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F110 - Parameters for Automatic Payment

FB60 - Enter Incoming Invoices

FERT - Flow of cost trace
FB01 - Post Document
F-02 - Enter G/L Account Posting
FB03 - Display Document
FB50 - G/L Acct Pstg: Single Screen Trans.
FBZP - Maintain Pmnt Program Configuration
F-28 - Post Incoming Payments
FS10N - Balance Display
F-53 - Post Outgoing Payments
F-58 - Payment with Printout
FB70 - Enter Outgoing Invoices
F-32 - Clear Customer
F-48 - Post Vendor Down Payment
FB02 - Change Document
F-43 - Enter Vendor Invoice
F-44 - Clear Vendor
F-47 - Down Payment Request
F-03 - Clear G/L Account
FBRA - Reset Cleared Items
FERN - Release notes
FB08 - Reverse Document
FV60 - Park Incoming Invoices
FB05 - Post with Clearing
F-54 - Clear Vendor Down Payment
FBN1 - Accounting Document Number Ranges
FK02 - Change Vendor (Accounting)
FK01 - Create Vendor (Accounting)
FV50 - Park G/L Account Items
FBV0 - Post Parked Document
FBS1 - Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc.
F150 - Dunning Run
FBZ5 - Print Check for Payment Document
F-22 - Enter Customer Invoice
F-04 - Post with Clearing
FD01 - Create Customer (Accounting)
F-29 - Post Customer Down Payment
F-30 - Post with Clearing
FCH5 - Create Check Information
FB75 - Enter Outgoing Credit Memos
ACCR - Personal Menu Volker Hofmann
FCHI - Check Lots
FINT - Item Interest Calculation
F-51 - Post with Clearing
FB00 - Accounting Editing Options
FBV1 - Park Document

FB65 - Enter Incoming Credit Memos

FCHN - Check Register
FD02 - Change Customer (Accounting)
FK03 - Display Vendor (Accounting)
FK10N - Vendor Balance Display
FDTA - TemSe/REGUT Data Administration
F-36 - Bill of Exchange Payment
FD10N - Customer Balance Display
FBD1 - Enter Recurring Entry
F110S - Automatic Scheduling of Payment Prog
F-63 - Park Vendor Invoice
F101 - ABAP/4 Reporting: Balance Sheet Adj.
F-65 - Preliminary Posting
FCH8 - Reverse Check Payment
FCHR - Online Cashed Checks
FBV2 - Change Parked Document
FB09 - Change Line Items
FB12 - Correspondence Request
FV70 - Enter Outgoing Invoices
FBR2 - Post Document
F-05 - Post Foreign Currency Valuation
F-27 - Enter Customer Credit Memo
F-26 - Incoming Payments Fast Entry
FK08 - Confirm Vendor Individually (Acctng)
FBV3 - Display Parked Document
FBICR2 - GL Accounts: Reconcile Documents
FV65 - Park Incoming Invoices
FBICR3 - Customer/Vendor: Reconcile Documents
F-37 - Customer Down Payment Request
FD03 - Display Customer (Accounting)
F-39 - Clear Customer Down Payment
FBZ1 - Post Incoming Payments
OBA0 - G/L Account Tolerance Groups
FK05 - Block Vendor (Accounting)
F-57 - Vendor Noted Item
FBWE - Bill/Exch.Presentatn - International
FB1D - Clear Customer
F-59 - Payment Request
FBICS3 - Customer/Vendor: Select Documents
F-01 - Enter Sample Document
F-55 - Enter Statistical Posting
OBVCU - C FI Maintain View Cluster
F-49 - Customer Noted Item
FCH9 - Void Issued Check
FERR - Reverse regulatory procedure
F-33 - Post Bill of Exchange Usage
FCHG - Delete cashing/extract data

FCH7 - Reprint Check

F-21 - Enter Transfer Posting
FBZ2 - Post Outgoing Payments
OBZT - Single Screen Transaction Tax Code
FBE1 - Create Payment Advice
FERC - Regulatory reporting
FV75 - Park Outgoing Credit Notes
FBA7 - Post Vendor Down Payment
F-64 - Park Customer Invoice
F-38 - Enter Statistical Posting
FB10 - Invoice/Credit Fast Entry
FBIC032 - Companies to be Reconciled
FCH6 - Change Check Information/Cash Check
FBL1 - Display Vendor Line Items
F13E - Automatic Clearing With Currency
FKMT - FI Acct Assignment Model Management
FBICS1 - GL Open Items: Select Documents
FBL5 - Display Customer Line Items
FBWD - Returned Bills of Exchange Payable
FBICS2 - GL Accounts: Select Documents
F-20 - Reverse Bill Liability
FBICA2 - GL Accounts: Document Assignment
F-42 - Enter Transfer Posting
FCHX - Check Extract - Creation
F-41 - Enter Vendor Credit Memo
FBICC - ICR: Generate Default Customizing
F107 - FI Valuation Run
FCH3 - Void Checks
FBD2 - Change Recurring Entry
FD05 - Block Customer (Accounting)
F-52 - Post Incoming Payments
FCHE - Delete Voided Checks
XK04 - Vendor Changes (Centrally)
F-40 - Bill of Exchange Payment
F-67 - Park Customer Credit Memo
FBD3 - Display Recurring Entry
FBVB - Post Parked Document
S_AC0_52000644 - Deferred Tax Transfer
S_PL0_09000314 - RFW1099M
FB15 - Assign Items
FCH1 - Display Check Information
F000 - Accounting
FCHD - Delete Payment Run Check Information
FBE3 - Display Payment Advice
FB07 - Control Totals
FBZ4 - Payment with Printout
FBU8 - Reverse Cross-Company Code Document

FBZ0 - Display/Edit Payment Proposal

F-31 - Post Outgoing Payments
FK09 - Confirm Vendor List (Accounting)
FBL6 - Change Customer Line Items
FB11 - Post Held Document
VD04 - Customer Changes (SD)
FBICA3 - Customer/Vendor: Document Assignment
FD08 - Confirm Customer Individually(Actng)
FCHK - Check Tracing Initial Menu
FCH4 - Renumber Checks
FBV4 - Change Parked Document (Header)
FBIC010 - Reconciliation Process Attributes
FB13 - Release for Payments
XD04 - Customer Changes (Centrally)
FBR1 - Post with Reference Document
F-18 - Payment with Printout
F-34 - Post Collection
FCH2 - Display Payment Document Checks
FCHT - Change Check/Payment Assignment
FB1K - Clear Vendor
F-35 - Post Forfaiting
F-19 - Reverse Statistical Posting
FB04 - Document Changes
S_ALR_87100205 - General Ledger from Document File
FBA6 - Vendor Down Payment Request
FBA2 - Post Customer Down Payment
F-66 - Park Vendor Credit Memo
FINTSHOW - Overview of Int. Runs for Item. Int.
FBIC006 - Create Additional Fields
FBV6 - Parked Document $
F-56 - Reverse Statistical Posting
FAKP - Config.: Maintain Display Format
FBU3 - Display Intercompany Document
FK06 - Mark Vendor for Deletion (Acctng)
FINTAP - Item Interest Calculation Vendors
S_ALR_87100833 - Standard for Italy, Spain
FB99 - Check if Documents can be Archived
FK10 - Vendor Account Balance
MK04 - Change Vendor (Purchasing)
FBIC004 - Activate Transaction Data Tables
FD10NA - Customer Bal. Display with Worklist
FBZA - Display Pmnt Program Configuration
FBA1 - Customer Down Payment Request
FBL2 - Change Vendor Line Items
FERS - Process actual
FK04 - Vendor Changes (Accounting)
FD06 - Mark Customer for Deletion (Acctng)

FBRC - Reset Cleared Items (Payment Cards)

FBIC023 - Reconciliation: Delete Data
FBE2 - Change Payment Advice
OBT8 - C FI Maintain Table TTXID (BELEG)
S_P99_41000212 - Formal Validation of Bank Data
FD04 - Customer Changes (Accounting)
FBD5 - Realize Recurring Entry
FB21 - Enter Statistical Posting
OBXV - C FI Table T030
FBW3 - Post Bill of Exchange Usage
FBM3 - Display Sample Document
FBW4 - Reverse Bill Liability
FBA3 - Clear Customer Down Payment
FCHF - Delete Manual Checks
FBZ3 - Incoming Payments Fast Entry
FDMN FBA8 - Clear Vendor Down Payment
FBM2 - Change Sample Document
FB03Z - Display Document/Payment Usage
FBE7 - Add to Payment Advice Account
FBZ8 - Display Payment Run
FBV5 - Document Changes of Parked Documents
FESR - Import of ISR File (Switzerland)
FBW2 - Post Bill of Pmt Request
FB22 - Reverse Statistical Posting
FD10NET - Customer Balance Display
FBM1 - Enter Sample Document
F_IT_01 - Report RFSUMB00 Italy
FBP1 - Enter Payment Request
FOTV - Admin. Report Data Transmission
FB31 - Enter Noted Item
FV63 - Displayed Parked Vendor Document
FCHB - Check retrieval
FBW6 - Vendor Check/Bill of Exchange
FBE6 - Delete Payment Advice
F010 - ABAP/4 Reporting: Fiscal Year Change
FCHA - Check archiving
OB00 - C FI Maintain Table T030 (RDF)
FBU2 - Change Intercompany Document
FBW5 - Customer Check/Bill of Exchange
FEP6 - Plan versions
FV53 - Display Parked G/L Account Document
FBICR1 - GL Open Items: Reconcile Documents
FBICR3L - Intercompany Reconciliation (Local)
FBICIMG3 - Cross-System IC Reconciliation
FBW1 - Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request
OFN_YR - Number range maintenance: OFN_YR

OBZO - Doc.Types for Single Scrn Transactns

F-25 - Reverse Check/Bill of Exch.
FV73 - Display Parked Customer Document
FBD4 - Display Recurring Entry Changes
FBD9 - Enter Recurring Entry
F-46 - Reverse Refinancing Acceptance
FAKA - Config.: Show Display Format
FBM4 - Display Sample Document Changes
F-23 - Return Bill of Exchange Pmt Request
S_PL0_09000158 - Annual Operations Report (Spain)
FKMN OBVV - C FI Maintain Restricted View
FB16 - Assign Items
FBIC009 - Companies to be Reconciled
FDKUSER - Internet: User Action Assignment
FEP7 - Fiscal year dep. version parameters
F_76 - Extended Bill of Exchange List (ALV)
FB09D - Display Line Items
FBICA1 - GL Open Items: Document Assignment
FECP - Copy regulatory parameters
FK10NA - Vendor Balance Display
FEP5 - Fiscal year dep. version parameters
FECM - Online manual
OBVCS - C FI Display View
FER1 - Trace flow of primary costs
FSO3 - Display Finan.Statement Vers. (Old)
OBWP - Payment release by authorized person
FEV9 - Regulatory accounts for direct post.
J1GVL - Vendor Ledger
FERE - Transport periodic parameters
FB17 - Open Item Assignmnt: Check from List
F_71 - DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentation
AKOF - C FI Maintain Table TAKOF
F_75 - Extended Bill/Exchange Information
FRMN - Credit Management
FQUS - G/L Account Queries
FERD - Drill down
FB18 - Maintain Standard Mail Texts
FBBCX - Post Document with Currency Exchange
FBWO - Discounting of Orbian Credits
FEC6 - Regulatory indicator assignment
FECA - Customizing Archiving
FECC - Control of messages by the user
FECJ - Create job for multiple periods
FEOD - Drill down (Old version)
FEOT - Flow of cost trace (Old version)
FEP4 - Plan versions

FER0 - Standard cost adjustment

FER2 - Post primary costs
FER3 - Post variance allocations
FER4 - Direct postings
FER5 - Prepare drill down
FERH - Processing history
FERO - Process actuals for current period
FERQ - Process plan
FERV - Validate regulatory configuration
FESA - Summarized final objects
FEV1 - Controlling area dependent parameter
FEV10 - Secondary cost elem. to be ignored
FEV11 - Regulatory indicator assignmnt field
FEV13 - Clearing cost elements
FEV13A - Cost element variants
FEV2 - Company code dependent parameters
FEV3 - Regulatory accounts for traced costs
FEV3A - Regulatory indicator variants
FEV4 - Specific Std. Cost. Adj. assignments
FEV5 - Specific clearing COEl assignments
FEV6 - Regulatory indicator assignments
FEVF6 - Organizational assignment of objects
FLOREO - Customizing of Logical Doc. Reorg.
FBIC025 - Reconciliation: Documents
FARY - Table T061S
FARZ - Table T061V
FQUK - Vendor Queries
FS10NA - Display Balances
FBIC031 - Activate Process Tables
ACCR01 - Create Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR02 - Change Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR03 - Display Accrual/Deferral Document
ACCR04 - Execute Accruals/Deferrals
ACCR05 - Display Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR06 - Delete Accruals/Deferrals Log
ACCR07 - Reverse Accruals/Deferrals
OBX1 - C FI Table T030B: G/L Acct Posting
FBCB - Balance Carryfwd for Ledger Group
OBF3 - Bank selection, current setting
RFUMSV53 - Deferred Tax Toolbox
FBIC014 - Reconciliation: Delete Data
FSO2 - Change Finan.Statement Vers. (old)
FERA - Administration
FOTED1 - Electr. Data Transmission Settings
MPO_APPREQ - Services for Request Types
OBV5 - C FI Maintain Table T030Q
FAREA_MODE - Setting: Determination of Funct.Area

FB2E - Reconciliation btwn affiliated comps

RFUMSV52 - Analysis of Deferred Tax Accounts
OBXO - C FI Table T030 KDW
FBICD1 - Open Items: Differences Development
OBV7 - C FI Maintain Table T001O
FQUD - Customer Queries
FXMN - Call Additional Components (FDMN)
FYMN - Call Additional Components (IMG)
FK10NET - Vendor Balance Display
S_ALR_87100198 - Offsetting Account Program
OBO1 - C FI FAKP Line Item Line Layout
S_P00_07000111 - Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Pur.
FBICRC_SNRO - No. Range Maintnce: FBICRC_REF
FOTS - Admin. Report Data Transmission
S_AL0_96000738 - RFIDPTFO
FSAP - Addresses for Balance Confirmations
F_90 - C FI Maintain Table T045F
FSAV - Balance Confirmations: Reply View
OBXQ - C FI Table T030 KDZ
S_AL0_96000642 - Daily Report for VAT
OB19 - C FI Maintain Table T059M
OBF1 - C FI Maintain Table TFI01/TFI01T
S_AL0_96000497 - Accounting Document
S_AL0_96000640 - Significant Trans. Cross Check CTTI
FBICD3 - Open Items: Differences Development
OBT10 - C FI Maint. Table TTXID (DOC_ITEM)
FBIC005 - Create Additional Fields
STTO - Test Organization
OBD5 - C FI Maintain Table T003B
OBMA - Default Transaction Type for FI Acts
OBWQ - Payment Release Document Types
F107_PROV_RP - FI Discounting: Receivables/Payables
OBF2 - C FI Maintain Table TFI02
OBKR - Maintain Number Range: FI_RECEIPT
OBNB - Transaction Code for SAPMFKM2
OBO2 - C FI FAKP Credit Mangmnt Line Layout
OBT9 - C FI Maintain Table TTXID (MR01)
OBV6 - C FI Maintain Table T030V
OBVT - C FI Display Restricted View
OB_T001_CESSION - FI Customizing: Accts Rble Pledging
OB_V_CESSION - FI Customizing: Accts Rble Fact.Ind.
FBIC017 - Reconciliation: Totals Records
FOTP - Create Electr. Special Advance Payt
J1UFTVG - Tax voucher creation
S_PL0_09000127 - Print Program: Spanish Invoice
J1GTBD - Customer Trial Balance

FBIC022 - Reconciliation: Status

FBIC026 - Reconciliation: Totals Records
F_79 - C FI Maintain Table T045G
S_PL0_09000159 - RFUSVX11