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Research Proposal: Gender Discrimination in Readymade Garments Industry

Date: November 1, 2010

To: Dr. A.Q.M.A. Rahman Bhuiyan
From: Faria Islam, ID # 082 002 030, ENG 105, Sec: 7
Subject: Proposal to do a research on the condition and effect of gender discrimination in
readymade garments industry in Bangladesh.

Gender discrimination is the unfair treatment of a person based on his or her gender.
Characteristics of gender discrimination are any situation where a person shows a prejudice
towards another that would not occur if they had been the opposite sex.

The focus of my research will be on the condition of readymade garments industry which is
detriment of females and how it has impact on their lives and on the productivity. Bangladesh
has seen a phenomenal rise in the readymade garments industry. A significant number of women
work in this industry which is the source of 70 percent of Bangladeshs foreign exchange. But
women are deprived of equal job opportunities and facilities like the male work force. I would
like to know the condition of this inequality and how this inequality is affecting women and the
output in this industry. Some recommendations of policy measures will be provided in this
research for eliminating the discrimination of gender arising from female employment in
readymade garments industry in Bangladesh.

My research will address the following questions:

What is the amount of salary that is given to the workers?

What type of bonus is given to workers?

What type of insecurities workers face in the workplace?

What type of problems workers face on their way to workplace?

What is the frequency of promotion workers get in their organization?

What type of problems they face in the overtime?

What is the amount of house rent among workers?

What is the problem they face in getting medical facilities?

(For women) what type of problems they face in maternity leave?

What effect this inequality has on workers efficincy?

From my research, I expect to find that female workers in the readymade garments industry face
direct and indirect discriminatory attitude. They face inequality in accommodation, security,
working facilities and medical facilities. I also think that slow progress in womens career is
taking place in readymade garments industry. It is also expected that government rules and
regulations are not adequately followed. Because of this condition, their productivity is
decreasing as they are not motivated in a proper way.

For my primary research, I will conduct a survey of a representative sampling of workers in a
readymade garments factory. I will design a questionnaire based on their working condition and
facilities and interview them based on that. This will help me in answering my research question.

For secondary research, I will take the help of books in the library and browse the internet.

My paper will be divided into some sections which are Introduction, Background, Objective of
the study, Data collection Method, Sample size and technique, Structure of the questionnaire
Limitations of the study, Data presentation and analysis, Findings, Recommendation.

I hope to complete my primary research by the mid of November and my secondary research by
end of November. I shall complete the final draft of my research paper by early December and
submit it by the specified deadline.


I request your approval for my research proposal. If you wish me to modify my proposal, I will
submit it after making necessary changes. I would also be grateful for your advice in completing
the project.