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Introduction: State your goals

I am applying to your English and culture master program in the Plymouth

University to acquire a different perspective from this culture which seems to
be so far from Chile, which is my country of precedence. After earning my
undergraduate in teaching English at the University of Concepcion, I have
worked six years of teaching English at secondary level and institutes. Since
then, I have noticed that one of the common reasons why Chilean students do
not feel confident and interested in English is that they do not consider it as
part of their daily lives and most of the cases. In spite of studying since I was a
secondary student by my own and reading all that I can relate to English
culture, I still feel that I am not fully prepared to teach it, that I need to know
more about this area and to be in contact with English people.

II. Body of the Paper

A. Explain background (Prove that you are academically prepared for this study
1.Where and what you have studied
2.Past research/diploma project
3.If applying to a program in a different field of study, explain how skills learned
in earning your degree can be applied to the new field.

As I said before, I studied English teaching at the University of Concepcion,

which is consider among the best universities in terms of education quality.
Due to the fact that I was always interested in English culture, I did my thesis
focus on how students perceive the English language. My research
demonstrated that Chilean students relate directly the English language to
North American series and music, ignoring entirely its real place of origin and

B. Description of professional goals

1.Why that field of study interesting/what influenced you to choose that field
2.Any related experience/research after university
3.Future plans after receiving degree

Since I was a student in I feel very interested in history, how cultures have
influenced others and historical processes. Then, as I grew up, my interests
were focus on European cultures, especially the Anglo-Saxon. Therefore, I
decided to study the English language. After finishing my degree, I would like
apply to job related to teaching Anglo-Saxon culture, and if it is possible, teach
in universities where could transmit my knowledge to future teachers of English
or translators. One the reason why I would like to teach is I consider that AngloSaxon and Chilean culture have a lot of similarities and both of them have lived
similar cultural changes.

C. What and why study in graduate school

1.What your specific interests are in your field
2.Why this program is needed for your professional development
3. Why U.S.
4. Why that particular university -- courses, faculty, research projects/facilities

Since I have teaching English in public as well as private schools, I have noticed
that students do not consider the English subject important as the others ones.
First of all, because in the majority of Chilean schools, students do not have
contact native English people therefore just few cases where schools,
especially private, employee English native assistants. As consequence, they
will have few changes of been taught by people who is expert in the area of
English culture. Therefore, from my experience as a student of English culture, I
would be able to transmit to them all the facts related to this culture and
motivate them thought what I would learn and see.
I know that this program will provide me and improve all the skills that I need
to accomplish the job that I want to apply in the future after receiving my
I moved to England two weeks ago in order to study my degree and I decided
this country because I would be involved with and in contact with a lot English
natives and foreign students who have the same interests as me. Besides, in
this place I can be aware of all the cultural changes, tendencies and news that
are occurring now.

I choose your university to study my degree because I consider that your

institution have experienced and qualified teachers and also, because other
colleges who have done their degrees here have recommended it as one of the
best universities in the United Kingdom.

III. Conclusion








To conclude, Thanks for considering my letter and obviously if I am accepted in

the program, I will be glad to be one of your students acquire all the knowledge
that I have not yet to then transmit it to my future students.
Finally, I would like to say that my contribution to program will be the cultural
exchange that I can provide from my Latin-American point of view and my
experience as a teacher in places where students even do not where the
English language comes from.