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5E Lesson Plan

Team 7
Teacher: Gabby, Brittany and Jenn
Date: 1/22/2014
Subject / grade level: 5th, Social Studies
QR codes
Thirteen Colonies Worksheet
devices to scan QR codes (iPad or cell phone)
Common Core Standards
5.B.2: Emergence, Expansion, and Changes in Nations and Empires - Analyze the Growth and development of
Colonial America: Compare the political, economic, and social lives of people in New England, Middle,
and the Southern colonies.
ISTE.NET Standards
1. Creativity and Innovation
Students demonstrate creative thinking and construct knowledge while using technology
c. Students use models and simulations to explore the Thirteen Colonies
2. Communication and Collaboration
Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work together.
a. Students interact and collaborate with peers while using digital tools
b. Information and ideas are shared through a variety of digital formats
c. Students engage in teamwork an find answers together
3. Research and Information Fluency
Students utilize digital tools to gather and assess information.
a. Students plan strategies to guide inquiry
b. Students are able to locate and evaluate information using a variety of media sources
c. Student are able to process data
Lesson objective(s):
Students will be able to identify the original thirteen colonies of the United States and important facts about them.
Students will become familiar with two new forms of technology: QR readers and the Promethean Board.
Students will be assessed through an ActivInspire activity.
Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs:
Visual: directions and activity will be displayed on Promethean Board, images on website, QR codes
Kinesthetic: walk around the classroom and scan different QR codes
Interpersonal: working in pairs, then together as a class

Ask students if they can name some if not all of the 13 colonies. Students will have 5 minutes to complete this
Students will then be asked if they know how each colony came to be. This will lead into the research activity
that is planned.
Students will be put into groups and will be given one of the QR codes that we have made on worksheets.
Students will use the QR Scanner app on the iPads or on their own smartphones and scan the code that they
were given. They will then visit the website they were assigned via the QR code and fill out the worksheet
provided to them.

5E Lesson Plan
Team 7

We will be walking around and monitoring student work and asking them questions to confirm their

Students explain their findings with the class for the colony that they were assigned. Students will stand up in
front of the class and explain what their group found about the colony they had.
We will open ActiveInspire which will have a map. Students will match the QR Code that their group was
assigned to the correct state or colony on the map.
A student from each group will come and remind us what colony they had and match the QR Code number to
the correct colony on the blank map set up on the Promethean board.
The class will decide if the QR Code numbers are matched with the correct colony on the blank map

At the end of the lesson students will be asked to take out a half sheet of paper.
We will inform the students that on the half sheet of paper, they will be writing two new facts or ideas that they
learned today.
The half sheets will be handed in at the end of class.