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1 - Exemplary
2 Highly effective
3 Proficient

4 - Improvement Necessary
NA - Not Applicable

Teachers Name: ___________________________________________________

Date ____________________
Class ______________________
No. of Students ____________
Planning and Preparation for Learning
_____ Begins and ends class on time
_____ Relates this and previous class(es), or provides students with opportunity to do so
_____ Has all necessary materials and equipment readily available
_____ Uses effective transitions between class topics/ activities
_____ Conveys the purpose of each class activity or assignment
_____ Completes the scheduled topics
_____ Summarizes periodically throughout and at end of class or prompts students to do so
_____ Takes attendance
Overall rating:____

Classroom Management
Instructor-Student Interaction
_____ Invites student participation and comments
_____ Encourages students to respond to their peers throughout the discussions
_____ Treats students with respect
_____ Encourages students to interact civilly/respectfully with each other
_____ Addresses potentially disruptive behaviors before they impact learning environment
_____ Shows genuine interest in students
_____ Shows patience and understanding
_____ Uses appropriate and positive discipline
_____ Responds to changes in student attentiveness
Delivery and Instruction
Presentation Skills
_____ Attends respectfully to student comprehension or puzzlement
_____ Asks questions of students that challenge them to think more deeply
_____ Varies pace and tone to keep students alert
_____ Uses positive and appropriate humor
_____ Incorporates various instructional supports (film, diagrams)
_____ Hooks all students interest and makes connections to prior knowledge, experience, and reading
_____ Gets all students highly involved in focused work in which they are active learners and problem-solvers.
_____ Successfully reaches all students by skillfully differentiating and scaffolding
_____ Deftly adapts lessons and units to exploit teachable moments and correct misunderstandings
_____ Consistently has all students summarize and internalize what they learn and apply it to real-life situation
_____ Notes and explains new terms or concepts
_____ Elaborates or repeats complex information
_____ Uses examples to explain content
_____ Makes explicit statements drawing student attention to key ideas
Overall rating:____
Family and Community Outreach
Parent Relation Evaluation
_____ Demonstrates tact & diplomacy with parent

_____ Respects confidentially in all communications concerning the children, staff, parents, and administration
_____ Shows each parent an in-depth knowledge of their child
_____ Gives parents clear, user-friendly learning and behavior expectations and exemplars of proficient work.
_____ Makes sure parents hear positive news about their children first, and immediately flags any problems.
_____ Frequently involves parents in supporting and enriching the curriculum for their children as it unfolds.
_____ Assigns highly engaging homework, gets close to a 100% return, and promptly provides helpful feedback.
_____ Deals immediately and successfully with parent concerns and makes parents feel welcome any time.
_____ Is successful in contacting and working with all parents, including those who are hard to reach.
Overall rating:____

Professional Responsibilities
Room Evaluation
_____ Provides an attractive, warm, stimulating environment
_____ Displays material in organized manner
_____ Keeps materials and furnishings clean & disinfected
_____ Encourage children to help clean & straighten room
Personal Evaluation
_____ Maintains a positive & professional attitude toward work
_____ Sets goals & works to meet them
_____ Cooperative and is a team player
_____ On time for work and meetings
_____ Attends staff meeting as applicable
_____ Attends workshops as applicable
_____ Attends parent meetings as applicable
_____ Is willing to change; be flexible/ Accepts constructive criticism
_____ Accepts extra responsibility
_____ Neat in personal appearance
_____ In professional contexts, speaks and writes correctly, succinctly, and eloquently.
_____ Carries out assignments conscientiously and punctually
_____ Presents as a consummate professional and always observes appropriate boundaries.
_____ Contributes valuable ideas and expertise and instills in others a desire to improve student results.
_____ Can resolve problems and issues when they arise
_____ Adheres to Prep Ed culture
Overall rating:____

What went well in this class?

What suggestions for improvement do you have?

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