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Sustainability Risk Management System

Evolution is an enterprise
sustainability risk management and
inventory system. It uses accurate
environmental measurement and
ISO 14001 management processes
to quantify, benchmark and report
an organisation’s risks in operational,
compliance and financial terms.

Evolution has Eco-Smart Pathways

that interface with building
management systems, smart meters
and enterprise software, providing a
range of dashboards for energy,
water and waste., usage, cost, CO2
and all other environmental impacts.

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Sustainability Risk Management System

What It Does

Evolution provides organisations with a

highly cost effective and accurate
environmental and sustainability
management system that compares risks
across all operations: identifies issue
commonality and quantifies cost exposure.

Evolution provides the latest regulatory

information at local, national and
international levels to track and quantify a
range of liability issues to protect against
stakeholder and regulatory challenge.

Evolution provides CO2 ,environmental and

CSR reports for internal and external use.
It benchmarks and quantifies accurate
submissions for trading and taxation

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Sustainability Risk Management System

Eco-Smart Pathways

Evolution provides...

Custom connections and interfaces that allow

integration with a companies enterprise software,
such as SAP, Oracle, Overview, Archbus and
Maximo to map financial and consumption data
into a smart dashboard and report option.

An API interface to provide communication for

legacy building management systems (based on
C-Bus and Profibus) with DeviceNet, SOAP, XML,
BACnet, LonWorks and Modbus all able to easily
communicate with Evolution.

Automated reporting and real time information for

consumption, cost management and compliance

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Sustainability Risk Management System

Risk Management

Evolution is built around a mapping engine that

registers the standard, regulation or directive
requirements into a dynamic Gap analysis tool,
compliance library and risk alert management

Managers and employees in all relevant areas

are informed by a priority coded alert
containing the requirement, action and time-
scale. An audit trail system tracks all
involvement and activities relating to the alert.

A reminder system requires attention until

satisfactory compliance is achieved. Evolution
provides the platform for all types of risk
management for Local, National, International
and Industry Specific, with a repository for
storage and reference.

An audit trail feature provides proof of action or

inaction, with verification library.

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Sustainability Risk Management System

Performance Benchmarking

A key issue is how to verify and validate

manufacturers’ emission performance claims for
air, land and sea vehicles, property systems,
equipment and specific environments relating to
risk responsibility.

Evolution has a benchmarking mechanism that

compares real world performance data to
manufacturers’ claims. Multiple comparisons
can be built up to understand how operating
environments can affect performance and cost.

Because Evolution uses granular measurement

techniques, repetitive volume impacts can be
calculated to provide built up exposure risks
and possible future hot spots.

A performance or abatement modelling feature

provides return on investment analysis for
sustainability expenditure.

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Sustainability Risk Management System

Change Management

Evolution uses a leading edge content

management system to provide connectivity,
easy participation and educational
empowerment from executive to employee.

According to permission level any employee

can add, update and change content, report
an issue anonymously, produce or respond to
team and individual alerts.

Evolution provides a secure connected plat-

form from executive to employee to share
relevant information, provide interactive
learning, allow issue reporting and understand
compliance requirements, aims, objectives,
targets and year to date performance.

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Sustainability Risk Management System


Evolution produces a range of reports and

dashboards for carbon management and
environmental and CSR reporting.

Evolution measures and tracks energy, fuel,

water and waste, a range of chemicals and all

Evolution offers desktop custom analysis,

global to local accounting and measurement
against over 500 resources and environ-
mental impacts including the six core green-
house gases CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6, HFCs and

Evolution provides ISO 14001 management

from local to global.

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Managing the Future Today

EQ2 will provide an organisation

and its team with the highest level
of expert support and guidance
from initial assessment to ongoing
expert advice in a seamless part-
nership approach.

Our role is to make environmental

risk management understandable,
easy and straightforward to reduce
risk and financial exposure. + 44 845 371 2520