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Mark Lester C.

Burnay, Talavera, Nueva Ecija Philippines
+63915 287 1234

Personal Data:

Age : 43
Sex : Male
Birth Date : December 21, 1967
Birth Place : Talavera, Nueva Ecija
Civil Status : Single
Religion : Roman Catholic
Nationality : Filipino
Height : 5’7”
Weight : 72 kg.
Father’s Name : Rodolfo Antonio
Mother’s Name : Milagros Antonio

Educational Attainment:
Tertiary : Central Luzon State University
MAN Science City of Munoz
S.Y. – 1989

Course : Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Central Luzon State University

Science City of Munoz

Secondary : Talavera National High School

Talavera, Nueva Ecija
S.Y. - 1983

Elementary : Talavera, Elementary School

Talavera, Nueva Ecija
A highly professional talented nurse having 15 years of experience in providing
patient care in complex ER units, maintaining a safe and caring environment
for patients, planned and developed labor budget, analyzing and resolving
patients problems as well as taking care of equipments and devices.

Professional Experience:

Chinese Hospital 1995 – present

• Responsible for general care of the patient
• Assisted the surgeons during operations and provided all kinds of help
• Worked with health care team and provided help to implement patient
health care plans
• Provided appropriate instructions to the families of the patient
• Performed regular check-up, diagnosis, treatment, vaccination and
medication of all patient
• Basic computer skills

St. Luke’s Hospital 1989 – 1995

• Communicated with patient’s parents and tried to solve their problems
• Responsible for looking after all medical equipments in the emergency
• Responsible for performing various test and analyzing patient’s medical
• Provided instructions to the parents of the patients on health care
education and on health improvement
• Provided health and clean environment

• Profound ability of planning, management and budget
• Sound knowledge of the medical treatment and terminology
• Exceptional ability to analyze, formulating and resolving the problems
• Great communication skills with the sound demonstrations and
interpersonal skills
• 20 years of heath experience

Attending seminar:
Care of the client having renal failure
IV training program
Leadership and management


Bryan Pascual RN
Staff nurse in Chinese Hospital

Gary Bagtit RN, MAN

Chief nurse in St. Luke’s Hospital
January 30, 2010

TO: Dr. April A. Diaz RN, MSN

Hospital director
Veterans Medical Hospital
United States of America
123 Clark Roads New York

THRU: Mrs. Emiliana Grace Obama RN, MSN

Chief Nurse
Veterans Medical Hospital
United States of America

Dear: Sir/Ma’am

I was excited to read about ER nurse practitioner job opening at

Veterans Medical Hospital

I’m a graduate of an approved school of nursing and is currently

licensed in the Philippines. I have 20 years of health experience in
the field of Med/Surgical nursing.

In additional to my extensive experience, I have a strong

communication and basic computer skills.

My broad background makes me an excellent candidate for ER

nurse practitioner position.

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to

the best of my knowledge and belief.


Mark Lester C. Antonio RN, MAN