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This a guide to writing a lab report for BCM 312/202.

It is preferred that student use their hand for writing their reports. Individual report is
recommended. Students must produce a clear, precise and relevant results and discussion
solely based on the lab session. Do not copy any material or data from textbook or the internet.
Use your hand to write the report.
The format of reports is as follows:
FRONT PAGE: Provided
1. Objective(s)
This should be a one or two statement of the purpose of the experiment, e.g. to distinguish
various types of specialized cells in eukaryotes.
2. Introduction
This should a concise, well-written paragraph describing the concepts underlying the lab and
techniques used during each session. The purpose of this section is to show that the students
understand what the lab is about.
3. General Procedure/Materials and Methods
This should be a summary of the procedures in the lab. Do not go into too much detail and
never restate the procedure statements given in the laboratory manual.
4. Results and Discussion
This should include observational results, data, figures drawings, graphs and tables. Students
are advised to present their results according to sections depicted in the laboratory manuals. In
this section you should catalogue everything you see such as the accuracy of measurements,
mistakes that you may have made, raw data as you collect, and anything that you observe while
conducting the experiment. Students should re-organize the data into neat, legible tables,
graphs, figures and drawings with complete labels that are well ordered and easy to read. Be
sure that each result has a title, unit of measurement, magnification power, brief texts or
calculation method.
5. Discussion/Conclusion
In this section students should refer to the purpose and introduction of the lab topics. Discuss
whether the experiment supports the assertions made earlier. You will use information in the
Observation and Data/Calculations sections to determine if the experiment was a success or
failure. Discuss why the data doesnt support the theory and where errors may have entered.
Thus, observation is critical to this section of the lab. If the results are poor the students will
need to be able to discuss where error came into the procedure. The Discussion section is the
most important part of the lab. Do not discuss on the theoretical aspects alone but combine both
facts and findings.

6. References
This section should include list of references such as textbooks, journals and internet materials
the students use as the reference materials; e.g. histology atlas, etc. (Using APA Style writing): or
Submission and Grading of Lab Reports
Date of submission: Students are given a week to prepare the report and expected to submit it
one day prior to the subsequent lab session.
Grading: Marks will be given as below. However, your instructor may use his/her discretion for
the distribution of marks for the reports.
Report Component




Short and precise



Short and precise



Including hypotheses, background


Materials and Methods

Past-tense, passive voice


with titles

Labeled drawings, tables and graphs


Discussion and

Evaluation of hypotheses and purpose

of experiments


Overall presentation
References, grammar, creativity and
use own words and not restate sentences
from manual


Total mark