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Medical University of the Americas

Dear Clinical Student,

MUA Students are required to pass USMLE Step 2 CS & CK in order to graduate, participate in the
residency match, and obtain ECFMG certification. The purpose of this letter is to explain the process of
MUA approval of your USMLE Step II registration.
Per University Policy, students become eligible to take the USMLE Step 2 examinations upon:
Successful completion >40 weeks rotations (all core rotations or 4 core clerkships and an
elective in Primary Care).
Passing score for CS practice examination (@KAPLAN Test Prep)
No failure in 2 subject NBMEs or no failure in a core rotation.
Approval of the Clinical Deans based upon a review of three mandatory documents:
a) Step 2 Academic Plan (and practice NBMEs)
b) Career/elective plan
c) Academic break request form
Forms can be found on and must be submitted together to: .
Please be advised that it may take 3-4 weeks to process the applications.
The three mandatory Step 2 documents:
A. Step 2 Academic Plan ( ) Step 2 Academic Plan.
The Deans have created a template to help you organize your planning process for preparing
and passing the USMLE Step 2. Please review the document carefully, save a copy, add your
name, fill the missing data and submit via email to: together with the
Academic Break and Career planning forms. The email subject must include your legal
name. The student will be later certified to schedule an exam based upon the academic plan
and self-assessment timed NBME exams.
B. Career Planning Form ( )
Elective courses give you an opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and understanding in
specific areas of medicine, explore personal interests and possible career paths. From an
immediate practical standpoint, they allow you to investigate hospitals and cities where you
may want to apply for residency, and give you an opportunity to impress faculty with your
initiative and professionalism, possibly leading to letters of recommendation and even offers to
apply to the program. Selection committee/residency programs are more likely to choose you if
they know you.
You are required to successfully complete thirty (30) weeks of elective clinical clerkships for
graduation. Each elective should be four (4) to six (6) weeks in length. The Clinical Affairs staff
will personally work with each student to ensure maximum benefit of elective clerkships, by
tailoring the rotations toward a future residency and medical specialty. You should review the
Clinical Medicine Handbook for directives regarding elective choice. Please fill out the online
form ( )
C. Academic Break/ Leave of Absence Form ( )
Academic Break request must be submitted for any schedule break over 30 days.
For Step 2 study break please fill out the online form ( )

Medical University of the Americas 27 Jackson Road, Suite 302, Devens, MA 01434
Tel. 1.978.862.9500 Fax 1.978.862.9599

Medical University of the Americas

Scheduling your KAPLAN CS practice exam
Medical University of the Americas (MUA) is requiring each clinical student to attend a one-day Clinical
Skills practice examination presented by Kaplan. The cost of this practice examination for students
referred to in the previous paragraph will be paid by MUA (only the exam). The exam will take place at
Kaplan testing center in Newark, NJ.
Students will be permitted to schedule the Clinical Skills (CS) practice examination after successful
completion of 24 weeks of core clerkships. Eligibility to schedule the CS exam begins after the successful
completion of 34 weeks of clinical rotations and enrollment in the rotation that meets the 40-week
clerkship requirement.
Once the student has successfully completed the Clinical Skills (CS) practice examination, he/she may
request certification for the USMLE Step 2 CS examination.
-To schedule a date electronically for the KAPLAN practice examination please make sure that:
1. All 3 mandatory documents were submitted to:
2. You submitted the online form requesting to schedule the exam: Under Clinical forms, select CS Kaplan Exam
Registration application - Proceed by following the prompts.
If a students performance on the Clinical Skills (CS) practice examination is deemed to be not
satisfactory (as determined by MUA in its sole discretion), that student will be required to remediate
and will not be certified for the USMLE Step 2 CS examination until completion of the mandatory
Scheduling your CCSE - CK practice exam
Students will be required to take a test in a Prometric center (NBME Comprehensive Clinical Science
Examination (CCSE)) prior to be certified and taking the USMLE Step 2 CK exam, if:.
Student FAILED two (2) Core Clerkship Examinations (CCE) in two (2) different core clinical
clerkships; or
Student received a FAILING grade in any core clinical clerkship; or
Student is on academic probation.

Wishing you the very best,

Tamara R. Tilleman MD, PhD, MPA

Dean of Clinical Medicine
SKYPE: DeanTilleman

Lucille Collins, PhD

Assistant Dean, Clinical Medicine

MUA Disclosure

Students are required to pass USMLE Step 2 CS & CK in order to graduate, participate in the residency match, and obtain ECFMG
certification. This letter has been prepared for the assistance and convenience of medical students at Medical University of the
Americas. In the case of any divergence from or conflict with the bylaws or policies of the University, the official bylaws and
policies of the University shall prevail. The information in this handbook is subject to change without prior notice. The University
disclaims any misrepresentation that may have occurred as a result of errors in the preparation or typesetting of this handbook.

Medical University of the Americas 27 Jackson Road, Suite 302, Devens, MA 01434
Tel. 1.978.862.9500 Fax 1.978.862.9599