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Bible Quiz: Questions and Answers for The Book of Romans

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1. Who wrote the Book of Romans?
a) John
b) Paul
c) James
d) Luke
2. The Book of Romans is one of how many epistles or letters in the New Testament?

a) 5
b) 13
c) 15
d) 9
3. Fill in the Blank. "There is therefore now no ___________ to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do
not walk according to the flesh, but according to the spirit."
a) glory
b) reward
c) condemnation
d) abolition
4. A Christian is justified by what?
a) the law
b) mercy
c) grace
d) faith
5. Why did the author long to visit Rome?

a) to preach the gospel

b) to give the Roman church a special gift
c) to appoint a new leader to the church of Rome
d) to punish the Romans for lawlessness
6. What does the law do for sinners?
a) makes them aware of their righteousness
b) makes them aware of their sins
c) makes them aware of their righteousness and their sins
d) makes them aware of their lack of character
7. What did the author say the Gentiles did in foolishness while claiming to be wise?
a) yelled at God
b) turned from God
c) worshipped idols
d) blamed God for their troubles
8. Why did God reject the unbelieving Jews of Israel?
a) they did not believe in the gospel
b) they did not believe in servanthood
c) they did not believe in worshipping the one, true God
d) they did not do required ritual offerings to God
9. What kind of tree did the author allegorically refer to as the Gentiles?
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a) maple tree
b) pine tree
c) sycamore tree
d) olive tree
10. What couple risked their lives to save the author from death?

a) Cephas and Herodion

b) Mary and Amplias
c) Priscilla and Aquila
d) Andronicus and Junia
11. Sin doesn't have dominion over Christians because they are not under the law, but under what?
a) mercy
b) glory
c) grace
d) humility
12. Who delivered the epistle to the Roman Church?
a) Mary
b) Phoebe
c) John
d) Jason
13. When Christians are weak and don't know what to ask God for what does the Holy Spirit do for
a) prays for them according to the will of God
b) teaches them according to the will of God
c) gives them extra grace to know what to ask for
d) cries for them
14. The author told the Romans he would visit them on his way to preach the gospel in what region?
a) Egypt
b) Macedonia
c) Thrace
d) Spain
15. What did the author instruct the Roman congregation to do to those who persecuted them?

a) curse them
b) bless them
c) thank them
d) ignore them
16.What does glorying in God through tribulations NOT produce in Christians?
a) perseverance
b) character
c) hope
d) anger
17. If the mind serves the law of God, then the flesh serves the law of what?
a) sin
b) death
c) satan
d) man
18) What was the author's heart's desire for Israel?
a) that they be saved
b) that they be punished
c) that they study the gospel
d) that they help others in need
19) What type of authorities did the author instruct Roman believers to submit to?
a) worldly leaders
b) all governing leaders
c) christian leaders
d) church leaders
20) The author was not ashamed of what?
a) the Romans

b) his past
c) the gospel
d) the love of God
Answers (referenced NKJV Bible)
1. b) The Apostle Paul, Romans 1:1
2. b) 13
3. c) condemnation, Romans 8:1
4. d) by faith, Romans 3:28
5. a) to preach the gospel in Rome, Romans 1:15
6. b) makes them aware of their sins, Romans 3:20
7. c) worshipped idols, Romans 1:22-23
8. a) they did not believe in the gospel, Romans 10:16
9. d) olive tree, Romans 11:13-17
10. c) Priscilla and Aquila, Romans 16:3-4
11. c) grace, Romans 6: 14
12. b) Phoebe, Romans 16:1-2
13. a) prays for them according to the will of God, Romans 8:26
14. d) Spain, Romans 15:24
15. b) bless them, Romans 12:14
16. d) anger, Romans 5:3-7
17. a) sin, Romans 7:25
18. a) that they be saved, Romans 10:1
19. b) all governing leaders, Romans 13:1
20. c) the gospel, Romans 1:16