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[Immediate Release]

August 21, 2014

CanoScan LiDE 120 Ultra-slim Flatbed Scanner

A Perfect Blend of Super Slim 40mm Thickness with
Innovative Cloud Storage Function
Canon today launches the new CanoScan LiDE 120 ultra-slim flatbed
scanner, which is only 40mm thick. Incorporated with Canon unique LiDE
technology, the LiDE 120 offers extra lightness and durability. Canon devotes
to the development of imaging technology, offers its users high quality
scanning results. The scanner offers 2,400 x 4,800dpi superior high optical
resolution and the new Cloud Storage function, creates worry-free scanning
experience of images and documents to cloud server.
Ultimate Slim and Sleek Design
The brand new LiDE 120 ultra-slim flatbed scanner is outfitted with Canons
unique Contact Image Sensor (CIS) and LED InDirect Exposure (LiDE)
scanning technology, which take advantages of using a low power
consumption LED light source, and small lens elements to reduce the number
and size of individual components need to produce a scanner, while to boost
to the image sensor to its best performance. As a result, the size can be
achieved remarkably 40mm thick and a mere 1.6kg.
Cloud Storage Function
LiDE 120 offers the new Cloud Storage function, users can save the images
or documents to the cloud server, like Dropbox or Evernote by just pressing
the Send button on the scanner.
Auto Document Fix Function
The Auto Document Fix function is tailored for optimizing scan quality
through document analysis and correction. It delivers beautiful and easy-toview scan results with pictures in high color reproduction and sharp and clear
Auto Document Fix function uses area-by-area image analysis and
optimization to achieve perfect scan results. Through multiple advanced
image analyses and intelligent technologies, such as color composition
analysis and intensity undulating analysis, segments among text characters,
pictures and background of the original can be distinguished in high accuracy.
Area-by-area correction is then applied to the text and picture segments
based on the analysis result, while reducing the show-through problems in
background. Texts are emphasized, blackened and with sharpening edge for
easy reading, while the color tone and contrast of pictures are well maintained

and natural-looking pictures are reproduced with dot smoothing. Hence the
overall quality for scanned documents is enhanced.
2,400 x 4,800dpi Optical Resolution
LiDE 120 offers 2,400 x 4,800dpi optical resolution for high quality scanning.
Scanning an A4 size color documents at 300dpi takes only 16 seconds.
When scanning documents larger than the platen of the scanner, like A3/B4
size, it is possible to join the two halves by the bundled My Image Garden
software, and combine the images to one file.
Zero Warm-Up Time
By using 3 color LED light source, it is able to eliminate warm-up time before
scanning, saving approximately 30 seconds when compared to the Cold
Cathode Flourescent Light (CCFL), speeding up the overall work efficiency
4 EZ Buttons for Simple and Convenient Operation
CanoScan LiDE 120 is powered by a wide range of easy-to-use features to
simplify scanning procedure. The 4 EZ buttons are situated on the front side
of the scanner for one touch selection of frequently performed operations.
These include a dedicated Auto Scan button to initiate the Auto Scan
Mode, a Copy button to make copy from the attached printer and an
Send button to attach scanned documents or image directly as an email
attachment for instant sending. Lastly, the PDF button allows for quick and
easy multi-page document scanning procedures.
Automatic Correction Functions
To satisfy the desire of resulting perfect scanning image quality, the scanner
introduced two worry-free image correction features: the Auto Direction
Correction and Gutter Shadow Correction.
By activating the Auto Direction Correction function before saving the
images into documents, scanner will detect the orientation of characters in the
documents and rotates them automatically by 90 degrees or 180 degrees to fit
vertically or horizontally, allowing users to enjoy reading without checking on
the rotation function button every time.
To correct shadow formed by gutter at the center of book and magazine,
Canon LiDE 120 employs the Gutter Shadow Correction function for brilliant
scan results.

Power and Connection via a Single USB Cable

LiDE 120 is designed for a tidy workplace and environmental friendly. It
requires only one convenient USB cable that provides both power and USB
2.0 high speed signal transmission with no additional AC adaptor. The
power consumption is as low as 1.5W at standby mode, and only 2.5W at
operation mode.
Bundled My Image Garden Software for Easy Photo Management
Bundled with LiDE 120, My Image Garden software supports face
recognition function. Simply by registering the faces of family members, the
software can sort photos of a specific person automatically for easy searching
and reviewing of memorable photos. Users can enjoy easy photo
management by organizing the photos stored on computers into three
categories: Calendar, Event and People. .
Canon CanoScan LiDE 120 ultra-slim flatbed scanner will be available for
sale on 22nd August, 2014 and the suggested retail price is HK$488.

Scanner type
Optical resolution
Scanner element
Light source
Scanning bit
Preview speed
Maximum document size
Scanning buttons (EZ buttons)
A3 / B4 output size
Gutter shadow correction
Scan to PDF
Power Supply
Dimension (W x D x H)
Operation system

CanoScan LiDE 120

2,400 x 4,800 dpi
3 Color LED
48 bit input, 48 bit or 24 bit output
16 bit input, 8 bit output
Approx. 14 sec
Approx. 16 sec (A4 / 300 dpi)
USB 2.0 High speed
A4/ LTR, 216 x 297 mm
4 buttons (PDF, Auto Scan, Copy, Send)
Multi pages & password protection function
Power & connection via USB cable
250 x 370 x 40mm
Approx. 1.6 kg
Windows 8.1, 8, 7 , Vista SP1 / SP2 , XP SP3
Mac OS X 10.6.8 10.9.x3
1-year carry in warranty

All data is based on Canons standard testing methods. Specifications are subject to change without

Excluding adjustment process time

Color document scan speed is measured with ISO/IEC 24735 Annex C Test Chart A. Scan speed
indicates the time measured between pressing the scan button of the scanner driver and the on-screen
status display turns off. Scan speed may vary depending on system configuration, interface, software,
scan mode settings and document size etc.
Driver can be downloaded at

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