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Take on the Gym, the small circle gets wider as you beat more trainers.

Once you
have beaten the Gym, head to the north of the island. Head left and into the ca
ve. Talk to the Hiker and you'll get HM05 - Flash. Teach it to a Pokemon and use
it. Continue left and up the ladder. Head north until you reach a fork. Head so
uth for an item then back up and to the right until you reach another ladder. He
ad left all the way and then up and right all the way to the next ladder. Head l
eft up another ladder. Head all the way left and out the door. Speak to Steven a
nd deliver the letter. He will give you TM47 - Steel Wing. Head up, and then rig
ht and jump down the ledges and leave the cave.
Now speak to Mr. Briney and go back to Petalburg. Go and talk to the Devon presi
dent and get the Exp. Share. Return to Mr. Briney and select Slateport City. Wor
k your way north battling through the trainers on the beach. Head into the house
on the left and beat all the trainers inside for some Soda Pops and experience.
Continue north into Slateport City. There is a long line of Aqua members in fro
nt of the museum and you can't go in yet, so head into the building south of the
museum. Head upstairs and talk to the man there. You find out Captain Stern is
missing. Head back to the museum and head inside. Pay the lady and head upstairs
. Fight the two Aqua Grunts, their leader Archie will come inside and talk. Then
you will hand over the Devon Goods and then head outside. You will bump into Sc
ott again but nothing really happens.
Head north onto Route 110. Work your way west through all the trainers and colle
ct the items before heading all the way east back to the house. This house is th
e trick house. Continue east and follow the path around. Be sure to save your ga
me because you will come across, and will have to battle, your Rival. Continue n
orth and follow the path until you get out of the grass. Go north still until yo
u get to Mauville City. Head into the house to the right of the Pokemart and get
HM06 - Rock Smash. Head into the Bike shop and get either the Mach or Acro Bike
. You can change Bikes at any time. If you want more experience, you can head ba
ck south and go down the cycling road. Next thing to do, is beat the Gym. Take c
are of Wally first and then enter. Battle everyone and it shouldn't be too hard
to work out the puzzle of how to get to Wattson, who uses Electric Pokemon.
Once you have beaten him, take care of the trainers on the route west out of Mau
ville, you can't go any further than the water. Head west and continue back thro
ugh Mauville onto Route 117. Battle the trainers on that route. The daycare is a
lso on this route. Continue west into Verdanturf town. Head into the cave to the
left of the Pokemart. Head north fighting the trainer and then use Rock Smash o
n the rock to reunite the girl with her boyfriend. You will get HM04 - Strength
as a reward. Leave the cave and head back to Mauville. This time head north to R
oute 111. Fight your way past the trainers, use rock smash on the boulders block
ing the path and when you reach a fork in the road, you will have to go west ont
o Route 112 as a sandstorm blocks access to the desert.