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Vol. 2, Issue 3, March 2010

Class Act Farm offers camps
for all ages and ability levels.
From our Young Riders, ages
3-6, to the Eventing Camp that
includes cross country schooling
and a three phase competition,
Class Act Farm Camps
emphasize fun with horses.


Ages 7-16 March 29-April 2
Young Riders- ages 3-6 June 28 - 30 and July 26 - 28
Horse Lovers- ages 7-16 June 21 - 25 and July 19 - 23
Eventing- Campers must be capable of
walk/trot/canter/jump 2'
July 5 - 10 and August 2 - 7

Find more camp information on our website
2300 Coral Hills Road Apopka
FL 32703 407-832-2248

2. 410-804-5813

College & Summer Camp
March Annual Issue

Letter from the Editor CF Equestrian

Life sometimes sweeps you up in a whirlwind and the things that are most important Is a FREE MONTHLY publication
quickly fall into order of priority- although in my recent experience it was a matter of available at retail, service &
choosing the best option given a seemingly impossible situation. Change isn’t always show locations around Central,
easy but it is often good. For example, we (my husband, 4 year old son, parakeet, fish parts of North and soon S FL.
and previous neighbor’s cat) just bought a home and moved- a pain, definitely, but we If YOU are unable to find a
bought at a fantastic time and love our new place. Around the same time I was copy please tell us where you
winding up the February Stallion & Breeder issue AND looking for a new printer as I’d shop or order your subscription.
promised to expand circulation- my local printer had reached their limit. I finally Annual Subscription Service
narrowed down to 2 competitive quotes and proceeded to work with my first choice. available $30 yr 12 issues
On the day I should have gone to pre-press I had an awkward situation involving a delivered first class mail to your
$500 increase above my quotation and rather than deal with it professionally, the new
home or $65 for up to 20
delivered Priority mail to your
vendor chose to walk away, leaving me without a printer. The following Monday I
barn~this option includes a FREE
found that one of three companies called could turn around a new quote same day
annual online listing in our
and was ready to take my files within a few hours. They answered all my questions and
Stable & Trainer section!
did their best to get the magazines printed and delivered as quickly as possible. They
Find past issues and see the
finally arrived a week later than I wanted them but wow- they look and feel fantastic. I
most recent copy, sometimes
hope you agree that it’s the best yet. You can find it at HITS if you know where to look
before it prints at
(careful, it’s contraband), it’s around common areas at WEF and will go to TEF and of
course all the regular retail locations and local shows. Join our membership area to
Happy & safe riding. gain access to exclusive videos
Courtney Bass Weinzimer

On the Cover 4 Plan for College NOW
Contact CFE
6 FL girl on US Polocrosse Team Telephone: 410-804-5813
8 USHJA joins forces with IHSA
11 What is the ANRC?
Email; or
16 70 Day Stallion Test
send ad materials to

Columns Web:

12 Word from Wendy
10 Quest for WEG
Courtney Bass Weinzimer

Advertising Representative
UCF Hunt Team’s current Departments & Contributing Writer:
cocaptain, Katie Taylor, showing her 15 Opinions: Rollkur
Sally Harvey aka “The crazy pony lady”
horse Trilogy in the Younger 18 Show News~Winter Circuits
Adult Amateurs class at CFHJA over 20 Show News~ Local Circuits
21 Prod & Service Directory Copyright 2009-2010
winter break this year.
22 Stable Directory Central Florida Equestrian
Photo: David Mullinix
23 Event Calendar Printed in the USA

410-804-5813 3.

Feature College Article: Advice from
During the past several months I have competing for their college. I spoke worker in school and at the barn, even
been to many different horse shows personally to some very prominent though you may not have tons of show
from Florida to New York, these shows trainers that told me that their experience, go ahead and put a video
have encompassed everything from the students would not even consider an together along with a resume and send
“A” shows to schooling shows. Over that NCAA school for this reason. This copies individually to colleges that you
time period I have had the opportunity opens the door for the 3'6” rider who are interested in. Another option is to
to speak to many parents and riders does not wish to compete on the “A” profile yourself on
about the college recruiting process. I circuit while in college. For this, then
am hoping to clear up some reason, do not sell your self short thru the recruiting web site contact the
misconceptions in this article about the thinking only the best Maclay riders colleges that you are interested in and
level of riders that make it onto the get recruited to NCAA schools, many bring to the coaches attention that you
college teams. of the best riders have their eyes on are profiled on the web site. Be sure to
As far as the NCAA is concerned, it is true an IHSA riding program or do not plan let them know your year of graduation
that they are seeking the riders who on riding in college at all. from high school and chosen discipline
compete and do well at the 3'6” level. As far as the IHSA teams are so that it will be easy for them to find
However, what many riders do not concerned, they are looking for riders you, or better yet send them your direct
realize is that not all of the most from beginner walk trot through the page link. Remember the coaches do
successful riders wish to ride for an advanced riders. This is where many not have the time or resources to scour
NCAA school. Under NCAA rules the parents and riders were surprised. the country looking for good riders
athlete must not be a professional, the They all assumed that only the “A” competing at schooling shows. Yes, they
NCAA designates an equestrian show kids would ever be recruited by may be at some of the “A” shows
professional as one who wins prize a college riding team. When I competing with their teams and they
money competing at a horse show. This explained that the beginner rider is may be looking for talented riders.
includes all of our successful “A” circuit just as important to the team as the However, NCAA coaches cannot
junior hunter and jumper riders. Now advanced rider in IHSA competitions, approach you at a horse show unless
technically, if your horses show related they were elated. Many of them they are certain of your age and that
expenses including trainers, shipping, never even thought that their child, information is often not available to
hotels and braiding etc offsets these who has only shown at schooling them in the show office because of
winnings they will no longer count as shows competing in the 2'6” division, privacy laws and they can not risk a
profit. However, it is the rider's should even consider trying out. In recruiting violation. Many riders
responsibility to keep very accurate fact, these are just the types of riders therefore think “Oh well, I haven't been
records throughout their high school that coaches are looking for. The IHSA contacted by any schools so I must not
years so that they can prove that each coach loves to find the very be good enough”. It is your job as a
horse show, taken individually, did not experienced local rider that just potential recruit to make yourself
create a profit. Once an equestrian never had the funds to burn up the known to the coaches.
athlete has started college and “circuit”. Another common misconception as to
throughout each collegiate school year, So if you are interested in riding in one the recruiting process is the recruiting
that rider may accept zero prize money of the college programs, you must be timing. Many high school athletes tend
from the horse show. This rule will proactive in your approach to getting to wait until late in their junior year,
remain in effect as long as the athlete is noticed by a college. If you are a hard some even waiting until senior year,

4. 410-804-5813
before they focus their attention on
college riding options. The colleges on the
other hand begin looking out for
prospective athletes and tracking them
much earlier. About 20% of college
coaches start tracking athletes as early as
the athletes' freshman year in high
school, another 40% start looking for
sophomores and the remaining 40%
begin their search in the beginning of the
athletes' junior year. None of the coaches
surveyed start searching for recruits in
the athletes' senior year. Also remember
that NCAA coaches, by law, cannot
contact an athlete directly by phone or in
person until after July 1 of the start of that
athletes Senior year in high school, the
coaches may however contact a
prospective student by email or letter
after September 1 of the athletes junior
year, so just because you are not hearing
from them does not mean they are not
watching you. As the athlete, you may
contact the coach in writing or by email,
explain you have an interest in their
college and request that the coach keep
an eye on you.
In closing my advice would be this: keep
up your school grades throughout high
school since many academic scholarships
are given out to get the riders wanted for
a college team. Be familiar with the NCAA
recruiting guidelines which are located on and so that
you do not hinder your recruiting
eligibility unknowingly. Be proactive in
your recruiting process and keep your
academic and riding resume up to date on since
sometimes a college that is not on an
athletes' radar will find you. Contact the
coaches from the schools of your choice
often so they know you are interested in
their college. Most importantly, pick a
college based on the education it offers
you and not based on the quality of its
equestrian team. If I can answer any of
your personal questions about the
recruiting process please do not hesitate
to contact me.
Mike Imparato

410-804-5813 5.

Wekiva Basin Pony Club youth qualifies for spot on U.S. Polocrosse team
15 year old Eustis resident,
Samantha Stewart, was selected by
the American Polocrosse
Association to join its 7 member
youth team in 2009. The team
competed throughout NC, AL & TN
against a team from Australia in July
and will travel to Australia for
future competition in 2010.
Samantha's mom, Leslie Patterson,
is excited about the news. "We will
be doing a lot of fundraising to
meet the anticipated budget of
$4000 per player!"
Samantha is both a HB rated Samantha also rides with Margie
member of the Wekiva Basin Pony Dumont at Loch Eden. Here she is
Club working towards her C-3 and a showing Elegancia for owner Eric
very active member of the Charlie Homeschooling allows her the Jackson
Horse Polocrosse Club in flexibility to juggle so many horse
Summerfield. activities. I'm not sure yet exactly what that'll
She recently returned from the When asked about her plans for the be, but I know that horses will
annual USPC meeting in Houston future: "I really want to go the always be part of my life."
after spending some time working University of Florida," says Samantha.
with Paul Johnson of Lonestar "I'd like to get a business degree to
Polocrosse. help me run my horse business.

Affordable, well run

schooling shows for
hunters and jumpers !
Beautiful, rideable courses.
Designed for all levels/ages
of riders and horses.
Friendly and accommodating
management. Go to
for Prizelist and more.

For more information call :

Edd lookingbill 908-625-7455
Rence Dodd 352-425-9424
Show Dates :
April 10th May 1st June 19th
6. 410-804-5813
July 31st-Aug 1st, 2010
Canterbury Showplace - Newberry, FL


Full Partners Farm Summer Camp

Full Partners Farm offers the only truly advanced camp program available in the U.S.
Advanced Beginner
Camp Dates: Camp Dates: Day camp:
June 8-12 June 8-12 $325.00 per week
June 15-19 June 15-19
June 22-26 June 22-26 Overnight camp:
June 29-July3 June 29-July 3 $825.00 per week
July 6-10 July 6-10
July 13-17 July 13-17
July 20-24 July 20-24 Boarding spaces
(Florida/Georgia College August 3-7 are available for riders
Bound Invitational week) August 10-14 who would like to bring their
July 27-30 own horses
(College Bound Invitational
camp for out of state riders)

For more info, visit the website:

Contact Denna Johnson at: or (M) 352-328-5801
All registration forms available on website
410-804-5813 7.
IHSA & USHJA Building a Better Community
The United States Hunter Jumper The overall Zone Champion Beginning in 2010, USHJA will
Association has joined forces Team members and hunter contribute a minimum of 10 % of
with the Intercollegiate Horse seat coaches shall receive dues received as a result of this
Show Association to develop a monogrammed saddle agreement to the IHSA
pads and commemorative
Member Partnership. As part of Intercollegiate Scholarship
this new relationship, the IHSA Rider gift bags to all IHSA
Foundation Scholarship Fund on
Zone & National Finals an annual basis AND starting
qualifiers September 2010, all IHSA Hunter
Marketing and public Seat coaches will be offered a
relations support to IHSA discount for USHJA Trainers
programs through the Symposiums and the Trainers
USHJA e-News and In Stride Certification Program.
magazine Upon joining USHJA, all IHSA
Each IHSA National Coaches shall receive one free
organization and each IHSA
copy of the “Get Connected”
Zone will be able to
appoint a representative to
equitation DVD.
the USHJA Affiliates Council
The IHSA National A Few Great Programs USHJA
and USHJA have agreed to the organization and each IHSA currently offers its members:
following goals: Zone are eligible to
To provide support to the participate in the USHJA Emerging Athletes Program
IHSA Championships & Affiliates Sportsmanship The mission of the Emerging
Intercollegiate Equestrian Awards Program Athletes Program is to develop
Foundation Scholarship IHSA member colleges may and implement a system of
Fund participate in the Outreach
identifying and nurturing
Provide industry related Horse Show and Outreach
educational resources to Medal program as talented young riders, by
IHSA coaches and members of a USHJA providing them with the support
competitors Affiliate Organization and assistance necessary to
Increase recognition of IHSA colleges may facilitate the opportunity to
both organizations through participate in the USHJA reach their full potential by
joint promotional efforts clinics program creating a national program as a
Provide IHSA with a IHSA will receive a pipeline to international
historical presence in the historical presence in the competition. The Emerging
USHJA Museum USHJA museum Athletes Program will provide
young riders in our sport with the
In order to achieve our goals, The winner of the Cacchione Cup opportunity to learn from our
USHJA created a new Collegiate will be awarded placement in the country’s top professional riders
Membership specifically designed next available USHJA Emerging and trainers. The training
for the riders and coaches of Athletes Program Level I Training sessions will evaluate the rider’s
hunter seat Intercollegiate Horse Session in the appropriate Zone. horsemanship, knowledge and
Show Association teams. To IHSA If the winner of the Cup is over riding ability.
riders and coaches, this means the age of 21 at the time of
that in addition to the great winning or will be over the age of Clinics Program
USHJA membership benefits 21 at the time in which the EAP Education is one of the primary
currently available, USHJA will be event would be held, USHJA will goals of the USHJA. Through the
providing the following additional provide the winner with a free USHJA Clinics Programs, many
benefits and opportunities: registration to a USHJA Trainer opportunities exist for our
Symposium. outstanding professionals and
leaders in the industry to give

8. 410-804-5813

back their experience and steward, course designer, vet or to give riders who compete at
knowledge to all levels of farrier. The program allows junior unrated or schooling shows the
equestrian participants. riders an opportunity to have a ability to achieve national
International Hunter Derby better understanding of the recognition.
The High Performance Hunter duties and responsibilities of Trainer Certification Program
Committee developed this these officials and to determine if The mission of the USHJA Trainer
program to bring the lost art of they would like to pursue a Certification Program is to
tradition and horsemanship back career in one of these positions. preserve the American
to the show ring. This committee Resource Guide Hunter/Jumper Forward System
has developed a series of classes Outreach Competition and of riding and jumping through the
with the hope of an international Medal Program development of a comprehensive
sensation. The USHJA Both programs are designed to education and certification
International Hunter Derby Series encourage increased program for all levels of
was created to bring show participation from hunter/jumper professional trainers. The USHJA
hunters to the international level, groups of every level across the Trainer Certification Program is a
to increase spectator, media and United States. Created by the voluntary program. It is intended
sponsorship interest, and to bring USHJA’s B/C/Local Task Force and to help promote trainer
tradition and basic riding the Affiliates Committee, the new credibility and offer ongoing
principles back to the sport of programs will set a minimum professional support.
showing hunters. standard for local competitions Certification does demonstrate a
Junior Career Development that want the right to refer to the marketable merit of knowledge
Program Federation rulebook for that will gain in credibility with
The purpose of the USHJA Junior governance without the each passing year.
Career Development Program is Federation or USHJA having any Trainer Symposiums
to allow junior riders the regulatory function regarding The Symposiums offer attendees
opportunity to be an apprentice their association or competition. a rare opportunity to participate
for a day, onsite, with a Included in the Outreach in practical training sessions and
competition official, i.e. judge, Programs will be four Outreach round table discussions with top
show manager, show secretary, Medal Classes that are designed professionals in the industry. The

The Hunt Seat team at UCF trains out of

Wendover Place under coach Lesli

The Hunt Seat team at UCF competes in

the Intercollegiate Horse Show
Association (IHSA) in the second largest
and one of the most competitive regions
(FL, GA & SC)

We are currently 3rd in our region out of

11 universities

In 2009 our team sent its first

competitor to the IHSA National
Championships. As the only competitor
from Florida, senior Alisha Mays earned
Reserve Champion in her Novice
Equitation on the Flat Division. We look
Pictured L-R: Captain Alisha Mays, Coach Lesli Isaacson & IHSA Founder and forward to sending more teammates to
Executive Director Bob Cacchione after Alisha won Reserve Champion at the 2009 nationals in the future!
IHSA National Championships in the Novice Hunt Seat Equitation Flat division.

Visit our website at

If you have any questions, email us at
410-804-5813 9.
schedule offers education on the Quest for WEG update
training of hunters, equitation
and jumpers. The sections will In conjunction with what is anticipated Chester Weber, Combined Driving:
have demonstration riders for be the biggest equestrian event ever held “We have the big Sunshine State FEI
the clinician to work with while in the United States, internationally Combined Driving coming up at the end of
explaining different techniques, renowned artist Andre Pater has created
exercises and tips for various four paintings, depicting some of the
levels of riders and horses. This is equestrian disciplines featured in the
a great opportunity for 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games
professionals and members to to benefit The Race For Education. A
xchange thoughts and ideas on portion of the funds will be designated to
training exercises, training aids, scholarships for equestrian athletes.
and business practices. “Andre has made an incredibly generous
For more information on USHJA contribution of his time and talents and I
programs or the Collegiate look forward to working with him over
Membership contact the USHJA the next year in promoting the program
at 859.225.6700 or visit us on line and recruiting buyers for this outstanding
at artwork. I am also grateful to the staff at
the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian
Games for giving us this opportunity”,
UNITE D STATE S said Elisabeth Jensen, president and
executive director of RFE.
To make a contribution to The Race For
Education and receive a limited edition this month (Feb 25-28) at the Florida Horse
print, or for event tickets, artist's bio or Park. That should be really exciting and”.
program sponsorship information call Chester's also highly focused on Live Oak in
859-252-8648 or visit March and is going for his 8th consecutive win (never accomplished before).
s-WEG/ Look for photos and more news in April issue.

Windham Hill has:

• A strong background with Conformation Hunters
(horses & ponies).
• Clinics and lodging from local level to USEF.
• Insurance appraisals.
• Weanlings through 6-year-olds for sale. A few highlights
Now located in Ocala, Windham Hill offers a unique from our training stable in the past have
environment for the established horse person and/or been: Stay The Night, Guiness, Wyeth, Integrity, Romance,
investment prospect. We provide a more intimate Allure, Glo A Bit, Toy Story, Quiet Arrival
approach to training and showing in a relaxed,
enjoyable atmosphere which we have found is Please call today for more information.
beneficial to a successful equine career. We welcome 8139 NW 121st Avenue, Ocala
borders, ship-ins and will travel to your location. (908)625-7455 Phone (352) 867-5732 Fax

10. 410-804-5813

The American National Riding Commission
collegiate riding within the USEF and
The American National Riding Different colleges host the ANRC
the equine industry and to
Commission (ANRC) was established in championships and students can bring a
collaborate on standards to improve
1936, with the goal of initiating a horse, whether it's their own horse, a
the safety of riders, the quality of
standardized method to educate riders leased horse or a school horse.
riding and instruction, and the well-
and developing a system to assess riding The national show consists of an
being of the horse in all
ability. The methodology was based on individual ride in a large ring and includes
intercollegiate programs and
the teachings of Captain Vladimir two jumps. The hunt seat class consists
Littauer, whose system of progressive of 10 or 12 jumps in a ring, and the hunter
forward riding educated such greats as trials phase has 10 or 12 jumps outside
ANRC Nationals is a member event
George Morris, Joe Fargis, Lendon Gray, the ring. All phases are judged on their
of the USHJA Affiliate Equitation
Pam Baker, Jane Dillon, and Bernie ability to demonstrate a secure working
A wa rd s P ro g ra m a n d A N R C
Traurig. The ANRC uses the concepts of position and soft precise control to
participates in the USHJA Affiliate
the Forward Riding System as a achieve a good performance. The
Sportsmanship Awards Program,
foundation for its educational programs students also take a written exam. There
the goal of which is to recognize
integrated with the changes and is still time for colleges to enter the 2010
outstanding juniors, amateurs,
developments that are ongoing in ANRC Nationals, to be held at Sweet Briar
professional riders, and riding
today's world of equestrian sport. College in Sweet Briar, VA, on April 17 and
instructors who exemplify good
ANRC promotes the highest quality of 18. Scholarships covering team entry
horsemanship, sportsmanship and
educated within schools, colleges, fees will be offered for the first three
integrity for the sport and
universities, and public and private colleges submitting completed entries
exhibitors. These awards are
concerns by providing instructional who have never shown at Nationals
presented at Nationals.
riding clinics; a Rider Certification before. Judges will be Anne Keenan and
In addition, several ANRC board
Program; Equitrials, a competitive riding Bill Moroney. Check details on the ANRC
members and their students have
experience designed to improve hunter website or contact Mimi
approved applications for the USHJA
performance and equitation skills; and Wroten, Intercollegiate Chair, at
Trainer Certification Program (TCP),
the ANRC National Intercollegiate
a voluntary education and
Equitation Championship. A newsletter Riders can improve their skills thanks to
certification program developed for
is published twice yearly. an ANRC DVD series. The "American
the benefit of its professional
One of ANRC's best-kept secrets is the System of Forward Riding", produced by
trainers, members, and the general
rider certification system, which includes R. Scot Evans and Shelby French that
five levels, each improving not only a teaches "the way forward," a process
rider's ability to ride but their ability to that helps riders produce quality in their Advertise YOUR products &
school horses as well. College students work with their horse. The series of DVDs services, horses & ponies & more
can earn a rider rating at an Equitrial or at and accompanying workbooks provide in Central Florida Equestrian
Nationals in addition to the specialized models and teach techniques that magazine! New look and all
certification centers. The rider promote greater understanding and color~ very affordable
certification includes five levels, each connection between horse and rider. display ad rates.
improving not only a rider's ability to ride The DVD series is available on the ANRC's contact 410-804-5813 or
but their ability to school horses as well. Web site for more
information. Deadline is 10th of
Unlike the IHSA and IDA, the ANRC In addition, director emeritus of the
each month preceding new issue.
doesn't hold a series of horse shows. Sweet Briar riding program and former
Instead their Equitrials and Invitationals ANRC Chair Paul Cronin has written a
allow riders to practice for the one book “Schooling and Riding the Sport
national championship horse show, Horse” that may also be purchased from
May is the Winter Circuit
which is a team competition. Teams the ANRC website. It is a clear and Who's Who issue
come from all over with two or three practical guide to getting the most out of 10% discount on related ads
riders to compete for both individual and your horse in a humane and sensitive booked by April 1st
team awards. way.
“It's very, very competitive,” says Patte As an affiliate of the USEF, ANRC is active
Zumbrun, ANRC Chair and director of the on the USEF Collegiate Committee, Reserve Space Now!
equestrian program at Goucher College. formed to represent the interests of
410-804-5813 11.
Word from Wendy : Tribute to Clover Count
As I drove back from Wellington since it was the middle of Children’s Hunters he says. Okay,
last Sunday after achieving a life summer in Argentina and they done deal. Kid, Nikko Ritter, is
goal: competing in a Sunday don't use UV protection fly hooked, gets ribbons, horse is
"real FEI Grandprix" I had a sheets he turned a burnt orange happy, Mom is thrilled. That was
chance to reflect on how color! Horrified here was my new Clover's first accomplishment.
circumstances and individuals can "Grand Prix horse" orange and Clover's second task was now to
influence the course of one’s' life underweight. Wellington was just make me a believer in the jumper
path. The specific individual I was two weeks away. My orange world. I had clung to my safety
thinking about is a horse, net for most of my 30 plus
Clover Count. When I arrived years in the hunter divisions
at the barn I had an emotional and trained equitation kids.
task at hand. Clover was But now I had a horse that
scheduled to leave Seabreeze could really jump big and
the next morning to head up would jump! Why not? I
to his retirement home at The learned how to jump the
Bakker's, the family that has open water and got my feet
owned him for the last 9 or 10 wet jumping "big" jumps. I
years. I sat with him, admiring had the help of Anthony
his amazing physical D'Ambrosio and we schooled
appearance and thanking him and trained for the rest of
for all his contributions to my that season in Wellington. I
life. I think that he even joined in on George
understood me and I was Morris's famed Tuesday
astonished by the impact this fine Katherine Bakker with Clover Count 2009 group lesson! I jumped what was
animal has had upon both my Photo by Bryan Soderlind known as the Talent Classes
business and personal life. We which were modified grand prix
should all be so lucky! type events that were for either
I first saw Clover a rather large horse came with me but he just inexperienced horse or rider. It
but very shiny, dappled bay Irish wasn't right. The trip, the change was a thrill for me, hunter girl,
gelding by Clover Hill on a of climate, all those factors and the very first time that I ever
shopping trip to Argentina in (maybe he was just embarrassed showed in the International Ring
1998. I was not impressed by his to be orange) added up to he in Wellington was on Clover.
appearance but tried to think of a wasn't performing up to Clover also taught me that when
niche that he could fill. He was a expectations. I decided to put a horse turns his head to your
"grand prix horse" and expensive. him on the back burner and let stirrup he is looking for a treat
I watched someone ride him and him get fat and healthy. My non- not to question my stirrup
he was stiff and not all that riding 9 year old son asked if he position. How stupid did I feel
impressive but I wanted to sit on could ride the "big Irish". Didn't when I finally realized ...”oh my
him anyway. I took my sit and seem like the best idea in the god he just wants some sugar!”.
jumped the largest jump that I world but then again why not? He was raised well! The object
ever jumped in my life on him. A The horse was kind and the kid however, was to sell Clover and
good Argentine sales tactic! I still actually wanted to ride. The that just wasn't happening.
wasn't sure what this horse was horse needed to regain his People tried him but he wasn't
suited for, but one thing was for strength. It was a win-win and fancy enough or pretty enough or
sure, he was noble and jumped the ball started rolling! careful enough or whatever..he
the water without the bat of an The kid rode every day! The just wasn't enough for anyone
eye! I vetted him and soon he horse got healthier, the orange else, but he was everything to us.
was on a plane to the U.S. He started to fade....The kid asked to Wellington was finished and on
arrived in a terrible state. They show the big irish! The kid mind we went to Tampa when I had a
had done me the favor of body you is 9 years old and about 4' call from a friend that knew of
clipping him before shipping but tall, the horse is 17.1 and the horse. Did I think he could do
massive. What division I ask? the equitation? Well...umm yes
12. 410-804-5813
but he is a very big horse and not She receives the second highest
what one would necessarily call score of the day. Clover comes
drop dead flashy! The people through again..Katy continues to
arrived to try the horse and my ride...Life goes on. Thanks Clover!
heart sank when this "well she is There is story after story. One of
tall" 5' nothing, 95lbs soaking my favorites is that Clover had a
wet, shy, quiet girl showed up to slight tendon injury and it was
try him. "Can we show him in a suggested that we downgrade his
class?" "Sure!" The girl goes in career for a while to allow it to
and does what I call the 4-H heal. We leased him to a lovely
sitting trot start to finish and woman who took great care of Nikko & Clover 2007 USET Finals
completes what I find out later to him and at the end of the lease
be her very first 3'6 classes. They offered us a fraction of the buy -
buy Clover and off they go to out because "he just isn't that years earlier he carried around
South Carolina. Good reports fancy"...we politely declined and I his first 3' course, to victory in the
keep coming back and then the thought to myself these people USET finals at the ripe old age of
phone call! The girl, Katherine just don't get it. This is the best 22! Family ties that
Bakker has made it through the horse in the world...we took him bind…Without the Bakker’s
regionals in her first year of back. generosity, without the
jumping 3'6 and has had a falling Nikko was invited to participate appreciation and respect that we
out with the trainer and “can you in the Children’s FEI World admired and recognized in this
come train her in New York?” the Jumper Championships but as the fine animal none of the above
very last year of the "Garden". host country we had to offer up would have occurred. We tried
Actually I could not, but I made two horses per USA rider. We to retire him after that but Clover
arrangements for her to go train offered our own horse, Kates would have none of it and carried
with one of the best and she did Bridge and the Bakkers loaned Mrs. Bakker to a stint in Spruce
go and perform respectably with Clover. Through the draw we Meadows the year following the
only a snide remark or two about didn't get to ride our horse, but USET where ironically we could
her "field hunter mount!" once again Nikko was mounted have sold "good old Clover"
Accomplishment three for Clover, on Clover and competed for his about 20 times over. He had
fulfill a lifelong dream of a child first time in the International Ring finally proven to everyone else
to show at Madison Square on the very same mount his what we knew all along. He is
Garden! mother rode for her very first the best horse in the world!
Katy then became a full time time! Ironic, Nikko did not win, Clover Count, we love you, we
client and student at Seabreeze Kate's Bridge was declared best appreciate you and I personally
and jumped head first into the horse of the competition but the salute you for all you have done
horses, the family had as many as satisfaction was there. Score for me and my family on so many
8 horses at one point and Clover another victory for Clover. levels. Last Sunday would never
taught her to jump the high Clover got dragged along to have happened for me if you
juniors. Clover accomplishment several indoor competitions as hadn't made me believe. Enjoy
number four. the second horse and as a last your retirement and know that
Fast forward to the end of a minute replacement he did carry you are loved.
young rider's career, Katy ready Sloan Coles to a final cut at the
for college losing interest in Medal one year and he did win
horses but told she has to finish with Katy the "jr hunter warm up
out her junior commitment to " the day before the Medal finals!
her trainers and her horses. Not bad for the field hunter!
Hampton Classic, the famous But Clover truly got the last
Calvin Klein Equitation Class, all laugh when he turned it all
the natural jumps, international around and earned his place in
ring, pouring rain, horrible day, equitation history. In 2007 he
Clover and Katy go in and rock! carried his" boy”, Nikko, who 11 Wendy with Clover & Catalina 2007
410-804-5813 13.
Date: March 13, 2010
Location: Galaxy Farms, Riverview Florida
Office open at 7:00am
Show starts: Hunter Ring 8:30am; Jumper Ring 10:00am
Low Hunter to not start before 3:00 pm
Judge: Heather Bristol
Jumper Judge: Erin Cardea under Heather Bristol

Lead-Line Baby Green Modified Hunter

1. Lead-line 16. Baby Green u/s 7. Modified Hunter u/s
Walk Division 17. Baby Green Equitation 18” 8. Modified Hunter Equitation 2'6”-2'9”
2. Walk Equitation 18. Baby Green 18“ 9. Modified Hunter 2'6”-2'9”
Walk Trot 10 and under Division Schooling Hunter (Will split if more then 16 riders) Open Hunter
19. Schooling Hunter u/s 10. Open Hunter u/s
3. Walk Trot u/s
20. Schooling Hunter Equitation 18” or 2' 11. Open Hunter Equitation 2'9”
4. Walk Trot Equitation Flat
21. Schooling Hunter 18” or 2' 12. Open Hunter 2'9”
5. Walk Trot Hunter Hack poles Modified Hunter Derby
Novice Horse
Walk Trot 11 and Over Division 13. Modified Hunter Classic 2'3”- 2'6”
22. Novice Horse u/s
6. Walk Trot u/s 37a.Modified Handy Hunter 2'3”- 2'6”
23. Novice Horse Equitation 2'
7. Walk Trot Equitation Flat 24. Novice Horse 2'
8. Walk Trot Hunter Hack poles Novice Rider Jumper Ring starting at 10:30am
Young Horse Walk Trot 1. Novice Rider u/s Jumper Classes Table II Sec 2(b)
9. Young Horse w/t u/s 2. Novice rider Equitation 2' 38.39. Hopeful Jumpers 2'3”
10. Young Horse W/t Equitation 3. Novice rider 2' 40. Gambler's Choice* 2'3”-2'6”
11. Young Horse Hunter Hack Poles 41. 42.Training Jumpers 2'6”-2'9”
Warm – Up (Open for classes 12-43 excluding 40) The Following Class Will Not Start Before 3pm 43.44. Open Jumpers 2'9”-3'3”
12. Warm-up Low Hunter
Beginner Rider (Will split if more then 12 riders) 4. Low Hunter u/s
13. Beginner Rider w/t/c u/s 5. Low Hunter Equitation 2'3”
14. Beginner Rider Equitation Crossrails 6. Low Hunter 2'3”
15. Beginner Rider Crossrails

To Pre-register send entries by the Pre-Registration $8 per class; Day of show Registration
$16 per class
end of business on Hunter Derby $25
Thursday before the show to: Gambler's Choice $25 Grounds Fee $10
Office Fee $5
Phone & Fax: 813-737-4400 Membership fee $10 per year
Mail: 10419 CR 39 south Non-member fee $5 per show
Lithia, FL 33547 EMT $3 per show
Will Split classes if more then 20 riders unless other wise
Or drop off at the store in the Crossroads noted Gate holds for trainer conflicts must be registered
Plaza Corner of Lithia Pincrest Rd and CR 39. with the office before start of the division.

Walk/trot Riders can not cross enter in Canter

No Stallions permitted on show grounds.
Paybacks for Hunter Derby**
st nd rd th
1 -$45, 2 -$35, 3 -$20,4 -$10
**Paybacks only won if 6 or more entries
Paybacks for Gambler's Choice**
1st -$45, 2nd-$35, 3rd-$20,4th -$10
**Paybacks only won if 6 or more entries
Go to to see complete rules.
For questions about classes

14. 410-804-5813

Opinions: FEI's recent ruling on Rollkur

410-804-5813 15.

70 Day Stallion Test – First Time In North America!
By Kathy St.Martin and Jos Mottershead
(This is a condensed version- find full article at
December 12th, 2009 marked the smoothly and efficiently.
culmination of the first 70 Day Stallion The stallion director, Harald Hoffmann,
Test in North America. With the demise of has proven himself to be outstanding at
the 100 Day Stallion test, Silver Creek maximizing each stallion’s ability while
Farms of Broken Arrow, OK recognized the in the testing. His ability and expertise is
need to present a format for N American based on a solid foundation.
Stallion owners to have the opportunity As a German
to test their stallions in a recognized and “Pferdewirtschaftsmeister” (Master of
approved venue for fulfilling their Horse Management), he is also a
performance requirements. For most of publically appointed and sworn expert Silver Creek’s Valado during demonstration
the warmblood registries both in N by the North Rhine-Westphalian FL Stallions at 70 Day Test
America and in Europe, in order for a Chamber of Agriculture for competition
stallion to receive a lifetime breeding as well as for breeding and
license, the stallion must fulfill management of horses. He is a Grand
performance requirements. In the past, it Prix rider and judge for competition and
was either through competition – usually breeding.
by competing successfully through Grand With so many dressage bred stallions in
Prix in Dressage or Jumping, or Advanced the testing, the top placing stallions had
Level in Combined Training – or by to show versatility and have jumping
completing the 100 Day Performance aptitude. What is also interesting to
test. The 100 Day Test has been replaced note is that two-thirds of the stallions in
in Europe by the 30 Day selection test and the testing were born and/or bred here
the subsequent 70 Day Performance Test in North America! It speaks volumes
for those stallions that successfully about the progress that breeders have
complete the 30 Day test. The 70 Day Test made since the first 100 Day Stallion
at Silver Creek Farms -the first of its kind Test was held in North America.
held in North America-is held in Silver Creek Farms had a vision to assist
accordance with the German Stock sport horse breeders in North America
b re e d i n g L aws a n d fo l l ows t h e and is the driving force behind the new
requirements of the German Equestrian North American Sport Horse
Federation. This allows stallions that Federation.
successfully complete the testing to fulfill They deserve huge accolades for their Escapade I
the performance requirement for any of successful implementation and running
the European or European type registries of the test. As it is an independently run
with which they may be provisionally format not associated with any breed
licensed and is recognized worldwide. registry, the intent is to hold a testing
The picturesque Silver Creek Farms annually and hopefully avoid some of
presents the perfect location for the 70 the controversy that has been
Day test. Centrally located, it offers easy associated with hosting a stallion test.
accessibility for stallion owners Kathy St.Martin and her husband, Jos
throughout North America. Mottershead own and operate Equine-
It is also able to provide excellent and Avalon Equine in Escapade II
accommodations for the stallions and, Wynnewood, OK. All photos for this
with 140 acres, allows for a cross country article by Reg Corkum. Reg is an
course. Summer Stoffel and Barbara internationally renowned equine
Sikkink out did themselves bringing it all photographer based in Canning, Nova
together and creating a successful venue. Scotia, Canada. Photos from the testing
They were fortunate to have the can be seen on his website:
assistance of an incredible crew of onsite
staff, an integral part of the process. All px?p=52461.
contributed to making this testing run Balt’ Amour JSF
16. 410-804-5813 proudly offers for sale:

Multiple Horse Show video trips available on website.

2007 HOTY YJC 6 yr old Champion Zone 4
2007 Florida State 4H Equitation Champion
2007 4H Southern Regionals, Equitation & Jumper Champion
2007 & 2008 HSITP Medal Finals & Sumter Medal Finals Champion
2008 4H Southern Regionals, Equitation & Jumper Champion
2009 RMI Mid-Florida High Ch/Ad Series Champion
2009 Fl State 4H, Equitation, Hunter Hack and Hunter O/F Champion
2009 Fl State 4H High Point Exhibitor Overall
352-746-5875 352-598-7469
410-804-5813 17.
From the Winter Circuits
Random results reporting, largely from Taylor Adams & Kassandra Take a Bow round, “There were lots of decisions,
Press Release material from Johnny Robb every turn was a decision. You could have
PR and Robbi Meisel at Flashpoint Media. and Vale Goes Double Platinum
gone inside, you could have gone around,
atJacksonville Winter Series Finale and you could have done a flying change.
Jacksonville Winter Series
We all felt a little confused and nervous. I
Official results for the $10,000 Jerry Photos: Taylor Adams & Kassandra;
Parks Insurance Group Hunter Classic have to give props to those who went
Aaron Vale before me- Abby, Chelsey, Megan, and
were: & Platinum ©Flashpoint Photography
3rd Place- Shawn Casady and Eastwood the lot. I was last and still
owned by Kelly Tropin hyperventilating, but took a deep breath
4th Place- Taylor Adams and Chrystalle and made the best choices I could. ”
owned by Meridian Farms Drawing on experience and instructions
5th Place- Taylor Adams and Rio’s Splash learned from trainer Bibby Hill that paid
owned by Sarah Robin
6th Place- Gary Young and Cliché owned off nicely as Adams clinched the victory.
by Isobel Goldsmith Adams, who is now sweet 16, does high
7th Place- Hasbrouck Donovan and Falcao school level home schooling through the
owned by Donald Stewart University of Nebraska and has proven
8th Place- Shawn Casady and Caruso time and time again she is a force to be
owned by Bettina Richman reckoned with when the stakes are high,
9th Place- Joy Janouskovec and Samaritan having achieved several national junior
owned by Jennifer Munday
equitation, hunter, and even pony
10th Place- Hasbrouck Donovan and
Raquel owned by Ann Garnett Championship titles in her short budding
11th Place- Olivia Chowdry and Enchanted career. “I’m almost done!" she said
owned by Sage Flynn regarding high school. Asked what the
12th Place- Mark Ferris and Promo owned FEB 6 2010— Ocala, Florida based Taylor future may hold Adams replied, “I really
by Ruth Douglas Adams began the curtain calls for the haven’t decided, if I go on to college I’ll
2010 Jacksonville Winter Series on Friday still ride and my trainers are encouraging
Marco Family Foundation $25,000 evening with a big win in the $10,000 me to go head to college so I’m looking
Grand Prix at Week III Bruning Equitation Classic, presented by into Auburn.” Her first choice being an
Ocala, FL based Aaron Vale and the Kristin the Jerry Parks Insurance Group.
Beyer owned Peasus were first on course NCAA level equestrian team because, “I’m
Adams partnered with the Devon Walther so competitive and want to be the best
and first to score a clean run in 81.560. owned Kassandra bested a field of 15
Vale would add another mount to the and I don’t see any point in doing
over an intricate layout of 11 obstacles
group bringing the ABC 4 Horses’ co-designed by international great Pierre anything less than the best.” The
Platinum clean in 83.729, finishing in 5th Jolicoeur and Joe Carnicom. The course precocious Adams’ top priority is simply,
with 4 faults in 44.100. zig-zagged the length of the covered “to grow up to be a good person…and
arena as a test of each rider’s ability to never lose the fun and enjoyment of
collect and balance a horse, not just hand riding.” Short term goals include
gallop or leave out strides. Offering continuing to compete with Kassie in
options designed to engage the
Florida for the balance of the winter
competitors’ mind.
“She’s a beautiful girl! Never puts a foot season.
wrong- she’s Wonder Horse!” Adams Rounding out the top spots in the $10,000
complimented of “Kassie”, the 9 year-old Bruning Equitation Classic, 2nd place went
Wurttenburg mare, who trains with the to Chelsey Zulia riding Convent 8 for
highly respected Bibby Hill. The pair owner Arcadia Farm. 3rd place to Abby
began the first round 14th in the order O’Mara and Urco for owner Gabby Slome
and executed a beautiful first ride earning and 4th to Terrapin Station partnered with
them a score of 89. “I usually get really
Meg O’Mara for owner Abby O’Mara.
nervous and push her. This morning I did
that and she pretty much told she didn’t In this week’s featured attraction on
like that! So tonight I just trusted my Saturday evening under the lights, the
horse…I was hyperventilating. ” a laughing $25,000 Jacksonville Finale Grand Prix,
Adams said following her victory gallop. presented by North Florida Hunter
This evening’s course gave judges John Jumper Association, it was Ocala, Florida
Roper, Pat Dodson, and Diane Braun based Aaron Vale once again celebrating a
plenty of technical bends and sweeping Platinum win.
turns to ensure an overview of the best
and worst of each rider. Only 4 Having won last weekend’s A to Z Grand
competitors were asked to return for a Prix, Vale and 15 year-old Dutch bred
final test over 5 obstacles requiring both a Platinum (owned by ABC 4 Horses) were
hand gallop and cross canter along the back for another clear and win. Peasus
way. (owned by Kristin Beyer) was also clear
“The test was actually interesting and and finished in 4th with 39.252.
really tricky.” began Adams of the final
18. 410-804-5813
A possible motivation for Vale’s stellar to ride “very special horses.” And she capturing third place. “Prezioso is a really
performance was his excitement in concluded by saying “I’m excited to win consistent horse and I am pleased to be
knowing his mother was cheering from the first National Classic and hope the part of the Highlife team,” Hough said.
the stands. “She hasn’t gotten to see me program keeps growing.” “Prezioso is almost always in the top
jump too many grand prix in the last three when we compete above 50
several years, but she flew down from meters. He is a very competitive and
New York so that made it even more fun talented horse.”
for me.” Vale beamed as he headed off to Official results for the USHJA Hunter
visit with her. Classic were:

Megan Young Takes 1-2 in USHJA 1st Place- Megan Young & Levaro owned
National Hunter Classic Debut at by Rachel Herman
Jacksonville Winter Series 2nd Place- Megan Young & Sundance
owned by Juliana Keaton
3rd Place- Mackenzie McGehee & Chappie
owned by Centennial Farms
4th Place- Nikki Diamantis & Valentine
owned by Nikki Diamantis
5th Place- Brooke Price & Kassandra
owned by Devon Walther
6th Place- Abigail Wujek & Magic Man
owned by Abigail Wujek
7th Place- Landrie Folsom & Just About
Perfect owned by Landrie Folsom
8th Place- Lee Avera & Landstorm owned
by Lee Avera

HITS Ocala
©Flashpoint Photography Photo by
February 2-The second half of the
January 29, 2010—Week four of the fourlegged, Crelido, ridden by Grand Prix rider
Jacksonville Winter Series’ kicked off one annual $20,500 Marshall & Michael Morrissey, captured the Highlife
of its featured events at 7PM under the Sterling Child/Adult Jumper Farms Grand Prix Conformation Jumper
lights of the covered arena with a Championship wrapped up on Sunday Award during the Nespresso Grand Prix in
cheering crowd and a talented field of with Isaac Leffkowitz on Alpha Pappa the third week of the FTI Winter
competitors vying for bragging rights and Tango being crowned the overall Equestrian Festival.
prize money in the debut of the USHJA champion, edging out Mallory Vale and
National Hunter Classic sponsored by Blue Mi Phone.
Gate Farm. Jacksonville, FL native Megan
Young partnered with Levaro won all "It's always fun to watch the final round
rights hands down in the two round of this class," said Kristen Vale-Mosack,
event. HITS Office Manager. "I was rooting for
Mallory, of course and she just had that
“The trot jump probably got a few unfortunate rail.” Taking second in the
people.” Megan added with a giggle, “It’s overall championship was Vale from
always hard for me!” Proud mom and Morriston, FL on Mi Phone. Vale was in
trainer Katie Young cheerfully agreed with the lead coming into the final leg, with
a wink. Though this evening Megan had Isaac in hot pursuit at second, but an
no issues with the trot fence or any of the unlucky rail down on the second fence in
optional fences, as evidence by second the first round caused Mallory to finish
round scores of 85 plus 10 bonus points the leg in 11th place.
aboard Sundance and 83 plus 11 bonus "Mi Phone was so good these two
point with Levaro, when added to the first weeks!" said K. Vale. "He's only six years Photo: Kenny and Joan Sims, (center)
round scores Megan found herself in both old and this is really the first time I've owners of Highlife Farms, presented
first and second places. Levaro nudged shown him over 1.10-1.15 meter fences. I Crelido with his Conformation Jumper
out Sundance with a 181 to 180 finish. am really proud of him!" Award along with WEF’s Michael Stone
Megan didn’t hesitate to give credit to Taking third in the overall championship (right). (Photo courtesy of Randi Muster
several around her including Levaro, the was Mackenzie Ryan from Longwood, FL Photography)
11 year-old Hessian gelding owned by on Primata. Hayley Waters from Sparr, FL
Rachel Herman, who trains with Young’s showed her dominance on several horses
mother Katie at Coriander Farm. The throughout the competition, with backto-
gelding was described by both daughter back wins for the third and fourth leg,
and mother as “Very versatile! Jack of all ultimately taking fourth and fifth place in
trades! Rachel purchased him from Eric the overall on Jordy and Rocky.
Lamaze to be her Children’s Jumperwhich
he does well- and now he’s doing WEF
hunters too.”
$75K Nespresso Grand Prix at FTI WEF
Megan expressed a sincere gratitude to
her mom Katie and assistant Nashea Highlife’s Prezioso OLD (Pilox), an
Powell Rowland as well as both horses’ Oldenburg Grand Prix jumper stallion, and
owners for allowing her the opportunity Hough posted double clean rounds
410-804-5813 19.
Show News: The Great Grassroots
PCHA January 23-24
Photographs by Shutterpug Photography

Pictured L-R: Allison Postier on Peanuts & Pistachios in Short Stirrups First Year; Kristin Mohr on Tripmatic Z in the Childrens/Adult Jumpers; Morgan
Swem on Color Me Quick in the Children's Pony Equitation; Blythe Dezayas on Tiny Dancer in the Children's Pony Hunter
Fox Cry Jan 30
Photgraphs by Shutterpug Photography

Pictured L-R: Lindsay Garrison on Cover Story in Children's/Adult Hunter; Christy McConnell on Bigger Than Magic, Low Hunter
Mary Stevens on Entourage, Nervous Novice Hunter; Kayla Herrick on All Nickered Up, Walk Trot Over 10
David Harding on Gallant Lark, Walk Trot Over 10
Equine Corral Jan 16
Photographs by Ron Bernt
3rd from left by Amanda Fultz

20. 410-804-5813

Product & Service Directory
605 Charlie Wiggins Rd. Dan Crist Brokewell Farm
Plant City. Florida 33567 813-763-1411 Trainer: Joe Williams
Specializing in starting young show horses for H/J,
Specializing in : western pleasure, huntseat and general purpose.
Starting under saddle first 60 days We also start ponies!
Foundation Training Farm offers affordable board, training, sales and
lessons. Learn to ride like a classic hunter.
Problem Solving
All ages*Flexible Scheduling*Summer Camps
Trail /Pleasure Excellent references
352-342-4416 DanCristHorseTraining Ocala, FL

at Stud:
Welsh x TB
$350 AI Only
Includes 2 collections
Call Heather Performance Enhancement
352-262-6374 Non-Invasive Body Work for Horses
* Photonic Light Therapy *
Prod & Svc Directory Ads * Equine Massage *
ONLY $25-includes color! Sally L. Harvey, C.E.S.M.T. Lynne Rothert, LLC
Photo Classifieds $30 Phone : 302-981-3483

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