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To whom it may concern:

This essay is to express my interest in applying to the Japanese student Exchange

Program for the academic year of 2015.
Applying to the exchange program is a chance I've been waiting for since I've
decided to study Japanese. I believe that the unique chance of exchanging and
being abroad at one of the top exchange programs is a lifetime experience and
could enrich and develop me as an individual and in my professional life.
Visiting Japan will give me a full insight into some of the structural features of
Japan's economic growth, culture, core beliefs and core values, history and so on
and so forth. Despite being in other continent, Japan is one of Dominican
Republics greatest contributor; Japan keeps on contributing in the development of
the country by granting scholarships to Dominicans Students looking forward to
making a major improvements in their lives.
Japanese customs, cuisine, music, language and culture have been the driving
force behind my seeking to take advantage of that friendly relationship that coexists between both Japan and Dominican Republic. A few years ago I decided to
study Japanese at APEC School of Language which happens to be the most
prestigious School Of Language in the country in order to give myself a better
opportunity to thrive in this very demanding market. In addition to that, it is a
tremendous opportunity to represent my country; furthermore, it would be a great
experience for me and other participants.
My motivation to participate in this program stems from when I was a child. As a
child I was a very curious person, as a result that curiosity led me to a path of
wanting to know about things that were not available to me at that time. One of
those things was Japanese language. I began to develop a never ending desire for
Japanese music; shortly thereafter I found myself undertaking research into the
history of Japan, its legends, culture and traditions.
Japan has become a civilization on the basis of stories which have been passed on
from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic
expressions and values; consequently, I would like to be a part of the core values
of the ways of living developed by this community. There is no denying that Im
extremely appreciative of the Cultural Heritage of Japan which is often expressed
as either Intangible or Tangible Cultural Heritage.
In conclusion; I should be granted with the opportunity of becoming a tangible
representation of the value systems, beliefs, traditions and lifestyles of Japan.
Having lived through the experience of studying Japanese isnt enough for me to

acquaint myself with some of the customs which I wish were part of my daily
I have no doubt I will be an excellent ambassador for the country because I am
going to enjoy my exceptional experience with the school and share the experience
with others. I will continue to share this experience while on exchange.
I hope that this essay helped you know me better and deeper, and you find me a
good and worthy candidate to represent at the student exchange program.
Although the great challenge it is, I am sure that participating at the program will
bring the best of me, and will send me to a lifetime experience. I am highly
motivated to take part in the exchange program, and have no doubt it will be a
great success.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your positive