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My best friend.

Friendship is very important, especially for me.

During my studying, from elementary school to
university, I have lots of friends. Among these,
there are a few friends who are my best friends.

Now I would like to describe you one of my best

friend whose name is Peter. A main reason for what
I consider him my best friend is that he has a warm
He is very friendly when he meets me. He smiles
politely and asks me what have I done in the days
when we didnt see each other.
Furthermore, Peter is good manner. He never lies,
hes a faithful friend and I can trust in him in any
problem. Hes also a very funny person, always
tells jokes and makes me laugh.
To summarize, Peter is my best friend who has a
good personality and ability in making proper
things. I really like him.


Samuel Palmer
Cel mai bun prieten al meu.

Prietenia este foarte importanta, in special pentru

mine. In timpul anilor de studii, de la scoala
elementara pana la universitate, am avut o
multime de prieteni. Printre acestia sunt cativa pe
care-i consider cei mai buni prieteni.
As vrea acum sa va descriu pe unul dintre cei mai
buni prieteni, care se numeste Peter. Un principal
motiv pentru care-l consider prietenul meu cel mai
bun este firea sa calduroasa.
Este foarte prietenos atunci cand ne intalnim. Imi
zambeste politicos si am intreaba ce am mai facut
in zilele in care nu ne-am intalnit.

Mai mult decat atat, Peter este foarte manierat. Nu

minte niciodata, este un prieten devotat si ma pot
increde in el in orice privinta. Deasemenea este o
persoana amuzanta, mereu ma face sa rad.
Drept concluzie, Peter este cel mai bun prieten al
meu si care are o personalitate foarte buna si

abilitate in a face lucrurile asa cum trebuie. Il plac

cu adevarat.

La exprimarea datei in engleza se foloseste
numeralul ordinal care se poate aseza inainte sau
dupa numele lunii calendaristice.
Daca numeralul ordinal precede denumirea lunii
acesta este urmat de of.
Ex.: I was born in the 2 nd of June 1984 = M-am
nascut pe 2 iunie 1984.
Daca numeralul ordinal este asezat dupa
denumirea lunii of este omis.
Ex.: I was born on June (the) 2 nd = M-am nascut
pe 2 iunie 1984.

In engleza britanica ordinea este: ziua, luna, anul.

In engleza americana ordinea este :luna, ziua, anul.

De retinut:

-pentru numeralele ordinale, la formarea datei, se

foloseste prescurtarea astfel:

first (st), second(nd), third(rd), fourth(th), fifth(th),

sixth(th), seventh(th),eighth(th),ninth(th),

Ex.: 1 st of January = 1 ianuarie, 2 nd of February

= 2 februarie, 3 rd of March = 3 martie, 4 th of
April = 4 aprilie, etc.

Ex.: 21 st of May = 21 mai, 22 nd of June = 22

iunie, 23 rd of July = 23 iulie, 24 th of August = 24
august, etc.

Cifra zero se poate citi ; zero, oh, nil sau love.

- zero la matematica

- oh la numere de telefon.

- nil sau nothing pentru exprimarea scorului la


- love la tenis.

Anii in engleza se citesc cu ajutorul miilor sau a

sutelor(in stil oficial) one thousand nine hundred
and ninety-two (1992).

- sau a zecilor (in vorbirea curenta) nineteen

ninety-two (1992).

- anul 2000 se citeste two thousand.


El e nascut in 1 saptembrie 1977 = He is born on

1st of September 1977 (nineteen seventy-seven).

Ann este nascuta pe 3 ianuarie 1991 = Ann is born

on 3rd of January 1991 (nineteen ninty-one).

William Shakespeare s-a nascut pe 23 aprilie 1564

= William Shakespeare was born on 23rd of April
1564(fifteen sixty-four).

Primul Razboi Mondial a inceput in 28 iulie 1914 =

The First World War started on 28th of July 1914

I have a big/ small family. I have three sisters
older than me/ I only have on younger sister than
Im the youngest/ the oldest of all. Im an only
Both my parents are doctors.
We usually get together on Sundays. (nineteen






preferat-My favorite pet

Compunere n englez cu titlul "Animalul meu
My favorite pet
Since my early childhood I wanted to have my own
pet, sort of my own child to take care of. In the
beginning I asked my parents to get me a dog. At
that time I was thinking that a dog is the most loyal
friend I could get and I was absolutely sure we








considered for years that I am not responsible

enough to have one. They have explained me that
an animal requires a lot of free time and attention,
which sometimes I don't have, between study,
classes, basketball trainings, English lessons and
debate club.

After a while, I asked them for a parrot which, in

my opinion, does not require so much free time
since all you need is to buy a cage, keep it clean
and feed the parrot daily. It shouldn't take long.
They didn't like this idea also so they have refused
me, again. So I was pretty sad and all I could think
of was that one day, I'll have my own house and I
will get me a dog and a parrot also. Yet, at that

time, I was very disappointed that they don't trust

me enough.
But things changed out of the blue when my crazy
aunt, visited us, a month ago. I have received a
present from her, a "pet", a young chameleon, 6
weeks old. She also brought me a reptarium, sort
of a larger aquarium, but with a ventilation system










reparium had a special system of lights because

my aunt explained me that chameleons need a
special sort of light, full spectrum UVA/UVB light.
Bottom line, my reptarium is a top product and it
provides modern comfort to its inhabitant.

Initially I named my chameleon Jake but after just

one day it was clear to me that he should be called
Sunbeam because he loves to stay under the sun.
Sometimes he climbs on the branches or stays
hidden. But what amaze me is how Sunbeam
changes his color by mood, light or temperature.
Since I have Sunbeam, I go twice a week to a pet
store to buy fresh insects for him. He loves fatty
wax worms, caterpillars and small crickets. In
weekends I buy flies and I spend time watching
Sunbeam how he catches them with his extremely
long and sticky tongue.

He is lovely, quite and he doesn't require my

attention all the time. This way I have time to

study. Sunbeam enriched my life and made me

more responsible. Yet, My father is not very happy
about this and still considers that the animal my
aunt brought me it isn't really a pet, it's just a
ferocious wild animal which should live in the

Compunere n englez despre hobbyul meu-My

Compunere n englez cu titlul "Hobbyul meu"
My hobby: reading books
One of the things that I really love to do is to read.
Through reading I have found out so many things
about life in all of its aspects. Reading page after
page, book by book, I have discovered the world
around me, facts about past, present and versions
of the future and i have learned so many amazing
I've started reading at the age of five when The
stories from 1001 nights fascinated and captured
me completely. It helped me to open my mind to
new situations and I understood that the power of

creation can change lives. Later, at the age of 10, I

was amused by Pcal and Tndal adventures and
I've started to smile more often than before
because if you look carefully, there is something to
laugh of no matter the circumstances.
Reading Winnetou, I was deeply impressed by his
courage in front of unpredicted events, his honesty,
his strength and his loyalty towards his dear ones,
his compassion for other human beings and his
communion with surrounding nature. At the same
time, I've learned to respect different cultures and
to appreciate others' values.
After a while I read The Prince and the Pauper. That
story made me understand that clothes and social







perception affects our entire worldview and the

ways we react socially to others are influenced by
our ability to evolve . Balzac, with his keen
observations to details, manged so beautifully to






motivations and our reactions to society's values.

Yet, one of my favorites, Dostoyevsky's allowed me
to explore human psychology and understand that
"life is within ourselves and not in the external"
Reading science fiction books I have found out that
my universe depends also on the power of my
imagination. Childhood's End is one of my favorite
novels. The story speaks about our planet invaded
by aliens, the Overlords, which in time prove to be

some sort of guardian angels for our race. Under

their strict guidance, we humans manage to reach
a golden age, we live in peace, we have a a world
government, we live in abundance until we evolve
in something diverse, a transcendent form of life
where we are all connected.

Later, I started reading love stories. I cried while I

was reading The Lady of the Camellias and I was
astonished by how Marguerite sacrifice her riches
and her lifestyle for the man she loved. Yet, self
sacrifice or giving up at peoples you really love
isn't always a smart thing. Romeo and Julieta love
didn't served any of them. Reading Manon Lescaut
I've learned that true love implies devotion but also

that running away from the problems dose not

solve them.
Reading has become an important part of my life
and helped me to find out more about me,
information about human nature, human art and
history, human achievements, anatomy and human
mental faculties. I love reading because it helps me
to learn. to be creative and offers me new
perspectives. As Isaac Asimov said "If knowledge
can create problems, it is not through ignorance
that we can solve them."

Compunere n englez despre vacan-Why I enjoy


O compunere n limba englez cu titlul "De ce mi

plac vacanele".
Why I enjoy vacations
There are so many things I enjoy doing while in
vacation.The best part of my vacations is that I get
no homework. Vacation is like a big recreation, an
opportunity for pure fun, a lot of excitement and
quality time. Allow me to share some of the
reasons for which I love my vacations.
First of all, what I like most in a vacation is that I
don't have to go to school. For this reason, I have
a lot of free time and my schedule is open for great
adventures each day. Another thing, is that I can
sleep as late as I want and I can stay up as late as I
can. I can read any book I choose or I can watch

some tv, I can play on my play station, I can ride

my new bike or invite my friends over, etc.
Relaxation and togetherness with my family, my
relatives and family friends are other pluses for
which is good to be in vacation. My parents
organize in each vacation short trips to historical
places or relaxation holidays in spectacular places
where we have the opportunity to see the nature's
beauty and spectacular places. Once a year,
usually during summer vacation, we leave our
country and visit other cities within European Union
In each vacation I visit my grandma who lives
outside the city, in a rural area. I only have one
grandma alive, the other one died before I was

born, so I never meet her. My parents told me she

would have loved me if she knew me. Going back
to my grandmother, she loves me and she is very
happy to have me around. She bakes cookies and
brownies and gives me great presents.
The worst part of vacation is that I cant meet with
my colleagues daily. Anyway, we keep in touch
over the phone or using internet: emails, Google+
and Facebook social networks or different types of
messengers. Some of us have personal blogs
where we are sharing our experiences.
Considering the opportunity to use free time as I
please I recommend that we all should take a long

vacation. I love being in vacation.

S-ar putea să vă placă și