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Due: 1391/8/28

Engineering Electromagnetics

Homework 7

1-() Find the magnetic eld intensity on the axis of a solenoid in terms of 1 and 2 as shown in Fig. 1. The
solenoid has n turns per unit length.
y1 + a
very thin
strip conductor
current I






Figure 1: solenoid in problem 1

Figure 2: metal strip in problem 2

2-An innitely long and very thin conducting strip carries steady current I which is uniformly distributed on
the strip. Find the magnetic eld at an arbitrary point in terms of 1 , 2 , R1 , and R2 as shown in Fig. 2. The
width of strip is a.
= B0 x
= E0 z exist together. A particle
3-Assume a uniform magnetic eld B
and a uniform electric eld E
with mass m and charge Q at rest is released from the origin. What path it will follow? What happens if the
= E0 x
electric and magnetic elds are in the same direction, for example E
4-() Prove that the magnetic force between two closed circuits follows the Newtons third law. Assume
currents I1 and I2 ow in two arbitrary shape closed loops and show that F12 = F21 .
5-A uniform surface charge with density s is distributed on a washer-shaped disk with inner radius = a
and outer radius = b as shown in Fig. 3. The disk is spinning with angular velocity rad/s around the z-axis.
on the z-axis.
Calculate the magnetic eld B


Figure 3: rotating charged disk in problem 5

Figure 4: coaxial cable with irregular shield in problem 8

6-() Use Biot-Savart law to calculate the magnetic eld of a surface current Js = nI A/m which is owing
on the surface of an innite cylinder with radius = a (ideal solenoid). You may choose a xed observation point
at r = (x, 0, 0).
7-A charged cylinder with radius a and charge density v = k2 is spinning around its axis with angular
velocity rad/sec. Find the magnetic eld in space.
8-() As shown in Fig. 4, the inner surface of the outer conductor in a coaxial cable is o-centered by a vector
d with respect to the axis of the cable. The cable carries current I and it is uniformly distributed both in the
Amir Borji

Sharif University of Technology

Due: 1391/8/28

Engineering Electromagnetics

Homework 7

center conductor and the shield. Find the magnetic force per unit length exerted upon the inner conductor. Hint:
First you must nd the magnetic eld due to the shield (outer conductor) and then calculate the force on the
center conductor using the Amperes force law.
9-An innite slab of current with thickness 2a (|y| a) carries the current density J = (1 |y|/a)
z . Find the
magnetic eld in space using Amperes circuital law. Repeat the problem if J = y/a z.
inside the leaky spherical capacitor shown in Fig. 5. The space between
10-Find the magnetic ux density B
the concentric spheres is lled with an imperfect dielectric whose conductivity is .




Figure 5: Leaky capacitor in problem 10

Figure 6: electrons coming o the cathode in problem 11

11-() Two parallel plane conductors are held at potential dierence V0 and the negative plate (cathode) is
= B z is applied parallel
heated and emits electrons with charge e < 0 and mass m. A uniform magnetic eld B
to the plates. Assuming the electrons leave the cathode with negligible velocity, under what condition no electron
will reach the positive (anode) plate? Hint: use the result of problem 3.
12-Find the magnetic force between an equilateral triangle carrying current I2 and a long straight wire carrying
current I1 as shown below. The triangle and the wire are in the same plane.



() Starred problems are not mandatory and will not be marked.

Amir Borji

Sharif University of Technology