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Module 01



Setup help


System requirements


Install PcVue


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Module 01 - Setup

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1. Setup help
The complete set-up (installation) process is well documented in the Help. The best
way of installing PcVue for the first time is to follow the procedures and screenshots
described here.
Insert the DVD and run the Setup.exe. The following dialog appears.

Figure 1

Select Installation and Help for installation.

Figure 2

Module 01 - Setup

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2. System requirements
Before installing you must check the System Requirements in the topic Operating
System and PC Requirements.

Module 01 - Setup

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3. Install PcVue
Insert the Supervisor DVD into the DVD drive. If you have Auto Run enabled, the
set-up program will automatically start, otherwise you can start the installation
manually by locating and running SETUP.EXE from the DVD.

Step 1. Select Supervisor type

Click Installation.
Here you can select installation of the Normal Supervisor or the Web
Click Install Supervisor.

If you need to use PcVue as a Web Server you must

select Web Supervisor.
Step 2. Setup Pre-requisites
The set-up program checks the pre-requisites needed by PcVue and displays a
dialog listing the pre-requisite that will be installed. All the pre-requisites are on
the distribution media. Click Install to continue.

Figure 3

The list of pre-requisites is in this Help topic:

Installing the Software / Starting the Installation and
Installing the Pre-requisite Components
The set-up program doesnt install SQL Server Express
Module 01 - Setup

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During the installation process for pre-requisites the PC may have to be restarted one
or more times. When the installation of the components is complete, the main
Supervisor installation procedure starts.

Step 3. Main PcVue set-up

Select the language for the installation. As this course is in English, select
English and then OK to continue.
You may then be asked to install the protection key driver (Sentinel). Click
Install to continue.
The main PcVue Installation Wizard then starts. Click Next button until you
reach the dialog box with the title: Product and Projects Folders.
Click the Change button and select C:\Pcvue projects.
Click the Next buttons until you reach the Ready To Install dialog and click
the Install button The PcVue installation now proceeds.

Figure 4

We recommend that the default location is not used for

the project folder. If you have more than one drive on
your PC it is recommended that the project folder is NOT
on the system drive.
Don't select a network drive as a project location as it
may result in erroneous behavior.
Module 01 - Setup

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4. Uninstall PcVue
You can uninstall PcVue, like any software, by using the Add/Remove tool of

The set-up program doesnt uninstall any pre-requisties,

the Sentinel driver (the dongle driver) or the BacNet
server. These must be uninstalled separately.

Module 01 - Setup

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5. Reminder
How to install PcVue?
Select Supervisor type.
Setup Pre-requisites.
Main PcVue.

Module 01 - Setup

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