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Treat your social adversaries and enemies today the way you will be glad

you did should you become good friends.

The refusal to forgive even ourselves (let alone others) leads to countless ailments.
Lack of forgiveness is aging; it puts lines on faces before they should come. In some
cases it means sleeplessness.
After all, who knows how God will use us down the road if once and for all - we set
our social adversaries and enemies free - and never look back.
What inspires the world most is changed lives for which there is no natural
To the Spiritual person the supernatural seems natural. - - Jackie Pullinger
YShua (Jesus) can take every human beings sinful pasts and make it work
together for the good
and do it so brilliantly and beautifully that we will each be tempted to say that:
This is the way it was supposed to be.
Let the past be past at last.
Peoples Biggest Fears about those who have wronged us or we only think
have wronged us:
1) They will not get caught or found out .
2) Nobody will ever know what they did
3) They will prosper and be blessed as if they did no wrong.
Grace is getting what we do not deserve (Total Forgiveness).
Mercy is not getting what we do deserve (Justice).
Graciousness is shown by what we dont say, even if that which we could
say, is irrefutably true.

Do not let anyone know what someone said about you or did to you.
Do not let anyone be afraid of you or intimidated by you.
Forgiveness is worthless to us if we can not forgive ourselves.
We want them to forgive themselves and never feel guilty.
God will let them and us save face .
Saving Face means preserving ones dignity and self esteem. It is not only
the refusal to make another person feel guilty, it is providing a rationale
that enables what they did to us look good, rather than bad. Or, it may mean
hiding a persons error from people, so they will not be embarrassed.

6) We have a duty to protect others from their greatest fear .

I must never tell what I know, never cause my offender to feel fear, never
make them feel guilty, never hope they will loose face, or never reveal their
devastating secrets.
And, I must keep this up as long as I live.
Peoples greatest fear is Being Exposed. When I ponder the sins
for which I have been
forgiven, it is enough to shut my mouth for the rest of my life. :)


We will pray for them to be truly blessed.

Total Forgiveness involves an additional element:

Praying for Gods unconditional blessings to

rain on the lives of our offenders. Keep no records of wrongs in
our thoughts, and you will be
less likely to expose such records with your words.

On the matter of judging, we learn (as did I learn) that it is always
counterproductive. When we judge someone else, most people have good, yet
very misguided motives.
What they may often be thinking is: What I want to do is offer this person
information, advice and counsel, so that they straighten themselves out . Clearly,
it has the opposite effect. Sooner or later,
it always backfires. The other person will become offended, and situations at hand
are never resolved.
The person living in fear is obsessed with the idea of punishment. This means at least
four things:
1) The person who lives in fear is already punished by this fear and is truly living
in quiet but very real torment.
2) The person is in fear of being punished by God (Not a valid fear).
3) The person in fear is always punishing himself or herself through their own
4) The person who lives in this fear always wants to punish others.
How To Forgive Ourselves Totally
One of the reasons we have difficulty forgiving ourselves is that Satan is working
behind the scenes day and night. His chief weapon is accusing us, making us
feel guilty, telling us how bad we are, how unworthy and how stupid we are
to believe Gods promises. That is his job. Never forget it.
He points the finger at us. He keeps a record of wrongs, has a memory better than
ours and will remind us of things we thought we had forgotten.
Satan has one goal: to bring us down and keep us from pure joy. Remember, he
does not want us to forgive ourselves. Yshua (Jesus) does want us to forgive
The devil knows that his time is short (Rev. 12:12). He knows his final destiny
(Matt. 8:29; Rev. 20:10). The next time the devil reminds you of your past,
you remind him of his future.

YShua Disciplines ONLY Those He Loves:

If God never disciplines us, it is ominous that He lets us get away with stuff that is
wrong. This would be a very BAD SIGN. God does not discipline those who are not
His own. In other words, He does not ever punish is own, but disciplines
ONLY those who are ALREADY His.
If someone comes to us or to our attention (if we have been allegedly or in fact
caught in sin or other deceptive behavior, so to speak), we should never resent
them, but fall to our knees and thank God that He cares so much for us as to caution
us through people, and restore us.
If you have in any area of your life, a real, relentless, genuine enemy someone who
is not a figment of your anxiety or imagination and even a common social
adversary, you should see yourself as sitting on a mine of twenty-four carat
Not everybody is that blessed! But, if you have been truly blessed in that way, take it
with both hands. You should take this persons picture, enlarge it, frame it and thank
God every time you look at it.
This enemy, should you handle him or her correctly, could turn out to be the best
thing that ever happened to you.