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fC ADATA: RL Leve-Life- Dreams INDUSTRIAL & ENTERPRIS PRODUCT : CATALOG World's Leading Memory Brand Founded in May, 2001 by Chairman and CEO Mr. Simon Chen, ADATA Technology Co.. Ltd. is 2 world leading provider of memory modules and flash memory products, number 2 in DRAM modules and number 3 in USB Flash drives, Building on its technical expertise, state-of the-art manufacturing facilities, and premium customer service ADATA grew rapidly to become @ Taiwan Top 20 global brand within a matter Commitment to Compatiblity and Reliability With an unwavering decication to top quality and industry Weading specifications. ADATA offers complete range of centerp and industrial memory solutions, including DRAM modules, memory cards, and various SATA compatible components. All are innovatively designed, and manufactured in accordance with the industry’s most stringent standards. ADATA is also an ISO 14001 certified manufacturer that actively takes part in keeping the environment gr 2.5" SATA SSD Half Stim pom Fast Industrial CF , Eres | | Fass ae Premium Customer Service With multiple Locations around the globe, ADATA provides comprehensive and timely after-sale service support to our worldwide customers. ADATA has the design and engineering capabilities to bring, specific product conceptual requests to feasible and efficient production. Our industry-leading expertise and premium customer service have earned ADATA a reputation for dependability. We work with ts at all stages of design and production, from concept to finish, in a highly focused effart to sure world-class results. Quality, Safety and Environmental Certifications +150 900120 .2004 *OHSAS 18001:2007 +150 1406441 :2008 2 9c080000:2005 #150140 DRAM Modules Micro SSD emmc ADATA Strengths Expertise * Brand recognized globally * Leading and innovative technologies *ochouse resco & development Technology Leadership + Strong product development + Extensive patent portfolio Reliability & Consistency * Quality control and assurance + Extended and industrial temperature validation + Professional testing arey Customization + Customization to meet special requirements. + Electronic design and manufacturing services (EDMS) Longevity Commitment + Extended support for ong product ie cycles Total Solu! in Service + Responsive service + Solution driven + Full sange of consultancy services (een alecl sea) \\\ \ AN \\ z Z Z ZZ ——— = es a = a a = | —— a ——— z= = SS | == |= ———— ———— = == = — Reliability You Can Depend On Research & Development Excellent quality is possible only when each and every variable in the product development process is controlled and measured. ADATA offers all-in-one, industry - level data storage and memory solutions with @ vertically integrated supply chain, combined with the latest manufacturing processes. Quality & Reliability ADATA's internal investments in equipment ensure Independent production. All products are 100% tested, with re-evaluations conducted for any problems that arise in the testing process. Such a comprehensive process of testing is the secret behind the superior reliability af aur products Technical Support With specialized systern verification devices and the Industry's most comprehensive technical support, our system ensures the most efficient solution for each partner. Experience ‘Asa leader in SSD and DRAM storage technologies for more than Tl years, ADATA has never stopped developing, testing and improving production methods, hence the solid foundation for high-quality products. ADATA A+ Flash Testing Methodology The two most important components in developing an SSD product are the NAND Flash and controller IC. ADATA has developed the “A+ Testing Methodology’ to validate Flash products through the most rigorous testing process. Flash evaluation is conducted at the start and is followed by back-end IC validation, to ensure that all products are of the best quality. ADATA’s professional A+ Testing Methodology not only provides a major boost to production yields but also delivers quality products. Flash Evaluation ADATA has developed testing methods and standards based on joint Electron Device Engineering Council JEDEC) guidelines. The method targets three critical attributes of Retention, Endurance and Cross Temperature. The evaluation ensures the Flash memory meats product sp Endurance Testing Large quantities of product samples undergo extended read, write and erase testing. The Bit Error Rate (BER) of each round Is also verified to validate Flash memory endurance. This test can be used to confirm the life of the Flash memory and provides the best guarantee of quality. TOW. PIE Cycle THIGH - Flash ECC SPEC =Flash P/E Cycle SPEC --- ADATA feasibility analysis of result Retention After the samples undergo lifetime testing, the Flash is fully written and the BER observed at different points in time at high temperatures. This test provides an effective way of determining a product's data retention over a long period of time, and an early evaluation of its applications. =T0 -T1-T2 -13 Cross Temperature Testing Cross temperature operation is usually a key factor for Flash memory. Through cross temperature read/write as well as observation Of BER, ADATA ensures the memory component performs well under extreme environments. TThitis-R— LT-W/HT-R— HT-WILT-R IC Validation ADATA has developed its own hardware and firmware tests for IC Validation. Specific and precise testing criteria are set at every point so the final product will meet the highest standards. For industrial control, ADATA implements strict cross temperature tests. All components must undergo series of tests before finally being ‘manufactured into products that meet customer requirements. Module Production Process SMT Process Broce ial =4 Process Inspection =i a 5 Module ATE ATE (Automatic Test Equipment] is used for DRAM specification testing. The testing capability is equivalent to ‘semiconductor industry level machinery. This guarantees that ADATA modules satisfy DRAM specifications including function, DC, AC, Timing and Frequency. = Open/Short, Continuity test — DC test (Leakage, IDD, VREF) — Function test (H/L VDD, Refresh, Self-Refresh, Write/ Read operation, Data Mask, OTF) = Speed test (timing parerneter check, date BGR check) MRS MRS is a proprietary DOS program used for system-level testing. MRS has been proven to provide test coverage that is superior to ether popular SLT programs like memtest86+, RST Pro, and Golden Memory. In addition to test, coverage, MRS supports multi-core CPUs and the Latest Intel/AMD platforms to ensure efficiency and compatibility. ADATA SSD Validation ‘Advances in technology have led to a jump in demand for NAND Flash SSDs. Compared to standard HDD, SSDs offer high speed, low power consumption and exceptional shock resistance. A variety of small form-factors are supported as well, making them far more flexible than HODs. The evolution of production processes, however, has exposed NAND. Flash’s weakness in service life and stability. ADATA SSD Validation uses a rigorous testing process to guarantee SSD product functionality, performance and reliability. The validation consists of tivo parts: Functionality & Performance Test and Reliability Validation Functionality & i —- <> «=> = — >_> Performance Test = >> > aS => A ‘Quality products are made from quality components. Ss i Large numbers of reads and writes are carried aut a en —E under harsh testing conditions over a long period of o_o time in multi-tasking mode, ADATA not only a selects the best quality components, but has also no > >> > => Implemented over 500 tests in 19 categories of Performance test and Compatibility test for SSD products to ensure full compliance. | i i i i Sequetit Read Segal ite Reliability Validation Apart from testing under high-low temperatures and *10% voltage, ADATA has developed burn-in software to simulate errors under different usage. Random repeated testing is also carried out to ensure the reliability of SSD products. ADATA uses Reliability Demonstration Test (RDT) to calculate the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). This ensures the best product quality and a high level of reliability. Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) MTF is the predicted elapsed time between inherent ses of a system during operation. Mean Time Between Failures System Failures System Failures Total Solution Customer Service Sales ee re Creed eed PNY ee eee a eee Cats Pre-Sales After-Sales eo) Cot a Pee eee cared ea ec ed a Eon Gee er Veildation testing suppor (CTL, JEDEQEB ANSE 2.5" SATA SSD Roce Cicer sca teria serene omen trac cine ria te Uricer a Caters ssa sioner etre are Pret eto Rg ce ee ie eee ere tr Sor aot econ Cent iumtcner Gears eee eer Praca ec rc eo gtr a ert en) Crna eum ori ia tet ts Reece ee es ore muarantaes longevity and atnbillty for Industral ang enterprise usage. 4 aon d wide Temperate | Power Fait |W TaIM Temperate |e © Sencar Protection | Leveling Support ‘Support| ED Sat Recovery Is32 ° ° ° ° : Isss312 . ‘ ° J Isss332 . > SX1000L e e e SR1010 ° ° ° ° ° Interface opacity Operating Voltage Flash Type Sequential Read (imax. est.) Sequential write (imax, est.) Data Transfer Mode Operating Temperate! nga Operating Humicty Power Consumption (max.) MTBF (est) Vibration Resistance ‘Shock Resistance Bimensions (LxWxH) SMART. ‘ite Protect Quick Erase HIW PLP Function At SLC Mode Features Applications sss312 1sss332 sxiooo. sni010 __ Ea SATAZ2PIN | SATA2ZPIN | SATA ZZPIN | SATA 22PIN | SATA22PIN | SATA 22PIN | SATA 22PIN | SATA 22PIN cad oo ee veca-t2ece l6cB-200e | ece-s46a 16cB-25660 2c8-25660 | eG9-1T2oow-se0sn foose-4e008 sv sv a sv wv BV sv sv sic MLC sic MLC sue | Mu MLC | mucieie Teowsis | 160m: | Soom | soomE® | scoMer | scome® | ssomme | s3om 16OMB/s: ‘TSOMBIs. 350Mals, 200MB!s 450MB/s | ‘a50MBls ‘SSOMB/s | SCOME!s ‘SATA I SATA I SATA SATA I ‘SATA Il ] ‘SATAI SATA IIL ] ‘SATA It Stotce | Suctps | GO | ches | Gch | cies | SOs | Goch ommereal Gita 170% CCM I7O"C | GI I7OC OFCte TOE “TO'cto IAC ON taWOO'C OFC I7OIC | OFC HOH 20°C tn 4B5°C|-40°C to 485°C -40°C tn +85°C 40°C 19 SESE -AOPC tO ABST -AO'Cto ASC — = OC torSSC | OCtOVSET | OT 155 | O*CLOASTC | OCLAASC | OCHS OCHO HSC | Oto +55'C SY-S5%RH | 59-05% RH | 5%-O5HRH | S%-5H RH | Sen95% AH | 54-95% AH Se-OSG RH | 5%-05% AH non-condensing nan-cardensing nor-condensing non-condensing ron-condersn nan-condersing non-condensing |nen-candersng ese 350 acta 2250 ’ ‘eearece 25w 25w 2w sw 4sw 274 ore epee cm 1,000 | 1,000,000 ps | 2,000,000 hrs 2,000,000 rs +2:000,000 Ws | »,000,000 fs | >4.200,000 ts | 2,000,000 is 200 200) 205 206 208 206 200 206 (80-2000) (60-2000H) | (80-2000H)| (80-2000H2) (80-2000H2}_ (80-2000He! (80-200dHa| | (80-2000H2) 1500GI0.5ms, 1$00G/0.5ms, '5OOGIO.Sms, 15OOG/0.5ms, 1500G/O.5ms,|IS00GIO Sms, TGOOGIO Sms, 15ONGIO Sms, Half Sine Weve Hal Sine Weve Half Sine Wave Half Sie vave Half Sine (aval Half Sino Wave Ha Sine Wave Half Sine Wave 100.45:x68.85 100.4569. | 100-45. 69.85 | 100.45 69.65 | 700.95 x62.85 | 100.45 x6985| 190.4569. | 100.45x.59.05 om Ie ‘nm Imm om | xT 7mm ‘Tr Sepperted | Supported | Supported | Supported | Suppates | Supported | Supported | Supported = = Suppoited Supported = = = - _ = Supported | Suppoted — - Optional = = Supported | Supported =i ila - - = Opsionat - - - — Complies with ATA-B Standad Flash Management NCQ Corrimand set supported ~ Etror Corecting Code (ECC) “Tim Command supported Wear Leveling function ~DEVSLP supported Htw Power Detector and Flash Protection Transport, Personal Computing, Interactive Device, Server Networking, Medical Application, Miltary, Aerospace Half Slim ADATA Half Slim SATA 111 6Gbs follow industrial standards, JEDEC specifications, with quality validated Dee WUE CU eRe aC ee RL Um Ue er form-factor atlaws for a broader range of industrial applications. The standard 22 PIN SATA interface (0-297) can be used with servers, thin clients, Industrial computers and embedded devices. ide Shockand | Lifetime Temperature ‘Vibration | Monitoring | Secure Erase ‘Seppo osistant "TM Ism31 ° e ° ° . IHSS312_ e ° ° e ® Supported Qe nr o9 Temperature So ad & ; 3 sma twssa12 or | ismat fon = SATA 2200 SATAZPN | -SATAZZAN | SATAZIPIN — (mo-297) (0-297) (mo-297) (MO-287) cnecty 269-6468 vece-6408 | 965-6408 c9-25668 OpwatngVolage sv sv sv sv Fash Toe sic mc sic me painitea nie reomBls a7smats soomeis soomels Sewuentl write reomsis somes somes resis SATA SATA sara SATA! ‘Date Transfer Mode 6.0Gbps 6.0Gbps_ 6.0Gbps, 6.0Gbps_ Temperature inguetriat -B0°C to 485°C -aorCto+esc | 40°C to 185°C AO" to 485°C or we a55°¢ acess | ocese | cms Opting unity SSG oes | SoSes | Se Matas eas | Sammie | ane | aaeee 3 a 256603 5 cs ” aw aw aw 16GB/32GB/ i) 6aGB/2865: 2w oe en semndimnatss | Suondnmtis, | seabocnons | ahamnodne bbb i ecninen (80~-2000H:) (80-2000Hz) (80-2000H2} (80-2000H2) SS oe oe ae She ace Half Sine Wave Helf Sine Wave Half Sine Wave Half Sine Wave —s care een ee eee ae Soper soppoeed spate Sumpotas oa = = a = Gin - - inl i HAW PLP Function = - | ‘Supported ‘Supported NLC Mote = 3 z ci Complies with ATA-8 Standard | Error corte Ca, (Ecc) NCQ Command set supported Wear Leveling function rte NGQConrand-atsgoaied “Wes Le satin Puce ue Pe ee Personal Computing, Interactive Device ImMs331 IxM35 IxM37 IMSs312_ 8 D Shack 90d “Vibration Restatant Sensor v Interface Capacity Operating Voltage Flash Type Sequential Read (mar. est.) Sequential write imax. est Date Transfer Mode Operating Commerical Temperetre invsct ‘Operating Hurigity Power Consumation MTBF (est) Vibration Resistance Shock Resistance Dimensions (LxWxH) SMART Write Protect Quick Ese HiW PLP Funetio ASSLC Mode Features Aoplications MSATA mini | mSATA mini | eSATA mSATA (mo-3008) | (0-308) | (mo-300) | (MO-300) 4G8-3268 8G8-256G8 64GB-256G8 868-6468 33V 33v a3V 33v suc muc mic sic soome/s | soome’s | 4oomes | 160MB/s 260M8/s | 300MB/s | jZ0Me/s | i6OMBls SATA Ill SATA Il SATA Il SATA Il 6.0Gb 6.0Gbps | 6.0Stes | 6.0Gbps pet7o% | Octo | ocw0C | oct A0"Cto +85'C | 40°C to 185°C = 40°C 85°C OFC to 455% | OFC t0455°C | OFC 10 455°C | OC to +55 mSATA (mo-300) 1668-6068 33v mic 390MBis 95Me/s ‘SATA Il 6.0Gbp= o-cta 70 40'Cto 18556 mSATA (wio-300) 868-6468 33v suc SOOMBIs 350MB/s SATA I 6.0Gbp= O*C to 70% 40°C to 85°C rmSATA {m0-300) 1668-25668 33y mic SOOMB/s ROMs SATA Il 6.0Gbps Oc 70 40°C to 85°C OFC to 455°C | OFC to 455°C | OFC to +55KC S%A95%RH | 5%-95%RH | 5%-95% AH | 59-95% RH | SK-G5%RH | 5:-95% RH | 53-95% RH non-condensing non-condensing] non-condensing non-condensing jon-condensing non-condensing non-condensing, ree ep TBD asw iasw 1.e5W aw VecB/3266) ‘646812868: 20 '>2,000,000 ins} »,000,000 irs | 1,000,000 trs|>2,000,000 hrs 21,000, 000 ts |>2,000,000 tn | >1,000,000 ts 206 206, 206 206 (10-2000H2} | (10-2000H2) |(0-2000H2) (80-2000H2) (80-2000H2) 20006/0.5ms, |2000G/0.5ms, |i500G/0.5ms, |1S00G/0.5ms, Hat Sine 268x320 | 268x320 | 5095x230 | 50.95x30 xaamm | «38mm A 7Emm | X4,75mn ‘Supported | Supported | Supported | Supported Slim form-factor for even more space savings Flash Management DEVSLP supported Interactive Device, Medical Application, Personal Computing ve | Half Sine Wave | Half Sine Wave Half Sine Wave Half Sine Wave Half Sine Wave Half Sine Wave 206 206 206 (80-2000H:) | {80-2000H2) 13500G/0.5ms, |IS00G/0.5ms, |ISQOG/O.5ms, 50.95x30 | 5095x320 | 50.95%30 475mm x4.75mm |x 4.75mm Supported | Supported | Supported - Optional Optional - Optionat | Optional Supported | Supported - = Optional or Correcting Code (ECC) Supports Intel SRT (Smart Response Technology) “Wear Leveling function HIW Power Datectar and Flash Protection IMMS331 IxM35 IxM37 Imss312 Resistant crm) é ‘Sensor Vv % Sequential Read (max. est.) Sequential Wite (imax. est.) Date Transfer Mode Operating [Comemerica Temperature pjusiat Operating Huricity Power Consumption (oe) MTBF (est) Vibration Resistance Shack Resistance Dimensions (laws) SMART, Write Protect Quick Erase HAW PLP Function A*SLC Mode Features ‘Applications & mSATA mini | mSATA mini | mSATA mSATA mSATA mSATA mSATA (mo-3008) | (MO-3008) | (wi0-300) | (mo-300) | (mo-300) | (mo-300) | (mo-300) AG8-32GB | 8GB-256GB GaGB-256GR SGH-64G8 1668-64G8 8GB-6aGB | 16GB-25668 33V 33v 33v 33v 33v 330 33y sic mic muc sic mic suc mic soomels | soompys | 4ooma/s | 16omeys | 390mB/s | SoOMB's | soomels 260Me/s | 3O0MB/s 120MB/s _ IGOMB/s._ | ,000,000 ts | 1,000,000 hs |>2,000,000 hrs |>1.000,000 tr |»2,000,000 ins >,000,00 20g, 206 206 20G 206 205 (10-2600He) | (10-2000H=) (80-2000Hs) |(80-2000H:2) | (80-2000H2) (80-2000H2) 20006/0.5ms, |2000610.5ms, |1500G/0.Sms, |15005/0.Sms, |500G/O.5ms, |'SA0GI0.5ms, {4G 8EGE: 20 Obes 208 (90-2000H2) 1500G/0.5ms, Helf Sine Wave | Half Sine Weve |Half Sine Wave|Half Sine Wave Half Sine Wave Half Sine Wave Half Sine Wave! 268x320 268x30 5095x320 50.95x30 | 5095x320 50.95x30 x3. x28mm | 475mm | x4. 75mm | xATEM x A.75m Supported | Supported | Supported | Supported | Supported | Supported = = Opticnat _ - _ Optionat a = Supported form-factor for even more space savings or Correcting Code (ECC) Suppors Intel SRT (Smart Response Technology) Wear Levoling function Flash Management DEVSLP supported Interactive Device, Medical Application, Personal Computing 50.95 x 30 4.75. Supported Optional Optional Supported Optional H/W Power Datectar and Flash Protection DOM PU net eeu ee ea saree ee ere tery RUC c cae oe et ee one en eat Ee ae eee eee era ae eee ee ee ee ere ate ean ga es far Indystrfal control applications, USB DOM IUMO1 UsB DOM IUM3M SATA DOM ISMS312 “gr wide “Temperature ‘Support. Gv ibd Temperature Power Fall | Weer | rnin Sensor |Pretection | Leveling | Support Recovery coo fc oe ussiopn | ussioeW | usBiopN | USEIOeN sstace cfemarrre | mann | ween | wena | saTA7eIN | SATA TAIN | SATA TPN | SATA 7PIL Heart | Vertcot | Hoven | —Vertcol | Horzotat_ | Veica_| Horzotat | Vert capacty 256Me-468 | 256mB-468 | 668-3266 | eG6-3268 | 208-3208 | 68-2208 | acB-32c8 | 465-3268 Operning vatage | sv sv sv sv sv sv sv sv mesh Type sic stc muc mc mc | mc | sic | st Sequential Read F A ; ; Sau Upto 26meIs| Upto 26%46/s| Upto 27Me%6| Upto 27mBIs| 255MBXs | 2ssmBIs | ESMBI | 5Mels Sequentol Wite | Yp io gms Upto1EMls | Upto Els Uptot7™Bls | 40MBs | A0mBIs | GSMs | smb wove | us 7 r sav | Sarai | SATA | SATAM Dota TarserMode| use20 | usezo | usezo | usezo | Soll | SAM | saTam | serail Operating [Conmeial) Gc | Owe | Ow | OCMOC OCwrOC | OCw-70C |OCw+0 OCW TOE Temperate ins — — — = AOC to «85°C -AO°C to «BSC 40°C to ¥BSC| 40°C to 985°C) Ot 55 | OCW WSBC | OCI SEC | OCLs | OCW SSC | OT w 55°C | OC SSC | OT Lo 5S Operating Huy | Shoes | Sess nn | Si-SeteRe | Shoo Ro | Sir-Som hn | Sh-oawe A | She-ooh RN | Seo AH ronconderag | recon | concorferay | rercacra | ono | ren |code] na Famercosamsion | oasw | oasw | cow | osw | nsw | iw | usw | LiSW wrerex) — |>2000,000 209 | »4.90,000 | »,090,000 | >4.090,000|>,090,000 2.000.000 >2,000.000 Yeu Restores! 208 206 208 200 206 206 | 200 | 206 eration Resistane® | te0-2000H2) | {E0-2000He| | {80-2000Hie) | 80-2000HH2) | {G0-2000Ke) |(80-2000H2) /80-2000H) |(@0-2000H shack Resistance | 1006/07, |)S00GIO Sx, | 'SOOGIO Ss, | 0060 ns, /S00GI0 Se, [500G/0 Ss, fSOOGIO rs, [0060 Sms Na Sine Wor | Ha Sire Wve | Ha Spe Wve | Half Sire Wove Hal Sie Woe a Sipe Wve Hal Sire Wave Ha Sie We asuasons7) esicauens (sesaoens2) asisioexs | wine: | wintery | wiainae: | vninae Dimensions = om Ea fam” | sin | ain | asrSiem | aan foe | = feito | fteiury” | Atiaan” | woe (35.9266 x675| = 36.9% 26.65.75) _ pica renee oes. SMART. uprated | Supportec | Supported | suppated | Supported | Supported | suppared | Suppated Wite Protea | Suppoted | Suppores | Supported | Supponed = = = = AvSLC Mode = = 2 = | optionat | optenat | — = ‘estas ‘mote wih:tind Diya cavecer diy | 2 Types at anwar sk 2oresammpiehard Tin | 2Gr2bmripktrard 7rd Conc thGesgn | Cytori deg longctie 4irmzhage — Ganaoe arena Setaprstcsac fax) | “Selgin ost ‘Gree coveet potston pact Dato pestenortch Ga redits poten sich Fash Managamere Fash Maragomere Feotures Fen Monnet Samora. Er Corsa Coi(ECK) | “Eyer Coretre Ce ECO) Err conecryiCabIEC) | “EryrCoradh CHOCO Yerlnwinginten | “Wer Lr hrcon Wearing con ar Using con Le Power Dec and |“ HIW Paver etc ond HW Power Oaedorand HW PowerDemctrend Reh Ptcton as petston Fh on Ran Rowton Prose House Soetat_| Provide Hshg Supper popliations Embeddes Storage, interactive Device, Networking, Mecleal Applcation ADATA CFost cards combine the-form-factor of a CF card with the high-speed SATA interface for bath high reliability end secure oparatiog. Combining these twwo industrial standards, dovicos using the CFast Pee ee nee a re ee kect err eerie rae eet erected Barer Lee Ue Tea Mer eee ene eerie cue een eee ee ee ee cee Coes ee ee ee ee et eee eee Cen eee eae maar te cee oe ages Shock snd | Lifetime Temperature Perkin’ | monitoring | Seco ease | “Sensor Rewstent |" (ctm) ISC3E ICFS312 Capacity Operating Vottage Flash Type Sequential Rea imaxest) Sequential write macest) Data Transfer Mode Commerical Operating Temperature nausea Operating Humity Power Consumption (max) BF (est) Vibration Resistance ‘Shock Resistance Dimensions: (xWxH) SMART. A+ SLC Mode Applications IScaE 7417 gin SATA 4gB-6468 a3v av sic mu \e5m™Bs Tome! Romels SATA Hi 6.0Gbps SATA Il 6.0Gbps ewe Oe w 700 AO#C te 185°C AOPC to 85% °C to +55%C OFC to +558 59-95% RH 59%-959% RH non-corclonsing non-condensing osw ow 2,000,000 hrs 31,000,000 hs 206 {10-2000H2) | 206 (10-2000H2) 15006 / 0.5m Haff Sine Wave 15006 / 0.5ms, Half Sine Wave 36.4x42.8x3.6mm | 36.4% 42.8x3,.6mm Supported ‘Supported st 2.0 specifications Erroc Correcting Code (ECC) Wear Leveling function Hiww Power Detector and Fiash Protection tcrss12 7H17 pin SATA 868-6468 3av sic S40MBis 300™85 SATA I 6.0Gbps Pew soe 40% to +85 (OFC to +558 5%-95% RH 2w 32,000,000 ts 206 (10-2000H2) 15006 / 0.50 Half Sine Wa 36.4 ¢A2.6x3.6mm ‘Supported 2+17 pin SATA 1665-25668 av mc s00mBis 120MBIs SATA III 6.0Sbps dice s70C 40% to +85 OFC to +558 59-95% RH 25660:35W 6c6/2268/6408/12808; 20 31,000,000 vs 206 {10-2000H2) 15006 / 0.5m, Hof Sine Wave 36.4 x 42,8 x3.6mm Supported Optional Networking, POS System, Kiosk, Industral Contra, Personal Computing, Interactive Deve, Gambling and Lottery Machine, Medical Application, Miltary, Aerospace Industrial CF ADATA's industrial-grade CompactFlash card provides durability, reliability, safety and convenience all in one card. The form factor as well as the connector are highly suitable for embedded and industrial systems. ADATA’s industrial CF cards come in bath commercial (O°C to 70°C) and industrial (-40°C to +85°C) temperature ranges, providing long-term reliability for a broad range of applications. Functions supported include S.M.A.R.T, Error Correcting Code (ECC), and Wear Leveling g Stock and Low Power een an Ginsunon 1PC17 e ° ° ° ° - . IPc39 ° e ° e ° e © Supported % Cae 128 modet veer 1ecas imctce 50 pin cF (ATA) 50 pin CF LATA) capacty stamp-0ce ace-12868 Operating Vatoge aav/sv aav/sv Flash Type stc muc sequenta Read asmels rwomats ae 25mals 25mats IO Mode 0-6 IO Mode 0-6 Data Transfer Mode ‘Mult: Word DMA Mode O=4 Ultra DMA Mode O-4 "Multi-Word DMA Made 0-4 Ultra OMA Made 0-7 Operating | Commerical Temperature) industrial Operating Humidity O*Cto #70 AOC 80 +059 OFC to +55%C 5%4-95% RH ‘non-condensing O'C to #70", 40°C to +05 OF to +55°C 58-95% AH non-condensing Power Consumtion aa o.76w o.ew MTBF (est.) >2,000,000 hrs 91,000,000 hrs 206 206 Vibration Resistance oeancen eae 15006 / 0.5ms, 15006 / 0.5m Shack Resistance Half Sine Wave Helf Sine Wave resus eee ee Applications © puns, Gambling and Lottery Machine, Medical Application, Miltary, Aerospace Industrial SD ADATA's industrial-grade SD cards offer tremendous performance and superior transfer rates with Low power consumption. They are suitable for removable storage applications that require security, convenience, and great performance. The industrial-grade temperature (-40°C to +85°C) range is suitable for demanding industrial environments that require high reliabi ty. Industrial SD cards utilize premium components, and provide a number of enhanced features such as S.M.A.R.T, ECC, Wear Leveling, and Flash protection. % wide Temperate ‘Sunport SD IDC14 ° SD IDC3B . microSD IDU3A e © Supported 9 Shock and Vibration Resistant e e g Protection Recovery ° ° oe Leveling v Low Power Consumption waa wae medet toca wwcse tou3A Incrfoce 50 2.0 Complance 0 3.0 compliance 50 3.0 Complence Copecty stamB-268 (S10) 468-25663 (mo) 98-3268 (Lo) Operating Vtoge oc27v-3.6v oc27v-3.6v oc2rv-3.6v Fash Type sic mc me Sequential Reo 19MBis 331ta/s SMBs Seqentt Wite pana vemers zams 2omBis Oat Tensor Moco so1y2.0 501172030 50172.073.0 Sees ocw ne oem 70 ocw Te Tempe gy ed 20° 05 “a0 a5 orc to s55°¢ orto 55% Octo 55° Operating Humity S954 Fe 3p. 95% Sr Fe non-condensing ron-eondensing non-condensing Flow Connoten oaw oaw oaw Tae tet) >2,000,000 vs 71000,000 hs 3,000,000 ws : 20s 208 208 aoa teas) (0-2000Hz) (10-2000H2) (10-2000Hz) "5006/0 ns 150050 ns, "500610 Sms, ‘Shock Resistance Half Sine Wave Half Sine Wave Half Sine Wave Dimensions (LxWxH) SMART, Features Applications 24x32x1.5mm Optional ‘Supports SD and SPI modes ‘Supports Auto Standby and Sloep Mose Data readfarite protection switch Flash Management Error Corecting Code (ECC) West Leveling function H)w Power Detector and Flash Protection GPS, Handheld Device, POS TerminalHigh-end Electronic Device 24x32 «1.5mm Optionat ‘Compliant with SD 3.0 specifications Supports SD and SPI mades Supports Auto Standby and Sleep Mode Data readivrite protection swith Flach Management Error Correcting Code (ECC) ‘Wear Leveling function HIW Power Detector and Flash Protection GPS, Handheld Device, Card Video Recorder, High-end Digitat Camera, Foad ‘Monitoring System 1x15 x lnm Optional Compliant with SD 3.0 specifications Supports SD and SPI modes ‘Supports Auto Standoy and Steep Mode Flash Management Error Cortecting Code (ECC) Wear Loveling function HJW Power Detector and Flash Protection GPS, Handheld Device, Smartphone, Mobile Computer Que OR dv Stodand _Liesne Temperature | Power Fail | West dow Pome emrsete | Resta | uray | esas | Sem | ery | ne sumption luss312,@ e ° e A ° ° e e © Supported \, By Request ss3i2 Data Transfer Mode Interface SATA I 6.0Sps Capacity 08-3268 Operating Vattage ay Flash Type mic Scout Ree souls Sect We na | Connection Type | JEDEC MO-276 Foot-Print 9 156 bal ‘Operating Temperature Orc to 470°C Operating Humidity 10%-95% Passer Consumption (max) a MTBF 21,000,000 hes ‘Vibration Resistance Shock Resistance 206 (10-2000H2) 15006 / 0.5ms Paes Max. 16x20 x .4mm (868-3260) SMART Optional Ae SLC Mode Option Conplos wih ATA Standord “lash Management none NCQ Command se: suppated_°Enor Corectng Cod (ECC) TRIM Commend supported Wear Leveing futon DEVSLP spp HIW Poorer Gotctor and Flash Protection Applications Tablet PC, Ultrabook, Hybrié Type Notebook = SEE, 32GB/646B 8GB+8Gb/16GB+8Gb eMMC/emMcP 927-26:17-195)1113 vecg 2.7-26;17-195 Rien hat ce ae eR Ck ics eget eed Fests mic mic Pwr Tee Pane wee una rit Ro uet eats et nee Reed eee eS imax.est WEEE: PAE eee CCL ae Bere ea a een LOL ae pexes. Rein tise tweet Cees a es ai hee ete meh i GB: 115 x13 x1.0mm AGB*4Gb: 115 x 13 x1.0mm Dimensions 808-1668: 2x16 Orn Jeon Se Orion GAGB: 14x18 x 1.2mm BGE*8GD /I6GE+8GB: 12 x16 x12 x ‘ with space constraints Pow Lowy poer online solutions for improved eMMC oie Applications: T PC, Smart Digital TV, Multimedia Ptayer, Invvehicle infotainment and GPS System. u-DIMM, = = = so-DIMM - - - u-DIMM SO-DIMM u-DIMM sO-DIMM - R-DIMM - - - DDR2 ECC U-DIMM. - VLP U-DIMM - = = R-DIMM = LR-DIMM. - VLP u-DIMM. - - VLP R-DIMM - ECC U-DIMM. - VLP ECC U-DIMM ECC so-DIMM VLP ECC So-DIMM R-DIMM - LR-DImm. - VLP R-DIMM = ECC U-DIMM. - VLP ECC U-DIMM - ECC so-pImm - opR2 IPC DDR3 DDR4 Server) | DDR3 IPC DpR4 Cee Eee eres Z Component pom.ico 2a Ase | (eae to ve eee ee een [tego ere SN EEE Warranty Lifetime warranty Lifetime Warranty 204/260-Pin SO-DIMM oR 1333/1065, DoRs1600 © __aae poratoo [~aGe ore 2m3 | aoR IADSSI2228169 ‘AD 35333008 ‘ADaSI6OOC2GTI ‘ADaSI600WaGIT ‘ADasi6ooWeGit ‘ADDsIs00¢2«n1 ADUSIG0OWAGIT ‘ADOSI600WW96IT Vabasarwacis ADasaTs3INAGIS, Abas2/sa36615 150 13v a5 13v 15V. 135y 138 135v iv. 1, av 204-Pin Wide Temp SO-DIMM 208 ace 208) 468 | GB Joona 1333 |oorac reo 208 | ADSISS3C209 AD3I33C469 ‘ADDNGOOC2GT ‘ADDNEOOCAG ‘ADDIEOOWAGTI ‘ADONGOOWEGN 204/260-Pin ECC SO-DIMM DRL 1600) pra 2123. | 8Ge 1608 ADDaiaa30405, ‘ADDSISI.IWOGS ADDEISDOWAGI ADDEIGOOWAGIL ADABIIF3WEGIS ‘ADag2153316015, 15 135v Lasy las 138 135v 1asv 138 12v av Frequency JOSEMHEIB2SMHLNGOOMHe| 2133. 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