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Argentines have a regional reputation for arrogance and European pretension, a legacy of mass
European immigration in the early 20th century at a time when Argentinas economy was one of the
worlds most robust and dynamic. There have been a few reports of Argentine fans in Brazil engaging
in racist behavior. [...]
In fact, no one in South America seems to actively want Argentina to win: a New York Times survey
of Central and South American soccer fans showed that Argentina is the country that fans in the
region are most likely to root against. And although many of Brazils South American neighbors are
still hoping for defeat for Germany, theyre only doing so out of a grudging continental solidarity.
Even if its alone on its continent, Brazil is apparently in the majority worldwide. According to a New
York Times analysis of Facebook activity during the entire tournament [...], about 55 percent of fans
support Germany in the final. And Facebook users in Brazil? A whopping 71 percent of them support
a German win. Maybe we could all learn a lesson from Brazilian soccer fans: even when someone
completely destroys you, its best to forgive and forget. Especially if theres a chance that someone will
destroy your bitterest enemies, too.


Two Argentine fans were arrested for chanting racist insults at Brazilians inside the Maracana
stadium in Rio de Janeiro yesterday, local police said.
Local media reported that the pair were making monkey gestures and calling Brazilian supporters
"little monkeys" during Argentina's 2-1 victory over Bosnia in World Cup Group F.
The arrests come just months after Brazilian footballer Dani Alves caused a media storm by eating a
banana thrown at him by a Villareal fan while playing for Barcelona in Spain.

1. What do you think about Dani Alves' attitude?

2. Do you think racism is still alive in Brazil or it's never died?
3. Beyond being our "football enemy", is also Argentina our enemy because their racist behavior?
4. Have you ever seen some racist behavior in Brazil or abroad? (close friends, work)
5. How is racism in Brazil? Only with black people?
6. What is your opinion about racial quotas?
7. Do you think government reinforces racism with quota system?
8. Do you think the black and indigenous are oppressed by Brazilians?
9. What is the solution to stop racism?
10. Do you think prejudices are becoming stronger or weaker in Brazil?
11. Do you agree that sometimes these oppressed groups exaggerate with everything?
12. Is it possible to define the Brazilian face?
13. Do you think Brazilians prejudge everything [before checking if the information is wrong or
right]? (Germans with Pataxo's indigenous)
14. What do you think about people with different sexual orientation?
15. Media paradox: Stop racism! Black people are always the subordinates or when they have an
important role (soup-opera), they are corrupt!
16. What is your opinion about feminism? Anti-homophobia?