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Parametricism and Generative


Mohd Firoz
Mohsin Khan
Uzair Khan

What is parametricism?
Parametricism implies that all
architectural elements and complexes
which are parametrically malleable.
Parametric, within the context of digital
architecture, as a type of geometric
model whose geometry is a function of
a finite set of parameters. While a
parametric model is a representation

Evolution Of parametricism
The form of the house is
not amorphous, not a
free for all form. On the
contrary, its construction
has strict boundaries
according to the scale of
your living. Its shape and
form are determined by
inherent life processes.

Frederick Kiesler with model for Endless House, c. 1960, photograph by

Irving Penn, 2010 Austrian Frederick and Lillian Kiesler Private
Foundation, Vienna

There are many studies have been done in the
architectural works of famous architects such as
Le Corbusier
An Analysis of Form
Meis Van Der Rohe
Form Follow Function
Frank Lloyd Wright
Organic Architecture
Patric Schumacher
Zaha Mohammad Hadid Neo-futurism

Negative principles
Avoid rigid forms (lack of malleability)
Avoid simple repetition (lack of variety)
Avoid collage of isolated, unrelated elements
(lack of order)
Avoid rigid functional stereotypes
Avoid segregative functional zoning

Positive principles
All forms must be soft
All systems must be differentiated (gradients)
and interdependent (correlations)
All functions are parametric activity scenarios
All activities communicate with each other

Parametricism claims universal

It cannot be dismissed as eccentric signature
work that only fits high-brow cultural icons
Parametricism is able to deliver all the
components for a high-performance
contemporary life process.
All moments of contemporary life become
uniquely individuated within a continuous,
ordered texture.

Step by step approach for Design Development in Parametricism

Famous Architects & Their works


Bin Lu and Joongsik

San Franciscos Bus Terminal

Parametric Design and
Voronoi Algorithms

Patrik Schumacher

Patrik Schumacher
Dr.-Phil., Dipl.-Ing., Architect, RIBA, ARB.
Partner at Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)
Co-director AA Design Research Lab (AADRL

Parametricism by Patrik Schumacher-Its

important to give a conceptual definition of
parametricism in terms of parametric
malleability, but there is also an operational
definition of parametricism. When I first started
to talk about parametricism I was talking about
formal heuristics, but now I find it necessary to
also talk about functional heuristics, because a
style is not just a matter of form and formalisms.
Each style also introduces a particular attitude
and way of comprehending and handling
functions and program. Any serious style must
take a position on these issues, and I think we
have a different attitude and position with
respect to function than the modernists. We
need both functional heuristics and formal

Generative design is a design method in which the output image,
sound, architectural models, animation is generated by a set of
rules or an Algorithm, normally by using a computer program.

Most generative design is based on

parametric modelling.
It is a fast method of exploring
design possibilities that is used in
various design fields such as Art,
Architecture, Communication Design,
and Product Design.
It is majorly inspired from natural
design process, but are further
worked under mutation and

Definition by Celestino Soddu, 1992: "Generative Design is a morphogenetic process
using algorithms structured as not-linear systems for endless unique and unrepeatable results performed by an idea-code, as in Nature"
Definition by Sivam Krish 2013: " Generative Design is the transformation of
computational energy into creative exploration energy empowering human designers
to explore greater number of design possibilities within modifiable constrains"

Artists all to often define Generative art as being most like the work that is
closest at hand, namely their own generative art.
There is no agreed definition of Generative Design.


Generative design has:
A design schema
A means of creating variations
A means of selecting desirable
Procedure(s) capable of (trans)forming, resulting in possible solutions
instead of one design result
This is generally referred to as

A starting condition
(trans-)forming algorithm
Defined parameters
Defined relations and constraints
Some sort of input source
A stopping condition

example : scaled table

example : scaled table

o Starting condition : given geometry
o Transforming algorithm : scaling operation
o Defined parameters :width, depth, height

example : scaled table

o Input source : random numbers
o Stopping condition : amount of transformed tables

Script engines in applications
autocad : autolisp / autocad vb
Sketchup : paracloud GEM
ideas : ideasscript
3dsmax : maxscript
alias wavefront maya: MEL(maya embedded language)
rhinoceros : rhinoscript
Custom software
archipel ontwerpers: artificial
celestino soddu : argenia
genestics : objecter

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