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System integration
Leading-edge automated welding technology

The system

Highly productive
from the specialist fo

The Way to
Simply intelligent welding.

From the mechanised

The requirements on a fully mechanised welding solution are
high: it needs to be exible, fast to retool, easy to operate and,
at the same time, be protable right from the start even
for small batch quantities!
Nothing could be easier. There is no reason to remain sitting

The Way to Automate Simply intelligent welding. Because automation with

technology made by Lorch is not rocket
science, but simply a matter of selecting
the right system.

on the fence.
Automate Now! Because Lorch System Integration (LSI)
developed The Way to Automate, a comprehensive modular automation system that certainly represents the most
cost-effective solution for your welding task. In principal, all
automation components making up the system such as control device, turntables and power sources can be combined
with ease and without much effort thanks to the fully-digital
LorchNet interface. Consequently, integrating all of the components used as part of this approach requires no tinkering
whatsoever, allowing you to accomplish your welding task
with no difculty.

This type of versatility allows you

to be as exible as you need to be.

automation system
r welding technology.


to welding with robots.

The MIG-MAG robot power sources

from Lorch

The rst thing that comes to mind when you think of

automation is, of course, robot welding. A robot is certainly
the rst choice when a complex joint has to be welded repeatedly or large quantities of a workpiece must be produced.
Lorchs Ready-to-Robot approach makes it a cinch to get
started. The system allows you to use brand-name robots
made by, for instance, Fanuc, Motoman or Kuka and complete
your welding task without much need to coordinate different
solutions. Moreover, Lorchs components can, in principle,
also be used with a large variety of different robot systems.
This effortless combination is made possible by the LorchNet

Lorchs Ready-to-Robot technology bundle

is completed by powerful robot wire feeders
and professional welding data monitoring
and documentation.

connectors, Lorchs bus coupling system and the support of

all common bus protocols from CANopen to ProNet.

Boost your welding productivity automatically.

That is the mission of Ready-to-Robot.

The team

We have our focus

Lorch Team & Lorch Technolo

System integration
Made by LORCH.

Interface between customer

needs and solution providing.

The team of Lorch System Integration includes experienced

Every system solution is the result of a joint effort under

experts working in the elds of welding technology, CAD &

the roof of Lorch Schweitechnik GmbH. When putting

simulation, design and installation:

your trust in Lorch, you will benet from the know-how

of a company that ranks among the most innovative and
ground-breaking companies in the welding industry.
And, this has been true for more than 50 years.
We offer the experienced contacts you need for your project
as they are all backed up by Lorchs vast pool of specialists.
When combining this expertise with Lorch equipment, you
are laying the foundation for the best possible outcome of
your welding task. This sensible support will accompany

We look forward to nding the solution that is right for

you all the way from the initial inquiry to the feasibility

your welding task!

test to the realised solution and its commissioning.

on practical use.
gy to promote your success.

Our robotics system partners:

Additional robot systems are available on request.

Our expertise

The key to incre

Automation solutions
Welding know-how
Optimum welding efciency can only be achieved if you
apply welding processes that make the most of every
weld seam. Lorch managed to speed up welding and
now allows you to achieve new levels of productivity.
Regardless of whether you apply MIG-MAG speed processes, TIG or
TIG with cold
or hot wire.

From special capabilities

to exceptional solutions.
Developing customer-specic solutions that pay extra
attention to the welding requirements and investment
return of the customer are at the core of the expertise
Lorch System Integration has to offer. The combination
of outstanding capabilities, plenty of experience,
the craftsmanship of German engineers and our
innovation spirit are key when it comes to boosting
your productivity.

Control technology
Whenever development and programing of processoriented control technology is required, control components that can be combined to individual needs come
in place. No matter whether these components are
integrated pneumatic torch positioners or the cleartext touchscreen control of the overall system solution.
Syncing robots and
turntables is one of the
simplest tasks to us.

ased productivity.
by welders for welders.
Planning expertise
The team of Lorch System Integration embodies efcient and resultoriented project management. Our experts in welding technology,
CAD & simulation, design and installation guarantee that your project will be
completed with the greatest efciency

Feasibility analysis
& simulation
The reason and purpose behind 3D simulation &
CAD is to nd the right components and develop
a setup that is suitable for a process-oriented
solution to your
welding task.
Provided that
the solution is

Lorch application

Design and xture construction

Apart from selecting the welding processes that are right for you and nding the
most suitable components, picking the xture that ts the workpiece best is essential
for achieving the desired production result. The entire xture is customised to manufacture the perfect nal product and designed as
required by the Machinery Directive. The logistics
of the upstream and the downstream material must
be taken into account from the beginning. By that
means, our xtures produce optimum results in
terms of ease of maintenance and versatility.

Our Lorch application centre is the ideal basis for

solution-oriented cooperation. Our staff at the centre
will analyse the specics of your welding task in
order to nd the process and machine parameters
that are perfect for you and adjust them to your
concrete requirements if need be. The services
rendered by Lorchs application technology department
include test welding, quality
and material tests, and even
metallurgical testing.

Speed up you
With Lorchs innovati
The processes

TIG + Cold Wire
TIG + Hot Wire

Welding that satises the

most challenging demands.
When it comes to welding processes that need to guarantee

Perfect cold-wire feeding is required when more than

integrity, food safety or ne visual appearance in stainless

normal deposition rates are the task in automated TIG weld-

steel or aluminum, nothing can hold a candle to TIG. Regard-

ing in order to bridge gaps and compensate for material toler-

less of whether it is used for mobile or industrial production

ances. Our TIG solutions involve the use of the LorchFeed

applications. Quality made by Lorch will always pay off.

system, either as part of the modular automation system or

as a special robot wire feeder, which produces superior TIG



quality thanks to the absolute precision with which it operates. Considerations of how to make TIG welding even more
efcient led to the development of the so-called TIG hot wire
process. This special process,



which entails the preheating

of the ller metal by means
of resistance heating, takes
TIG welding to the next level
when it comes to speeding



up your welding application.

r production.
ve welding processes.

Improved efciency for

simpler faster welding.

The speed processes introduced by Lorch provide signicant speed gains

even when applied during manual welding. Where they truly shine,
however, is during automated applications as these allow the processes
to reach their full potential with regard to improvements in productivity.

LORCH SpeedPulse

LORCH SpeedArc


LORCH SpeedRoot

LORCH SpeedCold

Steel is now pulsed

up to 48 % faster.

For many more metres

of weld seam every day.

Vertical-up arc welding?

Was difcult in the past.

MIG instead of TIG

for root welds.

For highly productive

MIG-MAG thin sheet welding.

Allows for 360 as well.

3 times faster than TIG.

short arc.

Standard Pulse




Up to 48 % faster.

Up to 30 % faster.


With automati
which support the welding
Our components

Modular automation system

Apart from the right type of process technology and the know-how of the Lorch System Integration,
the modularity of the overall Lorch system range is a decisive factor. Standardised components
allow customers to expand their on-site systems without any effort and adjust them to their latest
production needs at any time.

LorchFix & Pos

For components
of up to 500 kg.
The turntables from Lorch.


Everything nds exactly

the same welding position. Again and again.
Supported mechanically
or pneumatically.

The TIG cold-wire feeder
automates the manual
feeding operation.



The foundation of the smaller turntables and

all of the components responsible for the xing
of the workpiece and torch.

Head of the system and

your cockpit for optimum
welding results.

on components
process in the ideal manner.
Ready-to-Robot solutions
A robot operates precisely and, if correctly integrated, can also be used in a particularly exible manner when
production conditions change. Lorchs solution allows you to use brand-name robots made by, for instance, Kuka,
Fanuc, ABB or Motoman without much need to coordinate the different systems. This effortless combination is
made possible by the LorchNet connectors which support all common bus protocols from CANopen to ProNet.


Output is what matters here.
Real productivity. No matter
if you are applying MIG-MAG,
MIG-MAG Pulse or TIG welding.

compact wire feeder case
for hollow wrist robots
or standard robots with an
external hose package.

welding data is
now nally easy.

The bus coupling system
from Lorch. For all common
bus protocols from DeviceNet
to EtherNet/IP.

Welding data monitoring
and quality management
made easy.


The Lorch factor

We focus the right

To achieve super
The Lorch factor.
Always front and centre: the welding process.

Integration know-how
The motto from planning to implementation is: Make use of
Lorchs team and technology and increase your welding
efciency. Lorch System Integration embodies welding
technology know-how and stands for efcient, result-oriented
project management.

Lorch system technology

The core concept is the modularity of the entire system
range. Standardised components allow customers to
expand their on-site systems without any effort and adjust
them to their latest production needs.

Lorch application technology

it ts your requirements perfectly from the conceptual design
to the mechanical implementation. Always front and centre:
the welding process. We analyse the feasibility of your welding
task before dening the process technology and the matching
welding process to be used.



Brought straight to the point. We tailor the entire system until



types of expertise.
ior productivity.
Bare your teeth to
the ravages of time.


Size does not always matter.

Yesterdays survival strategies will not be effective in the
future. What matters is exibility and adaptability as well
as the application of automation in areas where it is the

Efciency boost

most sensible and protable solution. The trick is to show

good judgement and pick the right solution.
Automation is supposed to help you achieve the best possible results and maximum economic efciency. To make
the success of these results last for as long as possible,

Project success

you should also be in a position to react to the ever changing conditions on the market and expand or adjust your
existing system whenever necessary.
Lorch System Integration makes it possible.

Time saving




4 stages to your
To make sure that your


1. Requirements analysis

2. System development

The starting point for the consultation is a solution-

precisely analyse your requirements as well as the

streamline your welding task and production processes.

simulation and development of the solution, the technical aspects of each individual system solution are

Experts evaluate the feasibility of your welding task

realised and implemented under the roof of Lorch

before dening the process technology and the matching welding process to be used. Test welding included if

In addition to the initial workshop that is intended to

oriented requirements analysis that is intended to

Schweitechnik GmbH.

progression of the project, CAD technology is used to

Since critical for achieving the most favourable price-

develop a three-dimensional draft. This makes it possible

performance ratio, we guarantee demand-oriented

proposal preparation as well as target-oriented project

In line with the increased complexity throughout the

to detect and implement potential improvements early on.

The scope and performance of the automation solution

is adapted precisely to satisfy your requirements.


projects success.
investment will pay off.


3. Solution realisation

4. Implementation

Manufacturing of all components necessary to accomplish

solutions to customers in Germany, Europe and around

that ts your solution perfectly.

the globe.

The system idea behind The Way to Automate and

Ready-to-Robot is modularity and compatibility: In order

to use as many standard system components as possible.

Lorch System Integration (LSI) supplies ready-to-use

your welding task in consideration of the conguration

Flawless implementation of your welding task.

By welders for welders.

The system is integrated and put into service on site

by LSIs project team.

Workshop to train the customers own personnel.

The Lorch service partner closest to you will offer
expert service in your location.


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The solution portfolio powered by

Lorch System Integration (LSI).

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