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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Parish Office: 5562 2231 Fax: 5562 2230

Diocesan website:

Parish Stewardship Program 2015


Fr John Fitzgerald (Parish Priest)

Barry Wolff (Business Manager)
Leanne McElgunn (Secretary)
Brian Shanahan (Gardening/Maintenance)

Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 1.00pm; 1.30pm - 4.00pm



Michael Gray (St Josephs School)

Peter Morgan (Emmanuel College)
Sunday: 8.30am - 10.30am - 6.00pm
Purnim: 11.00am (Eucharist on 2nd and 4th Sundays)
(Assembly of Word with Communion on 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays)
Tuesday to Friday: 10.00am (Eucharist)
Friday: 10.30am (Reconciliation)

Deaths: Helen Phillips, Mary McDowall, Tom Delaney

Anniversaries: Joseph Frazer, Mary Lane, Daryl Leddin, Bill & Bess Roache, Mary
McMahon, Michael Ryan, Wally & Betty Aberline
Thanksgiving Program: Receipts along with envelopes for the next couple of weeks
are available in the Gathering Space. Any query please contact Leanne (Parish Office)
Hospitality: Parish Family Groups are hosting a cuppa after all Masses today.
Baptism Preparation: Wednesday, August 12th at 7.30pm Gathering Space
Childrens Liturgy: 1st Sunday of month at 6.00pm Mass
Liturgy Formation Workshops: Sunday 9th August at OLHCs Parish, East
Warrnambool. More information on notice board.
Situations Vacant: Emmanuel College are looking for a Bus Supervisor: one hour
each school day. Further enquiries Shirley (5560 0825)
Collections: Presbytery: $1,282.00 Parish: $1,118.50
Thank you for your support

This week: Team 11: Veronica Anderson (5562 4859)

Next week Team 1: Peter Lawlor (5562 1470)


Our Stewardship Program continues this week as we focus on
how our Parish Community celebrates.
Fr John will speak to us about the significance of how our
parish comes together as a community to celebrate the
Eucharist. To quote Pope Francis in the National Catholic
Reporter: Celebrating the Eucharist should make a
difference in the way a parish community lives. At Mass,
Christ gathers people around him to nourish us with his word
and his life.
There are still individually addressed envelopes which contain the Program brochure,
a Time & Talent sheet listing the groups and ministries available in the parish, plus a
covering letter from Fr John available in the Gathering Space. Please note that for
parish school families their letter has been sent home from school .

Parish Information Meeting

At all Masses this Sunday, RSVP cards will be distributed for parishioners to indicate
their attendance at the key meeting of the Stewardship Program (Wednesday, 5th
August at 7.30pm). Please show your support of our parish by making one hour
available to come and participate at this special event. Full details are in the special
attachment to this bulletin.

Please join our parish community in praying for the success of the Program
Looking Forward: This Regional Gathering will provide an opportunity for
parishes in our region to share their progress and initiatives in response to the
Gatherings held in 2014. All are welcome to come along this Tuesday at 7.00pm in
the Gathering Space. (The 2014 Looking Forward Resource Document is available
on the Diocesan website)
Parish Hall/Offices: Our long term plans to refurbish our Parish Hall and redesign
our Parish Office will commence shortly. This means the whole complex will change
dramatically and the upgrade will serve our parishes well into the future. Plans are on
display in the Gathering Space.
Encyclical on the Environment: Available in book form from St Pauls Publications
($12.95) see notice board.
Meetings: Tuesday: Looking Forward at 7.00pm
Wednesday: Finance Committee at 12noon