to give an impetus to exports of processed food

products, support that is needed over the existing

Government schemes to promote the exports
and to resolve issues that are holding back the
processors to export the products.

International Networking
The Joint Task Force on Agriculture, constituted
under the Pakistan India Joint Business Forum
(PIJBF), deliberated on ways to enhance bilateral
trade between the two countries. The Council
provided various other international platforms for
the members. A colloquium on Food Security was
organised with Israel. Other initiatives included
trade, investment and business interactions with
delegations from U.K., Vietnam, Africa, New
Zealand, Australia and Lebanon.

Policy review on agriculture marketing
Monthly newsletter CII FACE Food &
Agriculture Policy Tracker

Food Processing and Cold Chain

Aligned with the CII National Agriculture Council,
the CII National Committee on Food Processing
is working in close partnership with the Ministry
of Food Processing Industries, State Missions on
Food Processing and the Food Safety Standards
Authority of India (FSSAI). The Committee made
representations on issues such as the impact of
introduction of Goods and Service tax on food
processing sector, impact of high tax burden on
inflation, etc. Similarly the CII National Task Force

From L to R: Rajeev Kher, Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industries; Mayank Jalan, Co-Chairman, CII National Committee
on Food Processing and Managing Director, Keventer Agro; Ranglal Jamuda, Secretary, Ministry of Food Processing Industries;
Santosh Sarangi, Chairman cum Secretary, Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) and
Piruz Khambatta, Chairman, CII National Committee on Food Processing and Chairman & Managing Director, Rasna Pvt Ltd at the
Brainstorming session on Promoting Export of Value Added Products from India in New Delhi


| 99

on Cold Chain Development is working towards

identifying and focusing on specific crops with
regard to specific states and develops a model
over it with regard to branding and marketing of
the crop both in the domestic and international
markets. The National Cold Chain Summit,
brought together stakeholders to deliberate on
ways of enabling innovation, integration and
investments across the food value chain
The highlight for the year was the first CEOs
interaction with the Minister of Food Processing
Industries, Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal, and the
release of state and crop specific report titled
Post Harvest Value Chain Management of
Pomegranate in Karnataka. The Food Processing
Committee is working on recommendations made
in FAIDA III report, that was released last year with
a focus on taking the sector to new heights.

Other Key Initiatives

Research and Capacity Building: Short term
training programme with National Institute
of Food Technology in Entrepreneurship and
Management, feasibility report on post harvest
value chain management and plan for future
development of Cold Chain for Mangoes in
Andhra Pradesh and a report on establishing
importance of Food Processing were undertaken.
Engagement at State Level: A feasibility study on
Food Processing Project under NMFP on Banana
Processing Units in West Bengal was released.
Government Interface: Both, CII National
Committee on Food Processing and Task Force
on Cold Chain Development interacted with
Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Minister for Food
Processing Industries, Mr. Siraj Hussain, Secretary,
Ministry of Food Processing Industries and other
Government Officials to highlight the industrys
issues and concerns. A Pre-Budget Memorandum
was also submitted to the Ministry.
International Outreach: Engagements were
organised with Government and the Industry
delegations from Israel, United Kingdom,

0 |

EVIE 2014-15

Lebanon and Sweden, with a view to learn the

best practices, synergise efforts in technological
advancements and identify areas/opportunities for
bilateral cooperation.

Food Regulations
CII works closely with the industry to make it
globally competitive and with the Government
in the area of Food Regulations. The Task
Force facilitates resolution of regulatory
issues confronting the food industry to build a
conducive Regulatory Framework. A Stakeholders
Consultative Session on Food Regulatory Affairs
was also organised towards these objectives.

CII worked with the Food Safety and Standards
Authority of India (FSSAI) in the following areas:
Extensive discussions were held with FSSAI
and Ministry of Food Processing Industries on
simplification of and transparency in product
approval procedures.
CII worked closely with Ministry of Food
Processing Industries on amendments to the
Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 to bring
enhanced clarity, transparency and build ease
of operations for all stakeholders.
The industrys concerns on packaged
commodities and Amendments to the BIS
& Legal Metrology Act were raised with the
Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

Dairy Sector
The CII National Dairy Committee works towards
identifying strategies to create an efficient and
vibrant dairy market in India. It focuses on:
Increasing productivity to meet targeted
Identifying opportunities for PPP to address
issues of animal health, productivity, collection
and value addition across the value chain
PPP interventions to accelerate growth
Formulating strategies to reduce demand and
supply mismatch
Sharing learnings beneficial to all stakeholders
Dairy Vision 2015 explored opportunities and the
Way Forward for the Diary Sector in India.

The Make in India campaign,launched by the Prime Minister of India came as a
boost for Indias Manufacturing Sector. CII undertook sustained advocacy to create an
enabling ecosystem and facilitated effective implementation of policies to provide a
fillip to manufacturing sectors.

Ajay S Shriram, President CII and Chairman & Senior Managing Director, DCM Shriram Limited addressing the Inaugural Session
of the National Workshop on Make in India in New Delhi

Supporting the Make in India campaign, CII not

only played an important role in propagating
the message but also deeply engaged with
the Government in taking the reforms agenda
forward. Some areas where CII actively engaged
with the Government include:
Ease of doing business
Labour reforms
Skill development
Tax reforms
Land acquisition & RR
Sectoral policies & regulations such as MMDR
Bill, National Chemical Policy, National
Electronics Policy, National Textile Policy,
Coal and Power Sector, etc.

meeting organised for the industry to share their

concerns and make recommendations to the
In an interactive session with Mr Amitabh
Kant, Secretary, DIPP, steps necessary for
reviving manufacturing growth and increasing
competitiveness of Indian manufacturing
were discussed. Introduction of single window
clearance systems, allowing online submission of
forms and applications, revising land acquisition
and rehabilitation bill, introducing Scrappage
Policy, removal of MAT, revisiting FTAs to make
them beneficial for Indian industry were some
key recommendations presented by the industry

National Manufacturing Council

CII National Manufacturing Council compiled
an Agenda on Manufacturing Reforms for the
New Government highlighting short, medium
and long term action plan. The agenda was
presented to Smt Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister
of State (I/C) for Commerce and Industry at a

CII supported the launch of Make in India

campaign by facilitating and coordinating
industry participation, organising special
sessions of the launch in States and select
countries and formulating sectoral roadmaps and


| 101

From L to R: Dilip Khanna ,Partner,Ernst & Young, Y S Trivedi, Chairman, Process Plant Machinery Manufacturers Association, Vipin
Sondhi, Chairman, CII National Committee on Capital Goods and Engineering and Managing Director and CEO, JCB India Ltd.,
Ajay Shankar- then Member Secretary, National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council., M.S Unnikrishnan, Managing Director
and CEO, Thermax Ltd, Babu Khan, Senior Director, CII at the Seminar on The Emerging Demand Scenario and Growth Potential
in New Delhi

Capital Goods Sector

The key reason for the decline in growth of the
Capital Goods industry was stagnant demand as
a fallout of stalled projects, drop in infrastructure
investments, low investment sentiments and
money blocked in projects. The CII National
Committee on Capital Goods & Engineering took
up the reforms agenda with the Government,
aimed at reviving demand in the sector.
Recommendations submitted by the Committee
Create a National Policy on Capital Goods and
Engineering Sector
Create demand by attracting investments and
unlocking stalled projects both at the centre
and state level.
Regulate import of second hand machinery by
allowing entry through two designated ports
and imposing actual user condition.
Ban import of second hand machinery,
leveraging FTAs or Government subsidy
Rationalization of taxes and correction of
Promote exports through financial support
and long term EXIM Funding specially for long
gestation period projects
Review FTAs
Focus on building Brand India as a high-end
engineering and manufacturing hub setting

2 |

EVIE 2014-15

up permanent product display and incubation

centres in focused markets.
The Committee also organised a National Seminar
on Oil and Gas Equipment industry and an
interactive session with Dr Rajan Katoch, Secretary,
Department of Heavy Industry (DHI).

The National Committee on Chemicals in 2014
launched a major campaign called Chemistry
Everywhere with an objective to create a
positive perception of the chemical industry
amongst masses. As a part of the Campaign,

From L to R: S F Vakil, CMD, Dai-Ichi Karkaria Ltd; Padma

Vibhushan Prof M M Sharma; N B Godrej, Chairman,
CII National Committee on Chemicals and MD, Godrej
Industries Ltd; Dr Ajay Vara Prasad, Joint Secretary,
Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of
Chemicals & Fertilizers; Janardhanan Ramanujalu, Vice
President South Asia & Australia (Corporate Strategy &
Planning), SABIC Innovative Plastics India Pvt Ltd; at the
inaugural session of the conference on The Indian Chemicals
Industry: Doing Chemistry with a Purpose in New Delhi

the Committee launched a Media Outreach

programme which included contribution of articles
in newspapers, media interactions and focused
events. The Chemistry Everywhere : Hampers
for Life containing products of daily use with
interesting chemistry facts behind these products
were widely distributed. The winners of the HT
Caf Photo Contest and Selfie Contest were
felicitated at the Conference on Indian Chemical
Industry: Doing Chemistry with a Purpose
organised in partnership with the Royal Society of
In addition, CII took up issues related to specialty
chemicals, skill development and green chemistry
and advocated for the creation of standards for
user industries and creation of a US$ 100 million
Innovation Fund.
The Seminar on Enhancing Performance &
Safety: Standards for a Better India discussed the
evolution of consumption standards required to
build global scale specialty chemicals industry in

Boiler & Unfired Pressure Vessels

To enhance competitiveness and create a
conducive policy environment for the sector, the
CII Boiler and Unfired Pressure Vessel Division
advocated for allowing third party certification
for boiler manufacturers and retaining the current
provisions pertaining to recognition of competent

person, competent authority or third party

A Seminar titled Enhancing Competiveness,
Capability and Capacity of the Indian Boiler
Manufacturers was organised jointly with Central
Boiler Board, Department of Industrial Promotion
(DIPP) and American Society of Mechanical
Engineers (ASME).

A Report on Cement Vision 2025 : Scaling
New Heights, was released by Mr. Amitabh
Kant, Secretary, DIPP, Government of India in a
Conference on Cement Industry.

ICTE Manufacturing
The National Committee on ICTE (Information
Communication Technology and Electronics)
Manufacturing worked closely with the
Government and various stakeholders to make
Indian ICTE industry competitive in the zero duty
regime, encourage value added manufacturing
and increase demand.
The Committee worked on the following issues
Reducing Transaction Costs
Encouraging value added manufacturing
Implementation of the policy provision of DTA
sales of ITA-1/zero duty (ICTE products)
being given the same benefits as for physical

Amitabh Kant, Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion addressing the Inaugural Session of the Seminar on
Enhancing Competitiveness of Indian Boiler Industry in New Delhi.


| 103

From L to R: Shashi R Rajan Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Communications &IT Department of Telecommunications; Sunil
Vachani, Managing Director, Dixon Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd; Vinod Sharma, Chairman, CII National Committee on ICTE
Manufacturing and Managing Director, Deki Electronics Ltd; Satendra Singh, Head of Manufacturing Operations, Nokia Solutions
and Networks India Pvt Ltd; Mukul Surdas, Sr. Regional Commodity Manager (South East Asia), Jabil Circuit India Pvt Ltd and
Dr. R C Chopra, Senior Advisor CII at the Seminar on ICTE Manufacturing in New Delhi

Recommendations were also submitted to the

Department of Electronics and Information
Technology on:
Methodology for compensation of disabilities
related to high cost of power, finance and
Abolition of CST and SAD for ICTE sector and
a duty equivalent to the applicable VAT to be
levied on imports
Simplification of import procedures and
eliminating inverted duty at Tier 2 industries
Apart from various roundtables and stakeholder
interactions, a seminar on Development of
Domestic Supply Chain for ICTE Manufacturing
was also organised.

Leather & Leather Products

CII Leather and Leather Products Committee
worked towards creating an enabling policy
framework for the sector. The committee
recommended the extension of excise duty of
6% on all footwear; increase of customs duty on
imports of footwear to provide a level playing
field for the domestic industry; setting up of
an institutional mechanism to ensure sector
specific training, skill building and creating a
Leather hologram. Interactive sessions were also
organised with key officials of the Government
and other stakeholders.

4 |

EVIE 2014-15

To bring forth a momentum in mining activities in
the country, CII National Committee on Mining
organised a series of stakeholders meetings and
shared its inputs with the Ministry which followed
the MMDR ordinance. Key recommendations
accepted by the Government includes:
Increase in the tenure of grant of Mines to 50
Increasing the coverage area both for
prospecting and mining lease
Defining roles of the Central and State
In an interaction with Mr Narendra Singh Tomar,
Minister of Mines and Steel a detailed agenda was
presented highlighting short, medium and long
term initiatives for the mining sector. Based on
the interaction, CII harmonized the expectations
of the Mining and Steel sector and suggested
possible solutions.
A Global Mining Summit was organised
concurrently with the 12th International Mining
& Machinery Exhibition (IMME) with USA as
Partner Country and Australia as the Focus
Country. A Report Putting India on the Growth
Path: Unlocking the Mining Potential was released
during the summit.

From L to R: V K Arora, Chairman, CII Mining & Construction Equipment; Narendra Kothari Chairman-cum-Managing Director,
National Mineral Development Corporation; Sumit Mazumder, President Designate, CII and CMD, TIL Ltd; Dr Anup Kumar Pujari,
Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Government of India and Rajive Kaul Past President, CII and Chairman, CII Trade Fair Council and Dr
Nik Senapati, Chairman, CII National Committee on Mining and Managing Director, Rio Tinto India

The CII National Committee on Steel worked with
the Government in formulating an agenda for the
steel industry aiming at resolving the concerns of
the industry to achieve the vision of producing
300 MT by 2025. The committee submitted its
recommendations to the Government on ensuring
raw material security and providing a level playing
field for the steel sector.
The committee also advocated the utilization
of coastal shipping for effective logistics and

establishment of the dedicated steel corridor in

the Eastern Region.
Steel Summit 2014 was organised with an objective
to identify ways to achieve the vision of Indian Steel
industry of 300 MTPA by 2025.

Office Automation & Imaging

The CII Office Automation & Imaging Division
(OA&ID) focused on formulating standards
and regulations for procurement of advanced
technological goods, simplifying Government

From L to R: Firdose Vandrevala, Executive Vice Chairman, Essar Steel India Ltd; Sajjan Jindal, Chairman & Managing Director,
JSW Steel Limited; C S Verma, Chairman, CII National Committee on Steel and Chairman, SAIL; Rakesh Singh, Secretary, Ministry
of Steel, Government of India; Vishnu Deo Sai, Minister of State for Steel, Government of India; Ajay S Shriram, President, CII and
Chairman & Senior Managing Director, DCM Shriram Limited; Naveen Jindal, Chairman, Jindal Steel & Power Limited at the Steel
Summit 2014 in New Delhi.


| 105

purchase procedures and rationalizing duty rates

and classification, etc. Several meetings were
organised with senior officials of the DG(S&D),
DG, BEE, DG, BIS, DeitY, MoC&I for sharing
the industry concerns and initiating necessary
amendments. The 5th Annual Conference titled
Digital India for a Skilled, Smart & Secure
Nation was held in December 2014.

Apart from various stakeholder interactions,

the Division organised the India Rail Summit
in November 2014. The Summit focused on
encouraging Public Private Partnership. Mr. Manoj
Sinha, Minister of State for Railways, announced
five participative PPP models along with Model
Concession Agreements (MCAs). The Division
also facilitated a media interaction on the Railway

The CII National Committee on Textiles envisions
creation of a strong and competitive textile and
apparel manufacturing value chain, with a special
focus on employment and value addition. In 2014,
CII submitted a detailed note on the Draft Textile
Policy, in addition to taking up various issues
including easing labour laws, gaining access to
markets such as US and EU, promoting technical
textiles, etc. CII also brought out the Indian Textile
Statistics & Yearbook, 2014.

The CII Rail Transportation and Equipment
Division worked with the Government on areas
such as
Streamlining procurement process
Resource mobilization
Public Private Partnership
Railways reforms

Valves & Actuators

In 2014 CII Valve & Actuators Division worked
extensively to further build Indias competitiveness
and to position India as a preferred global source
of industrial Valves with an export potential of
USD 1200 million by 2020.
To enable the industry to harness its true potential
CIIs Valves Division advocated for
Inclusion of valves in the Focus Product
Scheme (FPS)
Creation of universally accepted International
standards to ensure global competitiveness
The Conference 2014 Going Global held in
November deliberated on the way forward for
the industry to achieve its vision of becoming a
preferred global source of valves.

From L to R: C P Sharma, CMD, Daulatram Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd, Tilakraj Seth, Vice Chairman, Rail Transportation &
Equipment Division, CII and Executive Vice President, Infrastructure & Cities, Siemens Limited, Pankaj Jain, Additional Member
(CE), Railway Board, Manoj Sinha, Honble Minister of State for Railways, Government of India, Naresh Aggarwal, Chairman,
CII Rail Transportation & Equipment Division and Managing Director & Co-Chairman, VAE VKN Industries Pvt. Ltd. at the Indian
Rail Summit

6 |

EVIE 2014-15

CII National Committee on Infrastructure works to facilitate growth, enhance efficacy,
sustainability, competitiveness and simultaneously generate business opportunities with
an objective to make India globally competitive and follow internationally benchmarked
best practices.

From L to R: Vivek Ogra, Director, VB SOFT India Limited; Dr. Jason Chang, Session Chair & Moderator and Director - Advanced
Public Transport Research Center, National Taiwan University; Dr. M. Ramachandran, Former Secretary, Ministry of Urban
Development, Government of India and Prof. H.M. Shivanand Swamy, CEPT at the International Conference on Mass Urban
Transportation in New Delhi

CII creates a platform for collectively working on
policy, regulatory and implementation related
issues, to be taken up with the Government to
facilitate an enabling and conducive framework
for Roads and Highways, Ports, Airports and
Power. Overarching issues CII addresses for these
sectors are:
Infrastructure Financing
Institutional Framework for PPP
Dispute Resolution Mechanism

The Committee provided guidance for various

policy focused Round Tables in Roads, Ports,

Legal & Regulatory Environment, Infrastructure
Finance and Urban Infrastructure. During the
Round Tables industry stakeholders deliberated
on possible initiatives to be recommended to the
Government to help revive Infrastructure sector.
The urban mass transport situation in the
country, at large, is at the developing stage.
Even metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Delhi
and Bangalore are struggling to find optimal
solutions to address their mobility needs. At
the International Conference on Mass Urban
Transportation: Developing Integrated Urban


| 107

Transport Systems in Indian Cities organised by CII

Mr. Shankar Agarwal, Secretary, Ministry of Urban
Development, Government of India emphasized
the Governments commitment to come up with
smart planning for urban mobility. The conference
highlighted the Comprehensive Mobility
Plans under development for 500 cities with
population of over 100,000. The need for greater
harmonization between different Governments at
different levels was also deliberated upon.

Special address by the Chief Guest - Shankar Agarwal,

Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, Government
of India at the International Conference on Mass Urban
Transportation in New Delhi

From L to R: Rohit Kumar Singh, Joint Secretary (Highways)

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of
India; Soma Banerjee, Principal (Energy & Infrastructure) CII;
Sharmila Chavaly, Joint Secretary (Infrastructure) Ministry of
Finance; Vijay Chhibber, Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport
& Highways; Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport
& Highways, Government of India; Vinayak Chatterjee,
Chairman, CII Task Force on Infrastructure Projects-Advocacy
& Development and Chairman, Feedback Infra Private
Limited; R. C Sinha, Advisor to Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road
Transport & Highways at the Session on Introduction to
Hybrid Annuity Model for implementing National Highways
in New Delhi

8 |

EVIE 2014-15

CII in association with Department of

Science & Technology, Government of India
and Department of State, United States of
America also organised sessions on Make
in India- Infrastructure Opportunities &
Challenges and Aviation Sector in India the
New Growth Story? The session assumed
much significance in view of both countries
commitment to establish an Indo-US
Investment Infrastructure Collaboration
Platform to enhance participation of
US companies in infrastructure projects
in India.
CII also partnered Department of Industrial
Policy & Promotion (DIPP) in organising Make
in India Sectoral Workshop at Vigyan Bhawan
on December 29, 2014. The workshop saw
participation from Shri Narendra Modi,
Prime Minister of India, Shri Arun Jaitley,
Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs and
Information & Broadcasting, Smt Nirmala
Sitharaman, Minister of State (Independent
Charge) for Commerce and Industry,
Secretaries of respective ministries, senior
industry leaders, consultants et al.
Given the importance of the Hybrid Annuity
model in the wake of challenges faced by
the Roads & Highways sector, CII organised
a session to deliberate on these issues
in partnership with the Ministry of Road
Transport & Highways. The model provides
a transparent, time-bound mechanism to
fast-track decision making in highways
development and at the same time cushions
developers from traffic risk thus aptly dividing
the financial burden between the developer
and the Government. Shri Nitin Gadkari,
Minister for Road Transport & Highways,
Government of India, and officials of the
Ministry interacted with developers, financial
institutions and consultants at this session.

CII actively engaged with the industry and the Government to develop an effective
regulatory framework and encourage industry participation in the sector. It also worked
towards ensuring adequate availability of energy at market driven prices across the
energy spectrum.

From L to R: G S Krishnan, Regional President, Novozymes South Asia Pvt Ltd; Dr A K Dhussa, Adviser, Ministry of New and
Renewable Energy, Government of India; Dr Renu Swarup, Senior Adviser, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science &
Technology and MD, BIRAC, Government of India; Pramod Chaudhuri, Chairman, CII National Committee for Bio-Energy and
Executive Chairman, Praj Industries Ltd; Abinash Verma, Director General, Indian Sugar Mills Association; Timothy Ong, Head of
National Biomass Strategy Delivery Unit (1MBAS) and Vice President Strategic Innovation Projects, AgensiInovasi Malaysia (AIM),
Government of Malaysia at the Bio-Energy Summit in New Delhi

Ministry of Coal developed a draft approach
paper for the auction and allotment process
of the coal blocks cancelled by the Supreme
Court in 2014. CII made recommendations such
as not seeking an indicative price offer at the
Qualification stage, time frame for submission of
technical bids to be extended and made uniform
for Schedule II and Schedule III mines. It also
suggested ensuring a level playing field for the
private sector.

Hydrocarbons Sector
Gas Pricing Notification: While the gas pricing
formula guidelines are a welcome step as they
end the long standing uncertainty in this area, CII
has raised areas of concern with the Government.
These include linking of Indian domestic gas
prices to gas markers from US, Canada and Russia
and exposure of Indian producers to regulatory
and political risks of Russian domestic gas policies
Inputs on Premium: To accelerate the Exploration

& Production (E&P) sector in the country a clear

market price signal is critical. CII recommended
that all new production from deep water,
ultra deep water and high pressure and high
temperature (HPHT) areas be allowed price
discovery through arms-length competitive
bidding process without any constraints.
Production Sharing Contract (PSCs) : CII
recommended that the overarching premise for
extension of the PSCs should be uninterrupted
extraction of remaining reserves. Global
petroleum industry practices should be adhered
to while framing PSC extension policy guidelines.
In addition, minimal changes to prevailing PSC
extension policy would send right policy signals to
existing and new investors
Comments on Kelkar Committee Consultation
Paper: To help revive the confidence and trust
of the existing Exploration & Production (E&P)
companies CII suggested the implementation and
honouring of contracts and policy and provision
of timely approvals / clearances.


| 109

Deepak Puri, Co-Chairman, CII National Committee of

Renewable Energy and Chairman & Managing Director, Moser
Baer India Ltd; Upendra Tripathy, Secretary, Ministry of New &
Renewable Energy, Government of India and Soma Banerjee,
Principal-Energy & Infrastructure, CII at the CEOs Roundtable
on Renewable Energy in New Delhi

fuels and that RE does not signify Renewable

Electricity but Renewable Energy.
The Study has also highlighted the significance
of promoting the symbiotic relationship between
bio-energy and sustainable/ high productivity
farming and food processing industries in
enhancing rural jobs and farmers incomes. A
National-level Study for Bio-Resources Availability
has also been proposed.

Climate Change
Renewable Energy
Level playing field for Accelerated Depreciation
(AD) and Non AD Players: Government has put
in place accelerated tax depreciation incentives to
encourage the renewable energy market. While it
incentivises the larger firms who may be investing
for tax-breaks, it may limit the growth potential
of independent and pure play power developers.
CII recommended that to provide a level playing
field to the non AD players Generation Based Tax
Incentive (GBTI) be introduced which can be set
off against the tax payable (including MAT).
RPO Compliance: The National Action Plan
For Climate Change (NAPCC) has set a national
renewable energy target of 15% by 2020. In the
recent Amendments to the Electricity Act 2003,
the Government is considering imposing stricter
penalties for non compliance of RPOs, which was
also recommended by CII.
Scheduling and Forecasting/ RRF Mechanism: A
transparent and reliable data backed Scheduling
and Forecasting mechanism is proposed to be
instituted at a consolidated State Load Dispatch
Centre (SLDC) level instead of the substation
level. To adopt the best practices, international
models, such as that of Germany, are required to
be studied.

In addition to the already existing uses of

the National Clean Energy Fund (NCEF), CII
suggested that the Fund could be utilized for
restructuring the Accelerated Depreciation (AD)
benefit for renewable energy projects, providing
insurance cover for variable renewable energy
generation, supporting large-scale deployment of
solar power projects etc.

Bio-Energy Summit
Attended by key Government and industry
stakeholders, the Summit addressed issues such
as policy interventions and strategies needed to
capitalise on opportunities in the sector, ways to
achieve efficiencies along the entire value chain,
future technologies, contribution and potential of
bio-energy in the Indian electricity mix.

CEOs Roundtable on Renewable

During the Round Table Mr Upendra Tripathy,
Secretary, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy
outlined several initiatives proposed to help
scale up renewable energy. Some of these were
Amendments to the Electricity Act 2003, the 20
MW solar parks cleared by the Cabinet, the 40
MW rooftop plan and the Green Corridors. During
the Round Table several issues facing the industry
were also highlighted to the Government.

CII made various recommendations in its Biomass
Resource Assessment Study. The most pertinent
of these relate to the need for a mindset change
that biomass is not only a resource for the poor
but also a techno-economic alternative to fossil

0 |

EVIE 2014-15

Climate Change Conclave

The Conclave provided a platform to key
stakeholders to deliberate on strategic and policy
initiatives that needed to be adopted and help
define a roadmap for the way forward.


CIIs Defence Division works towards creating a vibrant domestic defence
manufacturing and service sector by reversing the imports trend from 70% to 30% and
finally transforming it to an exporting sector, as well as creating over a million jobs in
the next decade.
Revision of DPP 2013: CII recommended to
the Ministry of Defence (MoD) that the RFPs
should carry clear details of ToT, core areas and
depth of technology required
Revision of Make procedure: CII suggested
that MoD should identify Make cases on
the basis of LTIPP and TPCR and also give
a firm commitment to companies that have
developed capabilities without Government
CII s recommendations to raise FDI from
26% to 49% in defence manufacturing sector
through FIPB approval and above 49% with
the special approval has been accepted and
implemented by the Government of India
CII-CAPS recommendations on aerospace
sector: with a view to encouraging MSMEs to
become a part of the aerospace global supply
chain, CII has suggested that Government
should consider providing incentives for
private sector R &D
CIIs representation on Ensuring Ease of
Doing Business: Concerns of Foreign OEMs
in the Indian Defence & Aerospace Sector
brought to the fore issues related to tax
holiday for Indian Defence & Aerospace Sector
and exemption from customs duty on imports
by Indian manufacturers for MoD
In response to the draft Regional Transport
Aircraft (RTA) paper, CII suggested
involvement of private industry from the design
phase onward to avoid delays in development
and collaborations with foreign players for
design and development
Promotion of Defence Exports: CII believes
that export licenses should be readily granted
to Industrial Licensee companies and Indian
Offset Partners since they have already

From L to R: Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII;

Manohar Parrikar, Raksha Mantri; Baba N Kalyani Chairman,
CII National Committee on Defence and Chairman, Bharat
Forge; Phil Shaw, Co - Chairman, CII Defence International
Cooperation Sub Committee and Chief Executive, Lockheed
Martin, India at an interactive session in Bengaluru

undergone the due diligence process. An

independent body to ensure single window
clearance for most defence exports would
also help
Defence Offset: To help reduce the gap
between the proposal and implementation,
CII recommended changes to the method of
offset proposal submission
SMEs Role in Defence Production and
Procurement: CII believes that MoD could
prepare a roadmap to ensure enhanced
involvement of SMEs in Defence production
and procurement. Technologies developed
by DRDO and other government funded
laboratories could be made available
to MSMEs

A CII led defence delegation participated in the
India-Vietnam Strategic Partnership Seminar
in Hanoi, Vietnam. The aim of the seminar was
to enhance bilateral defence cooperation at all
levels. The Ambassador of India to Vietnam, Vice
Minister of Defence of Vietnam, Joint Secretary


| 111

From L to R: Maj Gen (Retd) K B Kapoor, Director, Centre

for Joint Warfare Studies, HQIDS; Dr Sudershan Kumar,
Distinguished Scientist & Chief Controller R & D (PC & SI),
Defence Research & Development Organisation; G C Pati,
Secretary (Defence Production),Ministry of Defence; Sumit
Mazumder, President Designate CII & Chairman & Managing
Director, TIL Ltd; Dr PS Ahuja, Director General, Council
of Scientific & Industrial Research; Sujith Haridas, Deputy
Director General, CII at the DEFTECH 2014, Seminar &
Exposition on Defence Technologies in New Delhi

(DIP) were the key participants besides several

industry participants from both sides.
CII led a Defence and Aerospace Industry
Delegation to Abu Dhabi during the Global
Aerospace Summit, where global aerospace
industry captains discussed growth strategies and
technological developments.
CII in partnership with Centre for Joint Warfare
Studies (CENJOWS) organised the DEFTECH
2014, Seminar and Exposition on Defence
Technologies in New Delhi. The event was aimed
at encouraging R&D, promoting self-reliance and
indigenisation. In pursuit of its commitment to
work with MoD, CII signed a MoU with Director
General of Resettlement (DGR) during the DGR
National Corporate Conclave this year.
The first ever UAV India 2014, a Seminar on
Unmanned Platforms covered issues like the
current global developments and regulatory
In the seminar titled DEFCOM INDIA 2014: Adapting
Commercial Technologies for Unifying ICTEC
in Battle Space, issues like changes in security
environment and the need for a robust information
technology and telecommunication network system
to combat security threats was discussed.

2 |

EVIE 2014-15

Throughout the year, CII engaged with senior

officials of the MoD and DIPP to work towards
ease of doing business and to share industry
concerns. CII made a presentation to the Prime
Minister Office (PMO) on industry specific issues
and concerns. Various interactive sessions with
Raksha Mantri, Mr Manohar Parrikar were also
organised where industry members shared their
concerns and suggestions. The sectoral workshop
on Defence & Aerospace was chaired by the
Raksha Mantri and Raksha Rajya Mantri Rao
Inderjit Singh during the National Workshop on
Make in India.
In an Interactive Session with Lt Gen AS
Chabbewal, Master General of Ordnance (MGO)
members of the industry discussed opportunities
for private sector in revenue procurement. Issues
pertaining to military vehicles were discussed
by the CII Sub Committee on Military Vehicles
with the Technical Manager (Land Systems).
The 9th Meeting on India-US High Technology
Cooperation Group helped to identify issues in
defence and strategic trade between India and the
US. CII engaged with Border Roads Organisation
(BRO) to deliberate upon various projects currently
under consideration by BRO and to enhance
private sector participation in construction of
Roads, Bridges and Tunnels in Border Areas.
Annual Master General of Ordnance (MGO)
Industry Cooperation Meeting 2015 (AMICOM)
was a first of its kind initiative by CII MGO to
bridge the gap between industry and users.

Directory: Indian Defence & Security
Companies 2014
Indian Defence Aero Platforms Production &
Procurement Compendium 2015-16
CII Publication on Human Resource and Skill
Requirements of the Strategic Manufacturing
CII Indian Army Journal on Defence
Information and Communication Technology,
Olive Pages: CII MGO Compendium on
Ordnance Factory Requirements of AFVs

To create a platform at the domestic as well as international level where policy makers,
industry representatives and academia gather to create a conducive environment
for services and for enhancing global strategic cooperation in services sector, CII
undertook several initiatives this year

From L to R: Arun Jaitley, Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs, and Information & Broadcasting; Chandrajit Banerjee, Director
General, CII; Rajeev Kher, Commerce Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry; Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of State
(Independent Charge) for Commerce & Industry; Ajay S Shriram, President, CII and Chairman and Senior Managing Director of DCM
Shriram Limited; Adil Zainulbhai, Chairman, Quality Council of India; Malvinder Mohan Singh, Chairman, CII Services Council and
Executive Chairman, Fortis Healthcare at the Services Conclave in New Delhi

CII works closely with Ministry of Commerce
& Industry to resolve industry issues. Both
general (such as regulatory issues) and sectorspecific issues inhibit trade of services not only
internationally but also at the domestic level. By
closely monitoring and assessing the impact of
changes in regulations and policies, CII advocates
further reforms to create an enabling environment
for further growth and development of the
Services sector in India.

CII in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce
& Industry organised the Services Conclave. The
Conclave provided a platform for deliberations
on the existing issues facing the sector at the
domestic level and possible steps to augment
the export potential of different sectors within

CII to further its advocacy agenda, had

interactions with Smt Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister
of State (Independent Charge) for Commerce &
Industry; senior officials of the ministry and Heads
of Missions.
CII led a high powered services sector delegation
to China International Fair for Trade in Services
(CIFTIS) Beijing organised in association
with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry,
and Embassy of India in China. CIIs National
Pavilion of India at the CIFTIS helped to connect
Indian and Chinese businesses in services
sector such as Tourism, Healthcare, Media and
Entertainment and Information Technology.
A report titled India Services Guide was
released by Mr Ashok K Kantha, Ambassador of
India to China, during a seminar on India-China:
New Opportunities, New Possibilities in Trade
in Services. The first ever Global Exhibition on
Services will be held in April 2015.


| 113

Financial Services
CIIs engagement in the Financial Sector in 2014-15, in consonance with its central
theme Accelerating Growth, Creating Employment, continued to promote the holistic
development agenda of the Indian financial sector with emphasis on accelerating and
sustaining growth of the banking and finance sector, deepening the capital markets,
developing the insurance markets and facilitating implementation of financial inclusion.
The CII National Committees in Financial Sector worked on policy advocacy as well
as promotional activities in Capital Markets, Banking, NBFCs, Financial Inclusion,
Insurance & Pensions and Private Equity and Venture Capital.

Arun Jaitley, Minister of Finance, Corporate Affairs and Information and Broadcasting delivering the Inaugural Address at the
Invest in India Summit 2015 in Gandhinagar

Invest in India Summit 2015
The Ministry of Finance, Government of India
along with the Government of Gujarat, CII and
GIFT organised the Invest in India Summit 2015
in Gujarat, concurrently with the Vibrant Gujarat
Global Investors Summit 2015. The Summit
provided a platform for policy makers, investors,
industry, and other stakeholders to deliberate on
issues pertinent to Indian economy moving to a
higher growth trajectory. Shri Arun Jaitley, Minister
of Finance, Corporate Affairs and Information
& Broadcasting was the Chief Guest and Smt
Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister of Gujarat was the
Guest of Honour.

CII Study on Reforming Corporate

Bond Market (CBM)
CIIs study on Reforming Corporate Bond Market

4 |

EVIE 2014-15

in India included three reports:

A White Paper on Reforming Corporate Bond
Market in India: Scaling up resources from
Private Sector for Infrastructure Financing,
Report on Infrastructure Debt Funds
Report on Corporate Bond Market:
Benchmarking Global Best Practices into
Indian Perspective.

CII Financial Sector Journal BFSI

CII BFSI Insights, a prime thought leadership
initiative in the financial sector, was widely
acclaimed by all stakeholders. In its third year,
this quarterly financial sector Journal of CII stirred
insightful thinking on various contemporary
aspects of the Indian Banking, Financial Services
and Insurance sector and played a critical role in
shaping policy and regulatory developments.

From L to R: Chandan Sinha, Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India; R K Nair, Member (F&I), Insurance Regulatory and
Development Authority; Dr K P Krishnan, Additional Secretary, DEA, MoF; Nimesh Kampani, Chairman, CII National Committee on
Capital Markets and Chairman, JM Financial Group and Marut Sen Gupta, Deputy Director General, CII at the session on Corporate
Bond Market in India: The Way Forward in Mumbai

Last year, the Journal was published on three

themes: NBFC Sector in India: Vision 2020, Financing
Growth of Indian Economy, Jandhan Yojana: A
Sustainable Roadmap for Financial Inclusion.

Capital Markets
CII re-constituted its National Committee
on Capital Markets in the Year 2014-15. The
committee undertook policy-advocacy work
through various representations and interactive
sessions to sensitise policy-makers and regulators
about the issues faced by various stakeholders of
capital markets.
The 5th Capital Markets Summit , CIIs flagship
event on Capital Markets, was organised with the
theme Fostering Growth of the Indian Economy

through Capital Markets. A report, based on the

summit theme was released by Mr U K Sinha,
Chairman, SEBI.
An interactive session was organised with
Dr K P Krishnan, Former Additional Secretary,
Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry
of Finance (MoF) to highlight issues and
recommendations for development of Corporate
Bond Market in India.
In a closed-door meeting with Mr Manoj Joshi,
Joint Secretary (FM), Ministry of Finance, committee
members made a detailed representation on
various key issues ailing the Indian Capital Markets
specifically focusing on taxation issues to be
considered in the Budget 2015.

From L to R: Ashishkumar Chauhan, Managing Director & CEO, BSE Ltd; Chitra Ramkrishna, Managing Director & CEO, NSE Ltd;
U K Sinha, Chairman, SEBI; Atul Joshi, Managing Director & CEO, India Ratings and Research Private Limited and Nimesh Kampani
at the 5th Capital Market Summit in Mumbai


| 115

Insurance & Pensions


The CII National Committee on Insurance and

Pensions engaged with the Insurance Regulatory
and Development Authority of India (IRDAI),
Pensions Fund Regulatory Development Authority
(PFRDA), the Union Ministry of Finance, and
other stakeholders to bring structural changes in
insurance distribution models, products service
and innovation. A detailed presentation on the
issues and concerns of the Insurance Sector
was made to Secretary, Department of Financial
Services, Ministry of Finance and to the Chairman,

CII National Committee on Banking focused

upon policy and regulatory initiatives required
to enable the banking industry meet the
requirements of Indias growing economy.

As the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill was

referred to the Parliamentary Select Committee on
Insurance, CII made an exhaustive representation
to the Select Committee regarding the
amendments in the Bill.
CII also organised a Closed Door interaction with
Mr T S Vijayan, Chairman, IRDAI in Hyderabad
where a report on India Insurance Vision 2025:
Building a USD 250 billion customer centric and
value creating Industry was also released.

CII recommended a 5 point Action Plan to the

Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of
India to address the mounting Non-Performing
Assets (NPAs) pressure on the health of the
Indian banking system. Among other key policy
advocacy initiatives, CII presented its views and
suggestions on the provisions of the Payment
and Settlement Systems (Amendment) Bill, 2014
to the Rajya Sabha Select Committee.
A MoU was signed with the Indian Banks
Association (IBA) for mutual collaboration
in identified focus areas to create beneficial
outputs for the Indian Banking Sector including
the Banks, the Industry, the Economy and
the Customers. CII and IBA agreed to launch
the Financial Conditions Index and organise
Quarterly Industry Banking Interfaces initially
with an endeavour to mutually expand the areas
of collaboration going forward.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

CII is currently working towards creating a
regulatory framework that would have fewer
restrictions in operations of the PE & VC funds in
India. CII National Committee on Private Equity &
Venture Capital undertook policy advocacy work
during the year to sensitise policy makers on the
issues faced by the sector. Under the aegis of the
committee, CII made a detailed representation to
the Ministry of Finance highlighting the issues and
concerns faced by PE & VC.

Financial Sector Development

CII constituted a National Council on Financial
Sector Development with the task to identify,
analyse, debate and represent policy issues to
Ministry of Finance, other nodal ministries and
concerned Regulators on the current regulatory
architecture with an objective to improve
coverage and quality and unleash the growth of
the financial sector in the country.

6 |

EVIE 2014-15

CII re-constituted its National Committee on
NBFCs to assess the impact of prevailing
policy and regulatory environment, and
analyse, discuss and deliberate critical issues
concerning the growth and development
of the NBFC sector. CII suggested a 5 point
Agenda to the RBI and the Ministry of Finance
to steer the NBFC sector on its revival path
for orderly growth and further increase its
contribution to the Indian economy. CII also
made a representation on the revised regulatory
guidelines of the NBFC sector.

Financial Inclusion
CII National Committee on Financial Inclusion
presented its views and recommendations to the
Ministry of Finance and relevant regulators so
as to foster an enabling environment for aiding
Financial Inclusion.

Information and Communication Technology

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector plays a vital role as a
contributor to the countrys economic growth as well as in employment generation.
In sync with the Digital India Initiative of the Government, CII launched the National
Mission on Digital India this year, with the objective to bring in thought leadership to
prioritize, plan and put in place demonstrable strategies and models to roll out the
digital implementation plan.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India at the
India Economic Summit in New Delhi

Growth of ICT infrastructure and technology
enablement for inclusive growth, under the
overarching theme of Digital India.

Recommendations on Spectrum Auction
were submitted to the Department of
Inputs were given on TRAI Consultation Paper
on Delivering Broadband Quickly What do
we need to do after consultation with various
industry players.
Response on Additional Spectrum and
reference to TRAI for Valuation of 2100 + 2300
Mhz was submitted to the Department of

Recommendation on Release of Idle Spectrum

for Productive Use was shared with the
Ministry of Communications & Information
Technology, Ministry of Defence, and TRAI.
A representation on Number Portability
of Public Switched Telephone Network
(PSTN) was submitted to the Ministry of
Communications & Information Technology,
Government of India and TRAI.

Over the year CII organised interactions with
various senior Government officials as well
as Ministers. Through these meetings and
interactions CII highlighted challenges facing
the Telecommunications and ICT sector and
submitted specific actionable recommendations


| 117

for the betterment of this sector. CII also sought

views of the Government officials on the priority
areas where collaborations and partnerships
could be considered for successful roll-out of
the Digital India plan. Emphasizing the need to
encourage digital transactions, Secretary DoT
invited suggestions on how to deal with regulatory
impediments faced by the industry and alternative
models for execution of digital transactions that
are working effectively in other nations.
The CII Industry-IT Summit: A catalyst in driving
growth in Indian industry, the summit titled
Technology: A catalyst in driving growth in Indian
industry, deliberated upon the challenges that
manufacturing and infrastructure organisations
face in using IT; the prevailing IT adoption levels;
as well as future expectations by Manufacturing
and Infrastructure sectors from IT.
Interactive Session with Mr John Chambers:
Mr John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco
Systems highlighted the importance of a
collaborative effort drawing on the experiences,
ideas and ingenuity, as well as global innovation
and experience for creating a successful digital
economy. The need for organisations to keep ahead
of the pace of change to survive and to align their
IT and business strategies was also emphasised.
CII is also encouraging companies to develop the
capability and capacity to use digital technologies
which will help drive productivity, enhance
innovation and entrepreneurship, and generate new
value-adding industries as well as jobs.
The 15th International Common Criteria
Conference: Indias recent recognition as an
Authorizing Nation for CCRA certification to test
and certify Electronics and IT products for cyber
security is expected to provide a fillip to the digital
agenda of the country. The 15th International
Common Criteria Conference 2014, co-hosted
by STQC, DeitY and CII also highlighted that this
authorization wil help India become a hub for
security assurance of IT products and services.
This conference brought together over 250 global
and Indian delegates from government, academia

8 |

EVIE 2014-15

From L to R: CN Raghupathi, Chairman, CII Sub-Committee

on IT for Domestic Industry and Head India Business &
VP, Infosys Ltd; Neil Wilson, Executive Director & Partner,
PricewaterhouseCoopers India; Arun Maira, Management
Consultant and Former Member, the then Planning
Commission of India; Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, CII
National Committee on IT, ITeS & eCommerce and Chairman,
Microsoft Corporation (I) Pvt Ltd; and Sujith Haridas, Deputy
Director General, CII, releasing the CII-PwC report on Driving
Growth in Indian Industry Unlocking the Transformational
Value with Technology in New Delhi

From L to R: N E Prasad, Director General, STQC Directorate,

Department of Electronics & Information Technology,
Government of India; Kiran Karnik, Chairman, CII National
Committee on Telecom & Broadband; R S Sharma, Secretary,
Department of Electronics & Information Technology,
Government of India; Arvind Gupta, Deputy National
Security Advisor, National Security Council Secretariat; Dag
Stroman, CCMC Chairperson at the Inaugural Session of the
International Common Criteria Conference in New Delhi

and industry to deliberate on how to use it to

build increasingly secure information systems and
SME Roadshows: The 2nd edition of SME
Roadshows, held in ten industrial clusters, showcased
the most appropriate technologies for MSME
businesses and also provided an opportunity for ICT
service providers to connect with the SMEs.
India Economic Summit: At the India Economic
Summit held in New Delhi in November, Shri Ravi
Shankar Prasad, Union Minister of Communication
and Information Technology, Government of

India urged the industry to play their part in

implementation of Mission of Digital India.
India-U.S. Technology Summit: This was the
largest-ever bilateral event between India and
the United States focused on science, technology
and innovation. Technology is the greatest
amplifier, connecting Indians across the country.
The Governments vision is based on the premise
that the 1 billion plus Indians must be connected,
supported by an inclusive plan encompassing
affordable and accessible broadband,
infrastructure creation and localized content
development. The Summit also deliberated on
the need to focus on research, innovation and
entrepreneurship and boosting partnerships in
manufacturing, trade and investments.
CIO Summit: The 2nd edition of the CIO summit
themed Keeping Pace with IT Security and
Compliance organised at Chennai, brought
forth the growing need to focus on IT security
and regulatory compliance in the digital age.
This is especially important in the wake of the
increasingly interconnected, integrated and
interdependent environment.
Digital Governance New Frontiers: The
conference was organised by the Department
of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances
(DARPG), Ministry of Personnel, Public
Grievances & Pensions, and the Department of
Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY),
Ministry of Communications & Information
Technology, Government of India, in partnership
with Department of Science and Technology,
Government of Gujarat and CII. It focused on
Skill Development & Employability.
Smt. Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister of Gujarat
presented 22 e-Governance Awards in 12
categories to the winners for 2014-15.
CII National Mission on Digital India: CIIs
role in pushing focused, time-bound and
transformational initiatives that can become a
game changer for the country were highlighted
at the First Steering Committee Meeting on

Digital India. The need to create an institutional

mechanism for joint interoperability in education,
skilling and healthcare to ensure successful rollout
of the Digital India campaign and criticality of
viable and scalable business models for the
success of Digital India were also discussed.
Interaction with Mr R S Sharma: CII organised an
exclusive session with industry members in New
York with Mr R S Sharma, Secretary, DeitY during
the India-US Joint Working Group meeting on ICT.

CII ATKearney Report on Roadmap on
Implementation of Indian Telecom Sector
Vision 2020
CII PwC Report on Driving Growth in Indian
CII KPMG Handbook on Being Compliant
Demystifying Role of IT

From L to R: S Srinivasan, Chief Information Officer, TVS

Infotech; Vikram Subrahmanyam, Operations & Technology
Head - South Asia, Citigroup; Varun Sood, Co Chairman, CII
National CIO Forum and CIO & Vice President - Strategic
Initiatives, Fortis Healthcare Ltd; Sidhharth Viswanath, Partner
- Risk Advisory Services, PwC India; Avinash Joshi, Vice
President - Sales & Business Development (India & South
Asia), IBM India Pvt Ltd at the CIO Summit in Chennai

From L to R: Rakesh Garg, Secretary (Telecom), Department

of Telecommunications, and Mr Kiran Karnik, Chairman,
CII National Committee on Telecom & Broadband, at an
Interactive Session in New Delhi.


| 119

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Sector is the fourth largest sector in the
Indian economy and also, amongst the larger employers. CII continued to play a
catalysts role in facilitating the sectors growth and development through continuous
policy dialogue with the Government and by providing a collaborative platform for all
stakeholders to share and learn.

From L to R: Abheek Singhi, Senior Partner & Director, The Boston Consulting Group; Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Partner, Rare
Enterprises; J Suresh, Chairman, CII National Retail Committee 2013-14 & Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Arvind
Lifestyle Brands Ltd; Dr Naushad Forbes, Vice President, CII and Director, Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd; Kurush Grant, Chairman, CII
National FMCG Committee 2014-15 and Executive Director- FMCG Business, ITC Ltd and Greeta Varughese, Executive Director,
CII during the launch of the CII- BCG White Paper Changing Your Orbit-The Handbook for Transformation in FMCG and Retail
Businesses at the inaugural session of the CII National Retail and FMCG Summit in Mumbai

CII is proactively working with the Department of
Consumer Affairs on the Proposed Amendment
of the Consumer Protection Act which will lead to
the framing of a resilient and holistic legislation
to address and safeguard the interests of all
stakeholders especially consumers and legitimate
CII also made a representation requesting a
review of the Circular issued by CBEC to clarify the
issue on parallel imports regarding enforcement
of intellectual property rights on imported
goods which has encouraged import of fake and
counterfeit goods. CII has sought a review of
certain amendments to the Trade Marks Act that
came into effect in 2003.
CII is putting together a Draft Code on Consumer

0 |

EVIE 2014-15

Corporate Responsibility with inputs from all

stakeholders based on a request from the InterMinisterial Monitoring Committee on Misleading

Sub Groups comprising key stakeholders were
formed to focus on key issues and to create an
increasingly vibrant and inclusive sector:
Sub Group on GST
Sub Group on Skill Building

Knowledge Sharing
A CII - BCG Report titled Changing your Orbit
The Handbook for Transformation in FMCG
& Retail Businesses was released. It highlights
approach of how an integrated top-down effort to
drive successful transformation can be undertaken
in the FMCG and retail industries.

From L to R: Richard Rekhy, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG India; Harun Rashid Khan, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India;
Suresh Senapaty, Chairman, CII National Risk Summit and Executive Director & Chief Finance Officer, Wipro Limited; Deepak
Parekh, Chairman, Housing Development Finance Corporation and Greeta Varughese during the Release of the CII-KPMG White
Paper Derisking the Future of India Inc. at the CII National Risk Summit in Mumbai

The CII KPMG Report Derisking the future

of India Inc. unveiled at the National Risk
Summit discusses the need for defining,
analysing, understanding and mitigating risks
in business operations, customer needs and
societal responsibilities.
CII National FMCG Summit 2014 titled The
Changing Landscape of the FMCG Industry:
Opportunities and Challenges Ahead
focused on how to define and refine the
value proposition and the operating model

to deliver value for consumers and

CII National Risk Summit on De-risking the
Future of India Inc. was held in Mumbai in
February 2015. Balancing Risk and Opportunity
through Smart Risk measures was the key focus
at the Summit. Emphasis was laid on the need
to safeguard stakeholder interests, in areas such
as protecting customer data, sustaining the
environment, ensuring regulatory compliance and
preserving shareholder values amongst others.

From L to R: Sandeep Verma, Global Brand Director & Category Head Household Care, Hindustan Unilever Ltd; Prashant Singh,
Managing Director- India Region, Nielsen India Pvt Ltd; Abheek Singhi, Senior Partner & Director, The Boston Consulting Group;
Kurush Grant, Chairman, CII National FMCG Committee 2014-15 and Executive Director- FMCG Businesses ITC Ltd and Tarun
Arora, Country General Manager India, Danone Waters at the CII National FMCG Summit held in Mumbai


| 121

The organised retail sector in India is evolving rapidly and becoming more costcompetitive with the emergence of hyper-markets and malls and the deployment
of information technology systems such as enterprise resource planning software,
and sophisticated IT infrastructure. CII continued its focus on creating an enabling
environment for this sector.

From L to R: Prof. Piyush Kumar Sinha, Professor in Retailing and Marketing , Chairperson, Centre for Retailing, Indian Institute
of Management, Ahmedabad; Mark Ashman, Former Chief Executive Officer, Hypercity Retail India Ltd; Kabir Lumba, Managing
Director , Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd; Mini Menon, Executive Editor, Bloomberg TV; Ashish Dikshit, Chief Executive Officer,
Madura Fashion & Lifestyle; Sanjay Purohit, Managing Director, Levi Strauss (India) Pvt Ltd and Mohit Khattar, Managing Director,
Godrej Natures Basket Ltd at the CII National Retail Summit in Mumbai.

CII pressed forward its views that the regulations
and processes for modern retail trade in India
need to keep pace with developments in
technology, accessibility to information and
changes in consumption patterns.

Over the year, CII Retail Committee worked
closely on its agenda by constituting two Sub
Groups comprising key stakeholders from the
modern retail trade :
Sub Group on Knowledge Sharing
Sub Group on Governance
The CII - BCG Report Changing your Orbit The

2 |

EVIE 2014-15

Handbook for Transformation in FMCG & Retail

Businesses highlights the approach of how an
integrated top-down effort to drive successful
transformation can be undertaken in the FMCG
& retail industries. The report defines several
drivers that companies must take into account,
as they set themselves up for a journey of
reinvention and relevance in an ever changing
market place.
The Annual National Retail Summit, an exclusive
and collaborative platform, for sharing quality
knowledge, insights and helps build sustainable
strategies towards increasing the value for
Indian consumers. The Summit focused on
Winning Strategies in Retail.

Media and Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment Division focuses on embracing digitization in the Media
Entertainment sector whilst also focusing on services export potential. The sector
includes films, broadcast, print media, animation, visual effects, digital, and new

Rajesh Roshan, Music Composer; Rakesh Roshan, Producer, Director and former actor and Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood actor at the
Felicitation Ceremony at CII Big Picture Summit 2014 in New Delhi

CII worked with various stakeholders of the media
entertainment industry with a view to promote:
Indian film content, facilities and shooting
locales in international markets
Growth of regional cinema

Promoting Indian Film Content,
Facilities and Shooting Locales in
International markets
CII coordinated the India Pavilion at the European
Film Market and the Berlin Film Festival in
partnership with Ministry of Information &
Broadcasting to promote Indian films and industry
on a global platform. CII has been coordinating
Indias participation at Cannes Film Market for
the last eleven years, positioning the Indian
Entertainment industry on the global landscape.
CII promoted the Indian shooting locales to
enhance their attractiveness to global film makers.
A Media & Entertainment delegation also visited
China International Fair for Trade in Services
(CIFTIS) in May last year.

Promoting Growth of Regional

The CII Big Picture Summit: Vision Bengal
highlighted the potential of the Bengali film

Industry Engagement
The Big Picture Summit brought together
international experts from global media groups
to engage with the Indian media entertainment
industry. The Summit deliberated on issues,
policies, trends, best practices and way forward in
this dynamic industry. CEOs of the industry met
Shri Prakash Javadekar, then Minister of State for
Information & Broadcasting to deliberate on the
industry issues.

CII PwC Entertainment & Media Outlook
CII Naik & Naik Legal Handbook
India Film Guide released at European Film
Market, Berlin with Ministry of I&B
CII IMRB International Report 2014 Bengal
Bioscope A Big Picture Outlook for
Sustainable Growth


| 123

The CII National Committee on Tourism continued its efforts to promote Tourism as
a mainstream industry and a major driver of economic growth. Through a series of
interactions with Government and industry, CII worked at highlighting challenges faced
by the industry and solutions for them.
Issues identified - Visa policy, Taxation
policy, Infrastructure status, Aviation policy,
International promotion and markets, and
Aggressively promote Brand India both
internationally and domestically
Build on the cultural and environmental
aspects to make tourism a vibrant sector.
Strengthen tourism with neighbouring
Vigorous marketing by travel agents to
promote tourism between countries

To enhance the list of countries granted visas
on arrival
To give infrastructure and export sector
status to Tourism industry
Standardisation of hotel tariffs across India
More budget hotels for mid segment
To improve connectivity and infrastructure in
tourism sites

The Seminar on Pilgrimage & Spiritual Tourism
held in Varanasi highlighted the need for PPP
involvement in keeping the city clean and
maintaining it. Issues such as adoption of ghats,
construction of roads, and marketing activities
were deliberated upon.
In the Round Table on Sports Tourism in
India titled The Country is Game! various
eminent speakers shared the extent of tourism
opportunities offered by sports such as cricket,
polo, golf, tennis and soccer. Bottlenecks in
promotion of Sports Tourism and possible action

4 |

EVIE 2014-15

From L to R: Dr Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State (IC)

for Tourism & Culture, Minister of State for Civil Aviation,
Government of India, Ravindra Jaiswal, BJP-MLA; Garish
Oberoi, Secretary General (UPHRA), Secretary (HRANI) &
Joint Secretary (FHRAI); Lalit K Panwar, Secretary, Ministry of
Tourism, Government of India and Surendra Kumar Jaiswal,
President, UPHRA at the Seminar on Pilgrimage & Spiritual
Tourism in Varanasi

points were deliberated upon. CIIs other efforts in

this regards were:
CII partnered with Foreign Tour Operator
Associations in different countries with an aim
to boost Indias foreign tours arrivals
To boost domestic tourism, CII partnered
with the tourism departments of various State
A number of Round Tables were organised with
participation from states and the industry with
a view to boosting niche tourism products of
the States. CII worked closely with the Ministry
of Tourism and IATO to increase visa on arrivals
from more countries
CII is engaging actively with various state
Governments to increase the heritage and rural
tourism circuits which will also help to increase
employment generation and boost arts, crafts
and culture.

Catalyzing Accessible and Affordable Healthcare For All through developing solutions
and approaches in partnership with the Government, and leveraging the expertise and
resources resident with the private sector has been the focus for CII in 2014-15

From L to R: Indrani Kar, Deputy Director General, CII; Rahul Khosla, Co-Chairman, CII National Committee on Healthcare &
Managing Director, Max India Ltd; Shripad Yasso Naik, Minister of State (Independent Charge), Department of AYUSH; Dr Naresh
Trehan, Chairman, CII National Committee on Healthcare & Chairman and Managing Director, Medanta - The Medicity; Lov Verma,
Secretary-Health, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare; Harpal Singh, Mentor and Chairman Emeritus, Fortis Healthcare Ltd at the
11th India Health Summit in New Delhi

CII National Committee on Healthcare has been
working on a focused agenda for catalyzing
private sector involvement in creating an effective
ecosystem for Healthcare delivery in India. The
focus areas were:
Enabling healthcare delivery in underserved
areas and catalyzing utilization of underutilized
infrastructure through pooling of resources
viz. expertise, technology, clinical and
administrative protocols and CSR
Promoting disease prevention through
awareness creation
Strengthening and upgrading secondary and
tertiary care public healthcare systems through
PPP models
Bringing remote areas under the healthcare
delivery system by leveraging private sector
Suggesting new Health Financing models
through Health Insurance

Addressing the talent and skills shortfall in


Recommendations to the Government
The CII National Committee on Healthcare is
responsible for impactful changes on key issues
such as universal health assurance, medical talent
and workforce, augmenting the existing physical
infrastructure and human resource, catalysing
PPPs in the healthcare value chains, gaps in
physical infrastructure in the context of future
demand and solutions that allow integrated care
delivery. Some of the recommendations made by
CII have found a reflection in the Draft National
Health Policy, 2015.

Building a Healthier India through

Collaborations and Partnerships
CIIs recommendations on building a healthier
India have become the cornerstone of the


| 125

In addition, CII made a recommendation to

MoHFW to increase the number of seats in post
graduate medical colleges, introduce policy
and regulatory reforms in medical education
including relaxation in minimum requirements
for infrastructure etc. for facilitating setting up of
Private Sector Medical Colleges.

Health Financing

advocacy work in Healthcare and gained

enormous traction.
Comprehensive recommendations on Building
a Healthier India-The Private Health Sector
Commitment and Healthy & Educated Villages
Programme were submitted to the Prime Minister
and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The
Government is giving serious consideration
to these recommendations that are focused
on developing solutions and approaches in
partnership with Government, and highlight
possibilities of leveraging the private sector to
improve the capacity of the Healthcare system
in India. The 11th India Health Summit with the
theme Health for All: Call to Action deliberated
on CIIs key recommendations and issues
pertaining to the Healthcare sector.

From L to R: A Vaidheesh, Chairman, Sub-committee on

Accessibility, Health Insurance and VP, Corporate Government
Affairs and Policies, Asia-Pacific, Johnson & Johnson; G
Srinivasan, Chairman & MD, The New India Assurance Co. Ltd;
Dr Harsh Vardhan, the then Health Minister, Ministry of Health
and Family Welfare; Dr Naresh Trehan; Chandrajit Banerjee,
Director General, CII at the 8th Health Insurance Summit in
New Delhi

6 |

EVIE 2014-15

Health Financing constituted a major area of

CIIs intervention. CII mooted a unique low cost
concept of achieving Health for All by integrating
Health Insurance in the Governments proposed
Health Assurance programme by suggesting a
single buyer concept for public Health insurance.

An integrated Health Insurance Model Health

Assurance for All-Leveraging the Power of A
Billion, compiled by CII, is an effort to put in
perspective a possible solution to the challenge of
providing Universal Healthcare to every citizen.
The detailed implementation proposal has been
submitted to the PMO and various ministries. The
8th Health Insurance Summit themed Leveraging
the Power of a Billion discussed and deliberated
on CIIs proposal on Universal Health Assurance,
international models on Health Insurance
coverage and how to leverage the role of private
Health Insurance industry.
Some of the CII recommendations that have
found reflection in Union Budget 2015-16 include
enhancement of limit of deduction of health
insurance premium. The first steps for moving
away from a provider to payer role have been
taken by giving the ESI beneficiaries the choice
between ESI or Health Insurance.

Public Health
CII engages industry leaders to catalyze the private sector response to promotive and
preventive health practices, with a specific focus on Non Communicable Diseases.

From L to R Indrani Kar, Deputy Director General, CII ; Dr Damodar Bachani, Deputy Commissioner (NCDs), Ministry of Health
& Family Welfare; Edgard Olaizola, Managing Director, Eli Lilly and Company; Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India;
Shobana Kamineni, Chairperson, CII National Committee on Public Health and Executive Vice Chairperson -New Initiatives, Apollo
Hospitals Enterprise Limited; C S Verma, Chairman, Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) & Steel Authority of India
Limited (SAIL) at the 2nd National NCD summit in New Delhi



CIIs Public Health Division has been deeply

involved in:
Expanding the footprint of CIIs interventions in
Non Communicable Diseases
Proactively engaging industry in preventive
health through widespread awareness and
sensitization campaigns on the necessity for
early diagnosis of diseases such as Diabetes

During the year, CII extended its interventions

in diabetes management to major Public Sector
Enterprises [PSEs] including the Maharatnas
and Navratnas. A mapping of over 70 PSEs
across Mumbai, Raipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore
and Kolkata helped to identify gaps in their
ongoing NCD management programmes and
to offer meaningful policy recommendations

From L to R Dr. PC Rai, Chief Medical Officer, National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC); Dr. P S Prasad, Director
General, Railway Health Services, Health Directorate, Indian Railways; Ashok Pavadia, Joint Secretary, Department of Public
Enterprises, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises; Dr. Indranil Bhattacharya, Medical Advisor, Eli Lilly and Company;
Amit Backliwal, Managing Director, IMS Health; Dr. S K Gupta, Director (M & HS), Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL);
Dr. A K Goyal, Chief Medical Services, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), Dr. Chandra Tripathi, Chief Medical
Officer, Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL); Dr. Sandeep Sharma, Senior Manager & Additional Chief Medical Officer (ACMO),
Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)


| 127

Screening Camps organised at ICICI Bank, Hyderabad and at Boston Consulting Group, Gurgaon

to strengthen the management of Diabetes.

During the 2nd National NCD Summit the National
Whitepaper with Actionable Recommendations
was released by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam.
The Drive Against Diabetes (DAD) 2014 was
extended to Mumbai, Delhi NCR and Hyderabad
with the involvement of the corporate sector
and it carried forward the promise of scale and
replicability. Several screening camps, awareness
campaigns among the workforce to encourage
easy to adopt lifestyle changes were the highlights
of this drive.

Key Findings from DAD 2014

Obesity and overweight were found to be a
significant problem with about 48% people
testing above normal BMI and 12% as obese
52% did not know whether they had a family
history of diabetes
Point prevalence of pre-diabetes and diabetes
showed increasing trend with age progression
Self employed sample group had relatively
lower (1%) sample prevalence than other
groups (salaried, students etc.)
Almost 34% of diabetic volunteers didnt know
or did not think that they have diabetes

The 2nd National Whitepaper - Management and
Care of Diabetes in Public Sector Enterprises;

8 |

EVIE 2014-15

Insights from Multi-stakeholder Consultations

presented the following actionable
Need to create uniform policies and have
a strong and sustained top management
leadership to tackle the diabetes burden in
Health promotion, employee education and
interventions tailored to high risk groups
should be pivotal to any primary prevention
programme at workplace.
PSUs need to engage and partner with
other stakeholders including governments,
hospitals, NGOs etc, to influence the social
and environmental factors that determine
the burden of chronic diseases
Necessary adjustments in healthcare
infrastructure are required to improve
the quality of diabetes care services.
Collaboration with medical colleges, training
institutes and professional associations for
providing Continuous Medical Education
(CME) to healthcare providers in PSUs has
become vital.
Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of
diabetes and its complications is critical to
recognise the disease well in time, identify
high-risk groups, revise/formulate health
care policy, make informed decisions and
evaluate the progress in disease prevention
and control.

Medical Technology
In 2014-15 CII focused on catalyzing contribution of the Medical Technology industry to
healthcare in India and to facilitate its growth through policies and promotional measures.

From L to R: Indrani Kar, Deputy Director General, CII; Gunjan Verma, Director QA/RA/Govt Affairs, Zimmer India Pvt Ltd; Anupam
Shah, Chairman, EEPC India; Chanderjit Banerjee, Director General, CII; Amitabh Kant, Secretary, DIPP, Ministry of Commerce &
Industry; Pavan Choudary, Chairman, CII Medical Technology Division and MD, Vygon India Pvt Ltd; Himanshu Baid, Co-Chairman,
CII Medical Technology Division and MD Poly Medicure Ltd; Rahul Guha, Partner & Director, The Boston Consulting Group; Vibhav
Garg, Head- Health Economics and Government Affairs (HEGA), Boston Scientific India Pvt Ltd. at the 7th Medical Technology
Confernece in New Delhi

Initiatives focused on achieving regulations that
are predictable, transparent, globally harmonized
and appropriate for medical devices and
promoting domestic manufacturing and increasing
Foreign Direct Investment.

A White Paper released at the Medical Technology
Conference outlined the need for a new Medical
Devices Act. Recommendations for policy changes,
regulatory framework, establishing a vibrant
manufacturing and export sector were shared with
Secretary Health, Secretary DIPP and Secretary
Department of Science and Technology. Persistent
advocacy lead to medical devices being treated
separately from drugs and the medical technology
sector being identified as a sunrise sector.
As a result of interventions held with various
Government Departments including DIPP,
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, MoC,
DoP investment rules have been eased and
FDI in Medical Devices has been brought to
automatic route. This would encourage the
long standing need for local manufacturing
and technology infusion in the sector.
Promoting Manufacturing
After continued engagement with Policy

makers to provide legislative, financial,

technological and academic impetus to
indigenous manufacturing of medical
devices the Department of Pharma created
three subgroups for Promotion of Domestic
Production of High End Medical Devices and
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment.
Drugs & Cosmetics (Amendment) Bill 2015
CIIs suggestions on the Drugs & Cosmetics
(Amendment) Bill 2015 were well received and
included recommendations to evolve a tailor
made regulatory code for medical equipment,
devices and IVD to facilitate the functions of
manufacturing, imports and sale.
Drugs & Cosmetics (Second Amendment)
Rules 2015
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is
favourably considering CIIs suggestions on
Drugs and Cosmetics (Second Amendment)
Rules 2015.
After repeated policy interventions with decision
makers on the issue of local labelling of Medical
Devices and In-Vitro Diagnostics Devices,
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has agreed
upon CIIs request for withdrawing the labelling
requirements, which might have interrupted
supply of these vital devices, through an office
memorandum on 29th September 2014.


| 129

CII National Committee on Biotechnology acts as an enabler to foster R&D and growth
in the sector and works to develop an innovation-driven, globally quality-compliant
sector and positions India as a hub for affordable innovation.

From L to R: Dr. Rajiv K Sinha, Former Associate Professor, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia; Ashwin Shroff, Co- Chairman,
CII National Committee on Biotechnology and Chairman and MD Excel Industries Ltd; Mohan Kundariya, Minister of State for
Agriculture & Cooperation; Dr. A. K. Sikka, Deputy Director General, Natural Resource Management, ICAR; Dr A M Sheikh, Ex Vice
Chancellor, Anand Agriculture University at 4th National Conference on Agribiotechnology in New Delhi

Policy and incentives for facilitating R&D to
catalyse discovery of newer molecules and
generate valuable IPR
Revival of the Clinical Research Industry
by focusing on key challenges faced and
making workable recommendations
Encourage R&D through fiscal incentives
and newer schemes to facilitate research
and technology transfer from the bench to
Enabling a global interface to showcase
Indias strength in Biotechnology
Catalysing conducive policies for growth
and development of the Biotechnology
Creating a vision to document the depth of

0 |

EVIE 2014-15

the sector and the opportunity over the next

ten years

Recommendations to Government
The Committee submitted a comprehensive
paper for the Government outlining key issues
and suggesting actionable recommendations.
The pre-Budget Memorandum for 201516 presented to the Government aimed
at catalysing fiscal policies for growth and
development of the Biotechnology sector.

Biotechnology Vision 2025

CIIs National Biotechnology Committee
partnered with Accenture and in consultation
with the industry released the India

Biotechnology Industry Vision 2025. The report

highlights Indias strengths in Bio Pharma, Bio
Services, Bio Industrial, Bio Agri, Bio Informatics
and also makes recommendations on how the
vision to secure Indias position in this sector
can be achieved.

Promoting Effective Agriculture

Practices through Biotechnology
CII organised the 4th National Conference
on Agri Biotechnology-Smart Agriculture:
Transformation through Biotechnology aimed
at promoting smart and effective agriculture
practices using Biotechnology. Stakeholders
interacted with various nodal bodies such as the
Department of Biotechnology, Department of
Agriculture & Cooperation and Association of
Biotechnology-Led Enterprises (ABLE) to take
stock of the current and emerging situation,
especially with respect to policy intervention,
promotion of technologies and capacity
building of stakeholders.

International Linkages
To ensure that Indias historical success story

with Generics is repeated with Biologics,

CII provides international platforms such as
participation in conventions and international
The India Pavilion was set up by CII in
partnership with Association of Biotechnology
Led Enterprises (ABLE) and Department of
Biotechnology at BIO International Convention,
San Diego in 2014 to provide visibility and
market access for the Indian Biotech Industry.
Dr K. Vijay Raghavan, Secretary, Department
of Biotechnology led a strong 75-member
delegation to the convention representing
members from biotechnology private and
public sector companies across the globe
alongwith key government departments. The
Forum also brainstormed on key policies and
emerging geographies with Indian companies.
The Committee emphasized the need for
Government agencies, academia and private
players to constantly and effectively work
together and communicate the responsible and
safe use of Biotechnology.

Prof. K. Vijay Raghavan, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India at the BIO International Convention
in San Diego


| 131

CII works to catalyze the growth of Indias Pharmaceutical sector by leveraging various
opportunities, addressing issues of concern to the sector and projecting a positive
image of the sector amongst global buyers, investors and stakeholders focusing
especially on making, developing and innovating in India

K G Ananthakrishnan, Co-Chairman, CII National Committee on Pharmaceuticals, and MD, MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt
Ltd; Dr V.K. Subburaj, Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals; Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, Minister of State of Chemicals and
Fertilizers; Dr Rajiv I Modi, Chairman, CII National Committee on Pharmaceuticals, and CMD, Cadilla Pharmaceuticals Ltd,
Navreet Singh Kang, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, and Director General, Central Government
Health Scheme, Indrani Kar, Deputy Director General, CII at the 12th National Pharmaceutical Conclave in New Delhi

Extensive engagement with policymakers, industry
bodies, captains of the pharmaceutical sector was
undertaken to address policy related challenges
and foster growth and development of the sector
Issues faced by the Bulk Drug Manufacturing
Industry were taken up to facilitate a conducive
policy to foster growth and reduce dependence
on imports of raw materials
Recommendations were made to resolve the
challenges faced by the Clinical Research Industry.
Fiscal recommendations were submitted to the
Government on incentivising R&D in the sector

Recommendations to the Government
A comprehensive set of recommendations and
approaches were shared with the Government to
enable a quick reference on key issues facing the

2 |

EVIE 2014-15

pharma sector . The overarching recommendations

covered important areas such as bulk drug
manufacturing, creation of clusters, encouraging
innovations, etc. to bring in new developments
and ease out the existing processes.
Strengthening Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
through Backward Integration
The CII National Committee worked with the
National Manufacturing Council and Department
of Pharmaceuticals for promoting Pharmaceutical
Manufacturing. A meeting with Bulk Drug
Manufacturers Association provided impetus
for developing a new Bulk Drug Policy. Industry
interactions on bridging the gaps in Regulatory
Quality and understanding impediments in
complying with Good Manufacturing Practices
were organised in partnership with Quintiles.

Smoothening Regulatory Challenges

CII actively engaged with the Department of

Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Health & Family

Welfare, through industry participation in major
Task Forces and Consultation Committees.
Policy recommendations and inputs on various
regulatory issues were shared, especially with
respect to streamlining Clinical Research, need to
adhere to Standard Operating Procedures as per
global standards and suggestions on Drugs and
Cosmetics Bill.

Catalyzing Making, Developing &

Innovating in India
Make, Develop and Innovate in India, was
organised in partnership with Department of
Pharmaceuticals and Industry Associations
like Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance, Indian
Pharmaceutical Association, Indian Drug
Manufacturers Association, Bulk Drug
Manufacturers Association, Organisation of
Pharmaceutical Producers of India and Federation
of Pharma Entrepreneurs. Decision makers of
the Pharmaceutical sector deliberated on key
bottlenecks impeding its growth and discussed
time-bound implementable interventions.
A set of Proceedings has been collated to capture
the key observations of each of the sessions from
the 12th National Pharmaceutical Conclave: Make,
Develop and Innovate in India to present some
ideas for possible actions

From L to R: Dr. Kiran Marthak, Director - Head Global

Clinical Development, Lambda Therapeutic Research
Limited; Robert A. Rhoades, VP Quality & Compliance,
Consulting, Quintiles and Arvind Mishra, President, Cadila
Pharmaceuticals Ltd at a Round Table in Mumbai

Working with Policy Makers to Foster

Growth and Development
CII along with the industry members drew up a
roadmap for addressing major issues being faced
by the Pharma sector and made suggestions
for possible solutions to overcome these issues.
These were presented during the Make in India
workshop organised by DIPP and were included in
the presentation made to the Prime Minister.

Pre-budget Memorandum
CIIs Pre-Budget Memorandum to the Finance
Ministry, based on inputs from the members,
focused specially on fiscal interventions to
encourage R&D and industrial growth.

From L to R: Shri Ananth Kumar, Minister for Chemicals and Fertilizers and Shri Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, Minister of State,
Ministry for Chemicals and Fertilizers launching the CII Proceedings of the 12th National Pharmaceutical Conclave: Make,
Develop and Innovate in India, along with Dr. Rajiv I Modi, Chairman, CII National Committee on Pharmaceuticals &
Chairman and Managing Director; Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Indrani Kar, Deputy Director General, CII


| 133


Given the irrefutable salience of the MSME sector in fortifying the economic landscape
in the wake of the Make in India initiative, CII has been fervently advocating for
concerted policy interventions to build an enabling ecosystem for MSMEs and
facilitating their ease of doing business
Revision of the MSME definition
Amendment to the MSME Development Act
for a special dispensation for revival and exit of
Creation of a distinct and dedicated SME Bank
Revision of the new Companies Act, 2013
Simplification and rationalization of Labour
Laws and regulation of Inspector Raj
Resolving delayed payments through reforms
such as factoring without recourse and
incentives for timely payments
Business Mentoring Services and Senior
Expert Advisory Services by national industry
bodies to promote entrepreneurship
Proper implementation and disbursement of
the Rs 10,000 crore MSME Development Fund
Creation of a Central Climate Friendly
Technology Fund
Allotment of vacant and disused premises in
industrial estates to new or existing enterprises
Engagement with the Ministry of Labour

and Employment for the simplification and

rationalization of labour laws for SMEs through
a Small Factories (Regulation of Employment
and Conditions of Services) Bill, 2014
CII report The New Wave Indian MSME:
An Action Agenda for Growth suggests an
alternative framework for definition of MSMEs. It
proposes that the framework be built around five
growth enabling pillars comprising: infrastructure,
regulatory framework, funding, performance
incentives and skill India.

The Council engaged with Shri Kalraj Mishra,
Minister, Ministry of MSME during a special
session encompassing discussions on growth
prospects and relevant policy interventions for
The CII-Finance Facilitation Center (CII-FFC),
launched in June 2014 for providing advisory and

From L to R: Deep Kapuria, Immediate Past Chairman, CII National SME Council and Co - Chairman, CII National Trade Fair Council
and Chairman, Hi-Tech Gears Ltd; Madhav Lal, Secretary, Ministry of MSME, Government of India; Kalraj Mishra, Minister for
MSMEs, Government of India; Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII; T T Ashok, Co Chairman, CII National SME Council and
MD, Taylor Rubber Pvt Ltd along with the Partnering Banks during the Launch of CII SME Finance Facilitation Centre in New Delhi

4 |

EVIE 2014-15

foreign delegates from 25 countries and over 450

B2B meetings.
A National Vendor Development Programme
provided a platform for Public Sector Enterprises
and SMEs to explore productive business
opportunities. CII and the National Institute
for Entrepreneurship and Small Business
Development (NIESBUD) also entered into a
collaboration over knowledge sharing and for
furthering Virtual Clusters on the occasion.
From L to R: Varun Mirchandani, Executive Director, ONICRA;
Deep Kapuria, Madhav Lal; Kalraj Mishra, Minister for
MSMEs, Government of India ; T T Ashok; Sujith Haridas,
Deputy Director General, CII at the Valedictory Session of the
11th Global SME Business Summit in New Delhi

credit accessibility support to SMEs, through

its partnerships with banking institutions
successfully facilitated the sanction of loans
of around Rs. 85 crore to SMEs. In order to
create financial literacy amongst SME members,
the centre conducted a series of roadshows,
seminars, webinars, online master classes, etc
reaching out to around 700 SMEs.
During a special interactive session with the
Council, Mr. Amrendra Sinha, Additional
Secretary and Development Commissioner,
Ministry of MSME invited suggestions for the
revision of the definition of MSMEs. He stressed
the need for a policy framework which is
supportive as well as enabling.
A Webinar on The Companies (Amended) Act
2013 was conducted in September to assess
the impact of the Act on the MSME sector and
to devise a framework of amendments to the
stringent and debilitating provisions hampering
the growth of MSMEs.
The 11th Global SME Business Summit, aimed at
enabling global economic growth through SME
partnerships, saw participation of around 150

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder, Art of Living shared

his thoughts in a session on Business Ethics and
Growth of MSMEs.
CII and the Overseas Human Resources
Development Association (HIDA) organised a
training programme on the Empowerment of
Women Leaders in India in Tokyo to enhance
their leadership skills and awareness on diversity
management as well as to provide them with
networking opportunities.
To propel the indigenization drive of the
Government of India, the Council organised
various programmes. A Make in India Public
Private Partnership Programme in partnership
with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
provided a platform for potential MSME
suppliers and R&D partners in the Aerospace
sector to explore avenues of long term business
partnerships and integrate themselves into the
defence supply chain. Another symposium
organised in partnership with NIESBUD focused
on growth and prospects of MSME sector in
emerging scenario.
In an attempt to formalize policy discussions
over specific challenges besetting SMEs in
India, a policy Round Table series was organised
under which the Council engaged with various
stakeholders on Delayed Payments to SMEs,
Business Ethics, Simplification of Labour Laws,
the Public Procurement Policy for MSMEs and the
EXIM Policy for SMEs.


| 135

136 |


CII in the Regions






| 137

CII Eastern Region adopted the National Theme Accelerating Growth, Creating
Employment as its theme for the year to carry forward corporate initiatives for
integrated and inclusive development across diverse domains to broad-base
development and help deliver the fruits of progress to all.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das addressing a CII Session on Evolving an Agenda for Trade & Industrial
Growth of Jharkhand in Ranchi

CII made the following recommendations to the
State Governments during the year:
Increase of subsidy in Bihar that had
been reduced in 2014-15, to support farm
mechanization in the state
Consider population density, existing road
width in old cities, and keep maximum one
way roads while outlining the master and zonal
plans for building by-laws in Bihar
Set up an Export Facilitation Centre and start
air cargo and customs clearance facility at
Raipur Airport
Reduce VAT on various products manufactured
in Chhattisgarh
Reduce the Sales Tax rates for Auto Ancillaries
in Jharkhand
Several modifications to the Single Window
System in Odisha
Setting up of an effective single window
system for all by making the (Combined

8 |

EVIE 2014-15

Application Form) CAF virtual in

West Bengal
Tourism policy and incentive schemes to be
considered by the Department of Tourism,
Government of West Bengal
Steps for incentivizing green manufacturing in
West Bengal

Economic Development
While improving the ease of doing business
and attracting investments across sectors was
the key agenda, CII continued to showcase the
strengths of the region and the opportunities
it offers. CII also maintained close liaison with
State Governments, Chief Ministers, senior
Ministers and senior Government officials and
actively engaged with the State Governments
through participations in important committees.
CII created Joint Task Forces with the state
Government of Jharkhand and Odisha to take

forward the agenda for development. Views on

tax and non-tax issues were articulated, and the
need for promoting a strong culture of innovation
and creativity was highlighted.
Trade Fairs and Expositions included Agro Bihar,
Safety Symposium & Exposition, Krishi Unnayan
Mela, and the key conferences organised included
Banking Colloquium, Big Picture Summit, Logistics
Colloquium, Energy Conclave, ICT East, Infra
East, Destination East, Financial Market Conclave,
Brand Conclave, North Bengal Conclave, Skill
Conclave, CSR Meet, etc. CII worked closely
with the state Governments and key institutions,
initiating policy dialogues to create a win-win
scenario. It also assisted the State Governments in
organising road shows and investors' meets such
as Enterprise Odisha, Andaman & Nicobar Islands:
Growth Opportunities and Bengal Global Business
Summit (BGBS) 2015.
Pre-Budget memoranda was submitted to all
five State Governments in the east
Investment Climate Surveys were conducted in
the States
Awareness Sessions on GST were organised
and policy dialogues held with relevant
Inputs to Industrial Policies for Odisha and
Chhattisgarh were given
Recommendations were made to the Bihar
Manufacturing Task Force
Recommendations were submitted to the
Chhattisgarh Government on opportunities
and priority areas of investment
Setting up of State level Investment Promotion
bodies in the States was proposed
CII is a member of export promotion councils
of all five eastern states

CII took initiatives to boost the manufacturing
sector, engaged with the State Governments
for speedy clearances of stalled projects and
organised interactions with the Chairman, Project
Monitoring Group in all the five states in the
region. In response to the Prime Ministers Make
in India campaign, CII conducted stakeholders

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik launching a report at

the inauguration of Enterprise Odisha in Bhubaneswar

meets in Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and

Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The Confederation
made recommendations to the Department of
Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP). CII was
also the organising partner of the Bengal Global
Business Summit 2015 and was Industry Partner
of the Government of Odisha in the National
Manufacturing Symposium.
CII ER also organised a Manufacturing Conclave,
the International Mining & Machinery Exhibition
(IMME) and the Global Mining Summit in Kolkata.
Recommendations were made on promotion of
manufacturing in Bihar and Chhattisgarh.

In continuance of its focus on MSMEs, CII-ER
undertook a wide range of initiatives:
Created MSME Helpdesk
Set up an online MSME Finance Facilitation
Cell in Odisha, Bihar and Chhattisgarh to
provide advisory and credit facilitation support
to MSMEs
MSME Synergy sessions were organised
at Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, Kalimpong,
Coochbehar, Malda, Siliguri, North & South
Dinajpur to encourage entrepreneurship
and address issues and concerns of MSMEs
through a clinical mode on the spot
Vendor Connect and vendor linkages fora
were held at Balasore, Kolkata, Siliguri and
Business missions to Barrackpore and Kolkata
in West Bengal and Angul in Odisha were
Industry - Defence Linkages with special focus on
MSMEs were held in Kolkata and Jamshedpur


| 139



Revitalizing agriculture, educating farmers

in post-harvest technology, machineries
and fertilizers, and building a strong food
processing industry dominated CIIs agenda.
CII-ER organised Agro Bihar, the largest
agricultural machinery exhibition in the East,
and partnered the West Bengal Government to
organise the maiden edition of Krishi Unnayan
Mela. The shows had dedicated Kisan Pathsalas
for educating farmers in modern agricultural
practices and also live demonstrations. Over
50,000 farmers benefited from these activities.

With IT being seen as a game-changer, a

number of steps were taken to promote ICT
tools among businesses. The objective was to
help organisations formulate ICT strategies and
align them with the ever-changing market needs.
ICT East provided a platform for companies of
all sizes to deliberate on ways and means to
get accustomed to the social media, big data,
cloud, BYOD, pervasive computing, smart device
proliferation, etc.

With a strong focus on designing quality
services and building a roadmap for affordable,
accessible and improved healthcare services,
CII worked to create a strong eco-system
and attract more investments from private
players, especially in tier-I and tier-II cities.
Healthcare East 2014 and Evolving Healthcare
Investment Landscape - a conference on Scope
of Private Equity, Venture Capital, Debt and
Angel Funding in Healthcare were the most
notable initiatives taken to boost this sector.
The other highlights included advocating for
infrastructure status for hospitals. A ten-year
tax holiday was also recommended and inputs
to the proposed Healthcare Policy in Bihar were

In line with the national agenda to foster
Government, Industry and Academia
collaboration, a number of initiatives were
launched, the most notable being Innovation
2015, a conference that sought to promote a
strong culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and
R&D activities. At the Brand Conclave a global
expert Jan - Benedict E.M. Steenkamp conducted
a workshop on how to make Indian brands global.
CII is a member of the State Innovation Councils
of Bihar and Odisha. Dedicated forums were
organised on Intellectual Property Rights, Madrid
System for the International Registration of Marks
in Patna and Kolkata.

To showcase the Eastern Region as an attractive
tourism and investment destination a range
of initiatives were undertaken. Advocacy with
Governments for enabling policies, creating
better physical infrastructure and offering
incentives were some focus areas. The 5th
Destination East, showcasing tourism products
of the East provided a platform for 74 buyers
from 25 countries from across the globe to
interact with their Indian counterparts. CII also
helped the Tourism Department of West Bengal
to draft a vision document and submitted
recommendations for its Tourism Incentive

0 |

EVIE 2014-15

T V Narendran, Managing Director, Tata Steel Ltd; Lt Gen

Ajay Kumar Singh, Lt Governor, Andaman & Nicobar Islands;
Viresh Oberoi, Chairman, CII Eastern Region and CEO &
MD, Mjunction Services Ltd, Anand Prakash, Chief Secretary,
Andaman & Nicobar Administration; Bishnu Pada Ray, Member
of Parliament, Andaman & Nicobar Islands unveiling a report on
the Growth Opportunities in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands
at the Conference on Andaman & Nicobar Islands: Growth
Opportunities, at Port Blair

International Linkages
To understand how businesses located in
the region can work closely with overseas
counterparts, CII mounted a Business
Mission to Myanmar and organised several
interactive sessions with High Commissioners,
Ambassadors and Consul Generals. A Regional
Task Force was created to promote investments
in the region. A total of 14 outward International
Linkage and 17 inward International Linkage
fora were created with Myanmar, Bangladesh,
France, USA, Poland, Russia, Italy, Estonia,
China, Germany, Vietnam, Laos, Ethiopia,
Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe and

Green Initiatives
Believing that Green can be an engine of
growth a road map was created for developing
strong Green infrastructure, industry,
buildings and systems. A Conference on
Climate Change was organised. Industry and
relevant stakeholders were sensitized on the
application of solar thermal water heaters. The
Chhattisgarh State Renewable Development
Agency and CII GBC signed a MoU focused
on promoting green buildings and renewable
energy in Chhattisgarh. The CII UKFCO
project on sustainable industrial development
in West Bengal and Odisha identified fiscal
instruments for incentivizing low carbon growth
and developed an implementation plan for the
instruments identified.

Session with Stewart Beck, High Commissioner of Canada to

India, in Kolkata

CII team led by Viresh Oberoi calls on Dr Raman Singh, Chief

Minister, Chhattisgarh

Media And Entertainment (M&E)

With West Bengal being seen as a hub of content,
skill and business in the M&E space, one focus
areas was to explore ways of strengthening the
Bengali film industry and charting the road
ahead. The aim was to explore new avenues of
sustainable business and recommend suitable
technologies. The report Bengal Bioscope: A
Big Picture Outlook towards Sustainable Growth
unveiled at the Big Picture Summit: Vision Bengal
focused on ways to increase the reach of Bengali
films across the globe.

Social Development
In pursuance of the CSR Act and with the goal
of creating effective PPP models, 26 Anganwadi
Centres in Kolkata were adopted through the
CII-UNICEF CSR Hub. The CSR Hub is providing
infrastructural support, supplementing additional
nutrients and training the Anganwadi workers.

CII Business Mission led by Viresh Oberoi, calls on U Ye Myint,

Chief Minister, Manadalay in Myanmar


| 141

Education & Skill Development

CII ER worked towards creating greater
awareness on education and skill development
in line with the Governments target to skill
500 million people by 2022. Skill Conclave
2014, in West Bengal and Industry-Rural India
Skill Connect in Jharkhand, were organised.
In association with State Urban Development
Agency, CII trained over 550 marginalised
urban youths in several cities in West Bengal in
ITES, retail, beauty & haircare, fitter, electrician,
etc. CII is a member of the Skill Development
Council in Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and
Odisha. The other notable actions taken during
the year include:
Training of over 2,800 students in 8 CII-PARFI
Rural Skill Gurukuls in Jharkhand, Bihar,
Odisha, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal in
construction related skills, fork lift driving,
Training of 720 youths in retail, BPO, beauty
& haircare, electrician trades in association
with Aditya Birla Jan Seva Trust
Training of 200 local youths of Patna and
Rohtas in grinding and forging trades with
the Industry Department of Bihar
Training of 100 youths in Madhepura in Bihar
in automobile technician skill
CII Skill Coordination Centre in Kendrapada,
Odisha, trained over 200 candidates

S P Sinha, Chairman, CII Bihar State Council &

Senior Adviser, Bihar Hotels Ltd; Jitan Ram Manjhi, the then
Chief Minister of Bihar; Dr Bhim Singh, Minister, Industries,
Bihar at the Awareness Programme on Intellectual Property
Rights in Patna

Affirmative Action
In its focused endeavours to improve the
quality of life and create more jobs and
enhance self-employment opportunities
for SC/ST communities, CII trained 100
women shitalpati artisans in product
development, process modernisation
and market linkage in Cooch Behar in
West Bengal. Tata Consultancy Services
supported soft skills training, while UK-India
Education and Research Initiative sponsored
entrepreneurship development programmes
in Darjeeling and Howrah.

Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister, West Bengal at the North Bengal Industry Meet 2015 in Jalpaiguri

2 |

EVIE 2014-15


During 2014-15, CIIs work in the North Eastern Region centred around capitalizing on
the natural resource base and mainstreaming the Region through multidimensional
initiatives including skill and entrepreneurship development programmes as well as
building new and strengthening existing ecosystems. This year there was a special focus
on new technologies and innovations and channelizing new investments into the Region.

Industry interaction with Dr Jitendra Singh, (sitting on the left) Minister of State, Ministry of Development of the North Eastern
Region, Atomic Energy & Space; Prime Ministers Office; Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions in New Delhi.

Youth empowerment through skill
development and entrepreneurship
Value additions and promoting market
Taking technology to North East
Linking North East with the world
Societal initiatives beyond businesses

As a landmark initiative, CII in partnership with the

BYST and Government of Assam, launched the
Youth Entrepreneurship Development programme
aimed at assisting the disadvantaged Indian
youth in developing business ideas into viable
enterprises under the guidance of a Mentor.

Youth Empowerment Through

Skill Development and
A key area of CIIs work in the North East
is catalyzing skill development, vocational
training and creating linkages of skilled
personnel with business and industry.
A very significant ground level intervention
this year was setting up of CII - Indian Oil
Multi Skill Development Institute at Digboi,
Assam. The Institute offers three month
training courses in Hospitality/ Welding/
Beautician Services.

From L to R: Indrani Kar, Deputy Director General , CII; Barun

Barpujari, Chairman, CII Assam State Council and Executive
Director, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (AOD) Digboi Refinery;
Rameswar Teli, MP, Dibrugarh Lok Sabha constituency; Puru
Gupta, Deputy Commissioner , Tinsukia District; Kaushik Borah,
Executive Director, IOCL- AOD; Abhijit Barooah, Co Chairman
- CII North East Council and Managing Director, Premier
Cryogenics Ltd at the inauguration of IOCL AOD - CII Multi Skill
Development Institute, Digboi, Assam


| 143

Multi-Skill Development Institute at Digboi

Information Technology and Enabled Services

IT & ITeS has been identified as a key sector for
promoting entrepreneurship in the region. CII in
association with the Department of Information
Technology, Government of Assam organised
the North East IT Summit 2014. The programme
helped local IT entrepreneurs to collaborate and
catalyse partnerships with large and medium
organisations to enhance their bandwidth for
efficient delivery of products and services. A 22

Students undergoing training at the IOCL AOD-CII Multi-skill

Development Institute, Digboi

member Pan India Delegation was mounted

with representatives from all the segments of
the IT industry which explored projects arising
from the Government and PSUs.
Young Indians (Yi)
Young Indians (Yi), an initiative of and an
integral part of CII has been very active in the
region. Its 35th chapter, the 1st in Meghalaya,
was launched in January 2015. Young Indian (Yi)
Guwahati adopted a very focused approach
on the development of Guwahati and in
partnership with CII launched the 2nd edition of
Clean Guwahati contest.

Value Additions and Promoting

Market Linkages
Rajiv K Bora, Principal Secretary - IT, Government of Assam at
the North East IT Summit 2014 in Guwahati. From L to R: Abhijit
Barooah; Biswapriya Bhattacharjee, Group Business Director
eTech: IT & Telecom Practice, IMRD International; Atreyee B
Thekedath, Chair IT Panel - CII North East Council and Director
Web. Com India Pvt Ltd.

Delegates interacting with State Governments

4 |

EVIE 2014-15

Catalyzing value additions and market

linkages of key sectors is a major thrust
area of CIIs work in the North East. This
year special emphasis has been placed on
promoting growth of Pineapple, Rubber and
Bamboo in the region. Efforts to streamline
the bamboo transit and regulatory regime
in the North East were continued through a
Roundtable jointly organised with the Bamboo
Development Agency (BDA) and Mizoram
Chamber of Industries (MCI). With a view to
promote investments in the region, a Tripura
Investors Meet was conducted in Jalandhar.
The Directory of the importers and exporters
of Tripura was released with the objective
of increasing linkages between Tripura and

Tarun Gogoi, Chief Minister, Government of Assam delivering the inaugural address at ConMac 2015 in Guwahati

As a maiden initiative, CII in partnership with

the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance
Council (BIRAC) organised Roadshows in
Gangtok and Guwahati. The objective was to
create awareness about opportunities available
for innovation-led entrepreneurship in the
bioscience sector.

Societal Initiatives
CII has developed platforms for all stakeholders
to channelize the capacities of change leaders individuals and organisations, to catalyze social
change, giving impetus to developing the region.
The third edition of the CSR - CSO Bridge 2014:

Taking Technology to the North East

CII continuously provides platforms for exchange
of knowledge about latest technologies and
services suitable for the region. CIIs ConMac
2015, the first edition of North East Indias largest
Construction Equipment and Construction
Technology Trade Fair witnessed participation
of over 110 exhibitors including the largest
construction equipment companies from India
and attracted over 2000 business visitors.

Linking North East with the World

CII works very closely with Central and State
Governments and acts as a catalyst in enhancing
the sub-regional cooperation for developing
economic and social ties with the adjoining
countries. Towards this objective, a Stakeholders
Consultative Workshop was organised to
develop a mechanism to integrate Indias Look
East Policy with the requirements of the
North East.

Machineries at display in ConMac 2015


| 145

From L to R: Barun Barpujari; P K Rawat, Joint Secretary (East Asia), Ministry of External Affairs; M P Bezbarua, Member, North Eastern
Council; Amb Rajeet Mitter, Former Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh and Leader, BCIM Economic Corridor Joint Study Group;
Ameising Luikham, Secretary, North Eastern Council; Patricia Uberoi, Vice Chairperson, Institute of Chinese Studies and Member,
BCIM-EC Joint Study Group at the Stakeholders Consultative Workshop on the Role of the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM)
Economic Corridor in Regional Integration: Perspectives from North East India in Guwahati

Forging Partnerships in the North East was

organised to emphasize a new paradigm of CSR.

Members of Indian Women Network North Eastern Regional

Council at the Flood Outreach Initiative in Morigaon, Assam

A Round Table on Wildlife Conservation Role

of Industry as an enabler and its significance
for growth, focused on promoting smart
green infrastructure to minimize the impact of
projects on environment. In a bid to conserve
the environment, especially in the urban areas of
North East, impart knowledge on green building
concepts and the IGBC Ratings system, CIIIGBC organised training programmes on green
buildings in Assam and Shillong in association
with North Eastern Council.

Indian Women Network

S K Barua, Vice Chairman, CII Assam State Council & Director

(Finance) Numaligarh Refinery Limited, honouring Mina Borah
for achievements in Grassroots Women Entrepreneurship at the
Summit on Inclusive Growth for Women Agenda North East, in

6 |

EVIE 2014-15

To ensure increasing participation of women

in shaping policies, CII and the Indian Women
Network (IWN), North Eastern Region organised
a Summit on Inclusive Growth for Women
Agenda North East. CII IWN also honoured
women excellence in two categories - Ms Mina
Borah, for achievement in Grassroots Women
Entrepreneurship and Ms Hemaprava Devi for
achievement in Women Entrepreneurship in Micro
& Small Business.

With Accelerating Growth in North: Facilitating Investments... Creating Employment as
the theme for 2014 -15, CII Northern Region emphasised on creating an environment
conducive for attracting investments and accelerating economic growth, thereby
increasing employment avenues. This is key to accomplishing the overall goal of
attaining long term inclusivity, sustainable growth and social development across
Northern Region.

From L to R: Richard Rekhy, Co-Chairman, Invest North 2014 and Chief Executive Officer, KPMG India; Jayant Davar, Co-Chairman,
Invest North 2014 and Co-Chairman & Managing Director, Sandhar Technologies Ltd; Amitabh Kant, Secretary DIPP, Ministry
of Commerce & Industry, Government of India; Prem Narain, Secretary, Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India;
Malvinder Mohan Singh, Chairman, Invest North 2014 and Executive Chairman, Fortis Healthcare Ltd; Shreekant Somany, Deputy
Chairman, CII Northern Region and Chairman & Managing Director, Somany Ceramics Ltd; Pikender Pal Singh, Regional Director,
CII Northern Region, releasing the CII KPMG Knowledge Papers during the 3rd Invest North Conclave in New Delhi

Engaging with State Governments to
enhance business climate and attract
Value addition and promotion of market
Youth empowerment through skill
development and entrepreneurship
Building competitiveness for MSMEs
Recommendations on Industrial Policy to
Governments of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh,
Jammu & Kashmir and Chandigarh
Recommendations on tourism policy were
made to the Rajasthan and Uttarakhand
Government. Sectoral recommendations
were made to Rajasthan Government
Significant success achieved related to
announcement of solar policy of Rajasthan
and Haryana, RIPS 2014, Uttarakhand MSME

Policy and amendments in labour laws in

Engaging with state Governments for
reforms related to single window system,
infrastructure, labour laws, APMC Act and
the Land Leasing Act
Build consensus on Goods and Services
Tax (GST) amongst State Governments and
Pre-Budget Memorandums were submitted
for Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu &
Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand
Meetings with Members of Parliament of
Chandigarh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi
were organised to take forward State-level
issues with the Central Government
Inputs for election manifesto of political
parties submitted in Delhi, Haryana
and J&K


| 147

From L to R: Dr Pawan Goenka, Chairman, CII Agro Tech 2014 and Executive Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd; Manohar Lal
Khattar, Chief Minister, Haryana; S Parkash Singh Badal, Chief Minister, Punjab; Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan (Canada);
Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII at the 11th CII Agro Tech in Chandigarh

Economic Development
To attract investments in North, CII organised
Invest North 2014 bringing together key
stakeholders from State and Central
Governments, Indian and international
corporates and business associations.

Agriculture being the mainstay of North India, it
is imperative to remove its bottlenecks, increase
agricultural productivity, enhance farmers
earnings and increase agricultures falling share
in Indias GDP.
The 11th CII Agro Tech, themed Building
Global Competitiveness was thus organised at
Chandigarh to bring together all stakeholders
onto one platform and build consensus on key
Key Highlights
Generated over 7,500 business enquiries
with a potential value of Rs 76 crores
40,000 farmers including women farmers
visited the Fair
162 exhibitors including 36 foreign exhibitors
from Canada, Italy, Israel, Germany,
Spain, France, Poland, South Africa, The
Netherlands and Russia.

8 |

EVIE 2014-15

Vasundhara Raje Scindia, Chief Minister, Rajasthan

addressing the National AROGYA 2015, organized jointly by
Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and Department of
Ayurveda, Government of Rajasthan and CII at Jaipur

Visitors and delegations came from

Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Denmark,
Germany, Ghana, Israel, Japan, Mali, New
Zealand, Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka, The
Netherlands, The Gambia, USA
Kisan Goshthees- Sharing best practices in
agriculture, were addressed by 63 experts
5 international conferences were addressed by
103 experts from various countries

Providing efficient Healthcare services to the
country has been the key priority of both State
and Central Governments. Major initiatives

included Healthcare Summits and National &

State Arogya Fairs in partnership with Ministry
of AYUSH, and respective State Governments.
These fairs promoted development, efficacy and
affordability of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy,
Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH)
systems of medicine, and played a crucial role in
integrating AYUSH into mainstream healthcare

The Tourism sector has the potential to generate
eight times more employment compared to
manufacturing or other sectors. Unfortunately it
has not been fully leveraged. The 2nd CII Tourism
Fest was hosted in Chandigarh in partnership
with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of
India, stakeholders such as policy makers, state
Governments, international tourism boards and
tourism industry deliberated on strategies to
remove bottlenecks and key concerns to create a
roadmap for inclusive and seamless tourism. The
Fest saw state participation from Chandigarh,
Punjab, Goa, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh,
Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
and international participation from Abu Dhabi,
China, Japan, Mauritius and Thailand.

Enabling MSMEs
The Region continued its focus on making MSMEs
globally competitive, providing them access to
new markets, financial assistance and business
development. Thus, various training programmes,
cluster development series, sessions promoting
Make in India campaign, learning missions,
buyer seller meets, specialised trade shows and
sectoral conferences were organised. 2 clusters
were formed in Gurgaon and Greater Noida,
benefiting 19 units. The region has 7 clusters in
all, benefiting 44 units, leading to approximate
savings of Rs 18 crore and other intangible

R V Deshpande, Minister of Tourism, Karnataka and Major

Vijai Singh Mankotia, Vice Chairman, Himachal Pradesh
Tourism Development Board inaugurating the 2nd CII Tourism
Fest 2014 at Chandigarh

HIV/AIDS awareness/ intervention project at

Mandi Gobindgarh provided counseling and
referral services to 14,080 migrant workers
57 differently abled candidates were shortlisted
by 21 corporates at ABILITY 2014 job fair
Several blood donation and health camps,
tree plantation drives and HIV/AIDS Awareness
sessions were organised
53 women led NGOs/SHGs and artisans
benefited from the Social Expo segment of
Chandigarh Fair 2014
Built toilets have already been handed over
to three schools in Delhi under CIIs mission Sanitation in Schools
Around 400 delegates benefitted from CSR
CSO Bridge 2014 and other seminars bringing
together industry and voluntary organisations

Uttarakhand Disaster Rehabilitation

After initial relief initiatives during 2013, CII
Foundation started the Rehabilitation work. Three
key areas of intervention were
Focus on primary education in Tehri Garhwal
Employment oriented skill development
Community based livelihood interventions

Societal Initiatives

Key Initiatives

New paradigms of Corporate Social Responsibility

(CSR) were explored to strengthen the value chain to
effectively reach the last mile on a sustainable basis.

6 projects initiated in districts Tehri Garhwal,

Chamoli, Bageshwar, Rudraprayag and
Pauri Garhwal


| 149

14 member companies from the region

signed CII Voluntary Code of Conduct taking
the total to 290
13,226 candidates were imparted vocational
and skill development training
1,687 candidates were provided
Entrepreneurship Development training

CIIs skilling and recruitment initiatives in Uttarakhand

Phase I:Re- construction of all schools in Tehri

Garhwal completed
Phase II: Construction started post possession
of schools in December 2014
The ITI in district Pauri Garhwal rebuilt
11 recruitment drives in Uttarakhand led to job
offers to 107 youths by 5 member companies

Regional Workskills Competition in progress at ATI, Ludhiana

Jammu & Kashmir Disaster Relief

In September 2014, Jammu & Kashmir witnessed
disastrous floods and landslides owing to heavy
rainfall. To reach out to the victims, CII NR, under
the aegis of CII Foundation setup Relief camps
and Control Rooms at Jammu and Srinagar.

Skills and Education

Key Highlights of Relief Operations

Airlifting of relief material to Srinagar from 3
BRD Air Force Stations in Chandigarh
Relief materials including water bottles,
torches, baby food, biscuits, family tents,
medicines, blankets, toiletries etc were
distributed among the affected
In all 4,000 families benefitted from this work

Northern Region has always been actively involved

in contributing to skill development.
Skill Development Centre, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan
trained over 400 students across the three
trades- Fitter, Industrial Electrician and Welder
2 Faculty Development Programmes imparted
training to 120 ITI faculty members
Career Guidance and Job Fair 2014 was held
at Greater Noida with Government of Uttar
15 case studies were presented in various
Study Missions of ITI Principals/IMC Chairmen

Affirmative Action Initiatives


40 SC/ST entrepreneurs participated in the

Vendor Development Programme (VDP). Seven
companies engaged with SC/ST entrepreneurs
during the VDP
40 SC/ST students were sponsored under the
higher education initiative
Published Endeavour, capturing the best
practices and initiatives of CII members on
Affirmative Action

CII focused on issues like adoption of environment

friendly practices, enhanced use of renewable
energy, innovative conservation systems
and technologies in the industry and water
conservation. Conferences on power, renewable
energy, energy conservation, climate change,
environment and water were also organised. Indian
Green Building Council (IGBC) Chapters were
launched at Chandigarh and Lucknow.

0 |

EVIE 2014-15

CII Southern Region focused on the theme Inclusiveness, Competitiveness and
Entrepreneurship for Growth and Employment during 2014-15 in line with CIIs National
theme, Accelerating Growth, Creating Employment.

Arun Jaitley, Union Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs, Information and Broadcasting addressing CII members in Chennai

CII SR continued the process of engaging with
the Governments at the highest level towards
ensuring growth which is sustainable and inclusive.
It held interactions with Chief Ministers of
southern States, union ministers and secretaries
of various ministries to raise industry concerns
and suggest measures for improving the overall
business climate in the country.
CIIs recommendations for Industrial
Investment Promotion Policy for Telangana
were accepted and the policy released in 2014
CIIs report for creation of Aerospace Common
Finishing facility and Aerospace Technology
Centre has been accepted by the Karnataka
District Development Plans were released for
Coimbatore, Tirupur, Trichy, Karur, Madurai,
Thoothukudi, Tirunelveli, Erode and Salem
towards development of Central & Southern
Districts in Tamil Nadu

Skilling and Engagement of Youth
14,500 students and 560 faculty members
benefited through various industry-institute
linkage programmes such as Technical

Kalraj Mishra, Union Minister for Micro, Small and Medium

Enterprises (MSME), Addressing the MSME Conference in

Meeting with Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of State

(Independent Charge) for Commerce and Industry,
Government of India in Chennai


| 151

G Lakshmipathy, Additional Director, Department of Rural

Development and Panchayati Raj, Government of Tamil Nadu
addressing the CII and UNICEF-CSR Conclave on Water,
Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) held in Chennai
From L to R: Dr Sanjay Cherian, Vice President, Frontier Lifeline
and Dr K.M.Cherian Heart Foundation; Arun Dobhal, Officer
in Charge, UNICEF; N K Ranganath, Chairman, CSR Sub
Committee, CII-SR and Managing Director, Grundfos Pumps
India Pvt Ltd and Rani Muralidharan, Convener, CSR Panel,
CII Tamil Nadu & Executive Director, GK Sons Engineering
Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

Education Quality Improvement Programme

(TEQIP); Quality Enhancement in Engineering
Education (QEEE); Employability Bridge,
Innovator, Education Excellence Forums, etc
4300 candidates were assessed under the
Modular Employable Scheme (MES) since April
300 youth in Tamil Nadu were offered
employable skills training in auto sales and
service in partnership with Tamil Nadu Skill
Development Corporation with the support of
Bosch India
21 internal trade union leaders were trained in
a workshop on Industrial Relations
CII SR Skill Development Compendium, a
reference guide on skills was released
Academic Leadership Mission to Singapore
was organised during the year

Strengthening Competitiveness

Navas Meeran, Chairman, CII SR and Chairman, Eastern

Condiments Pvt Ltd releasing the CII SR Compendium on
Skill Development in Hyderabad

Keeping in view the large SME base in

membership, CII SR focused on competitiveness
and value added services for SME members.
During the year, greater impetus was given to
Make in India campaign. Interactive sessions
and forums on manufacturing were organised
across the region and 420 learning sessions on
key enablers of competitiveness were organised.
Forty six managers from 17 companies completed
the CII certificate course in Industrial Relations.

Navas Meeran with P Thangamani, Minister for Industries, Government of Tamil Nadu at Auto Serve 2014 in Chennai

2 |

EVIE 2014-15

Dr Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group (5th from right) with winners of CII Regional Emerging Entrepreneur
Awards in Chennai

In addition, 1250 members benefited from 28

international business networking forums. MSME
meets with a focus on manufacturing excellence
and shows on Pumps, Valves & Compressors
and Surface & Coatings were also organised
during the year. The 6th edition of Auto Serve,
an India focused exhibition on automotive
care, maintenance, service, parts and garage
equipment, witnessed participation of over 100
exhibitors and 8000 business visitors. Logistics
2015, the 8th edition of Indias Premier Logistics &
SCM exhibition, held in New Delhi, attracted over
5000 business visitors.

Enabling Entrepreneurship
Incubating businesses to promote growth of
new ventures in various sectors was one of the

key agendas. Southern Region implemented

mentorship programmes, training courses
and regular multi-stakeholder networking
opportunities. The first-ever initiative called
CII Startupreneurs was launched this year with
the aim to promote start-up companies and
entrepreneurs in the region.
CII SR organised various conferences, workshops
and also recognized achievers. The 10th India
Innovation Summit in Bangalore witnessed
participation of over 350 delegates from all
over the country. Over 1000 teams registered
for the 5th edition of CII Innovator Award 2014
and CII Connect 2014 Awards were presented
to successful entrepreneurs in ICT sphere. The
Regional CII Emerging Entrepreneurs Awards 2014

From L to R: Dr Ramachandra N Galla, Chairman, Suminfra 2014 and Chairman, Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.; I Y R Krishna Rao,
Chief Secretary, Government of Andhra Pradesh; M Venkaiah Naidu, Minister for Urban Development, Housing & Urban Poverty
Alleviation and Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India; Navas Meeran and Mahesh Natarajan, Regional Director, CII Southern
Region at Suminfra 2014 in Tirupati


| 153

received 270 nominations of which six were

recognized for their efforts.

Infrastructure Development
CII SR created forums for advocacy on the
power sector, open access systems, spreading
awareness on water management, and
effective utilization of urban infrastructure utility
services. Besides this, CII SR also focused on
development of Smart Cities. Suminfra 2014,
focusing on the theme Building Sustainable
Smart Infrastructure, Connect 2014, conference
and exhibition on ICT, a conference on Smart
Cities, and the Annual Water Conference were
held this year. A Karnataka State Water Network
was created towards the smart management and
development of sustainable water zones in
the State.

Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

CII has for long championed inclusive and
sustainable growth and dealt with development
issues. CII-SR, as part of its inclusiveness agenda,
focused on Corporate Social Responsibility,
Affirmative Action, Women Empowerment,
Healthcare and Agricultural productivity.

CII SR focused on post harvest technologies,
supply chain management, value addition
in agricultural products besides facilitating
industry-farmer linkages towards realising better
profits for agricultural produce. 26500 Farmers
benefitted from initiatives such as Global Agro
Meet, held in Palakkad, Kerala, Made in Kerala,
a conference and exposition on value-added
agriculture and food processing, Kochi, CII Tamil
Nadu Banana Festival, held in Coimbatore and
the Vivasaya Thiruvizha, Madurai.

Affirmative Action
Affirmative Action initiatives of CII SR focused on
empowering entrepreneurs from the deprived
sector, business facilitation through buyer-seller
meets besides career counseling for students
and employment facilitation for tribal girls in the
backward districts.

4 |

EVIE 2014-15

Various business development programmes

including buyer-seller meets organised in
association with DICCI benefited 390 Dalit
Entrepreneurs. Career and Educational
Counseling was given to 2000 students from the
deprived sector in Tamil Nadu. Training courses
on tailoring, nursing, electrical, bore well repair
were organised for tribal youth at Khamman
District, Telangana.

Women Empowerment
The Indian Women Network (IWN) of CII SR
brings together career women from all walks
of life on a common platform to discuss,
debate and collaborate on ways to increase
participation of women in business and society.
IWN, operational in 5 States and 6 Zones in
Southern Region has over 1130 direct members.
Seventy eight focused sessions on women
empowerment were organised impacting 8100
women in the Southern Region. Three Task
Forces were constituted with the view to deliver
value added and need based interventions for
IWN members.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Interventions included Workshops and Training
Programmes as well as support offered by CII
member companies for people affected by
Cyclone HudHud.CII membership came forward
to offer support to the victims of HudHud
Cyclone. Besides despatch of relief materials
such as food packets, biscuits, milk, water
packets, etc they also contributed to the Chief
Ministers Relief Fund.
CII SRs continuous health education
programmes impacted 7960 employees. CII CSR online educational series was well received
with participation of 1020 delegates. Three
hundred and fifty youth participated in the Job
Fair for differently-abled. Sanitary manufacturing
Units were set up in women prisons in Tamil
Nadu. Under the CII - The Asia Foundation
Project on Literacy - Books for India, 206,000
books were distributed to 1004 schools in the
Southern Region.

In 2014-15, CII Western Region promoted the theme G.I.V.E. referring to the 4 pillars of
Growth, Investment, Value Addition and Employment. The emphasis continued to be
on crucial aspects of fostering diversity in business, promoting world class sustainability
initiatives, encouraging healthy industrial relations and enhancing membership
interaction and initiatives.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India along with Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister of Gujarat at the inaugural session of Vibrant Gujarat
2015 in Gandhinagar

Enhancing Government interface
Inclusive and sustainable growth
Promoting Western Region as an investment
Next Generation Smart Cities
Facilitating top 20 investment projects in each
Focus on infrastructure
Encouraging innovations and best practices
Creating value addition in Agriculture, Food
Processing & Packaging
Capacity building, technology adoption and
entrepreneurship in SMEs
Scaling up of the Skills Training Centre,
Industry-Academia engagement and
development of vocational skills amongst youth

Partnership with State Governments
During 2014-15, CII WR partnered State
Governments for several initiatives:
The 7th edition of the Vibrant Gujarat
Global Summit focused on inclusive
development, with strategic focus on
innovation, sustainability, youth and skill
development, knowledge sharing and
networking. Over 25,000 delegates from 110
countries participated in the Summit where
1225 strategic partnership agreements were
signed and 21,000 investment intentions were
The 4th edition of Madhya Pradesh Global
Investors Summit 2014 showcased the
prowess of Madhya Pradesh as an industrial
investment destination. Over 5,000 delegates


| 155

From L to R (Front Row): Sumitra Mahajan, Speaker of the Lok Sabha; Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India; Shivraj Singh
Chauhan, Chief Minister, Government of Madhya Pradesh; Yashodhara Raje Scindia, Minister for Commerce,Industry &
Employment, Government of Madhya Pradesh. Back Row Above: Kishore Biyani, CEO, Future Group; Adi Godrej, Past President,
CII and Chairman, Godrej Group; Anil Manibhai Naik, Group Executive Chairman, Larsen & Toubro Limited; Ajay S Shriram,
President, CII and Sr. Managing Director, DCM Shriram Limited; Y C Deveshwar, Past President, CII and Chairman, ITC Ltd.;
Cyrus Pallonji Mistry, Chairman, Tata Group; Mukesh D Ambani, Chairman & Managing Director, Reliance Industries Limited;
Gautam Adani, Chairman & Founder, Adani Group; Anthony De Sa, Chief Secretary, Government of Madhya Pradesh; Mohd.
Suleman, Principal Secretary, Commerce and Industry, Government of Madhya Pradesh at the Global Investors Summit in Indore

both national and international attended

the Summit. Around 150 sector specialists
deliberated on various sectoral issues. Total
investments worth Rs 6.79 lakh crore were
The 7th edition of Madhya Pradesh Exportech
was organised in association with Madhya
Pradesh Laghu Udyog Nigam and Union
Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The event
witnessed 60 foreign buyers from 18 countries,
105 exhibitors, 12 foreign diplomats and
Expressions of Interest worth Rs 186 crores
Organised in association with the Government
of Goa, the Conference on Goa Nautical
Tourism focused on developing world class
marinas in Goa
The 5th edition of the international exhibition
and conference Food & Bev Tech was
organised in association with the Union
Ministry of Food Processing. Botswana, Israel,
Malaysia, Mauritius and Gambia were partner
countries. The exhibition was supported by
Governments of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh
and Madhya Pradesh as partner states
Government of Maharashtra partnered with
CII for CII West Tech Summit which focused

6 |

EVIE 2014-15

on sectors such as Industrial & Automotive

Manufacturing, Defence, IT&ITES and

Building Diversity
Indian Women Network, Skilling, Affirmative
Action, Corporate Social Responsibility, Human
Resources, Industrial Relations, and Education
231 members registered with the Indian
Women Network (IWN)
Special Interactive Sessions of IWN members
were organised with both national and
international experts
100 Hours of Change: An initiative to create
the biggest pool of women mentors launched
in various parts of the Region
213 Code of Conduct Signatories on
Affirmative Action
Around 30,000 scholarships to SC/ST
12,500 SC/ST beneficiaries gained from
employment by member companies
The Chhindwara Skills Training Centre trained
around 1800 beneficiaries in 9 courses, and
facilitated placement of around 1150 of them
in different companies

30,000 SC/ST candidates benefited through

vocational and soft skills training
Seminar on Diversity- A Business Imperative
and not a CSR Initiative : Enable the Capable
for specially abled individuals was organised
Job Fair for the specially abled individuals at
National Society for Equal Opportunities for
the Handicapped (NASEOH) was held
22 member companies promoted a finite
agenda for betterment of Contract Labour
situation in the country
Initiation of EdgeFarm a HR Case Study
Writing Competition for B School faculty across
the country
Education Excellence Forum (EEF), connecting
Institutions with Industry and focusing on
employability issues
350 people participated in the CII Tower Run in
Mumbai received support of
leading member organisations
Sectoral Snapshot: Key Conferences,
Conclaves and Summits
This year, the region focused on highlighting
issues across diverse sectors such as
Manufacturing, Mutual Funds, Real Estate,
Logistics, amongst others through seminars and
conferences, all of which were excellent platforms
for deliberations by diverse stakeholders.

The 13th edition of The Manufacturing Summit

was based on the theme Making Make in India
a Reality. The summit highlighted aspects of the
Make in India initiative as a visionary step taken
by the Government to revive manufacturing and
promote India as global manufacturing and export
The 10th edition of the CII Mutual Fund Summit,
based on the theme - Indian Mutual Fund
Industry: Challenging the Status Quo - Setting
the Growth Path centered around assessing
the current state of the industry in terms of
distribution, penetration of mutual fund products,
and other related aspects.
The 8th CII CFO Summit focused on understanding
the role of CFOs in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain,
Complex and Ambiguous) environment.
The 1st edition of Green Conclave A Step
towards Greener Tomorrow, focused on
what going green could do for industries and
organisations and was in line with the Prime
Ministers vision of Zero Defect, Zero Effect Policy.
The TeleTech Conference was organised in Pune,
in association with MIT School of Telecom based
on the theme Telecom: Enabling Growth and
Serving the Masses as the theme and highlighted

From L to R : Richard Rekhy, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG; V S Parthasarathy, Chairman CII CFO Summit 2014 and Chief Financial
Officer & Group CIO, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.; H R Khan, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India; Punit Shah, Co-Head of Tax,
KPMG; R Mukundan, Immediate Past Chairman, CII WR and Managing Director, Tata Chemicals Ltd.; Vivek Varun Prasad, Chief
Commissioner of Income Tax III, Mumbai and Kaushlendra Sinha, Regional Director, CII Western Region at the CFO Summit 2014
in Mumbai


| 157

processing technology for food, beverages,

feed, biofuels and bio products/bio materials. It
presented opportunities for technology transfer
to starch manufacturers in India and SouthEast
Asia region.
The India Israel Innovation Colloquium saw
deliberations centred around opportunities for
possible joint collaborations and investments
avenues for Israeli ventures in India and viceversa.

Chanda Kochhar, CEO & MD, ICICI Bank Ltd at the 7th HR
Summit 2014 in Mumbai

This year Mumbai Port Trust (MBPT), Jawaharlal

Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) and Consulate General
of Belgium participated in the Logistics Summit.
The Summit considered issues relating to
enhanced policy intervention for transparency
and governance.
The theme of the 7th HR Summit revolved around
A Digital World: Evolving Landscape in India
and provided a fresh perspective to shaping and
leveraging human capital in a technology driven

Members of the Belgian Delegation at the Logistics Summit

The 2nd edition of INQUIZZITE the first-ofits-kind quiz based learning platform was held
pan India. Of the 450 participating teams, SEBI
and Great Places to Work teams were crowned

International Networking
the challenges faced by the Telecom industry in
The CII Real Estate Conclave Voice of Change 2014 : Building Growth Consensus for Real Estate
in India provided a platform to the stakeholders
of real estate industry to discuss, debate and
share their vision for the sectors collective and
progressive growth.
The International Conference on Corn
Technology, organised in association with US
GRAINS Council, brought together corn wet
millers, dry grind ethanol producers and corn
dry millers to discuss latest trends in starch

8 |

EVIE 2014-15

CII WR hosted a Networking Reception for

Consul Generals and Heads of Missions in
Mumbai. It further provided excellent networking
platforms with key dignitaries, including Dr Ali bin
Masoud Al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and
Industry, Sultanate of Oman, Jay Weatherill MP,
Premier of South Australia, Ms Penny Pritzker, US
Secretary of Commerce and Ambassador, Yonov
Frederick Agah, Deputy Director General, World
Trade Organisation amongst others.
The region also hosted 130 students from
Brunei, Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand and
Vietnam under the ASEAN Students Exchange

Membership Services


| 159

During 2014-15, CII continued its focus on enhancing membership engagement.

From L to R: Ashwini Malhotra, Chairman, CII Maharashtra State Council and Managing Director, Weikfield Foods Pvt. Ltd;
Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII; Ajay S Shriram President, CII and Chairman & Senior Managing Director, DCM Shriram
Limited; Chetan Tamboli, Chairman, CII WR and Chairman & Managing Director, Steelcast Ltd; Kaushlendra Sinha, Regional
Director, CII WR at a Members Meet

Strengthen outreach and membership
connect through a matrix of specific
initiatives, particularly to reach out to
members in Tier II/III towns and work
closely with local/sectoral associations.
Survey the expectations of Members to
realign CIIs programmes and services.
Make greater use of IT for communication
with members and dissemination of

To understand and help with issues faced by

member companies, all State and Regional
offices are compiling monthly Membership
Issue Trackers and tabling them at the
respective State and Regional Council
meetings. Currently, 145 issues concerning
members are being pursued.
A Membership Survey was conducted to
assess the level of engagement needs and
expectations of Members from CII. Based
on feedback received, several new initiatives
have been undertaken

As part of our initiatives to reach out and
enhance our engagement with Members,
74 Member Meets were held at 48
locations, which were attended by 3061
To help new members understand and
better utilize CII services, 32 new member
induction sessions were held at 22 locations
and attended by 337 Members.
As a part of the Outreach Initiative of
meeting Members at their premises, we
visited 1736 member companies this year.
To build robust membership growth, 38
road shows were held at 29 locations and
attended by 1188 participants. Between
April 2014 to March 2015 CII clocked a net
growth of 209 new Members.

0 |

EVIE 2014-15

The Knowledge Management Services (KMS)
Department aims to create a sustainable
online knowledge repository to enhance the
intellectual capital of the Membership of CII
and the Indian industry. It performs the crucial
function of disseminating information regarding
policy advocacy initiatives undertaken across
sectors, providing reports and publications
spanning a wide spectrum of pertinent areas,
amongst others. It also accords the industry
members a platform for productive business
networking as well as marketing opportunities
through an online interface.

Knowledge Sharing through MYCII
CIIs online business resource portal called www. functions as a repository of information
and intellectual capital. This portal assists
in meeting the versatile and ever-changing
knowledge requirements of the users. Other key
services offered include B2B Facilitation Services,
Webinars, Online Master Classes and Capacity
Building Interventions. MYCII contains over
16,000 information resources including reports and
discussion papers on relevant policy issues, case
studies analyzing a wide range of subjects, media
collaterals, online videos, thematic presentations
and other important publications. This year was redsigned to make navigation easier
and add many new features. Members can now
download the CII Membership logo, and access
new services such as the online SME Finance
Facilitation Centre which provides advisory and
credit facilitation support to SMEs. Other online
services added include CSR Gateway, End Sexual
Harassment Toolbox and Innovation Suite. Five
Webinars were organised to sensitise more than
250 members about services.

Webinars & Online Master Classes

Keeping up with latest national as well as
international business developments, KMS
conducts a large number of domain-specific
webinars. The Department organised online master
classes (OMCs) on management related on salient
themes for managerial training such as Statutory
Compliances, Sales and Marketing, Exports, Project
Management and World Class Manufacturing.

Networking Facilitation
MYCII facilitates business networking through
an online B2B Meeting Platform which hosts
and brings together delegates, exhibitors,
sponsors and others attending CII events. With
the hosting of over 2,500 B2B meetings in 2014,
this portal performed the crucial function of
promoting increased business integration through
networking opportunities.

Capacity Building Interventions

The portals registered business users stand at

around 2 lakh as compared to 1.30 lakh last year. It
serves as an ideal networking platform for SMEs as
well as large enterprises.

To sensitise SME businesses on the benefits

of adopting Information & Communication
Technology (ICT), KMS organised the 2nd edition
of Seminar on Empowering SMEs through ICT
Intervention in 10 Tier II clusters. The road shows
were conducted in Faridabad, Pune, Kolkata,
Chandigarh, Chennai, Kanpur, Bangalore,
Coimbatore, Tiruppur and in Baroda reaching out
to over 1,000 SMEs across the country.

CII Membership
Regionwise Classification

CII Membership
Scalewise Classification











Institution &
Affiliated Assn


| 161


Chairman / Co-Chair

Aerospace Committee

Dr R K Tyagi
Former Chairman & MD
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd

Africa Committee

Noel N Tata
MD, Tata International Ltd

Agriculture Council

Chair: S Sivakumar
Group Head Agri & IT Businesses, ITC Ltd
Co-Chair: Salil Singhal
Chairman & MD, PI Industries Ltd

Backward District
Development Committee

Sudhir Deoras
MD, TRF Limited

Banking Committee

Chair: Chanda Kochhar

CEO & MD, ICICI Bank Ltd
Co-Chair: Sunil Kaushal
Regional CEO - India & South Asia, Standard
Chartered Bank

Financial Inclusion Committee Chair: Dr Janmejaya Sinha

Chairman, Asia-Pacific, Boston Consulting Group
Co-Chair: Ajay Srinivasan
Chief Executive-Financial Services,
Aditya Birla Group
Financial Reporting

Dipankar Chatterji
Senior Partner, L. B. Jha & Co.

Financial Sector Development Uday Kotak

Executive VC & MD, Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd
FMCG Committee

Kurush Grant
Executive Director, ITC Ltd

Food Processing Committee

Chair: Piruz Khambatta

Chairman & MD, Rasna Pvt Ltd
Co-Chair: Mayank Jalan
MD, Keventer Agro Ltd

Gulf Committee

K K M Kutty
CEO & MD, Sealings & Jointings
Deepak Premnarayen
Executive Chairman, ICS Group

H R Committee

Chair: T V Narendran
MD, Tata Steel Ltd
Co-Chair: Ashank Desai
Founder & Former Chairman, Mastek Ltd

Healthcare Committee

Chair: Dr Naresh Trehan

Chairman & MD, Medanta The Medicity
Co-Chair: Rahul Khosla
MD, Max India Ltd

Higher Education Committee

Chair: Dr Naushad Forbes

Director, Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd
Co-Chairs :
C R Swaminathan
Proprietor, Lakshmi Venture
Shankar Vanavarayar
Joint Correspondent, Kumaraguru College of

Hydrocarbons Committee

Sashi Mukundan
Region President and Head of Country-India,
BP Group

Bio-Energy Committee

Pramod Chaudhari
Executive Chairman, Praj Industries Ltd

Biotechnology Committee

Chair: Dr Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

CMD, Biocon Ltd
Co-Chair: Ashwin Shroff
Chairman & MD, Excel Crop Care Ltd

Business Continuity Planning

& Disaster Management

Ajit Gulabchand
Chairman & MD, Hindustan Construction
Company Ltd

Capital Goods & Engineering


Vipin Sondhi
MD & CEO, JCB India Ltd

Capital Markets Committee

Nimesh Kampani
Chairman & MD, JM Financial Ltd

CFO Forum

Co-Chair: Koushik Chatterjee

Executive Director & Group CFO, Tata Steel Ltd
Co-Chair: Suresh Senapaty
Executive Director & CFO, Wipro Ltd

Chemicals Committee

Nadir Godrej
MD, Godrej Industries Ltd

CII-FBN India Chapter


R Haresh
MD, TVS & Sons Ltd

ICTE Manufacturing

Vinod Sharma
MD, Deki Electronics Ltd

CIO Forum

Co-Chair: Rajesh Uppal

Sr VP & CIO, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd
Co-Chair: Varun Sood
Chief Information Officer & Head - Strategic
Initiatives, Fortis Healthcare Ltd

India@75 Apex Council

S Gopalakrishnan
Former Non-Executive Vice Chairman, Infosys Ltd

India@75 Committee

Rajan Navani
MD, Jetline Group of Companies

Climate Change Council

Chair: Jamshyd N Godrej

CMD, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd
Co-Chair: Sunil Wadhwa
CEO, IL&FS Energy Development Company Ltd

Industrial Relations

Chair: Dr Surinder Kapur

Chairman, Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd
Co-Chair: Arvind Kapur
MD, Rico Auto Industries Ltd

CSR Council

Chair: Rakesh Bharti Mittal

Chairman, Bharti Infratel Ltd
Co-Chair: Raghupati Singhania
Chairman & MD, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd

Industry Civil Society Interface Pradeep Bhargava

Director, Cummins India Ltd

Dairy Committee

Chair: M K Jalan
Chairman, Keventer Group
Co-Chair: Siva Nagarajan
MD, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt Ltd

Defence Committee

Chair: Baba N Kalyani

CMD, Bharat Forge Ltd
Co-Chair: Nikhil Gandhi
Chairman, Pipavav Defence & Offshore
Engineering Company Ltd

Design Committee

Chair: Udayant Malhoutra

CEO & MD, Dynamatic Technologies Ltd
Co-Chair: Navroze Godrej
ED, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd

Economic Growth &

Investments Council

R Seshasayee
Executive Vice Chairman, Hinduja Group

Environment Committee

Chair: Arun Bharat Ram

Chairman, SRF Ltd
Co-Chair: Pradeep Dhobale
Executive Director, ITC Ltd

Export & Export

Competitiveness Committee

Chair: Sanjay Budhia

MD, Patton International Ltd
Co-Chair: A K Taneja
MD & CEO, Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd

2 |

EVIE 2014-15

Infrastructure Committee

G V Sanjay Reddy
Vice Chairman, GVK Industries Ltd

Innovation &
Entrepreneurship Council

Chair: S Gopalakrishnan
Former Non-Executive Vice Chairman, Infosys Ltd
Co-Chairs :
C K Ranganathan
Chairman & MD, CavinKare Pvt Ltd
R Ramaraj
Director, R S Software India Ltd

Insurance & Pensions


Chair: Analjit Singh

Chairman, Max India Ltd
Co-Chair: Sanjiv Bajaj
MD, Bajaj Finserve Ltd

Integrity & Transparency in

Governance Committee

Sumit Mazumder
Chairman & MD, TIL Ltd

International Policy Council

Sunil Kant Munjal

Chairman, Hero Corporate Service Ltd

IP Committee

Chair: Ramesh Datla

Co-Chair: Vipin Aggarwal
Senior Attorney & Director Intellectual Property,
Legal & Corporate Affair (LCA), Microsoft
Corporation India Pvt Ltd

State Level Co-ordination in

Agriculture Committee

B Thiagarajan
Executive Director & President, Blue Star Ltd

Steel Committee

C S Verma
Chairman, Steel Authority of India Ltd

Taxation Committee

Chair: Rajiv Memani

Chairman-India Region, Ernst & Young LLP
Co-Chair: P K Ghose
Executive Director & CFO, Tata Chemicals Ltd

Technology Committee

Chair: Venkatesh Valluri

Chairman & President, Ingersoll Rand (India) Ltd
Co-Chair: Dr Aravind Bharadwaj
Head-Technology, Automotive & Farm
Equipment Sectors, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

Telecom and Broadband


Chair: Kiran Karnik

Former President, NASSCOM
Co-Chair: Gopal Vittal
MD & CEO (India & South Asia), Bharti Airtel

Textiles Committee

Thomas Varghese
CEO, Textile Business, Aditya Birla Group

Tourism & Hospitality


Chair: Venkatesh Kini,

President, India & South West Asia, Coca-Cola
Co-Chair: Vanitha Narayanan
MD, IBM India Pvt Ltd

Chair: Nakul Anand

Chief Executive, ITC Ltd
Co-Chair: Arjun Sharma
MD, Le Passage to India

Trade Fairs Council

Chair: Rajive Kaul

Chairman, Nicco Corporation Ltd
Co-Chair: Deep Kapuria
Chairman, Hi-tech Gears Ltd

MSME Council

Co-Chairs : T T Ashok
MD, Taylor Rubber Pvt Ltd
Jayant Davar
Co-Chairman & MD, Sandhar Technologies Ltd

Urbanisation and Future

Cities Committee

Anil Menon
President, Smart+Connected Communities
& Deputy Chief Globalisation Officer, CISCO
Systems Inc

NBFCs Committee

Y M Deosthalee
CMD, L&T Finance Holdings Ltd

VLFM Initiative

North East Council

Chair: Sandipan Chakravortty

Chairman, TM International Logistics Ltd
Co-Chair: Abhijit Barooah
MD, Premier Cryogenics Ltd

Venu Srinivasan
Chairman, Sundaram-Clayton Ltd

Water Committee

Pharma Committee

Chair: Dr Rajiv I Modi

CMD, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Co-Chair: K G Ananthakrishnan
VP & MD, MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Chair: Arun Nanda

Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
Co-Chair: Banmali Agrawala
President and CEO-South Asia, GE India
Industrial Pvt Ltd Corporate Division (India HQ)

Women Empowerment

Chair: Madhur Bajaj

Vice Chairman, Bajaj Auto Ltd

Task Forces

Chairman / Co-Chair

Affirmative Action

Farhad Forbes
Director, Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd

Infrastructure Projects Advocacy & Development

Vinayak Chatterjee
Chairman, Feedback Infra Pvt Ltd

Ease of Doing Business

Manoj Kohli
MD, Bharti Enterprises

Dispute Resolution

Lalit Bhasin
Managing Partner, Bhasin & Co., Advocates

GTC 100

B Santhanam
President-Flat Glass, South Asia, Malaysia, Egypt
& MD, Saint-Gobain Glass India Ltd

Employment Generation

Rajive Kaul
Chairman, Nicco Corporation Ltd

Working Group

Chairman / Co-Chair

Working Group on Handloom

& Handicrafts

D L Sharma
Director, Vardhman Textiles Ltd

Advisory Council

Chairman / Co-Chair

CII-Institute of Quality
Advisory Council

Chair: N Kumar
Vice Chairman, The Sanmar Group
Co-Chair: R Mukundan
MD, TATA Chemicals Ltd

IT, ITeS & e-Commerce


Chair: Bhaskar Pramanik

Chairman, Microsoft Corporation India Pvt Ltd
Co-Chair: Krishnakumar Natarajan
MD & CEO, Mindtree Ltd

KM & Business
Transformation Committee

Chair: Ganesh Natarajan

Vice Chairman & CEO, Zensar Technologies Ltd
Co-Chair: C P Gurnani
MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra Ltd

Leather Committee

Adesh Gupta
CEO, Liberty Shoes Ltd

Legal Services Committee

Shardul S Shroff
Managing Partner, Amarchand Mangaldas &
Suresh A Shroff & Co

Manufacturing Council

B Muthuraman
Former Vice Chairman, Tata Steel Ltd

Media & Entertainment


Sudanshu Vats
Group CEO, Viacom18 Media Pvt Ltd

Membership Council

Dr Naushad Forbes
Director, Forbes Marshall Pvt Ltd

Mining Committee

Dr Nik Senapati
MD, Rio Tinto India Pvt Ltd

MNCs Committee

Power Committee

Anil Sardana
MD, The Tata Power Co Ltd

Private Equity & Venture

Capital Committee

Sanjay Nayar
CEO, KKR India Advisors Pvt Ltd

Public Health Committee

Shobana Kamineni
ED, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd

Public Policy Council

Subodh Bhargava
Chairman, Tata Communications Ltd

Public Sector Enterprises


B P Rao
Chairman & MD, BHEL Ltd

Real Estate & Housing


Co-Chair: Anshuman Magazine

Chairman & MD, CBRE South Asia Pvt Ltd
Co-Chair: Neel C Raheja
Group President, K Raheja Group

Regulatory Affairs Committee

Zia Mody
Senior Partner, AZB & Partners

Renewable Energy

Co-Chair: Deepak Puri

Chairman & MD, Moser Baer India Ltd
Co-Chair: Sumant Sinha
Chairman & CEO, ReNew Power Pvt Ltd

Retail Committee

Ajit Joshi
CEO & MD, Infiniti Retail Ltd

School Education Committee

Vijay Thadani

Sector Skill Councils


S Mahalingam
Former Executive Director & CFO, TCS Ltd

CII-Institute of Logistics
Advisory Council

R Dinesh
Jt MD, T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons Ltd

Services Council

Malvinder M Singh
Executive Chairman, Fortis Healthcare Ltd



Y C Deveshwar
Chairman, ITC Ltd

Shipping Committee

B Sridhar
Director, Bengal Tiger-Line (India) Pvt Ltd

CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green

Business Centre Advisory

Jamshyd N Godrej
CMD, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd

CII-Naoroji Godrej Centre of

Excellence Advisory Council

Jamshyd N Godrej
CMD, Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd

CII-Jubilant Bhartia Food

and Agriculture Centre of
Excellence Advisory Council

Hari S Bhartia
Co-Chairman & MD, Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd

CII-Triveni Water Institute

Advisory Council

Dhruv M Sawhney
CMD, Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd

Skill Development Committee Chair: Pramod Bhasin

Chairman, The Skills Academy and Founder &
Vice Chairman, Genpact
Co-Chair: Rajeev Dubey
President (Group HR, Corporate Services & AfterMarket) & Member of the Group Executive Board,
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
Sports Committee

Uday Shankar
CEO, Star India


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New Delhi
India Habitat Centre
Core 4A, 4th Floor,
Lodhi Road
New Delhi - 110 003
: 011-24682230-35
: 011-41504514-19
: 011-24682229
: info@cii.inCore 4A, 4th Floor,
249-F , Sector 18, Udyog Vihar
Phase IV, Gurgaon-122015
Haryana, India
: 0124-4014060-67
: 0124-4014080
: info@cii.inew Delhi - 110 003
CII Institute of Quality
Near Bharat Nagara, 2nd Stage,
Magadi Main Road
Vishwaneedam Post,
Bangalore - 560 091
: 080-23289391 / 23286085
: 080-23289388 / 23580314
CII - ITC Centre of Excellence for
Sustainable Development
Second Floor, Thapar House
124, Janpath, New Delhi - 110 001
: 011-4150 2301 02
: 011-4150 1924
CII - Sohrabji Godrej Green Business
Survey No 64, Kothaguda Post,
Near HITEC City,
Ranga Reddy District
Hyderabad - 500 084
Andhra Pradesh, India
: 040-44185111
: 040-23112837
CII - Triveni Water Institute
249-F , Sector 18
Udyog Vihar, Phase IV
Haryana, India
: 91-124-4014060-67
: 91-124-4014080
CII - Naoroji Godrej Centre of Excellence
Godrej Station-side Colony
Opp Railway Station
Vikhroli (East), Mumbai - 400 079
: 022-2574 5146 / 5148
: 022-2574 3361
CII - Institute of Logistics
Unit E, 10th Floor, IIT Madras Research Park
Kanagam Road, Taramani
Chennai 600 113.
: 044 42928900

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EVIE 2014-15

The Mantosh Sondhi Centre, 23, Institutional Area,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110 003, INDIA
Tel: 0091-11-2462994-7 . Fax: 0091-11-24626149
Email: Website:
CII - Suresh Neotia Centre of
Excellence for Leadership
DC-36, Sector - I, Salt Lake
Behind City Centre
Kolkata - 700 064
: 033-66140100
: 033-66140136

Kolkata (West Bengal)

6, Netaji Subhas Road
Kolkata - 700 001
: 033-22307727 / 28 / 1434 /
: 033-22302711 / 22312700

CII AVANTHA Centre for Competitiveness

CII-L M Thapar Centre for
Competitiveness for SMEs
Block No. 3, Dakshin Marg
Sector 31-A, Chandigarh - 160 030
: 0172-2602365 / 2605868 / 2607228
: 0172-2606259

Patna (Bihar)
1/20, Vivekanand Marg
North S.K. Puri
Patna - 800013
: 0612-6450301 / 6570275
: 0612-2570330

CII Jubilant Bhartia Food & Agriculture,

Centre of Excellence (FACE)
India Habitat Centre,
Core 4A, 4th Floor ,
Lodi Road,
New Delhi 110003
: 011-2468 2230-35
: 011-24682226
Eastern Region
6, Netaji Subhas Road
Kolkata - 700 001
: 033-22307727 / 28 / 1434 /
: 033-22301721 / 22312700
Northern Region
Block No. 3, Dakshin Marg
Sector 31-A, Chandigarh - 160 030
: 0172-5022522 / 2607228 /
2605868 / 2605614
: 0172-2606259 / 2614974
Southern Region
Prof C K Prahalad Centre
98/1, Velachery Main Road
Guindy, Chennai - 600 032
: 044-42444501 / 555
: 044-42444510
Western Region
105, Kakad Chambers, 1st Floor
132 Dr Annie Besant Road
Worli, Mumbai - 400 018
: 022-24931790
: 022-24945831 / 24939463
Bhubaneswar (Odisha)
Plot No. 8,
Forest Park, 1st Floor
Bhubaneswar - 751 009
: 0674-2596270 / 2596149
: 0674-2596159

Raipur (Chhattisgarh)
12, Jal Vihar Colonny
Beside Telibandha Talab
Raipur - 492 001
: 0771- 2429860 / 61
: 0771-2429860
Ranchi (Jharkhand)
H - 72, Argora Housing Colony
Argora, Ranchi - 834 002
: 0651-2240040 / 6457365
: 0651-2240040
Assam & Mehalaya, Arunachal Pradesh,
59, M G Road, Uzanbazar
Guwahati - 781 001
: 0361-2731966 / 2655856
: 0361-2731966
Aizawl (Mizoram)
1st Basement, MUP Building
Opp Raj Bhawan South Gate
Khatla, Aizawl - 796 001, Mizoram
: 0389-2301087
: 0389-2315168
Kohima (Nagaland)
Jail Colony, Kohima - 797 001
: 0370-2243048
Mobile : 09862030230
Agartala (Tripura)
New Industries Building (1st Floor)
P. O. Kunjaban
Khejur bagan (Beside Ginger Hotel)
Agartala-799006, Tripura
: 0381-2410067
Mobile : 09436129728
Siliguri (Sikkim)
5th floor, Malhotra Tower
Pradhan Nagar, Hill Cart Road
Siliguri-734403, West Bengal
: 0353-2511766

Chandigarh (UT)
Block No. 3, Dakshin Marg,
Sector 31-A
Chandigarh - 160 030
: 0172- 6515505 / 5022522 / 2605614
: 0172-2614974
IGSSS Building
28, Institutional Area, Lodi Road
New Delhi-110003, India
: 91-11-45772000
: 91-11-45772051
Gurgaon (Haryana)
249-F, Udyog Vihar,
Phase IV, Sector 18
Gurgaon - 122 015
: 0124-4014071 / 4014060-67
: 0124-4014070
Himachal Pradesh
Block No. 3, Dakshin Marg,
Sector 31-A
Chandigarh - 160 030
: 0172- 6515505 / 5022522 / 2605614
: 0172-2614974
Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir)
Mubarak Villa
11-B/B Gandhi Nagar Extension,
Jammu - 180 004
: 0191-2452006
: 0191-2452006
Chandigarh (Punjab)
Block No. 3, Dakshin Marg,
Sector 31-A
Chandigarh - 160 030
: 0172- 6515505 / 5022522/2605614
: 0172-2614974
Jaipur (Rajasthan)
3, Shivaji Nagar,
Civil Lines
Jaipur - 302 006
: 0141-2221441-42
: 0141-2221411
Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
30/1 Rajpur Road, Nepal House
Dehradun - 248 001
: 0135-2745119 / 2745120
: 0135-2745121
Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
Plot A, Vibhuti Khand
Gomti Nagar
Lucknow - 226 010
: 0522-2721950 - 52
: 0522-2721953
Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
1-11-252/9, Regal House
Plot No. 7, Moti Lal Nehru Nagar,
Begumpet, Hyderabad - 500 016
: 040-27765964 / 66 / 67 / 27765934
: 040-27766116

Bangalore (Karnataka)
No. 1086, 12th Main,
HAL 2nd Stage
Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560 008
: 080-42889595 / 25276544 / 45
: 080-25276709

Haldia (West Bengal)

D-3/8, Swati Housing Complex
Hatiberia, Haldia- 721607
West Bengal
: 03224-263656
: 03224-262805

Kochi (Kerala)
92-93, 10th Floor, Abad Neucleus Mall & Office,
NH - 49, Kundannoor, Petta Road, Maradu PO,
Kochi - 682 304
: 0484-4012300
: 0484-4012800

Jamshedpur (Jharkhand)
Room Nos. 7 & 8
Centre of Excellence
Jubilee Road, Jamshedpur-831001
: 0657-2225213/2232637
: 0657-2225213

No 1 First Floor, Zamindar Garden
S V Patel Road
Puducherry - 605 012
: 0413-2226201
: 0413-2243222

Siliguri (West Bengal)

Malhotra Tower, 5th floor
Pradhan Nagar
Hill Cart Road, Siliguri-734403
: 0353-2511766
: 0353-2511766

Chennai (Tamilnadu)
98/1, Velachery Main Road
Guindy, Chennai - 600 032
: 044-42444555 / 522
: 044-42444510

Amritsar (Punjab)
SCO No 32, Pal Plaza,
District Shopping Centre Ranjit Avenue
Amritsar - 143 001
: 0183-5061607

Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
CII House
Gulbai Tekra Road, Near Panchwati
Ahmedabad - 380 006
: 079-40279900-10
: 079-40279999

Ludhiana (Punjab)
C/o Majestic Auto Ltd,C-48, Focal Point,
Phase IV,Ludhiana - 141 010
: 0161-5029834
: 0161-2676241

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

E-2/109, Arera Colony
Bhopal - 462 016
: 0755-2425752-53
: 0755-4271824

Noida (Western Uttar Pradesh)

CMA Tower, A-2-E,
Mezzanine Floor, Sector 24,
Noida - 201 301
: 0120-4345972-4
: 0120-4345970

502, Unitech City Centre
Opposite Hotel Shiv Sagar Hotel
M G Road, Panaji,
Goa - 403 001
: 0832-2422790/96 - 2422814 (D)

Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)

Room No. 105, Directorate of Industries,
Udyog Bhawan, Bemloe ,Shimla
Himachal Pradesh-171 002
: 0177-2654323
: 0177-2654323

Mumbai (Maharashtra)
105, Kakad Chambers
1st Floor, 132 Dr Annie Besant Road
Worli, Mumbai - 400 018
: 022-24931790 / 24964792
: 022-24945831 / 24939463
Confederation of Indian Industry
North Odisha Zonal Office
3rd Floor, Glory Tower
Beside RTO Office
ITI Square
: 06782-267689
: 06782-267689

Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir)

HNO 318, MIG Colony
SDA, Bemina
: 099067-46669
Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
98/1, Velacherry Main Road, Guindy,
Chennai 600 032
: 044 -42444555 /522
: 044-42444510
Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)
Unit No: B 3A 1
Elysium Central
Opposite to Indian Bank,
Near Carmel Garden School,
Puliakulam Main Road
Coimbatore 641045
: 0422 -4044555
: 91- 422- 4044555


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Erode (Tamil Nadu)

P & C Towers, III Floor
140 Perundurai Road
Erode - 638011
: 0-9943009060
: 0424-2219060

Bhavnagar (Gujarat)
C/O-Steelcast Ltd,
Ruvapari Road,
Bhavnagar 364005
: 0278 2519062
: 0278 2420589

Madurai (Tamil Nadu)

Plot No. 518, Ist Floor, 4th Main Road,
K K Nagar, Madurai 625 020
: 0452- 4391434
: 0452-2521705

Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh)

17/18, 58 Madhuban Colony
: 07162 321577 / 321977

Mysore (Karnataka)
113, Ground Floor, 8th Main, Jayalakshmipuram,
Mysore 570 012
: 0821 -2516319 / 2517003
: 0821-2515513

Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

402, Sapphire Twins
Scheme No.54
16, A B Road, Indore
: 0731 4041694 / 4009061
: 0731 4040390

Salem (Tamil Nadu)

Royal Towers II Floor, 185/2, New Bustand Road,
Meyyanoor, Salem - 636004
: 0427 -2448255
Trivandrum (Kerala)
No.2, Golf Links Road, Jawaher Nagar,
Kawdiar, Tiruvananthapuram - 695003
: 0471 -3003995
: 0471-2438922
Thoothukudi (Tamil Nadu)
106J/30, First Street, Millerputam,
Thoothukudi 628 008, Tamilnadu
: 0461-2312177
: 0461-2312177
Trichy (Tamil Nadu)
6A, Lawsons Road, 3rd Floor, GVR Complex,
Cantonment, Trichy 620 001
: 0431 -2410641 / 4000641
: 0431-2410655
Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh)
IV -Floor, D.No.40-15-9/3,Nandamuri Road,
Brindavan Colony,
Lane Beside Grand Chandana, Labbipet,
Vijayawada 520 010
: 0866-2495967
Vizag (Andhra Pradesh)
Flat No. 3A, 4th Floor, Rednam Alcazar, 10-1201, Rednam Gardens Opp. SBI Main Branch,
Vishakapatnam 530 002
: 0891- 2555535
: 0891-2555535
Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
C/O Endress + Hauser Flowtech India Pvt Ltd
M- 171 -176 MIDC Waluj,
Aurangabad 431001
: 0240 - 2563600

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EVIE 2014-15

Nagpur (Maharashtra)
C/O Calderys India Refactories,
6th Floor Sidvi Towers Mount Road Sadbar
Nagpur - 440001
: 07104-660569
Kolhapur (Maharashtra)
C/O S B Reshellers Pvt. Ltd.
392, E Ward, Shahupuri
Near Basant Bahar Theater
: 0231-2658297
: 0231-2653365
Nasik (Maharashtra)
Sahakar Sampada
1st floor, MICO Employees
Co-op Credit Society Bldg
G-32, MIDC, Trimbak Road
(near Hotel Ginger), Satpur, Nashik-422007,India
: 0253 2360226
Pune (Maharashtra)
Office D, 10th Floor, Godrej Eternia-C, B Wing
3, Off Mumbai Pune Highway
Wakdewadi, Shivajinagar
: 020 66075800
: 020 66075822
Rajkot (Gujarat)
C/o Hem Engineering & Marine Services
217, Panchanath Commercial Center,
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,
Harihar Chowk,
Rajkot 360001
: 0281 3053357
Surat (Gujarat)
C/O-Sanghavi Exports International Pvt Ltd,
Light House,
Near Sanghavi Diamond, Ved Road
Surat 395002
: 0261-3939393(Board)
: 0261-3939399

Vadodara (Gujarat)
201-203, Abhishek Complex
Near Akshar Chowk, Old Padra Road,
Vadodara 390020
: 0265-2341771 / 6532016 (Board)
Australia (CII Representative Office)
P. O. Box No. 91
Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Australia
: 0061-2-62821551
: 0061-2-62324218
Mobile : 0061-404953712
China (CII Representative Office)
Room No 11-A 47/49
Shanghai Mart
2299, Yanan Road (West)
Shanghai 200336
Peoples Republic of China
: 0086-21-62360969
: 0086-21-32283510
Egypt (CII Representative Office)
C/o Embassy of India
5, Aziz Abaza Street, Zamlek
PO Box 718, Cairo
Postal Code 11211
Mobile : +20 1099911470
France (CII Representative Office)
6, Passage des Arts, 75014
: 0033-1-40475481
: 0033-1-40475481
Singapore (CII Representative Office)
C/o Singapore Chinese
Chamber of Commerce and Industry
47, Hill Street
SCCCI Building # 07-02
Singapore 179365
: 0065-6-3334363
: 0065-6-8830658
United Kingdom (CII Representative
C/o Confederation of British Industry,
4th Floor, Cannon Place, Cannon Street
London, EC4N 6NL, UK
: 0044 20 7836 4121
Mobile : 0044 7990771074
United States of America (CII
Representative Office)
1700 North Moore Street, Suite 1928
Arlington, Virginia 22209
: 00-1-703-807-0310
: 00-1-703-807-0315

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he Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an

environment conducive to the development of India, partnering industry,
Government, and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes.

CII is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed

organization, playing a proactive role in Indias development process. Founded in
1895, Indias premier business association has over 7400 members, from the private
as well as public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs, and an indirect membership
of over 100,000 enterprises from around 250 national and regional sectoral industry
CII charts change by working closely with Government on policy issues, interfacing
with thought leaders, and enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and business
opportunities for industry through a range of specialized services and strategic
global linkages. It also provides a platform for consensus-building and networking
on key issues.
Extending its agenda beyond business, CII assists industry to identify and execute
corporate citizenship programmes. Partnerships with civil society organizations carry
forward corporate initiatives for integrated and inclusive development across diverse
domains including affirmative action, healthcare, education, livelihood, diversity
management, skill development, empowerment of women, and water, to name a few.
The CII theme of Accelerating Growth, Creating Employment for 2014-15 aims
to strengthen a growth process that meets the aspirations of todays India. During
the year, CII will specially focus on economic growth, education, skill development,
manufacturing, investments, ease of doing business, export competitiveness, legal
and regulatory architecture, labour law reforms and entrepreneurship as growth
With 64 offices, including 9 Centres of Excellence, in India, and 7 overseas offices
in Australia, China, Egypt, France, Singapore, UK, and USA, as well as institutional
partnerships with 300 counterpart organizations in 106 countries, CII serves as a
reference point for Indian industry and the international business community.

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