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Module and Training Guide Title

PDMS Foundations
Drawing Production (Basic)
Design Utilities

Pipework Modelling

Structural Modelling

Cable Tray Modelling

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning


Equipment Modelling
Electrical & Instrumentation
Equipment Modelling
Walls and Floors Modelling
Drawing Production (Advanced)

Pipe Fabrication

Module Training Guide Content

A PDMS Fundamentals, User Interface Basics, Displaying Model Elements,

Working with 3D Views, General Utilities, Attributes, Positioning and Orientation,
Introduction to Model Editor.
Draft Hierarchy, View Creation, 3D View, Dimensioning, Labelling, 2D Drafting, Flat
Section Planes
Clash Detection, Surface treatment reports, Mass properties & COG, Status
Control, Representation rules (Design)
Quick Reports, Reporter using templates, Report Designer
Pipework Modelling, Pipe Routing, Replacing Components, Data Consistency
Checker, Clash Detection, Hole Management, Isometric Production, Sloping/Falling
Pipelines, Alternative Positioning forms, Pipe Assemblies, Pipe Splitting, Pipe
Editing (re-bore/re-spec), Pipe Fabrication Machine. Production Checks, Flange
Setting-up the Database hierarchy for Structures, Beams & Columns, Modifying
Structural Sections, Beam & Column Utilities, Regular Structures, Section Fittings
and Joints, Panels & Plates, Negative Extrusions and Panel Fittings, Material
assignment (Weights, COG calculations), 3D Aid Constructs & Working Planes,
Curved Profiles, Hole Management
Cable Tray Modelling Concepts, Creation of Cable Tray branches, In-line
Components, Model Editor for Cable Tray, Reporting for Cable Tray, Data
consistency checks
HVAC Design Features, Getting Started, Learning about the PDMS HVAC database
hierarchy, Routing a sequence of HVAC components, Adding to the HVAC model,
HVAC Splitting, Completing the Design, Hole Management, Checking and
Outputting Design Data, HVAC Systems, HVAC Spooling, HVAC Sketches
Basic Equipment Modelling, Equipment Modelling Using Templates, Equipment
Utilities, Volume Modelling
Modelling and Managing Electrical and Instrument items. Non parametric templates
creation, modification, linking 3D objects to documents
Creation Modification of Walls, Floors, Screed etc.
3D View, Auto tagging, Change Highlighting, General ADP, Symbolic

Controlling Spooler, Preparation for Spooler, Creating a Spool Drawing, Spooling

Piping Network, Advanced Spooler Features, Outputting Spool Drawings

Module and Training Guide Title

Equipment Design Templates

Piping Catalogues & Specifications

Structural Catalogues & Specifications

Cable Catalogues & Specifications
Structural Design Templates

Pipe Router

System Administration (Basic)

System Administration (Advanced)

Project Drawing Administration

Project Design General Administration
Piping Design Administration
HVAC Design Administration
PML Macros & Functions
PML Form Design

PML Applied
.NET Customisation

Module Training Guide Content

Equipment Templates (Parametrised & Non-parameterised), Selection
Tables, Equipment Associations, Hole Management for Equipment.
What Paragon Does, The Catalogue Database Structure, Paragon - General
Application, Component Creation, Constructing Point sets, Creation of
Geometry Sets, Creating Text Elements, Component Part Families, Coding
Systems, Connection Compatibility Tables, Pipe Specifications, Component
Insulation and Specification, Design Parameters, Nozzle Specifications,
Bolting, Datasets, Attachment points, Properties, Spooling, Component
Item Codes, Catalogue Database Consistency, Administration,
General Principles, Structural Profiles, Design Parameters and NonPrismatic Profiles, Section Fittings, Panel Fittings, Joints
Template Hierarchy, Basic Referencing, Property Relationships, Initial
Modelling, Capturing the Elements, Adding Properties, Data Ranges &
Valid Values, Parametrisation, Design Points, Local Names, Repeat Elements
Basic Routing, Positioning and Locking Components, Creating and Using
Routing Points, Routing Planes, Creating and Using Pipe Rack, Pipe
Packing, Routing Rules
Project Access, Creating a New Project, Teams and Users, Password
security, Creating Databases, Foreign Databases, MDBs, Testing A Plant
Access, Reference Between Databases, NT Authentication, Sharing
Projects and Files, Multiwrite Databases, Project Administration, Project
Setup Excel Import, Environment Variables, Data Integrity Checking,
Reconfigure, Backing Up Data
Extract Databases, Data Access Control, PML Encryption, IPR Database
Draft Administration, Isodraft Administration and ADP Administration
HVAC Administration, ASL Administration, Cable Administration (Future),
Systems, Assemblies, Association Requirements, Hole Management
Requirements, Pipe Assemblies
Lexicon, Creating UDA's and UDET's,
Pipe Assemblies, Pipe Fabrication Machine, Bending Machine
HVAC Assemblies, Mass Properties