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Virtual enterprise solutions

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation

applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The
second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will
magnify the inefficiency. - Bill Gates
What is dSCM?
Digital Supply Chain Management (dSCM) is the utilisation of digital platforms
to integrate and automate sales, operational, and financial systems and
processes in a manner that synchronises supply chain relationships, from
suppliers to customers, into a single, scalable virtual enterprise, that is
capable of optimising product and service offerings, and related resources, to
efficiently capitalise on market opportunities.

contact details
Steve Lewis
Marketing & Media

t +61 2 8003 5773


Our core objective

To embrace dSCM to the fullest extent possible by enhancing and automating
work and cash flow systems and processes for clients, from the point of making
initial contact with customers right through to aftersales service, in response to
specifically identified commercial opportunities.

Tim Rimmer
Platform & Systems

t +61 7 5477 7990


Our services
PHiQ enhances the business objectives of clients by uniquely integrating
marketing, corporate advisory, and platform development expertise in the
custom design and implementation of:

brand development and marketing strategies that utilise digital and mass
media channels and relationships to reach, attract, engage, and retain a
broad community of targeted consumers;

business strategies that map market opportunities to commercial

relationships (that PHiQ introduces), while ensuring financial and
operational infrastructure can deliver contemplated initiatives; and

flexible, robust, and easy-to-use digital platforms (including websites) that

automate and synchronise work and cash flow processes, while integrating
critical operational systems such as, but not limited to:

accounting software

customer relationship management (CRM) software

warehouse, inventory, and logistics management systems

e-commerce, m-commerce, and billing platforms

education modules

Professional collaboration
PHiQ delivers Virtual Enterprise Solutions in seamless collaboration with leading
marketing firm, Realise Creative, and cutting edge web developers, Kook,
whose proprietary digital platform has proven its robustness and flexibility
across several applications for over 15 years.
Combination of project, retainer, and success based fees.

Michael Vardavas
Strategy & Operations

t +61 2 9522 2800