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1. A circle bounding the bottoms of the teeth

a. addendum circle
b. addendum cylinder
c. pitch circle
d. dedendum circle
2. The unit of deformation is called
a. torsion
b. strain
c. stress
d. shear
3. An oil storage tank roof formed to approximately a spherical surface, supported only at
its periphery
a. self-supporting umbrella roof
b. self-supporting cone roof
c. self-supporting
d. supported cone roof
4. What load P which cause a total deformation of 0.036 inch of a steel rock which has a
cross-section area of 4 sq. inches and a length of 6 ft.
a. 55000 lb
b. 40000 lb
c. 60000 lb
d. 50000 lb
5. Test sometimes referred to as an upsetting test
a. bend
b. flaring
c. flange
d. crush
6. An oil storage roof formed to approximately the surface of a right cone, supported only
at its periphery
a. self-supporting umbrella roof
b. self-supporting dome roof
c. supported cone roof
d. self-supporting cone roof

7. Have the same thermal and minimum film thickness limitation as sleeve bearing
a. ball bearing
b. roller bearing
c. thrust bearing
d. oil whip
8. Test is design primarily for application to electric-welded tubing for detection of lack
penetration or overlaps resulting from flash removal in the weld
a. butt weld
b. paste
c. lap weld
d. double butt weld
9. Is a form of correction that develop on a highly localized areas on as metal surface
a. crevice
b. erosion
c. galvanic
d. pitting
10. The deterioration of organic coating characterized as completely
a. chalking
b. rusting
c. checking
d fritting
11. A gear is one in which angle is 90 deg. That is the pitch cone has become a plane
a. angular gear
b. crown gear
c. miter gear
d. spiral bevel gear
12. A machine used for the testing of very thin steel or surface layers
a. cherpy test
b. isod test
c. description
d. Rockwell superficial
13. A cone formed by elements which are perpendicular to the elements of the pitch cone
at large end
a. cone distance
b. back cone
c. root cone
d. cone center

14. The temperature above which the alloy is liquid and will run
a. melting point
b. flow point
c. pour point
d. liquidus
15. A weld mode to hold the parts of a weldment in proper alignment until the final welds
are made
a. butt weld
b. tack weld
c. fillet weld
d. full-fillet weld
16. Is used to enable milling machine to take climb milling cuts
a. helical driving mechanism
b. spindle
c. pead out
d. backlash eliminator
17. It refers to any layer or deposit of extraneous material on a heat-transfer-surface
a. low line
b. pressure drop
c. fouling
d. scaling
18. Steel containing large amounts of mild nickel and chromium
a. carbon steel
b. stainless steel
c. alloy steel
d. cast steel
19. The corrosion of iron or iron-base-alloys
a. rusting
b. crazing
c. chalking
d. fritting
20. Determine the number of teeth in a driver of two spur gears mesh which has a
velocity ration of 0.75. The driven gear has 36 teeth.
a. 50
b. 46
c. 26
d. 48

21. The ratio of stress to the corresponding strain below the proportional limit
a. stress-strain diagram
b. gage method
c. modulus of elasticity
d. tensile strength
22. A fillet weld whose size is equal to the thickness of the thinner joint member
a. butt weld
b. tack weld
c. lap weld
d. full-fillet weld
23. A bevel gears of the same size mounted on a shaft at 90 deg.
a. crown gears
b. spur gears
c. angular gears
d. miter gears
24. Gearing in which the motion or power that is transmitted depends upon the friction
between the surface in contact
a. bevel cones
b. spur friction wheels
c. evans friction cones
d. friction gearing
25. Wheels are sometimes used for the transmission of high power when an
approximately constant velocity ratio is desired
a. bevel cones
b. friction gearing
c. spur friction wheels
d. evans friction cones
26. A corrosion occurs within or adjacent to a crevice formed by contact with another
piece of the same or another metal
a. pitting
b. galvanic
c. erosion
d. crevice
27. An alloy of tin, copper, antimony, or sometime lead
a. gold
b. babbitt
c. aluminum
d. cast iron

28. A weld place in a groove between two a butting members

a. full-fillet weld
b. tack weld
c. butt weld
d. fillet weld
29. A test for pipe used for coiling in sizes 2 inches
a. flaring
b. crush
c. flange
d. bend
30. The follower reciprocates or oscillates in a plane parallel to the axis of rotation
a. cam curves
b. cylindrical cam
c. tangential cam
d. radial cam
31. Imparts of reciprocating motion to a single-point cutting tool
a. dividing head
b. slotting attachment
c. circular pitch
d. circular milling attachment
32. A joint between two overlapping members in which the overlapped edge of one
member is welded with a fillet weld
a. a single welded lap joint
b. double-welded lap joint
c. a single-welded lap joint with backing
d. tack weld
33. Weld-metal impact specimen shall be taken across the weld pitch one face
substantially parallel to and within
a. 3/4
b. 1/32
c. 1/4"
d. 1/16
34. The frustums of two cones are used in a manner to permit a variation of velocity ratio
between two parallel shafts
a. evans friction cones
b. bevel cones
c. spherical cones
d. friction gearing

35. The maximum stress in which is reached during a tension test

a. stress
b. elasticity
c. strain
d. tensile strength
36. The path traced by a point moving at a fixed distance from an axis and with a uniform
motion the axis and a point moving such a path
a. helical motion
b. spherical motion
c. translation
d. path of point
37. If gear cannot connect parallel shafts they are called
a. cycloidal gears
b. helical gears
c. spur gears
d. toothed gears
38. The size of an equal-leg length fillet weld shall be based on the length of the largest
a. isosceles right triangle
b. square
c. right triangle
d. rectangle
39. Milling machine accessories are used to hold milling cutter in the milling machine
a. spindle-nose tooling
b. milling machine vise
c. vertical milling attachment
d. milling machine arbors
40. The cheapest and most abundant engineering materials
a. steel
b. aluminum
c. cast iron
d. babbitts
41. They are usually the steel or steel casting
a. mild steel
b. carbon steel
c. firebox
d. drop-forge-dies

42. An important accessories of milling machines

a. milling machine vise
b. cutters
c. ram
d. vertical milling attachment
43. Gear used to transmit power between shaft axis of which intersect
a. spur gear
b. bevel gear
c. helical gears
d. straight bevel gears
44. An iron has physical properties closely resembling those of mild steel
a. malleable cast iron
b. malleable iron
c. white iron
d. gray iron
45. The space between the adjacent teeth
a. tooth
b. backlash
c. flank
d. width
46. An iron in which most of the carbon is chemically combine with the iron
a. cast iron
b. gray iron
c. white iron
d. malleable iron
47. A machine used in testing steel generally strike the specimen with an energy from 220
to 265 ft-lb
a. izod test
b. charpy test
c. Rockwell test
d. test blocks
48. Through how many degrees must an involute cam turning order to raise its follower 3
inches if the diameter of the base circle is 5 inches
a. 58.7 deg
b. 180 deg
c. 64.4 deg
d. 68.79 deg

49. Air at pressure 120 psig and a temperature of 500C is flowing at the rate of 500 lbs per
hour through a 2inches sch. 40 steel pipe. What is the pressure dropper foot of pipe?
a. 0.00187
b. 0.00087
c. 0.00058
d. 0.00287
50. The shearing strain of a block of metal,3 inches high is subject to shearing high force
which distorts the top surface through a distance of 0.0036 inch
a. 0.0015 all in radians
b. 0.008
c. 0.0010
d. 0.0012
51. Metals are conductive because
a. they are on the left side of the periodic table
b. the electrons are loosely bound to the nuclei and therefore mobile
c. they have a characteristics metallic luster
d. they have extra electrons as exhibited by normally positive valence states
52. A rectangular metal bar has a width of 10mm and can support a maximum
compressive stress of 20 MPa. Determine the minimum breadth of the bar loaded with a
force of 3 kN.
a. 15mm
b. 21mm
c. 18mm
d. 13mm
53. In case of cycloidal tooth profile gears in mesh
a. the pressure angle is always constant throughout the contact of mating teeth
b. the path of contact is straight line
c. there is interference in gears
d. the variation of center distance affects the angular velocity ratio
54. For ferrous materials the helix angle of drill is
a. 45 deg
b. 90 deg
c. 30 deg
d. 60 deg
55. The new Phil. Mechanical code requires that prime mover plywheels shall be guarded
if any exposed part is ________ above working level
a. 2100 mm or less
b. 3100 mm or more
c. 3100 mm or less
d. 2100 mm or more

56. A machine designer decided to use a pneumatic cylinder to lift a metal part to feed a
conveyor which valve is used to command the cylinder
a. non-return valve
b. pilot-check valve
c. two-way solenoid
d. air piloted directional valve
57. Ball bearing are provided with a cage
a. to maintain the balls at a fixed distance apart
b. to reduce friction
c. to facilitate slipping of balls
d. to prevent the lubricant from flowing out
58. In the assembly of pulley and shaft
a. key is made the weakest
b. all the three are design from equal strength
c. key is made the strongest
d. pulley is made the weakest
59. The plastic Teflon is noted primarily for
a. extremely low coefficient of friction
b. great mechanical design
c. great hardness
d. great heat resistance
60. vertical centrifugal casting as compared to horizontal centrifugal casting are spun at
a. slower speed
b. unpredictable
c. same speed
d. higher speed
61. The cutting angle on a drill for drilling mild steel should be
a. 59 deg
b. 69 deg
c. 49 deg
d. 39 deg
62. A standard ground drill has a point angle of
a. 130 deg
b. 100 deg
c. 118 deg
d. 90 deg

63. For a completely corrosion-resistant stainless steel, what minimum percentage of

chromium in the alloy is required?
a. 3.2 %
b. 8.3 %
c. 11 %
d. 1.1 %
64. The axial pitch in case of helical gears is given by
a. Pa = Pn sin
b. Pa = Pn / sin
c. Pa = Pn cos
d. Pa = Pn / cos
65. For most brittle materials, the ultimate strength in compression is much larger than
the ultimate strength in tension. This is mainly due to
a. pressure of flaws X microscopic cracks or cavities
b. non-linearity of stress-strain diagram
c. necking in tension
d. severity of tensile stress as compared to compressive stress
66. An object in equilibrium may not have
a. velocity
b. acceleration
c. any torques acting on it
d. any forces acting on it
67. A machining process is pneumatically operated. Its drive is
a. hydraulic cylinder
b. hydraulic pump
c. solenoid valve
d. pneumatic cylinder
68. The main purpose of boiling operation as compared to drilling is to
a. enlarge the existing hole
b. finish the drilled hole
c. correct the hole
d. drill a hole
69. The correct cutting angle on a drill for ordinary work is
a. 59 deg
b. 50 deg
c. 45 deg
d. 65 deg

70. A double fillet welded joint with parallel fillet weld of length L and leg B is subjected
to a tensile force P. assuming uniform stress distribution, the shear stress in the weld is
given by
a. p / 2 . BL
b. 2 . P / BL
c. P / 2 . BL
d. 2P / BL
71. In case of involute profile teeth in mesh
a. the pressure angle is maximum when the tooth contact begins
b. the pressure angle is zero at pitch point
c. the pressure angle remains same for all points of contact
d. the pressure angle is minimum when the tooth contact begins
72. Large jobs on shaper are held with the help of
a. on floor directly
b. clamps, bolts and squares
c. magnetic vise
d. vise
73. In gang milling
a. one job is completed on several milling machines located together
b. two or more cutters are mounted on the arbor and all of them remove the metal
c. several jobs can be performed in one set up
d. none of these
74. A carbon steel having Brinell Hardness number 100 should have ultimate tensile
strength closer to
a. 1000 N /mm2
b. 350 N / mm2
c. 100 N/ mm2
d. 200 N / mm2
75. Pick up the incorrect statement about advantages of disposable patterns
a. finish is uniform and reasonably smooth
b. no complex wooden pattern with loose piece is required
c. no cores are required
d. patterns can be handled easily and process is adaptable to mechanical
moulding equipment

76. Babbitt metal is used primarily in

a. sleeve bearing
b. roller bearing
c. thermocouples
d. ball bearings
77. In designing a plate clutch, assumption of uniform wear conditions is made because
a. it is closer to real life situation
b. no other assumption is possible
c. it leads to cost effective design
d. it leads to a safer design
78. Lathe spindle has got
a. no threads
b. external threads
c. taper threads
d. internal threads
79. It is desired to check the design factor of a 2 in. medium steel shaft subjected to a
turning moment of 40000 in. lb. Ultimate stress is 50000
a. 3
b. 0.509
c. 2.5
d. 1.96
80. The value engineering technique in which experts of the same rank assemble for
product development is called
a. morphological analysis
b. brain storming
c. Delphi
d. direct expert comparison
81. In permanent mould casting method
a. molten metal is fed into the cavity in metallic mould by gravity
b. cavity is filled with a precalculated quantity of metal and a core or plunger is
inserted to forced the metal into cavity
c metal is poured into die cavity and at a predetermined time the mould
inverted to permit a part of metal still in molten state to flow out of cavity
d. metal is forced into mould under high pressure
82. Centrifugal method of casting is used to
a. ensure purity and density at extremities of a casting
b. use heavy cast iron mould to act as chill
c. obtain high density and pure casting
d. cast symmetrical object

83. Fettling is an operation performed

a. before casting
b. during casting
c. before heat treatment
d. after casting
84.. Tin base white metals are used where the bearings are subjected to
a. larger surface wear
b. elevated temperatures
c. light load and pressure
d. high pressure and load
85. If the area of the cross-section of a wire is circular and if the radius of this circle
decreases to half its original value due to the stretch of the wire by a load, then the
modulus of elasticity of the wire will be
a. doubled
b. one-fourth of its original value
c. halved
d. unaffected
86. Cubic boron nitride
a. is used for making optical glasses
b. has a very high hardness which is comparable to that of diamond
c. is used for making cylinder blocks of aircraft engines
d. has a hardness which is slightly more than that of HSS
87. A constant force of 150N is applied tangentially to a wheel of diameter 140 mm.
Determine the work done, in joules, in 12 revolution of the wheel
a. 0.070 J
b. 126.0 J
c. 792 J
d. 700 J
88. The rotational analog of mass in linear motion is
a. torque
b. angular momentum
c. angular speed
d. moment of inertia
89. Cracks in the helical spring used in Railway carriages usually start on the inner side
of the coil because of the fact that
a. it is more stretched than the outer side during the manufacturing process
b. it is subjected to a higher stress than the outer side
c. it is subjected to a higher cyclic loading than the outer side
d. it has a lower curvature

90. A cantilever beam carries a load w/ uniformly distributed over its entire length. If the
same loads is place at the free end of the same cantilever, then the ratio of maximum
deflection in the first case to that in the second case will be
a. 8 / 5
b. 5 / 8
c. 8 / 3
d. 3 / 8
91. How much torque can be safely transmitted by a 1 7/16-in. diameter shaft if safe
` a. 28142 kN
b. 3500 lbs
c. 28000 kN
d. 4100 lbs.
92. The INV for involute profile gear
a. first decrease and then increases in pressure angle
b. remains with increases in pressure angle
c. decreases with increase in pressure angle
d. increases with increases in pressure angle
93. If the chip-tool contact length is reduced slightly by grinding the tool face. Then
a. both cutting force and interface temperature would decrease
b. both cutting force and interface temperature would increase
c. the cutting force would decrease but the interface temperature would increase
d. the cutting force would decrease but the interface temperature would decrease
94. The ration of the stress to strain within the limit of proportionality is known as:
a. Modulus of rigidity
c. Modulus of elasticity
b. Shear modulus of elasticity
d. Modulus of plasticity
95. It is a device for determining whether one or more of the dimensions of a
manufactured part are within specified limits.
a. Interface
c. Selective assembly
b. Gage
d. Face plate
96. It means the use of a rotating abrasive wheel to remove metal or other resistant
a. drilling
c. grinding
b. boring
d. finishing
97. The art of making metal casting is:
a. Molding
b. Welding

c. founding
d. all of the above

98. Which of the following materials is not a viscoelastic material?

a. Rubber
b. Metal

c. Glass
d. Concrete

99. To prevent leakage in dynamic seal:

a. Gaskets
b. Seals
c. Felts
d. packing

Flexible material used to seal pressurized fluids, normally under dynamic condition: