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A Bookmark on When To Kill Mr Y and Do SHOXZ Treatment in Simple Present Tense

Writing is an important tool and it is central to learning especially in schools, in the
workplace, and in everyday life. Errors and mistakes during writing, especially in grammar
such as the tenses, can lead to misunderstanding and troubles. When To Kill Mr Y and Do
SHOXZ Treatment is a self-developed bookmark used to address the problems in writing
sentences with the correct use of Simple Present Tense.
In the bookmark, pupils are shown on when to change the last letter y in a verb to
ies such as cry to cries and when to add es instead of only s to the other verbs to show
the correct use of simple present tense. To assess the effectiveness of this bookmark, pupils
who are involved in this study sat for a pre-test and post-test. The result showed that the
pupils began to write confidently and 100% of them were able to recognise, spell and write
the sentences with the correct use of simple present tense. The bookmark has helped to
improve their mastery in Simple Present Tense. Apart from that, the bookmark can also be
used by the pupils to know when and how to change certain singular nouns to Plural Nouns.
Kalsum Binti Mohamed

Kalsum Binti Mohamed is currently an English Language teacher at SJK C Pei Chiao,
Pontian, Johor. She obtained her promotion as an Excellent Teacher (Guru Cemerlang BI) in
2009. She enjoys teaching and exploring ways to improve teaching learning process.
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Learners of English who lack opportunities to use the target language may occasionally face
difficulty in expressing themselves effectively. Errors and mistakes, especially in grammar,
can lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication. Therefore, it is essential for teachers
to provide ample opportunities for students to practice using correct and appropriate
grammatical structures. This would help develop and increase competency and mastery of
the language.
M.O.N.I.T.O.R. is a self-developed learning tool used to capture students interest and to
motivate them to practise in a more meaningful manner. In this tool, students will record what
they have learnt after each lesson and their teacher will provide weekly feedback. A pictorial
feedback system is used to motivate the students continuous involvement in their learning.
To assess the effect of this learning tool, students who participated in this project sat for a
pre-test and post-test to examine their achievement. The result showed that students
responded positively towards M.O.N.I.T.O.R. and the tool improved their learning of