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Illini Equestrians

Upcoming Show Season

Save the Date!

October 5th-Western Show hosted by Ball State

University at Henry County Saddle Club
October 25th-Western Show hosted by Purdue
Calumet at Red Oaks Ranch in Dyer, IN
November 1st-Western Show hosted by Indiana
University at Big Star Stables in Bloomington, IN
November 15th and 16th-Hunt Seat Show hosted by
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College @ SMWC
November 22nd and 23rd-Hunt Seat Show hosted by
Taylor University and University of Illinois at Black
Dog Farms
December 6th and 7th-Hunt Seat Show hosted by
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College @ SMWC

Trip to Rolex
Spring Show Season
Betting Demonstration
Balmoral Racetrack
Curtis Apple Orchard
Anatomy and Vet Med


FALL 2014

Last Spring
Trip to Rolex
Illini Equestrians had the opportunity
to go to the Kentucky Horse Park for
Rolex last year. Some people went
up early Friday to watch Dressage,
while others went later on Friday to
watch Cross Country and Stadium
Jumping. It was fun to be at the
horse park all day talking to other
horse lovers and see all the beautiful
horses! There were Lippizan,
Friesian, pony club, and other
demonstrations throughout the day
as well.

Last Show Season

Illini Equestrians English Show Team had a very successful 2013-2014 season,
ending our season with 2nd in our region! UIUCET would like to give a special thanks
to our trainer Terri Foreman. She is a great teacher and very dedicated to the team,
helping us all become successful. Our western team recruited many new members
and had successful shows with several individual class wins, and many riders who
placed in their classes.
Chris Lenard, Corrie Haack, Catherine Foreman, Kelsey Concklin, Meredith Staub,
Emily Solan, Elle Wilson, Rachel Hosier, Marissa Herpfer, Emily Blok, Jenny Williams,
and Allison Knox all made it to regionals!


FALL 2014

Betting Demonstration and

Trip to Balmoral Racetrack
"Anndddd they're off!"
On Sunday September 28th, 2014 the Illini Equestrians took a trip to Balmoral Park
Racetrack in Crete, Illinois. 30 members car-pooled to the harness racing track that
is about an hour and a half from campus. The club was treated to a Skybox suite
complete with pizza, drinks, and programs! Everyone was able to practice their
betting skills that were recently taught at a club meeting by Dr. Kevin Kline. In
addition, some lucky club members were able to ride in the starting gate and
receive "behind the scenes" tours of the judges' box as well as announcer's stand.
Whether or not money was one or lost betting on the races, it is a sure bet that all
had a great time! Special thanks to Balmoral Park Racetrack and Mr. Eliot
Narotsky for providing such a wonderful experience!


FALL 2014

Curtis Apple Orchard

Recently, Illini Equestrians took a
trip to Curtis Apple Orchard and
Pumpkin Patch. The club enjoyed a
beautiful fall day getting to know
each other outside of the barn. Girls
ventured out to the pumpkin patch
to find the perfect pumpkins and
walked up and down the aisles of
apple trees finding the best apples.
Many also bought the famous and
delicious apple donuts!

Anatomy and Vet Med Demonstration

The club enjoyed a presentation by former member Ashley Ponton. Special thanks
to Ashley for coming out and teaching all of us, it was a great evening. Members had
the opportunity to look at parts of horses and learn about the anatomy of a horse.
Everyone had a chance to look at the digestive system, heart, reproductive system,
legs, and teeth aging of an actual horse!