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Business and Technology expert in marketing management and strategic business development,
specializing in new products and NPI (new product introduction) in fast paced, high growth, global
technology companies. Highly adept at creating go-to-market strategies and implementation plans using
unorthodox marketing; new product definition, positioning and introduction; aligning corporate objectives
with market requirements and technology solutions to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.
The skills I bring blend deep technical and business acumen to seamlessly traverse the domains
with emphasis on execution, revenue growth and business strategy.

High energy, quick study whom is analytical yet creative with unorthodox marketing;
collaborative; works in large and small high-performance teams; customer oriented, market
focused and communicates at all levels.
Big picture perspective: operational from 50,000 foot to grass roots level, complex,
convoluted, cross-functional and multi-disciplinary situations are a specialty.
Build, organize and manage diverse organizations: OEM, channel marketing, product
marketing, product management, sales enablement, operations and product development.
Highly skilled in: business & relationship strategy, change management, P&L, analysis,
revenue generation, product management, product marketing and strategic business
Grow, direct, reengineer and realign; account management, product lines, change
management and turnaround situations with business objectives.
Domain expertise in: software, network and computer architecture, HPC, imaging, video
processing, network security, storage & network technologies and visualization of big data.
Detailed understanding of current trends in: advanced analytics, visualization, big data,
storage, SDN and cloud computing.
Best practices employed delivering results in: product & account management, product
development and strategic alliances in cost and profit center environments.
Successful track record in: accelerating revenue generation, increasing market share,
growing the customer base, account strategy, and expanding into new market segments.

Built alliances at major enterprises including; AT&T, Cisco, Comcast, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Intel,
Lucent/Alcatel, Microsoft, Motorola, Oracle, SAP/Sybase, Time Warner, Toshiba, and US government
SISL NETWORKS, INC. Fremont, CA (part-time)
VP of Technology
Company focused on software development and assisting startup companies with funding, direction and
growth in the areas of security, cloud computing, clean energy, mobile and big data/analytics.
Management consulting leadership in marketing strategy, product strategy, value proposition,
business strategy, product definition, operational issues and technical evaluation.
Developed product positioning, account strategy, presentations for partners, investors and
customers. Resulted in restoring advisor, investor and partner appeal.
Created entrepreneurship curriculum and training program consisting of over 15 classes
SaaS sales platform development for the channel utilizing big data and BI
Network security IPS and threat detection for wireless communications
Entrepreneurship training program for software engineers
Patent write-ups for patent attorney submission
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2008 - present
Business & Technology Executive Consultant
Design of Business & Technology Go-to-Market Strategies for high-tech clients, Communication with sr.
executives; provide operations, technical and strategic business solutions for software, communication,
networking and system companies. Specializing in change management environments as applied to business
needs, target market, process models, risk, critical success factors (CSFs) and key performance indicators
(KPIs) and program management of key accounts utilizing unorthodox and discreet marketing.
Business alignment: Performing business, evaluation, analysis, consulting leadership, product
definition & positioning; for SaaS enterprise software, financial compliance, IT and business analytics
companies. (ITIL compliant)
Product launch readiness: Developed go-to-market strategies including product roadmaps, collateral
generation, whitepapers, competitive analysis and sales enablement & training for enterprise
software, hardware, cloud services and systems level companies, globally.
Visibility creation: Developed use cases to showcase product applications.
Corporate positioning: Performed: Strategic direction, strategy development for penetrating new
markets, strategic planning, product marketing, market development, account strategy, relationship
management, program management, pricing strategies, new product definition and product roadmap
for wireless communications including RFID.
Executive development: Designed and developed a Thought Leadership executive training program
for change management & blue ocean strategies.
Advanced analytics, visualization & real-time dashboard display
o Created sales penetration strategy, marketing strategy, account strategy, pricing proposals,
positioning, business model, product roadmap, SaaS delivery model, cloud application
definition, new markets and customer presentations. Performed a data scientist function.
Resulted in clear product positioning, feature-set and vertical target markets.
Cloud services
o Formulated positioning, differentiation, marketing strategy and plan, relationship management,
customer presentation and roadmap. Resulted in clear product line positioning and early
target markets.
Data Center and WAN link connectivity
o Developed product positioning and value proposition investor and customer presentation for a
10Gb/s and up data link accelerator.
Product workflow enterprise system
o Crafted positioning, differentiation, marketing strategy, customer presentations and sales
strategy. Resulted in rapid expansion in other international geographies.
CPG communications device
o Generated positioning, marketing strategy, pricing, sales distribution strategy, product
roadmap and customer presentations. Resulted in revised business and sales strategy.
Financial regulatory compliance enterprise software
o Developed positioning, market penetration strategy, pricing, feature set validation, migration
plan to SaaS model and sales strategy. Resulted in clear product positioning and target
Financial IT enterprise software
o Generated positioning, differentiation, marketing strategy and plan. Resulted in revenue
growth through account strategy and expansion.
Medical device communication
o Advisor for system architecture design, system engineering, positioning, feature set definition.
Resulted in a revised business strategy.
Storage (Resulted in detailed competitive analysis)
o EMC, NetApp: hybrid flash storage analysis; e-Series, FAS, VNX
o Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) analysis (SAN, NAS solutions) for content management
o SSD storage: system architecture and analysis
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RAPPORT, INC. Redwood City, CA

2007 - 2008
VP of Product Marketing Management and Strategic Business Development
Company with a focus on massively parallel processing reconfigurable solutions & software with applications
including: high performance computing, data storage, network security and cloud computing handling
petabytes of data.
Developed strategies for penetrating new markets, performed roadmap generation, set strategic
direction, performed program management, developed strategy for re-entering the market with new
product solutions, video, image & signal processing as well as security for IDS, IPS and
surveillance using unorthodox marketing.
Aligned product to applications that showcase its strength in: processing, storage handling, content
management, network security and virtualization applications.
Repositioned company from semiconductor focused to software and solutions oriented (e.g. OC768 deep packet inspection systems). Resulted in high value application interest and new funding
of $18M
Developed use cases to illustrate product applications to complete the product definition with
Built relationships with key companies, organizations and agencies for solutions launch to propel
Rapport solidly into the high performance computing and network security market place. (e.g. IBM
blade server and storage; NAS, SAN, SSD storage architecture for agency applications)
2004 2006
Co-founder, Solutions Marketing, Systems Engineering
Design and development of corporate business & technology strategies and direction for a GPS based Next
Generation Network Timing and Synchronization Company for cellular base stations including PWE, network
edge data storage (SAN, NAS), AAA security protocol and distributed processing /cloud computing.
Built company from ground up; providing leadership, direction and system engineering for next
generation carrier-class network timing and synchronization, to deliver world class NTP and stratum
timing technology solutions. Including creation of corporate growth plan, marketing strategy, product
roadmap, positioning, sales strategy, financial cash flow plan and investor presentations.
Executed product definition, strategy & planning, including MRDs, PRDs and competitive analysis. (ITIL
Performed market segmentation, differentiation and unified communications system architecture for
telecom carrier, MSO and enterprise companies (e.g. Cisco, Juniper, AT&T/Cingular).


Business Consultant
Designed Business & Technology Strategies for high-tech clients; provide operations, technical and strategic
business solutions for software, computer & networking system companies.
Projects include:
Sr. executive-marketing, providing leadership and direction for a Real-time IP Communications
Enterprise Software Company delivering VoIP that also had embedded firewall technology. Including
creation of marketing strategy and plan, sales strategy and plan, positioning, whitepaper generation
and investor presentations.
Interim marketing executive, provided leadership, relationship management, direction and program
management for software product marketing group using discreet marketing techniques. Resulted in a
turnaround and acquisition.
Analyzed & restructured software licensing business models for $100k packages. (ITIL compliant)
Provided marketing strategy for broadband IP and networking company, including high-speed
interfaces (HSI, Infiniband, USB2.0, 64bit PCI, FC) for data storage, SAN and NAS, familiarity with
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1999 - 2001
Director/acting VP of Worldwide Product Management & Channel Marketing
Managed a new generation digital video streaming content management solutions product for $308M
broadband networking company.
Grew revenue from $4M to $23M in 12 months for product line of digital streams management systems
for Cable, DSL, wireless and Internet broadband markets utilizing unorthodox marketing techniques.
(MPEG2, MPEG4, IP, SMNP, network management, DOCSIS, VDSL, network data storage)
Created sales toolkit and training effort for Worldwide OEM and channel partner sales force, resulted in
shorter sales cycles yielding higher quarterly revenues.
Identified & built new channel business relationships, and performed relationship management
including M&A evaluation.
Built & strengthened relationships at major MSOs, reseller and application companies in the Cable,
xDSL, Wireless, Satellite, streaming media and VOD market segments.(QoS, ToS, encryption, HDTV,
VoIP) (e.g. VOD server, Ad server, Motorola, AT&T, TWC, Comcast, Cox, Philips, NDS, Alcatel/Lucent,
Speaker at international seminars and sales training, including North America, Europe, Asia and Japan.


1996 - 1998
Director/acting VP of Product Marketing Management,
Responsible for building an interactive product's development infrastructure for provider of IP (Internet
Protocol), ATM, digital video, content management and data networking systems.
Led stealth product development effort under EVP, resulted in a very short development cycle, creating
new product from concept to prototype in 4 months. Resulted in immediate interest from high value
Performed account management and strategic business development of major telecom and network
companies as well as program management for software companies.
Launched product family for the Interactive Video Networking market targeting Distance learning,
Business Conferencing, Tele-medicine, Court Arraignment, plus streaming media and VOD. (ITIL
Created product positioning strategies, drove: schedule, quality, service, support, new product
requirements and promotion, for product roadmap, including enterprise s/w apps: networking
management, scheduling and billing, content distribution, etc. (QoS, ToS, RSVP, RTP, RIP, multicast,
Unix, Solaris, HPOV)

MBA, Marketing & Management, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, CA.
MSCS, Computer Science, minor in Electrical Engineering, Santa Clara University, CA.
BSEE, Electrical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY.

School of Business and School of Engineering Advisor, Santa Clara University
Adjunct instructor in Leadership, Marketing, Decision Making and Organizational Development, National
Eagle Scout, NESA member (National Eagle Scout Association)

Cloud Computing, Cloud-U, April 2013
Cloud Architect, HP ASE Cloud Architect, in process
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