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My name is Jamhari and I was graduated from Program of Bachelor Degree of

Mathematics Education at Mulawarman University at East Borneo in Indonesia. I had
taught math for several schools in my home country for two years from 2011 to 2014.
Many experiences that I got during I taught such as the problem of students about
understanding of mathematics concept, about understanding of the students for solving
the problem of mathematics, motivation of the students in learning, attitude of the
students, and others. As a teacher, I must be able to find the solution to solve the
problems. Therefore, I always gave some of the treatment for the students to solve all of
the problems such as using various kinds of learning methods and approaches, using
visual aids, and using software of learning. In addition, I also must improve my skills
continuously as a math teacher. So that, I have to continue my study to a higher level to
take a master degree to improve my professionality and ability.
In 2014, I resigned to teach because I am following the International Bridging
Program organized by the International Excellent Program from Mulawarman and
financed by my government for two semesters (from October 2014 to June 2015). One
of the programs is a visit and study orientation several universities in Thailand. From
several universities in Thailand which had been visited by me, I am very interested with
the curriculum from Master of Education Program in Mathematics at Naresuan
University. The curriculum is very suitable as I expect. In the curriculum, not only do
the courses learn about the theory of mathematics education but they also learn about
the pure mathematics. Many courses about pure mathematics such as the Advanced
Analysis, Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory, Graph and Combinatorics, and others.
Different with the Master of Education Program in mathematics in other universities
which I had visited, most of the courses learn more about the theory of mathematics
education than learn about pure mathematics. If I could study at Naresuan University, I
will be able to improve my ability not only about mathematics education but also about
pure mathematics. In addition, the atmosphere around Naresuan University is very
pleasant and comfortable, far away from the crowd and noise make me composure in
learning, and could be more focus to be able to finish my study later. Furthermore,
facilities at Naresuan University are very support to improve activities of the students
for developing their ability. Like the library, it is very complete and very comfortable to
spend time to learn there. In the library, there is electronic library which can help
students to find the e-book which they require, and it is one of application of e-learning.
And also, there is a facility to improve the English skills and Thailand Language free
for the students.
I would like to improve my ability about the technique in teaching of
mathematics such as development of effective learning method, using technology in
learning, applying e-learning, solving the problem of mathematics in daily life, and
others. In my country, usage of the technology in learning and teaching was still less
used, and most of math teachers still less know about that. While students always have
to know and follow development of technology for solving the problems of

mathematics. For my future research, I would like to do the research for development
about that. I also read some of original paper of the students at Naresuan University
from Internet especially in field of Education, many researches relating with my study
focus and passion.
I would like to go back to my home country after finishing my study at Naresuan
University to serve my goverment. I expect that I could always do research and seminar
in my home country about the problems of Education, and find the solution to overcome
the problems with applying the techniques or methods that I have got during pursuing
master degree at Naresuan University later. For that, I would like to try to achieve my
big dream. My big dream is to be a lecturer and researcher with ASEAN expertise. I
have a strong commitment to realize the concepts of education; 1) emphasizing
knowledge, 2) growing the maturity and 3) developing the good manners. Of course, to
be a good lecturer and commit with those concept.
I am very pleased socializing with people in around. I regard that socializing
very important to improve the insight and confidence for us. When I was studying in
bachelor degree program, I also participated in various kind of organizations. I had been
a chairman of the event of mathematics competition for students in province region. In
addition, I also became one of the members of the event organizer about music and art.
Many experiences that I got during following the organization, such as the way to
organize the members well, the way to relate with the people, and the most important is
the way to collaborate with the team in order to be a solid team.
Now, I am attending International Bridging Program which give me and other
students knowledge such as training of international research seminar, training of
international publication, training of preparation and information of academic
atmosphere for studying at overseas, and training for improving of english ability.
Based on the explanation above, I am highly motivated to pursue my master
degree at Master of Education Program in Mathematics at Naresuan University in
Thailand. By the opportunity to participate to be one of the receiver candidates of the
ASEAN scholarship at Naresuan University, it could give me opportunity to be able to
study at Naresuan University and could support me to achieve my big dream and my
plan in the future.
Yours sincerely,

Jamhari, S.Pd (equivalent to Bachelor of Education)

Fresh graduate of Mulawarman University
East Borneo, Indonesia