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A Book Report in


4 Grading period

Submitted By:
Jessah Kiamco
II- Darwin

Submitted To:
Mrs. Celeste Bertulfo
English teacher
Twilight saga: New Moon
Stephenie Meyer
Forks, Washington
Volterra, Italy
Isabella Swan: devastated by the abrupt departure of her
vampire loved one
Edward Cullen: Bella’s vampire boyfriend
Jacob Black: Bella’s best friend
Carlisle Cullen: Edward’s father
Alice Cullen: has the power to see the future
Jasper Cullen: the newest vampire in the Cullen family
Rosalie Cullen: hates Bella
Emmett Cullen: Rosalie’s boyfriend
Esme Cullen: Edward’s mother
Renee’: Bella’s mother
Charlie: Bella’s father, that’s also a Police officer
Billy: Jacob’s father and is also Charlie’s friend
Laurent: the black guy, which was chased away by the
wolf pack
Victoria: the red-haired woman, that’s trying to avenge
her mate, James
James: the vampire that was killed on Twilight
Sam Uley: the wolf pack’s Leader
Paul: the other wolf that tried to fight with Jacob
Quil: Jacob’s friend
Embry: Jacob’s friend, which was the first who joined Sam
Uley’s wolf pack
Mike Newton: the boy that has been trying to ask Bella
Cauis: Volturi enforcer
Demetri: Volturi enforcer
Jane: a high ranking and powerful Volturi member
Aro: the Volturi leader
Alec: Jane’s Brother
Marcus: Volturi enforcer
Emily: Sam Uley’s fiancé
Harry Clearwater: Quileute tribal leader and old friend of
Bella's father Charlie
Felix: Volturi enforcer

New moon starts at the Cullen's house on Isabella Swan's
18th birthday. She didn't want any parties but since Alice
Cullen insisted, the party just happened. As she opens a gift,
the wrapping paper gives her a paper cut. Jasper, Alice
Cullen's boyfriend and is also the newest vampire on the
Cullen's family, leaps at her but then, Edward jumps and
stopped Jasper. Then, the Cullen's decided that they should
move away because Bella wasn't safe with their company.
This destroyed her life, making her life in a complete disaster
but the opposite it's like her life is the aftermath after a
hurricane or a flood. She was very lonely, she doesn't want to
socialize. But one morning as she got up, Charlie couldn't take
the pressure anymore. He then, talked to her and told her that
she doesn't want to see her like a zombie. She then replied
that she's going out with Jessica tonight to watch movies,
which was basically what happened that night. After watching
the movies, Bella and Jessica then went to a restaurant, when
they saw a group of men. Bella then had a flashback, way
back when Edward tried to save her. She walked closer, and
then suddenly, she heard Edward's voice in her head telling
her not to move any closer. Then she later discovers that
whenever she does reckless and stupid, she hears Edward's
voice in her head. She drove down by the street and saw two
parked motorcycle with a FOR SALE beside it, she bought the
motorcycle. And thought that would be the most reckless and
the most stupid thing to do to hear Edward's voice. She
directly went to her best friend Jacob Black/Jake to fix the
bikes. She starts to get a life back. She was doing fine when
she was hanging out with Jake. When the bikes were fixed,
they tried it on to see if it was working well. And so while
driving the motorcycle, she heard Edward's voice. But
suddenly, she lost concentration and slammed into a dump of
mosses by the side of the road. Days progressed as soon as
her forehead healed she went on a hiking by herself and
found Laurent, James' mate. Laurent was trying to drink her
flesh out, and warned her that Victoria's coming in to get her
to avenge James and then he told her that before she goes
after Bella, why wont he be the one to kill her. But then, a
huge pack of wolves came in, Laurent was scared. Bella just
stood behind and watch the pack of wolves and Laurent trail
off. She then gets bored, and wanted to hear Edward's voice
again. So, she decided to jump off a cliff as Jacob promised
but without Jake's presence. A minute later, Jake saved her.
Jacob was carrying Bella, but then Bella saw something
unusual on the sea, it was something fiery and then she later
found out that that was Victoria. Alice Cullen had a vision that
she jumped off a cliff and thought she was dead. She then
told Edward to what she saw and went directly to Forks to see
if she was still alive. When she arrived at forks, she was
shocked to see Bella still alive, Alice tried contact Edward but
he didn't answer Alice Cullen then realized that he might be in
Italy to the Volterra to get killed. Alice then brought Bella with
her to go to Italy to convince Edward not to get himself killed.
They arrived at Italy and drove a stolen car going to Volterra.
Bella went running to Volterra and then she found Edward just
inches to reach the sunlight. She ran as fast as she can and
knocks Edward down. Edward thought that was amazing. And
then, order was restored. The Cullen's moved back to Forks.
And everything went back to normal, except for the fact that
Charlie doesn't want Edward to see his face under his roof.
Rhetorical- Part of or similar to rhetoric, which is the use of
language as a means to persuade.
Impasse- a deadlock or stalemate situation in which no
progress can be made.
Ostracism- The act of banishing or excluding someone.
Vehemently- In a vehement manner; expressing with a
strong or forceful attitude
Ruse- a trick
Reverie- A state of dreaming while awake
Moot point- An issue regarded as potentially debatable,
but no longer practically applicable. Although the idea may
still be worth debating and exploring academically, and
such discussion may be useful for addressing similar issues
in the future, the idea has been rendered irrelevant for the
present issue.
Convalescence- Actively doing nothing strenuous, to aid
gradual healing after illness or injury; or the period of time
spent doing that nothing
Obscure- Dark, faint or indistinct
Basilisk- A mythical (and heraldic) snake-like dragon type,
reputed to be so venomous that its gaze was deadly
Tourniquet- A tightly-compressed bandage used to stop
bleeding by stopping the flow of blood through a large
artery in a limb
Indecipherable- Not decipherable; describing something
that can not be decoded, read, understood or
Macabre- obsessed with death or the gruesome
Eerie- strange, weird, fear-inspiring
Claustrophobic- Suffering from claustrophobia; being
scared of being enclosed in a confined space
Broodingly- In a brooding manner
Incredulity- Unwillingness to believe; doubt about the truth
of something; disbelief
Brusque- Rudely abrupt, unfriendly
Epiphany- Christian feast celebrating the appearance of
Jesus Christ to the Magi (representing the world),
traditionally celebrated on January 6, the day after the
twelfth day of Christmas
Colossal- Extremely large or on a great scale

Lesson Learned
– You would do anything for your love no matter how far
you’d go.
– Never give up if u still want to try Never wipe your
tears if u still want to cry* Never settle for the answer
if u still want to know* Never say u don't love him if u
can't let him go
– Love is life - life is love