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UCsF University of California ‘San Francisco Office of the Chancellor 50 16h Seat, 7h Floor Room 710? San Francloo, CA 94149-0402 tat 415.470.0502 ‘Sam Hawg rir ond Ton Rambo Rook Distngushod Pras aps. CONFIDENTIAL February 12, 2015 Mayor Edwin Lee Joe Lacob, Chief Executive Officer City & County of San Francisco Rick Welts, President and Chief Operating Officer City Hall, Room 200 Golden State Warriors 1 Dr, Carlton B. Goodlett Place 1011 Broadway San Francisco, CA 94102 Oakland, CA 94607 RE: — UCSF Proposal to Mayor Lee, Joe Lacob, and Rick Welts Coneeming Golden State Warriors Events Center Project Dear Honorable Mayor Lee, Mr. Lacob and Mr. Welts: In the past several months, you have met with my colleagues and me regarding the Golden State Warriors (GSW) Events Center Project (Events Center), to discuss the University of California, San Francisco's (UCSF) concems about the Events Center and ite potential adverse Impacts on ICSF's Mission Ray Medical Center and campus. | appreciate the time that both of you have spent listening to our concems and directing your respective staff to work with UCSF to address those concerns. | believe that ts time to take our discussions to the next step. In August 2014, | shared in ‘writing UCSF's concerns about the Events Center and asked for a comprehensive proposal from the GSW ownership to address them. To dale, no such comprehensive proposal has been shared with UCSF, although City & County of San Francisco (City) and GSW staff have discussed with UCSF representatives various measures and changes to the Events Center project and its operations that may address certain UCSF concerns. Further, UCSF has submitted formal comments in writing on the Events Genter project design, Transportation Management Plan, Travel Demand Memo, and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Scope/initial Study. Some of UCSF's comments have been incorporated into the Administrative Draft EIR, but other comments have not, ‘Therefore, UCSF has prepared the attached document that outlines specific remedies to what we identify as the emerging critical conditions requiting resolution, We look forward to discussing these issues and resolving them promptly. We seek a contract between UCSF and GSW that would specify conditions needed to satisfy UCSF's concerns regarding the Events Center project. In exchange, UCSF is prepared to terminate its ‘current view easement over the Events Genter property and publicly support Events Center approvals. We request that such conditions be included in the City's approval documents for the project, the contract and conditions be recorded against the GSW title to the property and be enforced by the City. Many of the conditions already have been discussed with @SW and City staffs, except for the Events Limitations provisions. Honorable Mayor Lee, Mr. Lacob and Mr. Welts February 12, 2015 Page two UCSF believes that the proposal is reasonable and is based on a sound rationale that we have presented in multiple forums, both public and private. welcome your response to UCSF's proposal as soon as possible, an | also look forward to productive and constructive discussions anc outcomes before the project is finalized and approved. Sincerely, ow tanigoed ‘Sam Hawgood, MBBS: Chancellor Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor, UCSF Enclosure OFFICE OF THE MAYOR SAN FRANCISCO GER, i EDWIN M. LEE vs) Mayor eee GER February 20, 2015, Chancellor Sam Hawgood University of California San Francisco 550 16% Street, 7 Floor, Room 7107 San Francisco, CA 94143-0402 RE: UCSF Proposal to Mayor Lee, Joe Lacob and Rick Welts Concerning Golden State Warriors Events Center Project Chancellor Hawgood: ‘While | share your underlying concern for the health and success of the UCSF Mission Bay Medical Center I muse disagree with key elements of the substance of your letter dated February 12, 2015, The attached proposal did not reflect our agreement of the process, our incorporation of your concerns to date or our mutual interest in addressing Mission Bay congestion. Lec me set the record straight on several key points is ‘As you know, preparation of the Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report for the Events Center is underway and my staff has afforded UCSF advance previews of its contents as they become available, The frst draft of the section | understand UCSF to be most conceriied about, Transportation and Circulation, is not due internally until the end of this month, a delay due in part co atrendnrents tw the analysts we made based on your staffs feedback. AS we have discussed since August cf last year, this will provide crucial, objective and detailed information con the Event Center's anticipated transportat oi impacts and allow the City to propose an event management strategy to specifically mitgate them. We continue to commit to full ‘transparency in our process and will share this strategy as soon as itis ready and well before publication of the Draft SEIR in May. In fact, our intention is to have a public dialogue on this very topic at the next Mission Bay Citizens Advisory Committae meeting on March 12. ‘There are several factual inaccuracies in the attached proposal, the most notable of which is the suggestion that the Event Center will require an amendment to the Mission Bay South Redevelopment Plan. This is not the case, Your proposal ists specific conditions needed to satisfy UCSF's concerns, including empowering UCSF to unilaterally determine, monitor and enforce access to the public right of way and the disposition of public assets. Monitoring traffic conditions, decermining priority access routes and ‘constructing new above grade parking structures on Port property are Issues for the City to resolve based on the collective interests of the neighborhood, UCSF, the Warriors, the Port and the City at large, ‘We agree wich the majority of the specific concerns you raise, have specifically discussed them with the Warriors and your staff at length, and have incorporated them into the Transportation Management Plan (TMP), the Project Description and the City's and Warriors’ operating 1 DR, CARLTON B, GoopL=Tr PLAGE, Room 200 ‘SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 94102-4681 ‘TELEPHONE: (415) 554-6144 OFFICE OF THE MAYOR SAN FRANGISCO s EDWIN M. LEE Mayor budgets. These include the number and loca:ion of Parking Control Officers; the use of pres paid parking tickets; robust wayfinding on site and along primary access routes; advanced ‘communications on preferred routes including prioritization of Mariposa Street over Owens and 168; coordination with the Giants and empowerment of the Mission Bay Ballpark ‘Transportation Coordination Committee; installation of a pedestrian barrier along the Third Street rail right-of-way: provision of added police personnel before, during and after events; protection of fight paths to and from the UCSF helipad; and compliance with noise restrictions through the issuance of a Place of Entertainment permit ‘Though it is not appropriate for UCSF to dictate specific restrictions and outcomes, | acknowledge your concern regarding the trafic impacts of simultaneous events at AT&T Park and the Warriors Event Center. | also recognize the tremendous private investments undertaken by the Giants, UCSF, the Warriors and their Mission Bay neighbors, That is why { have directed my staff to determine each property's fair share contribution toward public Infrastructure and why my staff is working to create a concrete plan that: maximizes public circulation and private activity. To that end, as we raised in our October 14,2014 Comment Letter to your Long Range Development Plan (see attached), we continue to have concerns regarding the finding by UCSF that it has no impact on San Francisco's transportation and utilities networks. To put this in context, the nearly 4,000,000 new gs? in UCSF-Mission Bay are exempt from paying local property taxes, parking taxes or transportation impact fees even though It will generate 125% of the dally person trips of che Event Center on a non-event day and 58% of daily person trips on a peak event day. My staff will be in touch shorty to re-schedule this follow-up meeting. The City, UCSF, the Warriors, the Giants and the neighborhood all share a desire to facitate ‘multimodal access to and from Mission Bay. That 's why we are making substantial investments in the Central Subway, 16# Street Bus Rapid Transit, High Speed Rail, the Mission Bay street grid, dedicated bie lanes and a potential ferry landing at 16H Street and why we Initiated the Waterfront ‘Transportation Assessment. We look forward to working with UCSF to build first-class transportation network to serve your Insticution and this growing San Francisco neighborhood. Sincerely, DR. CARLTON B. GOODLETT PLAGE, ROOM 200 ‘SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 94102-4681 ‘TELEPHONE: (416) 664-6141