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Email: ColeTyler@TheFORZ.

Phone: 508-930-4733 (Cole)


Cole Tyler (vocals, lead guitar, electric piano)

Anthony Graziano (vocals, rhythm guitar)
Ryan Hottenrott (vocals, drums, percussion)
Dave Gambon (vocals, bass guitar)


Boston, Massachusetts


Wiener Records, Hidden Volume Records (vinyl 45 release)

Management: N/A
Album facts:

Title: The FORZ

Released: August 15, 2014
Recorded: Mystic Valley Studios, Medford, MA
Produced by: Alex Garcia-Rivera, Cole Tyler
Track list:

Dont You Cry (A.Graziano/C.Tyler)

Need Your Love (A.Graziano)
Oh, You (C.Tyler)
Night and Day (C.Tyler/R.Hottenrott)
Today (A.Graziano/C.Tyler)
In My Mind (C.Tyler)
Out There (C.Tyler/A.Graziano)
Meant For Me (C.Tyler/D.Gambon)
Youre On Your Own (C.Tyler/A.Graziano)
Her Eyes (A.Graziano/C.Tyler)
What Can I Say? (C.Tyler/A.Graziano)
Lucy (A.Graziano/C.Tyler)
Back To You (C.Tyler/A.Graziano)
Something New (A.Graziano/C.Tyler)
Sleep Deprived (C.Tyler/A.Graziano/R.Hottenrott)

SHORT BIO: The FORZ are an original, Boston based, vintage rock n roll band formed by Cole
Tyler, Anthony Graziano, Ryan Hottenrott, Dave Gambon. Inspired by the music, imagery, and
sound of the 1960s, The FORZ came together to create the band they wanted to see and hear but
never had.
Copyright: All songs are 2014 & name / logo are 2014 owned by The FORZ

Phone: 508-930-4733 (Cole)

The FORZ are an up and coming, Boston based, vintage rock n roll band founded
by members Anthony Graziano, Cole Tyler, Ryan Hottenrott, and Dave Gambon in June of 2012.
Inspired by the music, imagery, and sound of the 1960s, The FORZ came together to create the
band they wanted to see and hear but never had. They released their debut album which was
produced by Alex Garcia-Rivera on August 15, 2014 and were recently signed to Wiener
Records. Their music is written by members Cole Tyler and Anthony Graziano but thats only half
the story, their show is packed full of exciting rock n roll and energetic motion. With passionate
performances and an entrancing rock n roll show, The FORZ will, as one of their songs
proclaims, give you a taste of something new and always keep you wanting more.
Their resume includes notable performances at top Boston venues such as The Middle East, Ryles
Jazz Club, Johnny Ds Somerville, The C-Note, and the House of Blues Boston (Hollywood
Records showcase). They were a Top 5 pick on WZLX Boston Emissions, have done live
performances and interviews on 95.9 WATD FM, WFMO, WEMF, and an interview for Metronome
Magazine (Sep 2014). They were chosen as a Top 60 Independent Band by FORKSTERs band
review and their sound has even traveled overseas, with reviews and airplay on 3MDR Australian
radio and Ice Cream Power Pop (on which their debut album was chosen as album of the week).
Theyve also played in Rhode Island, New Hampshire and New York (playing the very first Yeah
Hop! Festival and Hidden Volume Records Field Trip) and are planning their first tour of New
The FORZ are a Spot on glowing music definition of great music before 60s and all rock n roll
bopping & hopping formats being championed in now rock music times! Their songs whether
their own or a superbly done cover are all rocking with splendor and sunshiney bounce! I really
liked these stateside rockers, I really see many indeed going along with their brilliant music vibes!
Today- No nonsense with this track at all, as it goes straight into the attack with that perfect
sound, lyrics and beat with The Forz giving it their all. Tight harmonies with a perfectly replicated
sixties lead guitar break-what more could you ask for? This has to be a band to see live as their
enthusiasm and love of the era shines through, but do not mistake them for a covers band as no
such band could interpret such music and its era so well. Tightly produced and ready for partying.
-Tony Bates: Program Resources 3MDR
I then club jumped to the Cantab to see The FORZ. I had heard them on Crash Course for the
Ravers a while back. They come from the South Shore and play English Invasion style rock. They
dress a little in the 60's fashion (boots, pegged pants) but don't make it a big thing. Their second
song was Psychotic Reaction by Count Five. I'm always amazed that more people haven't covered
this song through the years. I was glad to see it done at last. They did a good job on it, adding a
harmonica for just this song. The main attraction is their own material written like a Cavern era
group. A few songs absolutely capture it. One song (the single; In My Mind) is a minor seventh
chord being pushed around in an unusual way. In one way it shouldn't work but it does and it
sounds like some early Zombies song. - Boston Groupie News