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Forecast Paper 2
The following are my sets of forecast chapters for coming examination. I would like to
remind all of you that this forecast is 100% based on my past years analysis.
It does not mean that it is 100% correct. Please observe the meaning of 'FORECAST'Ramalan !
I am not taking any responsibilities if in any case this forecast chapters do not come out in the
All of you may just use it as a guideline to " quick revise 'again the chapters stated here,
before Bio exam..
PAPER 2 ( 3 SETS )
QS 1. Chapter 2: Cell Structure& Cell organisation
Qs 2. Chapter 5: Cell Division
Qs 3. Chapter 8: Dynamic Ecosystem-Interaction/ Microorganism/disease
Qs 4. Chapter 11: Support & Locomotion- human skeletal system/earthworm
Qs 5. Chapter 12: Coordination-neurone/transmission of impulses/synapse/reflex arc
Qs 6.Chapter 6: Nutrition- Food preservation/processing/ Food labels-evaluation
Qs 7. Chapter 10: Transport-in plants/ phloem/stomata/ types of blood circulation
Qs 8. Chapter 13: Reproduction - Menstrual cycle graph/ IVF
Qs 9. Chapter 14: Inheritance - Mendel's Second Law

QS 1. Chapter 3: Movement of substances ...- Plasma membrane
Qs 2. Chapter 4: Chemical Composition - Enzyme/ carbohydrate/ Lipid/ DNA
Qs 3. Chapter 6: Nutrition- photosynthesis
Qs 4. Chapter 12: Coordination-Immunity-Lymphatic system
Qs 5. Chapter 13: Reproduction - Menstrual cycle/hormones
Qs 6.Chapter 9: Endangered Ecosystem- Acid rain/ air pollution/ ozone depletion
Qs 7. Chapter 12:Coordination - Homeostasis- osmoregulation/ kidney
Qs 8. Chapter 13: Reproduction& Growth - Primary and secondary Growth
Qs 9. Chapter 14+ 15 : Inheritance/ Variation/mutation/meiosis

QS 1. Chapter 5: Cell Division
Qs 2. Chapter 7: Respiration
Qs 3. Chapter 8: Dynamic Ecosystem- Mangrove and adaptation
Qs 4. Chapter 10: Transport -heart/ blood vessel/blood circulation
Qs 5. Chapter 13: Reproduction -Double Fertilisation in Plants
Qs 6.Chapter 3: Movement of substances/ hypotonic, isotonic, hypertonic
Qs 7. Chapter 6: Nutrition
Qs 8. Chapter 12:Coordination - Homeostasis- osmoregulation/ kidney
Qs 9. Chapter 13: Reproduction& Growth - Growth/auxin

Last minute preparation for Bio 2~Diagrams

1) Watch out for this kind of Diagram. You should be able to identify all the structures,

2) hormone involved.. This cross section of DICOT stem...and the longitudinal !!

3) The secondary growth ~ Watch out the primaries and the secondaries !!

4) The respiratory structures..The drawing and labelling...

5) The alveolus..

(a)Able to explain the interaction in X and Y
Organism X
F: mutualism (reject symbiosis) ...1m
E1: nitrogen-fixing bacteria/ Rhizobium convert atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia and
ammonium ions that are used by (legume) plant for protein synthesis ....1m
E2: The bacteria obtain food/nutrient/ space/ shelter (from the plants) ...1m
Organism Y
F: commensalism (reject epiphyte) ....1m
E1: (pigeon orchids) grow on the trunks of the tree to obtain light energy for
photosynthesis ...1m
E2: the host plant do not get benefit or harm .....1m

maximum 5 marks

(b) Able to identify the interaction and explain how the organism survive on the habitat.
Interaction: Saprophytism ....................1m
F: Fungi/ mushroom secrete enzyme ...........................1m
E1: digest (organic food in) dead organism/ the tree trunk .....................1m

E2: (hypha) absorb the digested food such as glucose ................1m

E3: glucose is used for respiration//to get energy ...................1m
(5 marks)

**Explain (Not just state the fact !)

1.Write the similarity and its explanation - One mark
2. Do not write in a form of Table..Write in SENTENCES.

BIO ESSAY- Answering Technique

Reposted for SPM candidates 2013
1. READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY before choosing TWO out of FOUR Qs.
2. HIGHLIGHT the COMMAND word in the question such as Explain,
Describe, that you know what you are supposed to do..
3.Plan your ESSAY...(by roughly sketching mind map, flow chart, diagram etc )
4.LOOK at THE MARKS allocated.(This give you idea how long your essay should
be )
5.Answer in paragraphs if it is a long essay.
6. Tables are allowed only for COMPARING
7.Write at least 2 pages (including half page of Diagram) 8. Produce Diagram to support your answer but make sure it is all labelled!!
9.Give Facts + Explanation for every answer..
10.Write as long as you like..Never mind if it is wont be penalize.
11. Do not write in a point form...because it is ESSAY !!!
12.Choose only TWO essays if the instruction is TWO!!
13.....Write and keep on writing.....Produce all the BIO facts that you ever remember.
( BIO PAPER 2 need you to master BIO CONTENT very well !)
.........LAstly, your choice of questions must be correct....Chose the questions which
you know the content very least 80-100% content..
..and of course write clearly and confidently...may use your own words.. as long as it
conveys the same meaning.
and...if its so difficult to express in English, you can write in BM :))

Sample Essay

Total= [ 10 marks]
Suggested Answer:
Graph A

Intraspecific competition
Competition between the same spesies of Paramecium

Competing for the same niche, food /nutrient/space

A t the end of experiment the population of Paramecium Aurelia is higher compared to the
population of P caudatum

Showing that P. Aurelia are more adapted to the environment

[Any 5 ]

Graph B

Interspecific competition
Competition between different species of Paramecium

Competing for the same niche, nutrient, space

At the end of the experiment, the population of P Aurelia increase whereas P caudatum

Showing that P Aurelia are more adaptable/stronger compared to P caudatum

[Any 5 ]

Sample Essay

Suggested Answer:

Able state the definition:

conservation of biodiversity
- the maintenance of environmental quality and natural resources in a ecosystem // the
maintenance of a particular balance among the species present in a ecosystem.
preservation of biodiversity
- the protection of spesies without reference to natural change in living systems or to
human requirements.
conservation of biodiversity
(b) Able to describe why the biodiversity very important.
1. Ecological reason
- Loss of biodiversity makes ecosystem less stable/ disrupts the food web/
biogeochemical cycle
- (biodiversity) is needed for survival of life on
2. Economic reason

- provides human with the cereal crops/ livestock/ fish/ spices/ plants
- it is a resource for timber needed ( to build shelter) [1+1]
- source of pharmaceutical drugs to treat certain diseases / malaria// medicinal plants
- maintain soil fertility // balance ecosystem
3. Aesthetic/ recreational
- ecotourism// pleasure [1+1]
4. Ethical reasons
provides a field of vast research for scientist [1+1]
Total = 8 marks

Sample Essay

Suggested Answer:
(a)Sample Answer:

Aerofoil wing to generate the upward llift

A pair of antagonistic muscle( pectorolis major and minor) for upstroke and downstroke
//pulled down and up the wings.

Single organ(one testes/kidney)//small skull//hollow bone//no teeth to reduce weight.

Streamlined body shape// Feathers facing the posterior/backward to reduce air resistance

Waterproof feather to avoid increase in body weight during raining.

[ Any 4 ]


Streamlined body shapes/overlapping scales facing the posterior/slimy coating to reduce

water resistance
Myotome muscles are are W/V- shaped which act antagonistically

Swim bladder/air sac maintain buoyancy in water.


-Dorsal and ventral fin to prevent yawing and rolling

-Caudal/tail fin provides thrust and controls direction

-Pelvic fin and pectoral fin- act as brakes

[Any 4]

(b)Submerged plants

Posses air sacs within the leaves and the stem to help the plant to stay upright in water
Water buoyancy provides support

Have very few vascular tissue/woody tissue

Thin/narrow/flexible leaves to provide little resistance to water flow

[ Any 3]

Floating plants

Stem have plenty of air sacs

Aerenchyma tissues which help to stay afloat in water.

Do not have woody tissues

Natural water buoyancy to helps them to float

Have broad leaves that are firm but flexible to resist being torned by wave action.

[ Any 3]

Sample Qs-Endangered Ecosystem

1. (a)Diagram 1 shows one of the human activities which threaten the ecosystem. By using
your Biology knowledge, evaluate critically the effects of this unplanned development and
mismanagement of the ecosystem.
Rajah 1 menunjukkan salah satu aktiviti manusia yang mengancam ekosistem. Dengan menggunakan
pengetahuan Biologi anda, buat penilaian secara kritikal tentang kesan pembangunan dan
pengurusan yang tidak terancang ke atas ekosistem.

(10 marks)
(b) Diagram 2 shows the global warming phenomenon which give a great impact on the
environment. Can we save this world from the impact of the global warming? By using your
Biology knowledge, discuss your opinion.
Rajah 2 menunjukkan fenomena pemanasan global yang memberikan kesan ke atas alam sekitar.
Mampukan kita menyelamatkan dunia daripada kesan pemanasan ini? Dengan menggunakan
pengetahuan Biologi, bincangkan pendapat anda.

(10 marks)

Suggested Answer:
(a) The activity is deforestation


Paper3 ~Last Review

Paper 3 Qs2~Enzyme

The question is about one of the factors which affect enzyme activity which is
And when we talk about enzymes which can be used in Bio Lab, it is usually refer to
AMYLASE which can be prepared by using SALIVA.

Please take note the bullets required in your planning...

Please take note about the variables..

Responding variable: the time taken for starch to hydrolyse (also accepted)
Controlled Variable: ONLY ONE.

Apparatus & Materials: All in one..

**Can use water bath as apparatus.

***Need to produce ONE sentence for Safety measures..