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Learning Manual:

Initial General Training (IGT)

IGT Rev- 03

On joining IRS all are required to undergo Initial General Training (IGT), which should encompass
the following topics:
a. Activity and functions of IMO and Maritime Administrations,
b. Activity and functions of classification Societies,
c. Quality Management System and
d. Legal and ethical issues.
SICs/HODs or their nominees are required to impart IGT to all new joiners. To impart IGT uniformly
across the organization, teaching matrix, training materials and documents are prepared and they
are as follows:
1. IRS Background and history,
2. Quality management System in IRS,
3. IMO-IACS Training.
4. IRS Code of Ethics and
5. Initial General Training CBT
Above item 1, 2 and 3 along with Teaching Matrix are in the IRS intranet under others 11 Training,
and item 4 IRS code of ethics is available under Others 10 IRS Code of Ethics in the IRS intranet.
IGT CBT is distributed to all survey station and H.O. department. In case of missing CDs
SICs/HODs are requested to ask for it. This CBT module cannot be posted on IRS intranet due to
its size and configuration. IRS quality manuals are in the IRS intranet under Quality Manuals and I
Corp and II Corp should be read and understood by new joiners.
Assessment: On completion of this module the new joiners must be evaluated on each topic.
Assessor is to carry out the examination based on the questions from question bank. In addition he
may add more question of his own pertaining to the topics.
Assessment is to be carried out in 4 distinct areas as given in question bank. You may select 2
questions from each section and question paper must contain at least 12 questions. Question
banks were sent by mail separately earlier and attached please find some more questions.

Passing criteria: To complete the IGT the candidate must score minimum 60 % marks.

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Documentation: Please record the evaluation process with following details in the candidates
QTE (Qualification, Training and Experience) file1. Date and time of assessment
2. Place of assessment
3. Name of the assessor
4. Signature of the assessor and assessed candidate
5. Question paper and answer sheets.
(Note-In case of HO personnel QTE file is being maintained by Training dept. The record is to be
forwarded to Training dept. by HODs, once the IGT training and assessment is successfully carried
out. The survey station SICs are to maintain above record in the survey station.
Update of the record in the ORS under HR Main - Training is to be carried out .
Your cooperation is highly appreciated to achieve desired results from this training.

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