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From: “David Bowie - Space Oddity Space Oddity by DAVID BOWIE Published Under License From TRO, Inc. © Copyright 1969 (Renewed) Onsd Muss Lid, London, Engng “TRO - Essex Muse fvemationa, ne, New York, contol publication ris forthe U.S.A and Canada Interzatonal Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved Incuding Pubic Perfomance For Profit Used by Pemaission Authorized for use by Bobby James NOTICE: Purchasers of this musica il are ented to us it for heir personal enjoyment and musical ililment. However, ny duplication, adaptation, arranging and/or transmission of this capytihted music requires the writen consent ofthe copyright owner(s) and of TRO, Inc.. Unauthorized uses are infingements of the copyright laws of the United States and other countries and may subject the user to civil andor eriminal penalties. $ http:/ SPACE ODDITY Words and Music by DAVID BOWIE Moderately stow J Fai? En Fait Em Final Hf i it Em Fmai7 Em Verse: c Em Ground contol tf Ma jor Tom.__ = TRO-0 1909 Cerewed) ESSEX MUSIC INTERNATIONAL LTD, London, England TRO-ESSEK MUSIC. INC. New Yor, Conols Al Pubieaton Rights forthe US. and Capag a ‘ "Rights Reserves” Used by Persson ‘Riffiorized for use by Bobby James Am Ground con = tol ¥ Ami Take your pro - Ground con teT_ to Ma Commencing countdown, engines Em a jor Tom E DF put your hel - met on, Em ff + jor Tom Em Am Am’G on Check ig = Authorized for use by Bobby James DFE cain) God'slove be with you 7 The fs ground con-wol_ tw Ma = jor Tom__ You'vereal - ly made the cE F Fm at if the papers F Fm time to lewve the capesuile Know, whose shirts you wear. _ you dare, _ Authorized for use by Bobby James This is Ma jor Tom_ to ground. con- tol _ stepping dough the Fm ce F andthe stars Authorized for use by Bobby James $$ Bridge: Fmai7 Em? sitting in a tin can flost-ing ‘round my tin can, Fmai7 Em? the world, _ far a + dove the moon § Plan-et Earth is ——s and there's nothing 1 can do. Authorized for use by Bobby James 6 2 Fai? Em? A (ns soto ad it, c To Coda 9 Diz E Chorus: c ED fe i Though Tm past one hn ~ dred thou - sand miles, — Pm feel ~ ing think my space-ship knows which way to g0._ Authorized for use by Bobby James F Fm CE Tell my wife [love her G ET am ver-y much, She knows. ami Ground con - tol to Ma = jor Tom_ Your ce DiFy © me, Ma - jor Tom?, Can you hear G fi DS. $al Coda 7 hear me, Ma - jor Tom? Can you, cuits dead, me, Ma ~ There's some- thing wrong. Can you jor Tom?, can you Coda ye E = Authorized for use by Bobby James