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This is a necessarily very selective list of resources to explore, focusing particularly on sites useful

for developing practical palaeographical skills and for investigating digital medieval
Julian Brown, What is Palaeography?
Reflections on the nature of the discipline by the late Professor of Palaeography at the
University of London.
An Index of Scripts
Visual examples of a large range of scripts with alphabets to aid transcription.
Old English in its Material Context
An electronic introduction to Old English, including the Old English alphabet.
Online Tutorials
An interactive course offered through the University of Melbourne's Evellum project (cost
InScribe: Palaeography learning materials
From the School of Advanced Study, University of London. The first module is free; the second
on Script costs 25. Future modules are promised on Diplomatic, Codicology and Illumination.
Interactive Album of Palaeography
A free set of transcription exercises covering a variety of scripts developed by Marjorie
Burghart (University of Lyon 2) et al. (In French and English.)
English Handwriting, 1500-1700
A free course from the University of Cambridge focusing specifically on later medieval and
early modern scripts.
Palaeography: Reading old handwriting 1500-1800
A free tutorial from The National Archives (UK), focusing on later scripts. Accompanied by a
Beginners Latin tutorial.
Decoding Abbreviations
Cappelli, Dizionario di Abbreviature latine ed italiane

A scanned version of the 1912 edition of Cappellis reference work.

Abbreviationes Online
Dr Olaf Plutas web-based tool, available by subscription (30-day free trial available). Many
libraries subscribe, allowing visiting readers to access it while consulting manuscripts.
Vocabulaire Codicologique
A glossary of terms used primarily in the physical description of manuscripts by Denis
Muzerelle; with equivalent terms given in Italian, Spanish and English. (See also Glossary for
illuminated manuscripts.)
Briquets Les Filigranes
An online version of the standard early 20th-century printed reference work for identifying
and locating watermarks. (In French and German.) Part of a broader resource from the
Austrian Academy of Sciences, Wasserzeichen des Mittelalters.
Art of Making a Book
A 3.5 minute video that demonstrates the processes of printing and binding a handpress book.
British Library Database of Bookbindings
Images and descriptions of a selection of medieval and modern bindings from around the
Folger Shakespeare Library Bindings Image Collection
Notable bindings from the 15th to 20th century from the Folgers collection. More details on
the collection, how to search and bibliography on bindings are available.
Princetons Hand Bookbindings
This online version of an exhibition displays over 200 medieval and modern bindings.
Finding Digital Manuscripts
Catalog of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts
This UCLA database provides links to thousands of manuscripts worldwide digitised in their
entirety. (Ceased updating in 2013.)

Medieval Manuscripts on the Web

Professor Sin Echard of the University of British Columbia maintains an annotated list of
digital manuscript collections worldwide.
Digitized Medieval Manuscripts
An interactive map of repositories of digitized manuscripts by Giulio Menna and Marjolein de
Manuscripts Online
An aggregator offering access to numerous historical and literary resources relating to Britain
1000-1500, including catalogues, online dictionaries, digital projects and texts. Some of the
resources included are subscription-only.
Manuscripta Mediaevum
Section of the larger Mediaevum portal dedicated to resources for the study of manuscripts
and early printing. (In German.)
Digitized Manuscript Collections
A small selection
The Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland, on its way to digitizing all medieval
manuscripts held in Swiss libraries. (In German, English, French and Italian.)
Manuscripta Mediaevalia
German national portal for manuscript catalogues and digitized manuscripts. (In German and
Bibliothque virtuelle des manuscrits mdivaux (BVMM)
National portal for images of fully and partially digitized manuscripts from municipal libraries
across France (excluding the Bibliothque nationale). (In French.)
The digital portal for the Bibliothque nationale de France, including many fully and partially
digitized medieval manuscripts. (In French; introduction in English too.)
Vatican Library Manuscripts
Link to all digitized Vatican Library manuscripts. (In Italian and English.)
Biblioteca Digital Hispnica

The digital portal for the Biblioteca nacional de Espaa, including many fully digitized
medieval manuscripts. (Partially in French and English as well as Spanish languages.)
British Library Digitised Manuscripts
Includes numerous fully digitized medieval manuscripts.
Digital Scriptorium
A database of medieval and Renaissance manuscript images from over 40 US collections
(generally only selected images from each MS).
Cambridge Digital Library
Includes several of the manuscripts in Cambridge University Library used in this course.
Parker Library On the Web
The fully digitized manuscript collection of the Parker Library, Corpus Christi College,
Cambridge. (Search only available to subscribing institutions.)
Trinity College, Cambridge Early Manuscripts
Digitized manuscripts from the Wren Library in Trinity College, Cambridge.
Illuminated Manuscripts
British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts
Descriptions and images of manuscripts from the BL collection.
Collection of images of illuminations from French municipal libraries. Try visites virtuelles for
highlights. (In French.)
Glossary for illuminated manuscripts
An illustrated glossary of terms used in the description of manuscripts, particularly
illuminated ones. Part of the British Librarys Catalogue of Illuminated MSS, based on the
work of Michelle Brown. (See also Vocabulaire Codicologique.)
Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts
From the collection of the National Library of the Netherlands and the Museum Meermanno.
(In Dutch and English.)
Virtual Libraries
Bibliotheca Laureshamensis digital

A project based at Heidelberg University Library digitally reconstructing the library of the
German Carolingian monastery of Lorsch. (In German, English, Italian and French.)
Codices Electronici Sangallenses (CESG)
Part of the e-codices project, a digital reconstruction of the medieval library of the Swiss
monastery of St Gall (Sankt Gallen).
Roman de la Rose Digital Library
Descriptions and digital images of numerous manuscripts of a single text, the allegorical
French poem Roman de la Rose. Joint project of the Sheridan Library, Johns Hopkins
University and the Bibliothque nationale de France.
Manuscript Research Projects
Focused on the palaeography of manuscripts of 11th-century England but developing digital
techniques applicable to the analysis of handwriting more broadly, based at the Department
of Digital Humanities, Kings College London.
Production and Use of English Manuscripts, 1060 to 1220

Previous research project of Professor Treharne and Dr Da Rold.

Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts
Hosted by the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies at the University of Pennsylvania,
it takes data from catalogues and auction records to track the current and previous owners of
manuscripts (provenance).