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I feel its interesting

to learn English by
watching videos
Suhanto Kastaredja

Video 1
Communicative Grammar for Multi-Level English Language Learners |
The New School

Published on Feb 7, 2013

English language learning is so multi-faceted that experts describe a "heterogeneous language
class" as a class with more than one student. Ability, needs, background, age, and
psychological make-up are just some of the variables among learners. Preparing different
tasks for students at different levels is not always feasible, but learning questioning
techniques and providing open-ended tasks will allow more
I was listen to your video on line for the fist time and it looks very interested ,I am a person
Tried to learn English as a second language , on my own I had visited you tube for video
lessons for the last two years, and finished it an intermediate English level at school, do you
have any advise for me.
Common Greek words that used every day in the English vocabulary: energy, android,
apology, megabyte, school, music, tune, icon, zoo, metallica, trophy, idol, catalog, polyglot,
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scorpion, saxophone, poem, stereo, idea, rhythm, gym, cosmopolitan, practice, atlantic,
stomach, symptom, fantasy, academy, genesis, giant, philadelphia, telegraph, metropolitan,
anatomy, autograph, monologue, geography, organization, alexander, logic, magic, photo,
erasmus, chorus, irony, lamp, stephen, encryption, episode, plastic,
She gave us one great lesson: how we can teacher people for really learn English language. .
Thanks a lot.

Video 2
Capitalism: A Ghost Story - An Evening with Arundhati Roy and Siddhartha

You know what it is don't you? It happens to India, it happens to Canadians, it happens to
Americans, it happens to Africans, it happens to every nation under the sun and since time
immemorial, it has happened. It's men. They run everything, they want everything, and they
get it their way or else they kill you. Or rape you. That's why I am starting a womens' council
where we make our own "decrees" about everything and anything we want. Only women will
have voting rights though men can join. Imagine living in a world where we can be free to be
Hi, i thought whatever, Arundati said its correct or wrong ....before manipulating we i
couldn't understood why she spoken out of India... why she has stand on India media spoken
against all corp orates with mobilized public through writing and activists work instead of
going out side of country ...speaking out ,its similar to other industrialist which is doing the
same in own country as a basis of creating a job....
When she makes money using the same capitalism she is criticizing and then goes telling
people her ideas of supporting poors what is wrong in criticizing her ? Such a hypocrite . If
she doesn't believe in capitalism then shouldn't take money from same capitalists system.
Would she denounce ?
She would starve if she didn't participate in Capitalism. It's not a choice in this world.
Capitalism is a form of dictatorship beginning with the dictator you work for, if you're not
Please explain to me what making the rich richer and the poor poorer has to do with
socialism. If it were socialism then companies would be owned, controlled and
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democractically run by the workers rather than a handful of rich people issuing orders down a
hierachical chain of command for their own benefit such as capitalism/fascism does.

Video 3
Grammar: 8 rules for using 'THE' in English
With the runnung text
Published on Apr 7, 2014 United States or The United States? U.K. or The U.K.? Unsure of
when to use a definite or an indefinite article? Watch this lesson and stop making these
common mistakes in English!

For many non-native speakers of English who don't have articles in their own language, it can
be really

Video 4

Sound like a native speaker: the BEST pronunciation advice
English in America is said rather perfectly. I know this because I've been a tutor in Russia and
it is easier to teach American English because most of the letters are pronounced. American
English is clearer, even though British is prettier.

Video 5
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English Conversation - Learn English Speaking, Learn English Vocabulary 1

[English Subtitle]
Hi everyone, I'm brazilian and I'm looking for people to practice english( no web cam) we
can improve together. We can talk about a lot of things. I'm student. Add me on Facebook :
Marina Firmmino Gabriel . I teach you portuguese, you teach me english. Its easy!
Like ! i looking for someone improve my English . I speak Eng bad :(( .. My skype ID is
Katherine Trn

Video 6
English Conversation - Learn English Speaking, Learn English Vocabulary 6
[English Subtitle]
My name is Mohamed i am atourguide i am speaking English and German may native
languish is Arabic any one nead any help this My phone: 01117823078 and this my skybe
also: mohamed81642

Video 7
English Conversation Learn English Speaking English Course English Subtitle
Part 13
How to download it..

Happy watching

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